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Seat AND Storage

By: Ibilola Bamgbelu (Tomi) Nana Afua Offei Nino Pitskhelauri Interior Design Masters 1A

Name: DJ Sose Age: 29 Ethnicity: Nigerian Occupation: DJ Hobbies: Extreme Sports Body Boarding, Paint balling, Go-Carting, Spear Fishing, Quad Biking, 4x4 Off Road DJ Sose is an entertainer, extreme extrovert, loves to party and dj, His design style is modern.

‘You only need to take one look at me to know I was born to be different’. Dj Sose – The Tattooed Faced Dj

Design Requirements The Design requirement is a seat that can accommodate a large number of people as well as reflect sose’s personality as an outgoing dj. For the storage, he would like to store most importantly additional seating and if possible his mixer, drinks . As an outgoing dj, the aim of the seat and storage is to reflect his eccentric, flashy and dj personality.

Seat & Storage Apartment

Initial Concept, Sketch & 3D

The initial concept for the seat and storage was to create a sofa that stored two additional seats as well as the clients mixer, cds and drinks

Initial 3D Renders

Final Concept, Sketch & 3D

The final concept for the seat and storage is to create a sofa that stores additional seating. The additional seats (4) would be stored inside the main sofa giving the client an 8 seater sofa in total.

Material & Mechanism Internal frame steel: Thermoplastic Material – Acrylic Internal frame upholstery: flexible cold shaped polyurethane foam polyester fiber cover


Pull Mechanism: Ball bearing chain and track / Two fold, ball bearing European slides (Side Mount underside) –Baseless Sofa

Baseless Seat Storage

Light: Led Flexi tube

Polyurethane Foam


Cover: fabric, leather

Led Flexi-tube

Ball Bearing Chain and Track Slides


Fiber Cover

Technical Drawings

Final 3D Renders

Top View - Closed

Top View - Opened

Final 3D Renders

Seat & Storage Closed

Seat & Storage - Opened

Ibilola Bamgbelu (Tomi), Nana Afua Offei, Nino Pitskhelauri Interior Design Masters 1A