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“The Pursuit of Perfection” “Amazing in Motion”


Lexus is an automative company and the luxury vehicle division of Toyota.

Founded in 1989 by Eiji Toyoda.

Headquarters: Nagoya, Japan

Originated from a corporate project to develop a new premium sedan, codenamed F1.

Each vehicle is designed based on their own design standard called “Lexus M u s t s ” a n d “ I D E A L ” ( I m p re s s i v e , Dynamic, Elegant, Advanced, and Lasting)

Materials: Carbon Fibre, Aluminum, Steel, Leather


Seamless Anticipation

Lexus does more than simply meet a person’s needs and desires. They anticipate them, seamlessly. In this way, whatever is required is always right there. •

Incisive Simplicity

Reduce and cut through complexity to reveal purity of purpose and expression. Pure enjoyment in itself. •

Intriguing Elegance

Forthright boldness of expression fuses with compellingly poised composure.

CONCEPT Inspired from the Lexus L Finesse philosophy, the clock and radio should embody the true Lexus image. It should be pure, simple, functional and elegant. -Neat and sleek textures
 -Smooth Lines
 -Neutral colors
 -Modern yet luxurious

Initial Idea


Right Side View

Front View

Top View

Left Side View


Top View

Right Side View

Left Side View Front View


3 2 1

RADIO 1. Silver Metallic Plastic
 2. Speaker 
 3. Tuner
 4. Volume


6 78 9


CLOCK 5. LED Screen Digital Clock
 6. On/Off Button
 7. Alarm/Snooze 
 8. Set Hour/Lower Brightness
 9. Set Minutes/Increase Brightness


Available Colours: Gold, Silver, Black

Clock and Radio  

Project on corporate identity product design

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