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Allen Paolo Diesta

editor-in-chief | art director | literary editor Experienced writer and editor, she is responsible for overseeing the magazine as a whole, layouting, writing and editing articles, and many more. Winner of many news and fiction writing awards.

publishing manager | music editor 14 years of studying in Colegio San Agustin, Makati. Responsible for the music section and for publishing INKED. 

Pia Cabalde associate editor | lifestyle editor Pia Cabalde, associate editor of INKED, is responsible for providing content for the lifestyle section in the magazine, and as well as proofreading articles. Inclined in both academics and in sports, she has won multiple awards and achievements in her school, Colegio San Agustin - Makati.

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sports editor A student athlete with a passion for sports and over 6 years of competitive sports experience, and a tremendous amount of knowledge on sports. Responsible for the sports section of INKED..

Angelo Miguel Santillana advertising manager | youth section editor A Colegio San Agustin student playing for the Juniors Basketball Team. Responsible for advertising. Experienced in business related activities.

editor's note Our last remaining days in school is flying by so fast. Summer's about to start and we all know what that means: freedom. Here's to the days when we can wake up at whatever time that we want, to the days that we can laze around and do nothing but watch tv or scroll through our phones, to the days when we would have no other worry than what great adventure lies ahead. In this issue, we focus on ways we all can make the most of our summer days. On another note, we also reminisce on what made our last school year the best year of our high school lives. We look behind to see how far we've come, and we look ahead to see that there's more to come.



soundt r ack of my summer Follow The Sun / Xavier Rudd Our Deal / Best Coast Back To Front / ELIZA Please Venus / Golden Silvers Heart Wants / Magic City Hippies Got It Good / Kaytranada Crush / Yuna Down For You / Ta-ku ft. Alina Baraz Where the Sky Hangs / Passion Pit Drive / Oh Wonder I Want You / Robotaki ft.Matthew John Kurz Hallucinations / dvsn Warm On A Cold Night / HONNE Good Together / HONNE Pink Skies / LANY Fantasy / Alina Baraz Ever After / Bonnie Bailey Riptide / Vance Joy One More Love Song / Mac DeMarco LDR / Curtismith Easy / Mac Ayres PLAYLIST BYÂ PAULINE MILLETE

summer bucket list

Go museum hopping

Attend a concert

Movie marathon

Go to a beach

Travel abroad

Start reading more books Practice the habit of going to the gym PHOTOS BY NINNA RICCI VILLANUEVA PREPARED BY NINNA RICCI VILLANUEVA

Have fun!

SUMMER essentials



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FIJUF 8 iniM xatsnI ,MLI L'OCCITANE, Hand Cream

orn PHE, Unic APOSTRO k n Coin Ba


travel essentials




NIKON D7000 from NIKON



coordinates PINTO ART MUSEUM


ANTIPOLO'S HIDDEN GEM – Pinto Art Museum is the home of many Filipino paintings and sculptures. All around, you'll see many doorways and in them awaits artistic treasures. "Pinto" in Filipino means door and this museum serves as a gateway for many to appreciate the contemporary and native arts of the Philippines. Located in a private subdivision in Antipolo, Rizal, the museum houses several galleries with different themes and on top is a café with sumptuous food, serving different cuisines such as Filipino, Japanese, Italian, and more. With its many galleries, gardens, and buildings, Pinto Art Museum is definitely a must-visit for the art lover and even the casual explorer who has been struck by wanderlust.


SET FIRE TO THE FREE Gary-Ross Pastrana (2012) Gary-Ross Pastrana made use of a technique called modelling which is shaping a material into a figure. In Set Fire To The Free, he used ashes burned from the wood from broken ladder to form the bird, with the help of glue and cardboard. He also used deconstruction seeing as he created a wooden ladder, then he broke the ladder by cutting it in half and used the ashes from the wood to create something new, a figure of a bird.

This artwork is unlike most. Many times, the message stems from the art itself but in this situation, it is from how and why it was created. This artwork confirms that art is not only the product, but also its process. Set Fire To The Free was made through the process of deconstruction. RossPastrana created a ladder, took an ax, and he split it in half. He then burned the broken part and used the ashes to create the bird.Â

The artist took something that was broken and created something beautiful.It symbolizes life. There are times when we will fail and fall, and we will feel like we could no longer get up, but with a little help, we can take our broken pieces and make ourselves whole again. What was then a simple ladder became a beautiful bird. It shows that sometimes, it is necessary for people to go through hardships for them to grow and become better.

art corner


VIET ATO PARL ARE Dandy Robosa (2012)


Vietato Parlare by Dandy Robosa contains a figure. The figure’s head is partially missing the upper portion, and has his/her mouth covered by black and yellow hazard tape. The painting is similar to the art style of expressionism. The artist used different colors of paint such as red, and blue to convey the emotions and feelings of the figure. The painting is made out of oil paint, which was used on canvas. This painting aims to portray the victims extrajudicial killings. EJK or extrajudicial killings has been a topic in the Philippines which has been widely talked about. It 

portrays the people who became silenced due to these unjust killings. The blue and red paint can symbolize two things. First, it can symbolize the emotions of the people affected, which can mean anger (red), and sadness (blue). Secondly, it can symbolize the police since police sirens are red and blue. Another symbol present in the painting is the black and yellow hazard tape which covers the figure’s mouth. Hazard tape is often used in crime scenes by the police to keep people away from it. The black and yellow hazard tape in this painting symbolizes about how the 

victims of extrajudicial killings are silenced because of these; they are unable to speak up for themselves. Lastly, another symbol in the painting is the circles above the figure’s head. The circles look similar to bullet holes, and what the back of a bullet looks like. I personally like this painting and think that it is good artwork. I like this painting because it aesthetically looks a bit nice; however, the meaning behind the painting is the main reason why I like it. The meaning and message behind the artwork is something which I find to be improtatnt, and relevant in today’s society, considering the fact that extrajudicial killings is an issue that our society is dealing with. 

art corner


t o t h e b o n e


To the Bone is a film that was produced by Netflix, and was released 2017. It was directed and written by Marti Noxon, and it stars Lilly Collins, Keanu Reeves, Alex Sharp, and many more. It is a film which excellently portrays a subject which people may deem to be controversial and important to our society today. To the Bone follows the story of Ellen (Lilly Collins) and her battle with anorexia, an eating disorder. She struggles with her inpatient program, failing to make any progress towards recovery. One day, her stepmother, Susan, sets an appointment for Ellen with Dr. Beckham (Keanu Reeves), a specialist, who then invites Ellen to his inpatient program. As Ellen joins his inpatient program, she meets people of different personalities, all struggling with eating disorders. This film had a dark vibe to it, yet it still had some comedic moments. Most of the film was serious but there were also funny parts. The cinematic experience of this film is one of a kind. It provides

people a look into what a person with an eating disorder goes through, and the hardships of recovering from one. It is a subject which is sensitive yet this film was able to tackle it greatly. The excellent writing and screenplay of this film was equally matched with the excellent acting and portrayal of the main characters in this film, especially in the part of Lilly Collins who portrayed Ellen. The characters of this film were able to capture emotions, and captivate me. It is a film which at first seems really cold, but towards the end, it gets warmer and warmer. The film had great cinematography. It may be composed of mostly simple frames, but it highlighted what was important in the film, and prevented unnecessary distractions in the movie. The lighting of the film had enriched the scenes of the movie. When the scene was somber, the lighting of the film would be cold, and when the scene was happy, the lighting was warmer. It had great use of non-diegetic sound. It had played two songs in two different scenes. These songs had complemented the event taking place             during these scenes,              making the scene                more emotional.

The film had also greatly utilized voice overs, and sonic flashbacks. Through these two, the film was able to shed light into the mind of someone with an eating disorder, effectively showing what someone struggling with an eating disorder is thinking, something that is very important. The film was about a topic which was serious, and it was complemented through the techniques utilized; they appropriately put emphasis on the atmosphere and theme of the movie. To the Bone is a movie which tackles eating disorders. It is a film which can completely immerse the audience. It has great cinematography, and acting. It is a film which was made for people to understand the mind of someone struggling from and is recovering from an eating disorder. It had truly left a mark on me, and had definitely shed light and changed my perspective on some things. It is a film which I certainly recommend to anyone because it tackles an issue which I find important to our society today.

R E E L t a l k

“When I look in at myself, you know… And I see me, I don’t like what I see.” Surely, the same thought has passed through everyone’s mind at least once in their lives. This iconic quote from Anthony Michael Hall’s character, Brian Johnson, is a representation as to how this movie has captured the hearts of many. Directed and written by John Hughes, The Breakfast Club (1985) delivered a warm, witty, and truth-spilling atmosphere that made its audience shed a few tears at some moments and burst out laughing at another. Starring Emilio Estevez as Andrew Clark, Anthony Michael Hall as Brian Johnson, Molly Ringwald as Claire Standish, Ally Sheedy as Allison Reynolds, and Judd Nelson as John Bender. The award-winning cast garnered the title “The Brat Pack”, a group of highly successful film stars in their early twenties. In honor of the movie’s 20th anniversary, it won the Silver Bucket of Excellence Award at the MTV Movie Awards in the year 2005. More than 30 years after  its release, the film still remains a classic and was ranked as #38 on Empire Magazine’s The 500 Greatest Movie of All Time list and #1 on Entertainment Weekly’s list of the 50 Best High School Movies.  The film follows five students from different cliques at Shermer High School in Illinois on a Saturday detention on March 24, 1984. “A brain, an athlete, a basket case, a princess, and a criminal” were forced together for 9 hours to sit and think about who they are. Mr. Vernon, the supervisor, required them to write a thousandword essay about “who you think you are” and the reasons why each of them ended up in detention. At first, the room was filled with shouts and hurtful words. Claire Standing, the “princess”, was being verbally harassed by John Bender, the “criminal”, which led to Andrew, the “athlete”, getting mad at John. Mr. Vernon heard the commotion and gave John 8 weeks more of detention. After that, they all tried to follow the rules and do nothing but John could not handle it. They started talking about their parents and their issues at home. 

