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Graphic Design Portfolio 2017

hello   My name is Nini Bui and I have a love and passion for story telling. My desire to tell stories from my own experiences, imagination, and other people’s adventures and experiences is what drives me to continue to create through a variety of mediums and styles. I strive to continue to grow and progress with every project, assigned or personal, and to be able to make a piece of work that can transcend languages. Not only that, but I want my work to bring happiness and joy to those who view it, whether it be the content, visual aesthetic, or message that captivates them. The drive to share these experiences is what motivates me to explore a variety of design techniques and styles and pushes me to become a better designer. This portfolio contains eight projects that explores different styles and techniques. The projects range from books, posters, and packaging designs that were created at Portland State University.

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Nini Bui



01 baby cobra

02 a quick sushi guide

05 naicha

06 body positive calendar

ART 200

ART 225


a chapbook about comedian, Ali Wong

branding and packaging design for a beverage line

ART 210

a taxonomy poster on the different types of sushi with a series of recipe books

a calendar that showcases a variety of female body types

03 typecon: resound ART 200

a pamphlet for TypeCon 2016

07 anh chi ART 225

a brand book for a Vietnamese restaurant

04 dr. nibs ART 254

branding and packaging design for a chocolate brand

separated, 08 but not ART 225

disconnected an infographic about long distance relationships

Nini Bui




baby cobra

Project Goals   • Create a chapbook Intended Audience   • Comedy lovers   • Ali Wong fans Solutions and Concepts   This chapbook consists of an interview with the comedian, Ali Wong and her Netflix special Baby Cobra. The chapbook utilizes a simple grid and plays around with type in order to create a fun yet easy to read publication.

Nini Bui



Nini Bui




a quick sushi guide

Project Goals   • Create a taxonomy Intended Audience   • Japanese food enthusiasts   • Ages 15 to 30 Solutions and Concepts   This poster simplifies the complicated Japanese food that is sushi by breaking it down into three common categories and displaying the popular items in each one. The illustration style is bright and fun to attract and educate a wider audience that enjoys sushi and there are accompanying recipe books.

Nini Bui



Nini Bui




typecon: resound 2016

Project Goals   • Create a program pamphlet for TypeCon Intended Audience   • Designers and type enthusiasts attending the convention Solutions and Concepts   Since the purpose of this pamphlet is to allowattendees to quickly find information, the design remains clean and simple so those who are attending can quickly find the necessary infortmation. I also chose to use a motif that plays around with the theme of resound.

Nini Bui



Nini Bui




dr. nibs chocolatier

Project Goals   • Design packaging for a chocolate brand Intended Audience   • Parents and children with sweet tooths   • Middle socioeconomic standing Solutions and Concepts   Since this chocolate brand needs to attract kids and please the parents, the design is minimal yet friendly and colorful. Each product contains a sticker of the brand’s mascot to make it even more kid friendly.

Nini Bui



Nini Bui




naicha milk tea

Project Goals   • Create branding and packaging for a beverage line Intended Audience   • Students   • Vegans and those who are lactose intolerant Solutions and Concepts   Naicha is a milk tea beverage line that is made locally and uses simple ingredients. The branding reflects the simplicity of the beverage line.

Nini Bui



Nini Bui




body positive calendar

Project Goals   • Design a calendar Intended Audience   • Girls from the ages 11 to 25   • Feminists   • Artists Solutions and Concepts   The calendar features illustrations of a variety of female body types in order to celebrate the uniqueness of every woman’s body. The type pulls colors from the illustrations to create unity while remaining clean, so the nude ladies are the focus.

Nini Bui



Nini Bui




anh chi

Project Goals   • Create a brand book for a space Intended Audience   • Men and women   • All ages   • Middle class socioeconomic standing   • Vietnamese food enthusiasts Solutions and Concepts   Anh Chi is all about combining traditional and modern elements in their food, architecture, and design in order to create a welcoming atmosphere. Created by first generation Vietnamese-Americans, the restaurant is welcoming and comforting for those who are English speakers and Vietnamese speakers.

Nini Bui



Nini Bui




separated but not disconnected process book and writing sample

Project Goals   • Create an infographic on an aspect of my daily consumption Intended Audience   • Men and women   • Ages 17 to 25 Solutions and Concepts   Rather than making an infographic poster or poster series, I created a journal-like booklet on the positives and negatives of a long distance relationship. I also included various aspects of my own consumption of my long distance relationship.

Nini Bui



Nini Bui



process and writing sample

Nini Bui


moodboard   The objective of this project is to break the myth that long distance relationships are unhappy, loveless, or doomed to fail by chronicling the ways that I communicate with my partner despite the distance. This will be executed in the form of a small zine or booklet in order to give it a more personal and journal-like feel. The content will include general statistics along with my own relationship’s statistics as well as fun facts about what other LDRs do. Not only that, but it will document the content found in my conversations during this time frame. I want to have a mixture of handmade lettering with a sans-serif typeface and include illustrations with a more quick, hand created doodle type of style as well. This book will have a balance of both type and illustrations.


research, documentation, and sketches

Nini Bui



Nini Bui


initial draft


second draft

Nini Bui


writing sample   After researching about infographics and their purpose in the design world, I realized that there is usually a disconnect between personable content and factual content. This lead me to choose to create a type of infographic that would combine both facts and personal experiences in order to create a new way of interacting and consuming information. My infographic is about the statistics, basic facts, and overall experience of being in a long distance relationship.   In order to create a very personal and intimate experience with the facts on this topic, I chose to create a booklet rather than a poster or poster series because the book layout alluded to the idea of a journal or diary and to push this further, I chose to create textured paper. Initially, it was grid paper, but then I decided to change the dimensions of the booklet in order to reflect composition notebooks, which are popular for diaries. This familiar size and aesthetic lends to the personable vibe of skimming through a journal.   I wanted to combat the sterile look of having black text on lined paper, so I chose to represent my facts in the form of illustrations in order to bring a lighter, friendlier, and more relatable atmosphere to the book. On top of that, there are doodles sprinkled through out the pages in order to push the journal idea more.    


  For my typeface, I chose to use Filson Soft because it mimics the look of a fine point black pen, since it is a thin and a rounder san serif. I chose my colors based on highlighter and marker colors that would be seen in a person’s journal, diary, or notes.   To make this project more successful, I would include more hand created type and potentially even write out all of the text to make the journal even more personable. I would also try to create a survey or talk to more people in order to include more opinions and perspectives on this topic in order to captivate a larger audience. Although, I made the sharing of my own relationship a little cheeky and silly to galvanize a larger audience, I think the inclusion of more voices would make it even more successful.

Thank you!

Special thanks to‌ Portland State Graphic Design Faculty


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PSU Graphic Design Portfolio  

Graphic design work from 2015 to 2017

PSU Graphic Design Portfolio  

Graphic design work from 2015 to 2017