They found out that Claire’s parents are at the brink of divorce and that John is part of an abusive family. During lunch time, Andrew and Allison, the “basket case” were assigned by Mr. Vernon to get drinks from the cafeteria. Andrew tries to make conversation but Allison remains cold and sarcastic. She asks Andrew as to why he was at Saturday detention and he blames the pressure his dad put upon him, but Allison did not believe him. When they got back to eat lunch, we learn more about John’s troubled family but they all doubt him, thinking it was all just part of his image. This results to John getting angry and throwing a fit. When Mr. Vernon leaves his office 

after spilling his coffee, they leave the library to go to Bender’s locker to get his marijuana. They almost got caught but Bender saved them and took all the blame. Because of this, he got locked up in the janitor’s closet. When he escaped, they smoked the marijuana and under the influence, they started revealing their secrets to each other. They all realized that though they have their differences, they all have problems with who they are, who people think they are, and who their parents want them to be. Despite their newfound friendship, they fear that once detention is over, they will go back to normal and never talk to each other again. This resulted to an argument about populars vs. freaks and geeks. In the end, they all

developed a new perspective about each other. Bender shows his softer side and Claire even kisses him, which might be a hint to a blossoming relationship. Andrew’s interest for Allison grew after she let Claire give her a makeover. At Claire’s request, Brian wrote an essay for all of them as a defiant act. He says he thinks the essay is stupid because Mr. Vernon has already stereotyped all of them and because of the idea postulated upon them, they were lead to believe that these stereotypes were true. As a representation of teenage life during the 80s, this movie hits the bullseye. Even till 30 years after its release, most of the themes still hold true for us young adults. The Breakfast Club brilliantly captures that era in             our lives where every little thing                   seemed so much more                              significant. What makes                      this film rise above the                                  rest is its character                                      development. Every                                    character changed,                                      in one way or                                          another, by the end                                  of the movie. The                                      most iconic scene                                    where they all sat                                    down and talk about                               the roles that they                                  have to live up to and                           their daily routines that                         they believe define who                      they are. Nobody likes the                    image that they put up as a                  front, but it is inescapable                   because of the stereotypes           that they, themselves, have put up for society to expect.   Despite countless replays, the film still brings tears to its audience's eyes. Not because the storyline was dramatic nor was there a deeply saddening event, but because it speaks the truth. That’s the beauty of it. The cinematography was ordinary and the setting was bland, but the film was so brutally honest. It spoke the thoughts that no one (at that time, at least) wanted to speak out loud. It was the voice of their generation, and maybe even ours.   BY NINNA RICCI VILLANUEVA ART FROM TUMBLR

THE HOBBIT : AN UNEXPE CTED JOURNE Y The first start of a rollercoaster trilogy, The Hobbit : An Unexpected Journey. Directed by Peter Jackson off the book made by J.R.R Tolkien. The 2012 movie is set in a fantasy genre full of magic, orcs, and many more mystic creatures that entices the hearts of many. The main character was played by Martin Freeman, as the dwarf named Bilbo Baggins. And we also have the comeback of the actor we all love, Ian McKellen playing as Gandalf, the mighty wizard. The movie has won 10 awards, some of which are Best Production Design, Top Box Office Films, Best Science-Fiction/Fantasy, and many more. We are all enamored as we enter the kingdom of the dwarves seen in its full glory, full of riches and quite large. They harvest lots of minerals and was the richest kingdom of all middle-earth, especially since the discovery of the arkenstone, a stone that king Thror, king of the dwarves, took much pride and honor.Then suddenly, Smaug comes out of nowhere and wreak havoc upon the lands of both humans and dwarves then stays in the dwarves kingdom, the Lonely Mountain. It is now up to a hobbit and several dwarves to reclaim their lost land and reclaim their future.

The movie had a confusing start to the average movie goer and thus left many questions unanswered. With little to no character development, very quick pacing of the story, and mindless fighting with the main heroes protected with plot armor, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey is a disappointing start to a great source material as J.R.R Tolkien’s world wasn’t envisioned the same way it was seen in the movies.The character design seen in the movie really is fantastic, as we see them put so much thought in the design of the trolls, big and dumb at the same time; goblins, in their interpretation, loyal to their king; elves, full of manners and shows huge display of etiquette to guests; and lastly orcs, the evil of the story and

wants to rule/destroy the world. The main race of the movie were the dwarves. They were really true to their dwarven traits and attributes as they were small and rowdy and love to play around. The dwarves truly played their role well and the hobbit was also true to his role as he was more of a slacker and not really wanting change, something all hobbits do. The characters were one of the strengths of the movie as it was clear to see what they really are in the film. Due to the length of the film, the storytelling is a big weakness seen in the movies. In the books, Bilbo Baggins misses his home quite dearly throughout the journey but in the movie, it is sudden and quick. We also do not have much information about the other dwarves as to how they meet with Thorin or what they were doing before the journey. Then Gandalf and his whole background story was also a mist.The Hobbit had no high regards for each of their characters as it was just placed in for the sake of lore. It is like having a chess game without understanding the value of each piece, you can just throw the queen out and sacrifice her for nothing and feel no shame. This is what I felt for characters like Bilbo who just felt very invaluable to the band of dwarves. One of the strengths is the stunning CGI effects of the movie. As all action movie lovers would enjoy. And it really shows New Zealand’s ( the set of the movie) beautiful landscapes as it is spacious, lusciously green, and really 


show the essence of the movie. But due to the amount of CGI used in the film, the background started to feel less authentic towards the viewers. It was surely breathtaking but when little to no practical effects were used in the making of the film, the scenes didn’t feel real anymore.

Poor character development and plot armor these people have leaves me speechless as to how they are clean, unharmed, and the relationship these people have with each other. In the end we see Bilbo and Thorin now friends but it was quite rushed and obvious. The thrill was gone at the end and seemed like it was finally great for it to be over. The story was like a rubber band, the director/scriptwriter just stretched it too much to make the movie seem valuable. And they believed the audience would have some background information on the story. The movie would have been better if they removed all the fillers, gave each character something to be valuable enough to know instead of just the main characters, and gave more content to the story. They wanted to get the most out of their budget and tried to fit the whole book into 2 hour for each of the 3 movies but it obviously placed the wrong scenes in the first movie. Hopefully they start to do some changes to the second movie as this one was just an utter disappointment to those who want the full package of the movie and really want to understand the story. To some of you who just watched for the CGI cinematography and flashy fight scenes, this one is for you.The Hobbit : An Unexpected Journey may very well not be unexpected as everything was obvious and predictable. Hopefully the Desolation of Smaug will fix this and give it the value it did not earn in its first movie. 

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BY PIA CABALDE Despite being a night of celebration, black became the prominent color. During one of Hollywood’s biggest night, women wore black to the red carpet. Gal Gadot, Meryl Streep, Angelina Jolie, and so many more wore black.

After the #MeToo movement, which also supports those who have been sexually assaulted or harassed, the Time’s Up movement happened. These two movements combat sexual harassment, sexual assault, and sexism. Women from all over the world have since then shared their stories of sexual harassment and assault through multiple platforms such as Twitter, where thousands of women have tweeted “#MeToo” and “#TimesUp".

However, these two movements are more than just tweets, hashtags, wardrobe, or campaigns. For many women in the world, this is there reality. This is their story. These two movements symbolize the start of change in the entertainment industry, and hopefully and eventually the world.


battle of the queens

BY NINNA RICCI VILLANUEVA Game of Thrones is a television show adaptation of a book series called A Song Of Ice and Fire by George R. R. Martin. Produced by David Benioff, D.B. Weiss, and George R.R. Martin himself, the show has garnered many awards, including 38 Primetime Emmy Awards, more than any other primetime scripted TV show in history. Many of the cast members like Emilia Clarke, Lena Heady, Peter Dinklage, Kit Harrington, Maisie Williams and many others have been nominated for prestigious awards as well, with Dinklage taking home two Primetime Emmy Awards for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series. In the fictional land of Westeros, many families fight for domination over the Seven Kingdoms. After the rebellion against the Mad King (Aerys II Targaryen), Robert Baratheon sits on the Iron Throne with Cersei Lannister as his queen, stealing the throne from it’s rightful heir, the Targaryens. Ned Stark rules the North, serving as the King’s Right Hand. Across the Narrow Sea, Daenerys, the last remaining Targaryen, slowly rises into power to take back what is rightfully hers. Outside the wall, an ancient mythical enemy rises up once again, threatening the survival of everyone in the Seven Kingdoms. Game of Thrones was never marketed to women. This is shown in the many previews and trailers for its first season. Many have criticized the show for its misogynistic portrayal of females, seeing as the show contains nudity, prostitution, forced marriage, slavery, rape and many others. George R.R. Martin himself has addressed this issue saying that he chose to represent women this way because he values historical realism. In its 7th season, many have tried to take control over the Seven Kingdoms and many have failed. Many characters have been introduced but at the same time,  many have said goodbye. There has been an infamous Battle of the Five Kings yet all of them failed,  and now the women reign. All the degrading acts that have been done  to them throughout the series made them into the strong women that they are today. PHOTO FROM TUMBLR

Emilia Clarke’s portrayal of Daenerys Targaryen as a poised yet authoritative queen has been criticized by many. For some, it seems limited and unrealistic, but Daenerys is a reserved character, growing even more stoic as she grows up. She is a calculating conqueror who isn’t expected to be hysterical nor gleeful. Clarke’s delivery of her character is limited but it’s only because it should be. Lena Heady, on the other hand, who plays Cersei Lannister has a wide variety of emotions to play from. From a grieving mother to a manipulative leader, she never fails to make the audience sympathize for her in spite of the evil things her character has done. Other notable performances are from Sophie Turner who plays Sansa Stark, Maisie Williams who plays Arya Stark, Carice von Houten who plays Mellisandre, and many more. Though the Game of Thrones universe is complex, the producers execution makes it easy for the audience to remember all the various countries, cities and even characters. Their play on color scheming has been very effective in the various jumps and cuts through scenes. In the land of Essos where Daenerys and her armies were hiding, warm and 

earthy tones are dominant while she stands out with her platinum blonde hair and porcelain skin. In Westeros, the different kingdoms also have signature colors and sigils and this is realized intricately into the women’s style. Character growth is also portrayed by how they dress and how they style their hair. Cersei’s drastic change in style is a reflection of her change in heart. She has become more menacing so instead of wearing feminine gowns and styling her long hair, she chose to dress in armor-like dark gowns and kept her hair short. The fashion is varying in the various kingdoms and this has surely helped in inducing the mood required for the scenes and in differentiating the different storylines presented. Working hand in hand with cinematography is the show’s musical score. Composed by Ramin Djawadi, the music brings life to each scene in the show. Composing the score is an intricate process seeing as he creates themes for each family and variations of these themes for each character. He also matches the music to the different moods in a scene as well as to the character development. He uses various instruments ranging from pianos and cellos to Indonesian bedug drums and Armenian duduk flute. Various elements and beings in Game of Thrones are non-existent such as Daenerys’ fire-breathing dragons and the White Walkers, which are zombielike ice creatures, yet they make the audience forget about their inexistence. Their visual effects and editing are unparalleled and has been nominated for various awards.

    Many facets work together to make           Game of Thrones what it is, but it                would be nothing without its                      backbone: the script. Their                          process of bringing the novel                     to the screen has been a                             lengthy one. Not only do they                    have to tackle many different                     storylines with many                                    different characters and                               settings, they also had to                              create a language for the                           different foreign civilizations                         like Valyrian and Dothraki. 

battle of the queen s Overall, they have been effective in its portrayal of the characters.The producers and script writers were able to make us root for characters who are seemingly evil and see the imperfections of the protagonists. Nothing is ever black and white in Game of Thrones. It encompasses various shades in the spectrum and sometimes introduces colors that you didn’t even know existed. The plot is never predictable. Even when you feel like you know what’s coming next, it turns out that you actually don’t. I’d give this show a 4 out of 5 stars. They nailed all the technical aspects of producing a TV show and they talk about sociocultural issues that is pressing in our society but as any other show goes, they lack diversity in casting. They cast people of color but almost always as a minor character or as a plot device, and never as someone who the plot revolves around. Additionally, many gory and sexual scenes in the first few seasons seem unnecessary and were used only as shock factor and were objectifying to women. Improvements were made in the 6th and 7th season but there still has a long way to go.

Catch Game of Thrones on HBO at 9pm EST every Sunday or 9am PHT every Monday. If you enjoy beautifully written, exceptionally directed, fervently performed works of art then this is a must-watch for you.

Orange Is the New Black is a TV series produced by Netflix It is written and produced by Emmy nominated writer and producer, Jenji Kohan who based it from Piper. Kerman’s book entitled Orange Is the New Black: My Year in a Women’s Prison. This TV series follows the story of Piper Chapman (Taylor Schilling) who is incarcerated in Litchfield Penitentiary prison for a drug-related crime which she had committed years before the pilot episode took place. As someone who is used to comfort, Piper then has to adjust to prison, the absence of her fiancé, Larry Bloom (Jason Biggs), the lack of commodities in prison, and the other inmates – especially her ex-girlfriend, Alex Vause (Laura Prepon), who is also the reason why she’s in prison. The show is very funny and comedic. Despite it being set in a prison, it mostly had a light feeling to it but it can be serious at times. The characters’ great chemistry and acting made it fun to watch and made it entertaining.

PHOTO FROM PINTEREST As the season progresses, the show introduces all types of different characters; ranging from the privileged white girl, the crazy inmate, to the manipulative ex-girlfriend, and so much more. Orange Is the New Black initially presents them just as such, as their archetypes, but as the story progresses, we see a different side of each character. Even though the show has a very comedic sense to it, it has a seriousness to it as it also presents real issues and themes. It presents issues and themes such as homophobia, transphobia, power, manipulation, and it also presents discrimination and unfair privileging.    The show utilizes flashbacks really well. Scenes alternate from the present to the past, depending on the story of the episode, thus effectively showing the background and pasts of the characters which adds depth to the 


character and the story. The show also uses great frames and shots; utilizing really well over the shoulder shots during conversations between the characters, and all types of other frames and angles. The lighting of this show is appropriate to the setting and the vibe of the show, complementing it. Orange Is the New Black is a show which is both comedic yet serious. It presents real issues and themes that are relevant to our society today, while still being able to entertain the audience and avoiding it being too serious or boring. Overall, Orange Is the New Black is a one of a kind show. It is hard to compare it to any other TV series or movie because it honestly is a great show and deserves all of its twelve Primetime Emmy award nominations.


m u s i n g s


Moira Dela Torre's Rise To Success

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Moira started her career with humble beginnings and has first appeared in several projects such as a commercial from Mcdonalds. She sang a song which is named "Hooray For Today” and it is quite memorable for its catchy tune and is one of the reasons why Moira began her promising musical career. She also started posting covers through her social media, specifically on Youtube where millions of people enjoyed and have         heard her content. She has                          garnered a massive                            following in Youtube                            with 284k                                           subscribers. One                              of her most viral                                videos that she                                  posted was a                                 cover of the                                     hit “Baby Shark”.                            She made her                             own rendition of the                     song that gave it a                       more melancholic feel                    due to the way she                        sang it. Another cover                    that gave her 5.1                              million views in                                Youtube is her version                   of Perfect, originally by 

Ed Sheeran. With her soft and soothing voice, people adore her and are excited to see what she is up to next. Moira has been called the “Hugot Queen” because of all the songs in her album which are full of heartbreak. It gives her listeners sentimental affection towards her songs. The album is a series of downturns in her life about her experiences regarding her love life and also life, in general. She admitted that her songs are inspired by things that have happened to her in the past and all of the heartbreaks she has gone through are the main reasons for the existence of these songs. Moira’s success will surely last and will give her more strength to produce more “hugot songs” for her Filipino fans who are going through heartbreak and also the more casual fans who just wants to hear her sing with her beautiful voice. I hope to see her have her own solo concert because I guarantee that a lot of people would come to see and enjoy her singing her beautiful songs.

God's Plan Drake’s new music video of “God’s Plan” caught the attention of many. From him spending almost 900,000 dollars to produce it to winning the hearts of many. In the music video, he did a lot of good deeds such as telling the customers of a local grocery in Miami that he will be the one to pay for all of the shoppers’ grocery. He also gave a scholarship to a student, and gave toys to children. Furthermore, Drake treated three girls out to go shopping. The best part of the video is when he was having fun with kids singing, “She said do you love me? I tell her only partly. I only love my bed and my momma. I'm sorry." All around social media, Drake won the hearts of his followers. In a way, he is sharing his blessings through music. Drake also wishes to share more of his blessings on his next projects to come.

wanderland 2018

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Wanderland is an annual music and arts festival based in the Philippines. Wanderland is a yearly tradition of good music and good people. It prides itself in setting the stage where both anticipated international indie bands and homegrown indie acts perform to cater to a diaspora of music tastes. Wanderland has curated a loyal following in the form of the #WanderlandCommunity, making it the premier music and arts festival in the country. On March 10, 2018 in The Filinvest Event Grounds, Alabang Philippines, Wanderland featured multiple artists like Daniel Ceasar, Jhené Aiko, Kodaline, Lauv and many more. Loyal Wanderers went all around social media because of the excitement they are having. The Wanderland Community has a mass following in all its social media because of this generation full of crazy young party goers that get hyped and excited when it comes to music festivals. 

Fil-Am Anatalia Villaranda on joining The Voice US Filipina-American Anatalia Villaranda wows judges of “The Voice U.S.” with her version of Bruno Mars’ “Runaway Baby” during the show’s season premiere. She gave a huge performance that made all the coaches push their buttons and turn their chairs around to see who was the one with the fantastical voice. As lively as she looks, all the coaches gave her positive comments and it further made her even more lively as she was brimmed with happiness especially when Adam Levine said that she could win the whole contest with her singing performance that day. The Filipino viewers felt the Pinoy pride as yet another filipino talent has been recognized by international stars and media. The journey of Filipino-American  singer Anatalia Villaranda in the United States has come to an end. Failing to get enough votes from the public and a “save” from her coach Alicia Keys,  Villaranda finished her run, unable to make it to the Top 12. Her last performance on the show was “Stand by Me” by Ben E. King.

who lives, who  dies, who tells your story?

recognition in both the fields of theater and pop such as a Grammy Award for Best Musical Theater Album and #1 album on the Billboard Chart of Rap albums. What does Drake and Alexander Hamilton have in common? They both speak of starting from the bottom. When asked about his award-winning musical, Miranda simply says, “it’s a hiphop story.” Like many rappers, Hamilton tells about a poor man who rose up from poverty using a pen to write refrains about his pain. He was an orphaned kid who experienced devastation but through his writing, he was able to get a scholarship in King’s College, which is now known as Columbia University, an ivy-league school. He used his education to get ahead and join the American Revolution. From being an illegitimate child to orphan to scholar to revolutionist to State of Treasury of the United States of America.

BY NINNA RICCI VILLANUEVA “Who lives, who dies, who tells your story?” An 18th century story with a 21st century beat, Lin-Manuel Miranda defeated the odds by writing, composing, and starring in Hamilton, a musical based on the life of one of America’s Founding Fathers, Alexander Hamilton, composed of renowned Broadway stars rapping to hip hop beats about cabinet battles, George Washington, and duels. Many theater enthusiasts were wary as it strays far from the traditional sound they hear from musicals and many millennials delved into it with caution, seeing it like a history professor trying too hard to make his lessons appealing to their aloof generation. Both were joyfully surprised. It has since won many awards and 

The stars of the show, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Phillipa Soo, Leslie Odom Jr., Renee Elise Goldsberry, and more, never fail to deliver the message of the joy or pain of their character’s through their voices. For those who are unable to watch the musical because of its incredibly limited and expensive tickets, listening to the album can suffice. Many of its fans were won over by mere Spotify listens, a feat that many plays cannot overcome. The album sings of the narrative of the Founding Father’s life and is arranged in chronological order. Unlike many theater shows, Hamilton’s music can stand on its own but unlike pop music, one Hamilton song cannot. For one to appreciate it in its entirety, it must be listened to from start to finish. With its witty lines and powerful vocals, Hamilton garnered audiences from all over the world and turned nonbelievers into theater enthusiasts.

characters are introduced such as Aaron Burr in “Aaron Burr, Sir” and Angelica, Elizabeth, and Peggy Schuyler in “The Schuyler Sisters”. In Act II, the instruments become more melancholic as Alexander goes through difficult times. He was accused of embezzlement of government funds and for having an affair with Maria Reynolds. He would later write The Reynolds Pamphlet to preserve his legacy but ruin his career and marriage at the same time. Eliza Schuyler, his wife, sings about her heartbreak in “Burn”. Several songs later, her son with Hamilton would be part of a duel to defend his father’s name and would be shot to death. They sing away their grief in “It’s Quiet Uptown”. “The World Was Wide Enough” is about the infamous Burr-Hamilton duel where the latter received the fate of his deceased son. The final song, “Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story”, is sung by his surviving family and friends as a sort of eulogy for Hamilton. The instrumentation perfectly matches the mood of each of the 46 songs in the album. The music and lyrics can invoke laughter and tears as the listeners go through a musical journery of American history. Not many people cared about Alexander Hamilton but after the success of Miranda’s creation, his story was told and his legacy was preserved.   Hamilton (Original Broadway Cast Recording) for the musical of the same name with music, lyrics, and book by Lin-Manuel Miranda and Jeremy Carter has been recognized as the Best Musical Theater Album by the Grammy Awards last 2016 and Billboard Music Award for Top Soundtrack/Cast Album last 2017. It was released on September 25, 2015, 6 months after the release of the musical. Hamilton is available for listening in iTunes and Spotify. 

Brilliant instrumentation accompanies brilliant lyrics. Some songs are accompanied by full-on orchestral sound, some are accompanied by simple piano and guitar. Act I has a more upbeat tune as it tells the story of Hamilton’s rise into the political setting of America and their victory in the Revolution. The album starts with “Alexander Hamilton” which tells the early life of the first State of Treasury of the United States. It is where ART FROM TUMBLR (@ciceroprofacto)


Camila Cabello made music headlines December 2016 as she departed from the group Fifth Harmony. She has done multiple collaborations with artists like Shawn Mendes (“I Know What You Did Last Summer”), Cashmere Cat (“Love Incredible”), Machine Gun Kelly (“Bad Things”), and Major Lazer (“Know No Better). She has since then came out her own singles such as “Crying In The Club”, “I Have Questions”, her hit “Havana”, and her most recent singles “Never Be The Same” and “Real Friends”. She then released her debut album “Camila” last January 12, 2018. Her debut album starts with a track called “Never Be The Same”. In this track, Camila shows her vocal capabilities, using her falsetto quiet excellently. She effectively tells a story of being so captivated to someone, and comparing her love to drugs. It is then followed by an acoustic track called “All These Years”. The simplicity of the instruments complements the vibe of the song – bittersweet. She talks about her encounter with her ex, realizing that her feelings never went away. “She Loves Control” is quite the opposite of the previous track, compared to the simple and acoustic vibe of All These Years, this track is more of a song that would be described as a “banger” or something that would be played in a party because it has a fun vibe to it. It is then followed by her biggest hit yet, “Havana”. It is a catchy song; however, it lacks lyrical depth. Its repetitiveness (of “Havana oh na na”) eventually makes the song lose its appeal but because of Young Thug’s rap, variance was added to it. “Inside Out” is a perky track, which gives off some Bob Marley vibes because of the beat and instruments used. The instruments of the song completely complement the playful lyrics of the song, making it a song fun to listen to. It is then followed by an emotional ballad called “Consequences”.

Camila’s vocals was accompanied by a piano, despite the simplicity of these two, it was delicate yet it was powerful, conveying the emotions of the artist really well. It is then followed by one of Camila’s most recent single, “Real Friends”. It is an acoustic track which talks about real friends or the lack thereof. It is a song which progresses really well, and has great short instrumental parts. It is then followed by another ballad called “Something’s Gotta Give”. This song shows off Camila’s lower register. Her voice is accompanied by a piano, and string instruments like the violin and cello. These instruments help convey the emotions of the song, and they also complement her lower register. This track wasn’t as delicate as Consequences, but it was as emotionally powerful and heavy as it was. This song builds up the chorus really well, showing great progression through-out the track. The chorus of the song has a bit of a different vibe to it compared to the rest of the song. Compared to the  other parts of the song which seemed anxious, desperate, and sad, the chorus conveyed anger, and was demanding of the addressee. The tenth track of the album is called “Into It”. Compared to the  rest of the album, with the exception of a few tracks, this song wasn’t about being lovelorn and torn over someone. It had a different vibe and  feel from the rest of the album, making  it end on a high  note. Camila by Camila Cabello is surely something. It tells a  story of mostly about love - the captivation, the heartbreak, and much more. 

It contains a variety of sounds, ranging from pop songs, to some fun bangers, to powerful ballads, and to simple acoustic songs. Her songs like Havana cater to the general public, intended to be a hit and to generate money and popularity, but most of her songs cater and speak to those who are torn over someone since most of her songs in the album share that the theme of heartbreak and hurting. Overall, this is a great start of Camila Cabello’s solo endeavors. Since leaving Fifth Harmony, fans have been awaiting her music, and her debut album did not disappoint.

PROSE & what is scarier than death? BY NINNA RICCI VILLANUEVA

Whenever I visit the cemetery, I always notice the dates on the tombstones. I count the years that they were alive and I wonder why they passed away. As I grew older, I started wondering different things. I used to focus on the year they were born and the year that they died, and I forgot to acknowledge the dash in between. The dash in between represents how they lived their life. It represents the places they’ve been, the lessons they learned and most importantly, the hearts that they’ve touched.

Death is frightening. The thought of being 6 feet underground, rotting flesh, and the silence that comes with it, scares me. But what scares me more than death is the thought of being alive and not really living. There is so much to this universe that I have yet to see, and I am filled with a longing to experience everything. Sadly, my dreams are boundless but my days are limited. All I can do in this mortal world is to to live life to the absolute fullest and to the very best of my abilities. Death is scary, but unfulfilled potential is scarier. Dying without leaving my mark in the world is one of my greatest fears. When I die and a person passes by my tombstone, I hope that instead of thinking of the                number of years I lived,                 they remember how I                      lived my life and                        how I touched                           their hearts.

why are there some pain that simply don't go away? BY PIA CABALDE Pain is defined based on the dictionary is that pain the physical feeling caused by disease, injury, or something that hurts the body. In an objective point of view, pain disappears as the source disappears, but this is not always the case. It differs from person to person but sometimes, there are pains that simply don’t disappear. There can be a lot of reasons why pain doesn’t disappear. Sometimes, the person who got hurt hasn’t moved on, and is still holding onto something that isn’t good for them. They still think about it and are still affected by it. Pain is something subjective and maybe, the person is still in the process of healing. Maybe they’re still hurt and broken because of what happened because the pain that they’re experiencing is a pain like no other; pain changed them. In a philosophical point of view, however, pain exists for a reason. Pain is an example of a boundary situation (Karl Jaspers). Pain is something which is inescapable and unavoidable, but this breaks the ordinariness of one’s existence. Death, breakups, arguments, and many more are examples of pain. Pain doesn’t disappear easily for many reasons. It is in these experiences where one can find meaning in one’s life and existence. Pain is caused by many things. Diseases, sicknesses, injuries, and maybe even                             heartbreak. It hurts people, and it                             changes them. Pain doesn’t                                disappear easily however, it is in the                   person whether they’d hold on to it or          let it go, but in the end, pain is what                  helps us give meaning to life.

POETRY why do people lie? BY NINNA RICCI VILLANUEVA “In spite of everything I still believe that people are really good at heart.” Anne Frank is a little girl who lived through life knowing of chaos, discrimination and evil. She lived in fear till the age of 15 under the Nazi’s regime because of the discriminatory laws of Adolf Hitler. She has witnessed friends and family getting taken away, murdered, and sometimes even tortured, yet her ideals remained the same: there is good in everyone. Why do people lie? There are many answers to this question. Some people lie to escape accountability, some lie to avoid punishment, some lie to gain advantage while some lie to get admiration. There so many reasons as to why people lie but I believe that all of those have one underlying reason: love. A thief can steal a wallet because he needs money to buy medicine for his child. A husband can lie to his wife because he doesn’t want to hurt her feelings. A son can lie to her mother because he doesn’t want to disappoint her. A man can lie to a woman because he doesn’t want to lose her. A person can lie because they care and because they love. But in spite of this, the means never justifies the ends. Good intentions will never justify wrongdoings. I lie because I refuse to be a liability. I say that I’m okay even when I’m not. I put on a mask so that the people I care about don’t have to be brought down when I’m down. I’m a strong advocate of honesty but I can testify that there are times when you feel like you have no other choice. But that feeling is ephemeral, it doesn’t last. We should always be reminded that we can’t evade the truth. We can postpone it, but it will always catch up.

reckless my heart came with a sign that said "handle with care" but my lovers came with blind eyes.




me and earl and the dying girl (2012)


playlist You // Keaton Henson The Night We Met // Lord Huron First Day Of My Life // Bright Eyes Small Hands // Keaton Henson Re: Stacks // Bon Iver Lover, Please Stay // Nothing But Thieves Elvis // Annie Eve White Blank Page // Mumford & Sons Oceans // Seafret Fading Beauty // Kenzo Bond Sick of Losing Soulmates // dodie Midnight // Kodaline Heart Like Yous // Willamette Stone Holocene // Bon Iver Bloom // The Paper Kites Cherry Wine // Hozier Dust to Dust // The Civil Wars In The Morning // Nicole Reynolds Like The Dawn // Oh Hellos Carry You // Novo Amor Turning Page // Sleeping At Last Bonfire Heart // James Blunt

Written by Jesse Andrews, this novel tells the story of two young filmmakers who befriends a girl with cancer.

lullabies (2014) Filled with poetry set on a musical theme, Lang Leav writes the story of love as it begins with a Duet, and travels through Interlude and Finale, and concludes with an Encore.

another day (2015) David Levithan's companion novel to the hit Every Day by the same author. It tells the story of A, a person who does not have a permanent body, but unlike the first book, it is told through the eyes of Rhiannon, a normal girl from the suburbs.

if i stay (2009) If I Stay follows a girl as she deals with the aftermath of a car crash where she loses her parents. Gayle Forman tells the story of love and loss, with a hint of passion for music.


art f r i d a


"I paint self-portraits because I am so often alone, because I am the person I know best."

k a h l o

MAGDALENA CARMEN FRIDA KAHLO Y CALDERO DE RIVERA is considered to be one of Mexico's greatest painters. She once said, "I paint self-portraits because I am so often alone, because I am the person I know best." She only began painting herself after she was severely injured in a bus accident which left her temporarily immobilized.  Kahlo contracted polio as a kid and she would often wear long skirts to disguise the abnormality of her legs. In her teenage years, she participated in boxing and other sports. After sometime, she joined a gang and fell in love with it's leader, Alejandro Gomez Arias. In college, she pursued the field of medicine, but after the accident, she decided to become a full-time painter. As a young adult, Kahlo approached another Mexican artist whom she admired, Diego Rivera. He encouraged her development in the field of arts and the two soon fell in love. They got married soon after. to the dismay of Kahlo's parents. Rivera, who has a communist, influenced her ideals which made Kahlo join politics. The marriage was rocky because of their passionate personalities, arguments would often get heated. The two had numerous extramarital affairs because of this. With Kahlo being openly bisexual, she had affairs with both men and women.  Frida Kahlo died on July 13, 1954. A few days before her passing, she wrote on her diary saying, "I hope the exit is joyful - and I hope never to return." Later on, Diego Rivera would write about how he had realized, too late, that the most wonderful part of his life had been his love for her. To view her works, visit Museo Frida Kahlo (aka La Casa Azul) in Coyoacan, Mexico.


ORION VANESSA CARLOTO is a YouTuber and a social media influencer. She is best known for her poetic works, garnering the attention of the poetry couple, Lang Leav and Michael Faudet. On one halloween day, she chose to dress up as Frida Kahlo, revealing that Kahlo is one of Carloto's inspirations. In her early years, she lived in Atlanta, Georgia and was a theatre student as well as a writer for a digital magazine, Local Wolves. She started a YouTube channel with her then best friend, Sam Fazz, and would later start her own. She garnered an audience in social media with her poetry, music, and photography. Last, May 27, 2017, she came out to her followers as bisexual, revealing that she is in a relationship with Britenelle Fredericks, a social media influencer and CFO of HommeGirl, an androgenous clothing and lifestyle brand. Since then, she has been an open advocate against LGBTQ+ discrimination. Other than that, she's been known to be a feminist, participating in the Women's March and empowering her young followers with her art.  On October 24, 2017, she released her debut novel, FLUX, a collection of poems about love, heartbreak, and nostalgia. She writes the details of her heartbreak with single line poems that resonates with the readers. One of her most famous one-liner poetry goes like this: "You were in as much control over me, as the golden moon over the raging sea."

Order FLUX by Orion Carloto at,com at 11.08 USD.

o r i o n c a r l o t o

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"Don't get too close, I'll turn you into poetry."


Bugoy Cariño is a child actor and dancer currently under ABS CBN. In 2009, he entered Star Circle Quest and emerged as a winner. Thereafter, he became a regular cast member of the children gag show, Goin' Bulilit.

What inspired you to be in the media industry? Nowadays, media covers everything. It can be for entertainment, communication and the thing I admire the most in media is it informs people. How long have you been in the industry? I’ve been in the industry for eight years.

"as long as you love being in the industry, you must also love the people behind it."

What are the most enjoyable things about your job? I discover new things and inspire new people. How hard is it to meet the expectations of your boss? The key to meet the expectations of my boss is, first, the attitude, kindness, because you can never go wrong with kindness. After that, everything will follow.

If you would like to change/improve something in the industry, What would it be? Acceptance of the people in it, lessen the issues and for everyone to avoid criticizing us. What do you want people to understand and know about the media industry? I want the people to see that media is important because it is like technology, it helps make peoples lives easier and better.

If you would like to work with someone, who would it be and why? In this industry, I choose not to choose because as long as you love being in the industry, you must also love the people behind it, o matter what, no matter who he or she is.

Without your job, what would happen to the media industry? I think it will not be a big deal if I am not in the industry, because I believe the industry is not composed of only one component.


VOL. NO. 0001


Piracy and Torrenting

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

BY PIA CABALDE The Pirate Bay, RARBG, Extratorrent, Torrentz. Some names of torrenting websites that were dubbed to be the some of the most popular torrenting sites of 2018. They are sites which governments and multiple organizations wish to be shut down for one main reason: piracy. What exactly is piracy? Its dictionary definition states that it is “the unauthorized use of another's production, invention, or conception especially in infringement of a copyright”. It is through torrenting sites that people are able to access files that are usually paid for free, access to files that are not available to their region, access to files that aren’t easily found; however, it is mostly through torrenting sites that people commit piracy. Torrenting is not illegal, but when copyrighted materials, especially movies and music, are torrented and downloaded, it then becomes illegal. Aside from it being illegal, it also causes harm to the economy. In fact, the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) stated that about 71,060 jobs are lost annually in the United States because of sound recording piracy. But it can’t be that bad right? Wrong. The United States government loses about $422 million in tax revenue because of piracy, and its economy loses about $12.5 billion in total output a year because of music piracy. It greatly contributes to the decrease in sales of industries like the film and TV industry, and the music industry.   But a selfish person may say that these things, the government, tax, 

other people’s jobs, etc., doesn’t really affect them that much nor do they care at all, so it’s okay to commit piracy now right? Wrong again. On a smaller scale, in the point of view of a consumer, it may be justifiable for them to commit such a thing but the risks of piracy and torrenting outweigh its benefits. Piracy and torrenting may leave one’s device susceptible to viruses. When obtaining files from unknown sources, you won’t be sure whether you’re going to get a good copy or not, and whether it contains a virus. Protective measures can only get you so far. Aside from the fact that it is illegal, leaves your device susceptible to viruses, piracy and torrenting can leave your IP address exposed, causing your device to be easily hacked and possibly get some files stolen. None of these situations are ideal, except for the fact that you get files for free. On a larger scale, piracy causes people to lose jobs, it makes the government and its economy lose money, and it causes certain

industries to lose money. On a smaller and more personal scale, it may land you a spot in prison due to its illegal nature or pay a fine (depending on the country), leaves you susceptible to viruses and being hacked. The only good thing about piracy and torrenting is the fact that it’s free; however, the cons outweigh the pros. Piracy and torrenting must be stopped; however, we’re a long way from having it stopped. In fact, as long as there are things that aren’t free, piracy and torrenting will always be there but it’s possible for us to make it into a minimum.




Violence In Media

      It is difficult to set down in a definitive way what effect media violence has on consumers and young people. There are a number of reasons for this, but the main issue is that terms like “violence” and “aggression” are not easily defined. To a child, almost any kind of conflict can sound as aggressive as two cartoon characters dropping anvils on one another.      The reality is that we have not yet successfully defined violence and aggression, whether when analyzing the content we consume, or investigating the potentially resultant aggressive behaviour. One ,ajor example for violence in media is through video games.       The advent of video games raised 


new questions about the potential impact of media violence, since the video game player is an active participant rather than merely a viewer. Ninety-seven percent of adolescents age 12-17 play video games — on a computer, on consoles such as the Wii, Playstation and Xbox, or on portable devices such as Gameboys, smartphones and tablets. A Pew Research Center survey in 2008 found that half of all teens reported playing a video game “yesterday,” and those who played every day typically did so for an hour or more.     Many of the most popular video games, such as “Call of Duty” and “Grand Theft Auto,” are violent; however, as video game technology is relatively new, there are fewer 

empirical studies of video game violence than other forms of media violence. Still, several meta-analytic reviews have reported negative effects of exposure to violence in video games.            A 2010 review by psychologist Craig A. Anderson and others concluded that “the evidence strongly suggests that exposure to violent video games is a causal risk factor for increased aggressive behavior, aggressive cognition, and aggressive affect and for decreased empathy and prosocial behavior.” Anderson’s earlier research showed that playing violent video games can increase a person's aggressive thoughts, feelings and behavior both in laboratory settings and in daily life. "One major conclusion from this and other research on violent entertainment media is that content matters," says Anderson.    Other researchers, including psychologist Christopher J. Ferguson, have challenged the position that video game violence harms children. While his own 2009 meta–analytic review reported results similar to Anderson’s, Ferguson contends that laboratory results have not translated into real world, meaningful effects. He also claims that much of the research into video game violence has failed to control for other variables such as mental health and family life, which may have impacted the results. His work has found that children who are already at risk may be more likely to choose to play violent video games. According to Ferguson, these other risk factors, as opposed to the games, cause aggressive and violent behavior.




Over the past decades, it is evident that technology is continuously growing. It has made our lives so much easier and faster. Smartphones today can be useful for a lot of reasons but more importantly on transportation because of Location-based Applications. An example would be Google Maps, it is an application designed by Jens Eilstrup Rasmussen and Lars Rasmussen in 2005 that could show you the exact picture of the location that you are headed to. This also offers 360° panoramic views of streets and route plans for traveling may it be by walking, riding a car or using public transportation. Through this, it is easier to locate the place you are looking for and you will recognize easily the location that you are looking for. For motorists, there is an application called “Waze” which is a communitybased traffic and navigation application. Using this would benefit the motorists by warning them about traffic jams, speed of travel, presence of policemen in the area and car accidents. Waze is founded by Ehud Shabtai, Amir Shinar and Uri Levine in 2006 but bought by Google in 2013. These apps could save us a lot of time that we spend on the road and asking people for directions. For transportation needs, applications such as Grab and Uber are the ones commuters can use to book a ride via smartphone applications and Wifi or cellular data. Instead of calling out for a taxi on the streets, users of these applications can just simply put their pick-up point and drop-off point in the application and it will help them look for a driver near by that they can book. These applications has been acting as a replacement for taxis which became an issue last year. Users of

LOCATIONBASED APPS these applications were very disappointed and their everyday lives were highly affected when the temporary suspension of these ride booking applications was implemented. They find it more convenient to use these applications because they have the option to call the driver before the vehicle’s arrival to let them know the landmark of their pick-up location and it also has this feature wherein they can leave a message to their driver before pick-up. Usually after the customer gets inside the vehicle, drivers would let their passengers know that they will be starting the ride. In terms of payment, these applications have been more accurate too. They offer two types of payments which is through cash or credit card and before booking a ride, the fixed fare is already shown unlike the meters in taxis. Without a doubt, these applications surely makes the lives of people easier but there are some questions about their safety. Sometimes, too much information can be shown in these location-based applications which makes it easier for strangers to track you down but for teenagers, it is considered safe since it has the options for their parents to track their rides. More and more people have been  using these applications for 

the reason that it gives fixed rates and great service. The units of their vehicles are always clean and the drivers that they hire are much more reliable than regular taxi drivers who would complain that your destination is too far or they don’t have enough change. You would not have to worry about having that kind of problem with Uber and Grab. These applications can also serve multiple people in each ride since they have the option to book a ride that can be shared by different people who have pick up locations in almost the same areas. The are a lot of pros in using this application, they have earned the hearts of their customers by making them feel safe in their ride and convenient since it is only bookable through smartphones. The convenience of these applications really makes everything easier for everyone. Passengers do not get cheated on with the fares since it is fixed but here comes the con of this application, surge pricing during a certain time to beat their competitors with the pricing. It has been bothering most people especially on traffic jams but they would still prefer to commute using these applications.


What comes to mind when you think about music? It can range from its dictionary definition which is "the science or art of ordering tones or sounds in succession, in combination, and in temporal relationships to produce a composition having unity and continuity", to the multiple awards associated to the music industry such as the Grammy's, the Video Music Awards (VMA's), and many more, to the musicians and artists like Adele, Sam Smith, Khalid, and so much more. There are many ways to access music. CDs, vinyl’s, cassette tapes, MP3 files are some examples. Recently however, thanks to innovation and development of technology, there has been a rise on online streaming applications for music. Online streaming is when a person gains access to any type of media in real time without needing to download any data. Using their internet connection, they get a continuous stream of data. This has been used for videos and music worldwide. Streaming applications for music include Pandora, Tidal, and Spotify.


features such as unlimited skips, the ability to download music, and having an ad-free listening experience. Spotify has been said to be the top music streaming application, recently topping its rival, Pandora. Spotify has a lot of content. It has a very wide variety of genres including pop, EDM, country, rap, and many more. It features international artists like Ed Sheeran, Beyoncé, Zayn, and many more. It also features local artists such as Parokya ni Edgar, Moonstar88, Silent Sanctuary, and many more. Despite the variety of choices Spotify offers, there are some content (artists and/or albums) that are not found on Spotify. Albums such as The Life of Pablo by Kanye West, The Blueprint by Jay-Z, Compton by Dr. Dre, and many more. When Taylor Swift's album, 1989, was released, she did not have it put on Spotify. "It’s my opinion that music should not be free, and my prediction is that individual artists and their labels will someday decide what an album’s price point is," she stated. 1989 is only one of the many albums which Spotify is an application that are not found on Spotify. When streams music online. It was Adele had released her album, established and founded on 2006 25, she, like Taylor Swift, did not in Sweden, was officially have it on Spotify, stating that launched in 2008, and had streaming is "disposable" and arrived in the Philippines in 2014. "uncertain" (however, her content It is an application which enables has recently been added to its user access to 30 million songs Spotify). online and 2 billion playlists worldwide. It has 140 million Spotify provides a platform for active monthly users, 60 million artists to showcase their music to of which are paid subscribers. millions of users yet Subscriptions in the Philippines some artists refuse to put their cost Php 129. These subscriptions content on it despite its positive enable the user to certain effects on the music industry.

Spotify and other online streaming applications have contributed in the decrease in digital sales which is the biggest negative effect of these applications. Despite that, Spotify has paid a total of 5 billion dollars to labels, and companies to obtain rights to play their music and content thus increasing a music label's profit and money. Spotify, being a large platform for music, increases the publicity and listenership that an artist receives. Public playlists enables listeners to be exposed to new artists which is found to be helpful in the long run, considering that it adds new fans to the artist’s already established fanbase. Because of Spotify and similar applications, piracy, and torrenting of MP3 files have lessened. Because Spotify offers free music online, people torrent less thus lessening the amount of money and artist loses due to piracy. Overall, the Spotify’s impact on the music industry has been seen more as a blessing than it is a curse. It may have been a big contributor to the decrease in digital sales of music, but its long-term benefits such as paying record labels and companies, publicity to the artists, contributing in the lessening of piracy, and many more is what makes it such a great application, not only for the consumers but also for the music industry itself.


Some mix virtual and augmented reality but these two are different. Augmented reality has you interact with simulated objects in the real world while in virtual reality, you are the one being put in an environment to inhibit. There are numerous studies about the different types, areas, innovations and uses of virtual reality. Though virtual reality is well known in the gaming and entertainment industry, in the essay I would like to focus on how virtual reality can also be used in other form like education, lifestyle, health and rehabilitation.


With our world continuously growing and expanding especially in the technological industry, it is not surprising that virtual reality immersed in our society. According to Gervautz from the Institute of Computer Graphics Vienna University of Technology in Austria, virtual reality refers to an “immersive, interactive, multisensory, viewer-centered, computer generated environments”. According to the study of Enrico Gobbetti, the concept of Virtual reality originated from “The Ultimate Display”, a seminal paper by Ivan Sutherland that introduced the key concepts of immersion in a simulated world, and of complete sensory input and output, which are the basis of current virtual reality research. In the late 1960’s and 1970’s, research on a number of fronts formed the basis of virtual reality as it appears today. Virtual environments have existed before that, as telerobotic and teleoperations simulations. In the mid-1980’s, the different technologies that enabled the development of virtual reality converged to create the first true VR systems. The goal of virtual reality is to put the user in the loop of a real-time simulation, immersed in a world that can be both autonomous and responsive to its actions. The users are immersed and are able to interact with 3D worlds by simulating as many senses as possible such as sight, hearing, touch and in some, even smell.

As a student, gadgets are part of our everyday system. It may be considered as a blessing or a curse for our generation but I would like to believe that these innovations could be used to our advantage. The use of mobile applications for education has a positive effect as proven in the study of Hussein & Natterdal (2015). Overall, their study generated a positive experience on virtual reality when it comes to education. It’s a fun process that sparks interest to learn more. Students prefer the VR because it’s more interactive and it stimulates all the different senses that promotes a more effective way of learning. According to the study of Pereriria (2012), The Virtual Reality shows a kind of learning with a real situation, but artificially created, that facilitating the visualization and the interaction sensation that promotes study focus. VR doesn’t only help students but also, it helps the teachers facilitate the work of the teachers. Virtual reality can also aid and help in regards to the physical and emotional well-being of a person. According to the research study that I have read, entitled “ Effects of Virtual Reality during Exercise in Children”, results have shown that virtual reality may be used to enhance the psychological benefits of exercise while motivating children to engage in aerobic exercises. There are also studies about how the uses of virtual reality in exercise can be an interventions program for treating obesity and sedentary behaviour. The positive effects of fully immersive VR on the learning of physical tasks can also be correlated to rehabilitation and physical therapy. It can also be used in sports and physical training for business and agencies with a limited area or space.



#BlackLivesMatter has been tweeted more than 41 million times. The hashtag started following the deaths of Sandra Bland, Freddie Grey, and many more African-Americans who died at the hands of the police. Remember the Ice Bucket Challenge? The first new FDA approved drug for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) is finally available after 22 years. June 26, 2015, the United States of America legalized same-sex marriage and millions of people all over the world tweeted #LoveWins to stand is solidarity with the LGBTQ+ community. What was then perceived to be a waste of time and a negative influence in the youth has now become an avenue for voices who have something to fight for and are looking for others to fight with. There is a new wave of activists and social media is their weapon.

On the 21st of January, 2017, 5 million men, women, and gender nonconforming people from all over the world gathered for the Women’s March to fight for reproductive rights, LGBTQ+ rights, Worker’s rights, Civil rights, and many more. This march was organized entirely on social media to protest the winning of Donald Trump as the President of the United States, with many feminist celebrities participating such as Alicia Keys, Madonna, and America Ferrera.


While social media activism is considered by many to be a catalyst of change and a powerful tool for political movement, some see it as a lazy man’s way of feeling like he has contributed something, when really, he has not. Many use the term “slacktivism” for the people who tweet hashtags and participate in fun challenges, but not really do anything seemingly worthwhile and helpful. And though it is true that most of the people in social media did not contribute financially or did not participate in protests and rallies, they created a ripple effect of empowerment. Through the hashtags,

Hashtag activism is growing to be more and more powerful and if given to the wrong hands, it can cause controversy to an unknown extent. The beauty of social media being a home to unfiltered news can also be its bane as different people from all over the world are exposed to what could possibly be biased and incorrect information, and the global scale of this form of newscape can cause misunderstanding. The interactivity of it all is what makes the system work but it can also be the root of cyberbullying if things get out of hand. The people of the internet tend to dehumanize an account and forget that there are real beings behind it. They must remember that their screens can be their weapon but it is not a shield they can hide behind on. Whether on the real or the digital, respect is always a must.


Because of the birth of social networking sites, it has become a tool for disseminating information about causes and garnering supporters in a global scale. Unlike mainstream corporate media, it provides access to unbiased news coverage and real-time interaction with its audience. The interactive setting gives the people a chance to call out those who do not accurately present information and those who do not give justice to other cultures and persons. Furthermore, people from all over the world can not only engage in important conversations but also inform and educate others of societal issues that they may not be aware of. Most importantly, it gives power to the masses. Unlike newspapers and television news channels, social media news sharing is not controlled by authorities. The masses are given access to unfiltered news from the people itself and because of this, many countries have started banning some of the sites in their countries because of the government’s fear of giving the people too much power. Countries like Iran, China, and Palestine have an extensive list of blocked sites to prevent possible political turmoil.


they show that they stand in solidarity with those who are affected. Through the challenges, they spread the word to people who do have the means to financial assistance. Social media activism has been proven to be powerful through the various successes that these hashtag campaigns have gotten.



Artificial neutral networks are an emerging trend in the realm of artificial intelligence which would greatly benefit our daily lives. Basically, neural networks are computing systems that find out the best way to complete or find out a certain input by progressively getting better through trial and error until it reaches or accomplishes an objective the programmer set. It was first called “threshold logic” done by Warren McCulloh and Walter Pitts in 1943. This model paved the way towards a new depth to artificial intelligence providing programmers more options and more creativity to implement AI in their programs. With neural networks, we can have an advanced system of filters that require a more intensive approach than simple programs and a bunch more helpful uses. A neural network is a collection of artificial neurons, similar to neurons found in an animal brain, with connections that are also similar to dendrites and axons which transmits signals to each other. These artificial neurons create and process decisions and sends it to other artificial neurons to decode the decision and implement it. And these neural networks basically repeats itself until it finds a common pattern. When there is an anomaly detection (when the process detected something that shouldn’t happen) found in the process of decision making, it stops and renews the trial and error of the system and thus resets and starts anew. There were several studies that further improved and expanded neural networks. In 1948, D.O. Hebb created a mechanism called Hebbian learning which is basically unsupervised learning of neural networks which researchers used for their computational models with Turing’s B-type machines. Then in 1958, Rosenblatt made the perceptron, an algorithm that recognizes patterns when given complicated problems that require pattern recognition.

These are some of the studies done that helped improve neural networks. Onre good example of neural networking in practice is with video games. First is Dota 2. Elon Musk has a company named, Open AI, which studies and implements neural networks in their development of AI in programming. They first had two Shadow Fiends go against each other. Then they set artificial neurons to buttons such as left click, q w e r, etc. so of course, the SF bot didn’t move as it was “testing the water”. But throughout time (several weeks of “training”), it finds out how to move and attack until it started dominating the mid lane beating Dendi and many other professional gamers during the Internationals. The Open AI bot saw patterns that resulted to it winning and it also gets better each game it plays as it recognizes new patterns that would help it win the game. With the advancements done in artificial neural networks, it is basically everywhere and is a big help to businesses and people. At the medical industry, robots are being used by surgeons and can help them determine the size and information of a tumour by providing guidance to surgeons. Another great invention done with neural networks is with a system made by Open AI which is an “Unsupervised Sentiment Neuron”. Open AI programmers developed a system to determine if the next character in a text of Amazon reviews is either good or bad. The Stanford Sentiment Treebank rated the system with a 91.8% accuracy which beats the previous best of 90.2%. this system can be applicable for example to kid friendly games such as Club Penguin to get rid of negativity as a whole in chat because the system would develop the sentiment of what is good and bad and can help filtering language as a whole better. If steam would like to get rid of negativity in the toxic Dota community, they can implement this system to

help filter the negative players from the positive players for a better playing experience for the good side of the community. Neural networks also make our lives easier as the face recognition found in devices such as the iPhone X uses neural networks. This is why apple emphasize how their facial recognition can help recognize the intricate details of your face and would adjust to your face as you grow older or as your face changes. These are a few of the many applications that neural networks are being used in our daily lives. So by implementing neural networks in businesses, it can drastically reduce manpower and unnecessary tasks with an algorithm that is fully automated and does not require a salary which is a great investments for businesses that are able to find a way to implement a smart programming tool that would be able to do the job at a quick and efficient manner. The pros of neural networking is its capability and further development as its potential is just starting to be recognized by many businesses as Artificial Intelligence is starting to take shape in the world with automation in just about everything and solving complex tasks at record speeds that no regular human can accomplish. Of course there are cons to this technology as well, if given to the wrong hands, can be a recipe for disaster. With rampant hackings and viruses, these AI can be susceptible to any given attacks if not armed with proper defences. It can also be used as a weapon of destruction so without proper regulation, episodes from Black Mirror can very well happen in real life which would severely attack our given nature as human beings as a whole and depend on smart machines to do the thinking for us. But with proper guidance, improvements and developments can help improve and not negate human interaction and our safety. When AI is improved, we can expect a world wherein efficiency is the name of the game and we will be able to complete tasks we couldn’t have done before. This is the future, this is Artificial Intelligence.



L L A NBA The National Basketball Association All-Star Game is a basketball exhibition game hosted every February by the National Basketball Association (NBA), matching a mix of the league's star players, who are drafted by the two players with the most votes. Each team consists of 12 players, making it 24 in total. It is the featured event of NBA All-Star Weekend. NBA All-Star Weekend is a three-day event which goes from Friday to Sunday. The All-Star game was first staged at the Boston Garden on March 2, 1951. But this year, it is different. Due to the unevenness of the skills of players in both conferences, which is east and west, NBA had to do a different format to spice up the All Star game with a Captain Pick. Team Steph vs Team Lebron with Stephen Curry being captain for the west and LeBron James being captain for the east. Since they are the captains, they can pick any players from the east or the west that were most voted by the fans. Once the game has


started, everyone was so hyped up to see a much different match up since the teams are more evenly match and the sense of competition is alive in both teams. You could tell in the over-the-top way that both benches reacted to showy plays. You could tell by the occasional outbreaks of pressure on the ball in the backcourt. You could tell through a legitimate handful of possessions, all the way down to the game’s final sequence, in which actual defense was detected. It turned out to be a much better ball game because the west team has been dominating the all star games for three straight years and since now that it is different, it’s exactly what I wanted to see. This year’s NBA ALL STAR really surprised me and I am looking forward for next year’s NBA All Star game.


men's basketball


UAAP (University Athletic Association of the Philippines) Men’s Basketball is one of the most awaited sporting tournament in the country. Season 80 just couldn’t wait to get started with all the hype because of the electrifying finals during the previous season. Fans were eager to watch their respective teams battle it out on the hard court. UST (University of Sto. Tomas) being my bet for this season, didn’t turn out as how I expected their season to go. Going 1-13, and being the last seed, their championship dreams were crushed even before it started. On the other hand the defending champion, the De La Salle Green Archers, had their eyes on back to back championships but not if the Ateneo Blue Eales had something to do about it. During the elimination round, both teams had 1 win and 1 loss in their 2 meetings during the first round of the tournament. But the Ateneo Blue Eagles claimed the 1 st seed in the elimination round meaning they have a twice to beat advantage in the semi-finals.

The final four of the UAAP season 80 are the 1) Ateneo Blue Eagles (13-1), 2) De La Salle Green Archers (12-2), 3) Adamson Falcons (95), and 4) Far Eastern University Tamaraws (77). The Archers, having a twice to beat advantage and being the number 2 seed, knocked the Falcons out of the semifinals in just one game, while the Blue

Eagles needed two games to beat the FEU Tamaraws. Nevertheless, the Blue Eagles still made it to the finals. The finals had a best of 3 games series so the first team to win two wins. Game 1 went to the Eagles thanks to Thirdy Ravena’s 12 points, and 4 assists to beat out the Archers (76-70) but the Archers did not give up without a fight. In Game 2, Ben Mbala scored 20, and grabbed 16 boards to help the Archers blow out the Eagles (83-92). In Game 3 both teams were in their best shape. The scores were close throughout the four quarters. The game was decided on clutch plays. One by Isaac Go to bury a dagger three to lift the Eagles 86- 80, with just 24 seconds left, Aljun Melecio drills a three to get the score to 83-86 but with Matt Nieto’s 2 clutch free throws, it seals the championship for the Eagles 9th championship for the school. Thirdy Ravena receives the Most Valuable Player award. In general, season 80 was a river split into two. One leading to a lake, one ending in a waterfall; knowing which one had the lake, it was inevitable which teams you would see in the finals but it still was entertaining basketball.




BY ANGELO MIGUEL SANTILLANA There are a lot of important things that you have to keep in mind when preparing for a basketball game or your so called “big day”. First, you must have the mindset of a champion. You have to believe that you will win. Without a winning attitude, you have already lost the game from the very beginning which is why it is a very important aspect for preparing you to play ball in the court. Second, you need your basketball gear and attire. You need basketball shoes that you can get from Nike, Adidas, and other sporting brands and also get apparel from the same company. Secondly, you need your attire, your uniform. There is a reason why every sport has a uniform. people simply don’t care why there is a uniform. Over the years uniforms have become more of a fashion statement then an important aspect of the game. In reality, it is your team’s symbol and pride. Whenever you see the color yellow playing the Los Angeles court you see the Los Angeles Lakers, whenever you see the vertical red and blue lines playing in the Barcelona football arena you see FC Barcelona. This is why a uniform is very important, it is your representation of the team you’re playing for.  And lastly, you have to practice. Because without practice, you aren’t going to perform well and this is a big no no in the competitive scene. Performing well is a must because the team needs you to play to win. The great legendary player Kobe Bryant is said to practice for multiple hours and even train when no one else is training. Having a dedicated goal helps you keep motivated to practice. Kobe’s goal was to be the best, how about you, what is your goal? Those are the basketball essentials that you need to win the game. PHOTOS FROM NIKE

BY JUSTIN RYAN MASTRILLI Just like every other sport, you’ll need footwear. Football is no different but unlike other sports, it’s played on grass. This is why you’ll need Cleats which is our second essential. Cleats or studs are protrusions on the sole of a shoe, or on an external attachment to a shoe, that provide additional traction on a soft or slippery surface. They can be conical or blade-like in shape, and made of plastic, rubber or metal. So they are important as it provides grip to play while running around the grass. Another football essential would be shin guards. It’s usually cooler to not wear these but I assure you, wearing these can mean the difference between being able to play and staying on the bench (it’s actually required by FIFA) but more importantly it protects you from getting hurt or even worse, injury. Shin guards protect our vulnerable shins from the exposure to tackles, kicks and other knocks. Our shin bones are not properly insulated by muscle and tissue. Their location and proximity to the locus of action in soccer (our feet) make their use a priority. Without adequate protection in that area, you are not supposed to be allowed to play. You might feel that it should be your choice to wear such protection. However, that is the same as stating that you should have the option to wear the seatbelt or not. Essential number 3 would have to be compression shorts. Without getting too scientific, its useful because it compresses your muscles so that it can perform better. It also helps reduce the risk of injury. So definitely keep this in your bag. When playing football, you have to do everything that is legal that would give you a competitive edge against the opposing players, wearing compression shorts is one of them.

sports                                 watchlist

April 5-8: The Masters Championships (Golf) in Augusta, USA May 26: UEFA Champions League Final (Football) in Kiev, Ukraine May 27-June 10: French Open (Tennis) in Paris, France June: Stanley Cup Finals (Ice Hockey) June: NBA Finals (Basketball) June 14-July 15: FIFA World Cup (Football) in Russia June 19-23: Royal Ascot (Horse racing) July 2 onwards: Wimbledon (Tennis) in London, England

July 7-29: Tour de France (Cycling) August 18-September 2: Asian Games (Multiple sports) in Jakarta & Palembang, Indonesia August 27 onwards: US Open (Tennis) in New York, USA September 11-23: Summer Youth Olympics (Multiple Sports) in Buenos Aires, Argentina September 28-30: Ryder Cup (Golf) in Paris, France October: World Series (Baseball) October 25-November 3: World Championships (Gymnastics) in Doha, Qatar November: IWF World Championships (Weightlifting) in Bhubaneswar, India



Before heading to the gym, you need to ready yourself up. But without the proper knowledge, you might go to the gym unprepared and this will be a huge problem as you might forget something as simple as an extra shirt to forgetting to bringing your towel, this top 10 must have’s will help you be ready to gain some muscle! GYM BAG Before everything else, you need to choose a gym bag that you think is big enough to fit all of your necessities. This bag is where you put your clothes before and after a workout, soap and shampoo, towel, and more. Various stores such as Adidas and Nike have a plethora of gym bags to choose from your liking and needs.

SOCKS Having a good pair of socks make a difference. If you aren’t comfortable walking around the gym because your sock is drenched in sweat, it gets irritating. Investing in good pair of socks would help make your day in the gym more comfortable and better overall.

DEODORANT A deodorant is a must in the gym. If you do not apply deodorant at your underarms, you would be getting some unwanted attention from people who are disgusted at the odor you are emitting. It  is     both                       TRAINER SHOES    You        proper etiquette and hygienic to have a  deodorant                             need to wear good shoes    with you every time you go to the gym.                               when going to the gym WATER BOTTLE Having a water bottle keeps you hydrated and refreshed as you work out. Drinking water improves blood flow which gives you a more efficient and effective gym day. So by bringing a water bottle every day, you would be more likely to be drinking water instead of relying on the water fountain.

HAND TOWEL Brining a hand towel helps a lot. By removing the sweat with a towel instead of a shirt, you can focus more on the workout itself and it’s also proper etiquette to remove your sweat from the equipment after you’re done using it so bringing a hand towel is a necessity.

because having a comfortable fit makes you workout more easily. If you are wearing loafers to the gym, all the sweat in your feet will make it a very uncomfortable experience, so make sure you bring a good decent pair of shoes. EARPHONES  Earphones keep you pumped up and ready to workout. For some people, it is a source of motivation and gives them the extra boost they need to push out that last rep.

diary of a student-athelete BY PIA CABALDE

Being a student-athlete is a struggle. We juggle multiple things and agendas all at once including our academics, our respective sports, our friends, and our family. As someone whose been a student-athlete for five years, I have gone through and experienced so many struggles but I've managed to overcome them. Here are six struggles I've faced as a student-athlete, and here are tips to help you overcome them. HAVING THE GUTS TO TRY OUT You may be the best in your class, in your school, and maybe in your village. But then trying out for varsity is a different feeling. You're competing for a spot in the team. There is only a limited amount of slots and you're competing against the best athletes in your school. Tip # 1: Practice makes perfect As cliché as it sounds, practice makes perfect. Before trying out, you'd need to make sure that you're ready for trying out. You need to prepare your mind and body for what's to come. BEING THE NEWBIE IS HARD During my first year in the team, I felt alienated and out of place. I didn't get their  inside jokes, and I wasn't close to anyone at all. I had dreaded training because I had no one to talk to. I was a nobody to them, and I didn't matter to them. Tip # 2: Your teammates are your family You may be good at your sport but not having much chemistry with your teammates is a big no no. Your teammates will be there for you. You'll experience very win and loss together. All those suicide line drills coach makes you run? You're running those with them. I cannot emphasize enough how much my teammate have made me love the sport even more. They were always there for me through thick and thin, and was there for me through every win and loss. To me, my teammates are family. They made me look forward to every training, and they motivated me to be a better person on and off the courts. TIME MANAGEMENT IS ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE Prior to joining the team, I had excellent grades, spent a lot of time with my friends, was able to watch as much television as I wanted, and I was able to sleep as much as I wanted; however, when I had joined the team, they were things of the past. They were luxuries. I had to choose between my responsibility as a varsity player and my responsibility to my friends and even my academics. I barely had time for anything and anyone other than tennis. Tip # 3: Priorities, priorities, priorities! Trust me, it is actually easy to manage your time. It may seem hard to believe but as long as you know your priorities, you'll be able to get everything done. You have to be aware of what's important and what needs to be  day, then train. The problem now is, if those things happen on the same day.  You then have to ask yourself what's important to you, and what matters the most.

DEALING WITH LOSING GAMES Losing is part of competition but it doesn't mean that it doesn't hurt. You've trained hard, and you're in the peak of your athletic career, getting better day by day but come game day, your opponent will too. Sometimes, you lose. Your opponents will sometimes be better than you, and they'll beat you. Tip # 4: Don't be to hard on yourself (Don't be bitter. Be better.) Losing is hard. Maybe you choked or maybe you did something wrong during the game. It's okay. Losing is OK. You shouldn't beat yourself up too much for losing. In my personal experience as a student-athlete, when I've lost a game, I've resulted into self-destructive tendencies which is not good. In the past, I've dwelled on my mistakes and losses for so long to the point that it affected my mental state which in turn, negatively impacted my performance. I beat myself up for losing, I hated myself, and I berated myself. But then I realized that in the end, losing is part of the game, and that it'll make me a better athlete because I'll learn from it. EGO AND PRIDE Maybe you didn't need tip # 4 because you're the best there is, and you could beat anybody and everybody. Congrats! You must really proud of yourself. Maybe bit too proud. And that's not a bad thing right? Wrong. Ego and pride. Your two best frenemies. Tip # 5: Be humble You may be the best in your school or in your division, and maybe you've been on a winning streak. Whether it's an opinion or a fact, you should always stay humble. Being too arrogant isn't good. Yes, you may be the best but you should remember that you can learn something from everyone you play with.

SAYING GOODBYE TO THE TEAM AND SPORT Our time in a certain school is limited. It may not sink in until senior year but it's true. You won't be part of the team forever or as long as you'd like. It's sad but at the end of the year, you'd have to learn to say goodbye. Tip # 6: Make your days count You should spend your time as a part of the team really wisely. Before you know it, the faces that you see every training, won't be there anymore. Maybe they'll graduate before you do but maybe you'll graduate before they do. You'll be leaving your teammates whom you may consider your best friends behind. It's going to be hard. You're going to end what can be the greatest chapter of your life as a student. Make your final days with the sport and the team count. Make the most out of it, and by the end of it all, you'd be glad that you spent a part of your life in one of the best ways possible.

a tale of two BY JUSTIN RYAN MASTRILLI Competition and challenge are two things that Augustinians absolutely love. When it comes to sporting activities, things are no different.  Which is why every year among many other sporting events, CSA holds the famous “inter-batch games”.    The competition is comprised of games from different sports such as basketball, football etc   Unlike other competitions which are only limited to one grade level or batch. The inter-batch games stand out because it is a battle of two separate batches, each wanting to earn themselves the right to be called the best. Which is the reason why it is the best sporting event in the school. I can say this because through these games not only do you see the great skill of Augustinians but you also see their inner drive 


and passion to win which is a distinct trait of an Augustinian. Another trait found in Augustinians during the game is their respect towards the other batches. No matter they win or lose, they still manage to congratulate each other for their ability to play the game at a competitive level. The inter-batch games are truly a must watch type of event. Simply because you get to witness the passion of the players for the sport that they play and their desire to win the championship, not for themselves but for their batch. The grade 11 and 12 have both showed their spirit of winning and it was truly a spectacular event to watch as everyone had their game faces on and fought for their batch against the opposing batch.

unity games

the last shot


There are several sporting events that students look forward to during the school year. One of them is known as the interstrand games. It is an annual sporting event in CSA where the best players from each strand in SHS battle it out to see who’s best. The three teams are the ABM strand, STEM strand and lastly, the HUMSS-GAS strand.


     In basketball, there were a few clutch moments such as Taningco’s buzzer beater three and then the utter domination of ABM against STEM in the finals. Then there are the intense penalty kicks in football that determined the winner of the finals which was the ABM strand. PHOTO BY NINNA RICCI VILLANUEVA And lastly,  there was the swimming interstrand with multiple leg cramps experienced STEM players meet up during a time-out. by many of the swimmers but  still swam for their competitive drive to win 1st place for their strand. I myself played the football event and enjoyed the sun’s heat beaming against my skin as I do my best to win the interstrand for my strand, ABM.       This year was probably the best interstrand by far, simply because we were able to witness the passion and desire of each player to win for their strand and to prove that they’re the best and since it is the senior's last,the players had to do their best to show what they are all truly made of.


On a day that was supposed to be filled with love and joy, students from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida was faced with horror and agony as they watched a gunman enter their school, and shoot their classmates and friends. On February 14, Nicolas Cruz entered Marjory Stoneman Douglas Highschool armed, and open fired. Among the people he killed were: these people should be home on the subject even occurred grieving. But instead we are up here during the shooting while • Alyssa Alhadeff, 14 standing together because if all our students were hiding in the government and President can do is closets. The people involved right • Scott Beigel, 35 • Martin Duque Anguiano, 14 send thoughts and  prayers, then it's now, those who were there, those time for victims to be the change posting, those tweeting, those • Nicholas Dworet, 17 that we need to see. Since the time doing interviews and talking to of the Founding Fathers and since people, are being listened to for • Aaron Feis, 37 they added the Second what feels like the very first time • Jaime Guttenburg, 14 Amendment to the Constitution, on this topic that has come up • Chris Hixon, 49 our guns have developed at a rate over 1,000 times in the past four that leaves me dizzy. The guns have years alone. I found out today • Luke Hoyer, 15 changed but our laws have not. there's a website • Cara Loughran, 14 We certainly do not understand why  Nothing in it should be harder to make plans the title suggests that it is • Gina Montalto, 14 with friends on weekends than to exclusively tracking the USA's • Joaquin Oliver, 17 buy an automatic or semishootings and yet does it need to • Alaina Petty, 14 automatic weapon.  In Florida, to address that? Because Australia buy a gun you do not need a permit, had one mass shooting in 1999 in • Meadow Pollack, 18 you do not need a gun license, and Port Arthur (and after the) • Helena Ramsay, 17 once you buy it you do not need to massacre introduced gun safety, • Alex Schachter, 14 register it. You do not need a permit and it hasn't had one since. Japan to carry a concealed rifle or shotgun. has never had a mass shooting. • Carmen Schentrup, 16 You can buy as many guns as you Canada has had three and the UK • Peter Wang, 15 want at one time. had one and they both I read something very powerful to introduced gun control and yet A senior from Marjory Stoneman me today. It was from the point of here we are, with websites Douglas Highschool, Emma view of a teacher. And I dedicated to reporting these Gonzalez, spoke out a few days later quote: When adults tell me I have tragedies so that they can be in an anti-gun rally. She spoke out the right to own a gun, all I can hear formulated into statistics for your against the US government, and is my right to own a gun  outweighs convenience. their inability to manage and control your student's right to live.All I hear I watched an interview this guns. In her speech, she talked about is mine, mine, mine, mine. morning and noticed that one of how the US government lacks the Instead of worrying about our AP the questions was, do you think initiative to make change when it Gov chapter 16 test, we have to be your children will have to go comes to gun laws.  studying our notes to make sure through other school shooter that our arguments based on drills? And our response is that our Below is the copy of her speech: politics and political history are neighbors will not have to "We haven't already had a moment watertight. The   students at this go through other school shooter of silence in the House of school have been having debates on drills. When we've had our say Representatives, so I would like to guns for what feels like our entire with the government -- and have another one. Thank you. Every lives. AP Gov had about three maybe the adults have gotten single person up here today, all  debates this year. Some discussions  used to saying 'it is what it is,' but if us students have learned 

how the survivors of the parkland began the never again movement anything, it's that if you don't study, you will fail. And in this case if you actively do nothing, people continually end up dead, so it's time to start doing something. We are going to be the kids you read about in textbooks. Not because we're going to be another statistic about mass shooting in America, but because, just as David said, we are going to be the last mass shooting. Just like Tinker v. Des Moines, we are going to change the law. That's going to be Marjory Stoneman Douglas in that textbook and it's going to be due to the tireless effort of the school board, the faculty members, the family members and most of all the students. The students who are dead, the students still in the hospital, the student now suffering PTSD, the students who had panic attacks during the vigil because the helicopters would not leave us alone, hovering over the school for 24 hours a day. There is one tweet I would like to call attention to. So many signs that the Florida shooter was mentally disturbed, even expelled for bad and erratic behavior. Neighbors and classmates knew he was a big problem. Must always report such instances to authorities again and again. We did, time and time again. Since he was in middle school, it was no surprise to anyone who knew him to hear that he was the shooter. Those talking about how we should have not ostracized him, you didn't know this kid. OK, we did. We know that they are claiming mental health issues, and I am not a psychologist, but we need to pay attention to the fact that this was not just a mental health issue. He would not have harmed that many students with a knife. And how about we stop blaming the victims for something that was the student's fault, the fault of the people who let him buy the guns in the first place, those at the gun shows, the people who encouraged him to buy accessories for his guns to make them fully automatic, the people who didn't take them away from him when they knew he expressed homicidal tendencies, and I am not talking about the FBI. I'm talking about the people he lived with. I'm talking about the neighbors who saw him outside holding guns. If the President wants to come up to me and tell me to my face that it was a terrible tragedy and how it should never have happened and maintain telling us how nothing is going to be done about it, I'm going to happily ask him how much money he received from the National Rifle Association. You want to know something? It doesn't matter, because I already know. Thirty million dollars. And divided by the number of gunshot victims in the United States in the one and onehalf months in 2018 alone, that comes out to being $5,800. Is that how much these people are worth to you, Trump? If you don't do anything to prevent this from continuing to occur, that number of gunshot victims will go up and the number that they are worth will go down. And we will be worthless to you.  To every politician who is taking donations from the NRA, shame on you. If your money was as threatened as us, would your first thought be, how is this going to reflect on my campaign? Which should I choose? Or would you choose us, and if you answered us, will you 

act like it for once? You know what would be a good way to act like it? I have an example of how to not act like it. In February of 2017, one year ago, President Trump repealed an Obama-era regulation that would have made it easier to block the sale of firearms to people with certain mental illnesses. From the interactions that I had with the shooter before the shooting and from the information that I currently know about him, I don't really know if he was mentally ill. I wrote this before I heard what Delaney said. Delaney said he was diagnosed. I don't need a psychologist and I don't need to be a psychologist to know that repealing that regulation was a really dumb idea. Republican Senator Chuck Grassley of Iowa was the sole sponsor on this bill that stops the FBI from performing background checks on people adjudicated to be mentally ill and now he's stating for the record, 'Well, it's a shame the FBI isn't doing background checks on these mentally ill people.' Well, duh. You took that opportunity away last year. The people in the government who were voted into power are lying to us. And us kids seem to be the only ones who notice and our parents to call BS.Companies trying to make caricatures of the teenagers these days, saying that all we are self-involved and trend-obsessed and they hush us into submission when our message doesn't reach the ears of the nation, we are prepared to call BS. Politicians who sit in their gilded House and Senate seats funded by the NRA telling us nothing could have been done to prevent this, we call BS. They say tougher guns laws do not decrease gun violence. We call BS. They say a good guy with a gun stops a bad guy with a gun. We call BS. They say guns are just tools like knives and are as dangerous as cars. We call BS. They say no laws could have prevented the hundreds of senseless tragedies that have occurred. We call BS. That us kids don't know what we're talking about, that we're too young to understand how the government works. We call BS. If you agree, register to vote. Contact your local congresspeople. Give them a piece of your mind." In her speech, she states that it's time for our generation to be the change that the world needs. The government and the older generations lack action. They simply state that their "thoughts and prayers" are with the victims of these tragedies. Everyone wants violence to stop, yet the majority does so little and take minimal action regarding these issues. At the state of the world today, the world needs people like Emma Gonzalez. We need people who are willing to speak up, people who are willing to fight for what is right and for what is needed, and people who act as the voice of the minority. Our generation will be that voice. Our generation will be that change.

la vie en rose "IÂ see life through rosy glasses."

demin jacket, GU long electric pleated pink pants, GU white top, Vero Moda MODEL   PAULINE ANGELA MILLETE

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Summer skincare essentials BY PAULINE ANGELA MILLETE

Using SPF is a given. Using a specific SPF for your face which provides UVA and UVB protectionnot so much. The skin on your face is much more delicate, thin and sensitive than your body and so it is really important to invest in a separate SPF and reap their rewards.

Cleanser help to remove sweat, sunscreen, and makeup causing that build-up of bacteria in your pores which can lead to blemishes whenever you go to places with a warmer climate.

The skin on our lips are thinner and they also need extra care from the heat of the sun. To avoid chapped lips, make sure to bring a lipbalm with spf to hydrate your lips and also protect it from the sun.

Overnight facials and night moisturisers are great because they work on replenishing the moisture loss in your skin. Using this can also help to re-boost collagen production.

Cooling sprays are a handy option when you want to freshen up your skin when you travel around.

For a glowy effect on summer nights, you may want to use this for a more enhanced tan. This will look best on you when you wear a white beach dress.Â

protect your hair this summer


1. Avoid Too Many Cosmetics Summer already dries your hair out and causes damage to them. So make sure you go easy on any chemical hair treatments during this period. Avoid too much coloring, whether at the spa or home. 2. Love Your Conditioner While the sun is drying out your hair, make sure you help restore some moisture and life in it by using a rinseout conditioner. 3. Shampoo With Care While you feel like shampooing your hair every day, doing so will cause more harm than good. Too much shampoo can dry up your scalp and hair even more. Shampoo only on the scalp, not the hair, and as you wash your hair, the suds will rinse down, cleaning up your hair too. Putting shampoo separately on your hair and hair tips will dry them out.

4. Swimming During summer, you love to hit the pool, right? If you’re going swimming, remember DO NOT shampoo before you go for a swim, as this will rob your hair of all protective oils and will make it extra vulnerable to the chemicals and salt in the water. Only wash your hair with shampoo after swimming.

5. Avoid Heat The sun is already putting too much heat on your hair, so avoid the additional heat as much as you can. Go slow on the blow dryer, and if required, wash your hair half an hour earlier so that they get ample time to air-dry. Avoid using the styling iron and curlers and let them be as natural as they can be.

6. Trim Them The tips of your hair take a lot of beating during the summer. This is when you see split ends and dry tips, and this is neither healthy for your hair, nor do they look good. Summer is the ideal time to give yourself a new haircut, but if you don’t want to shorten your hair, opt for a small trim that will take care of the ends and bring back life to your hair.

7. Care For Your Color If you have recently colored your hair or have colored hair, you would want to take extra care of them in the summers. Hair sustains maximum damage with chemical treatments leading to color fading and excessive hair dryness. 8. Sun Protection The best way to screen hair from the scorching sun is wearing a scarf. If the scarf is not to your liking, then make sure you use a leave-in conditioner with sunscreens. 9. Control Frizz The summer heat makes your hair extra dry, making it frizzy. Try and control your hair from becoming too frizzy by tying it up. Use the hot months to show off your hair in different styles, from braids to ponytails to updos, knots, and buns. Not only does it keep your hair protected from frizz, but it also reduces the sweating.

10. Lots Of Fluids Your hair and your skin will benefit immensely from the amount of water and extra fluids that you have. So opt for cooling liquids that will help you keep your hair healthy and hydrated. Include as many fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet as you can. This is an essential hair care tip for summer.



fashion forward

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Planning a trip to Korea? Here are a few must-visit place in your new adventure!

Street vendors preparing food for their customers. MYEONGDONG Here you can find a blocks filled with shops, restaurants, food stalls and more. Visit Myeongdong and have a taste of their steak, grilled lobster, rice cakes, strawberry-filled Mochi, and more!

DONGDAEMUN DESIGN PLAZA If your an art enthusiast, a fashionista, or a history geek (and maybe all of the above), this place is a must-see for you. The area consists of many museums and galleries. In the perimeter is Dongdaemun Shopping Complex where you can find many good deals.

CHOONG ANG HIGH SCHOOL If you're a fan of KDRAMAs, you must definitely visit Choong Ang High School. It is one of the locations of the popular Korean Drama, Winter Sonata.

BUKCHON HANOK VILLAGE Between Gyeongbok Palace, Changdeok Palace, and Jongmyo Royal Shine. To truly have the Korea experience, you must go back and appreciate their roots. This area is surrounded by traditional houses and palaces that will surely satisfy your curiousity on Korean history.