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NewNow Bamboo External Battery- Reliable Power Supply for Your Device Don’t you just hate it when your phone runs out of juice and you are miles away from home? The situation is worse if you are going to meet someone and then the device just decides shutdown. Luckily, there are companies such as NewNow. This is where you will get the newest’ power solutions now’. It is all in the name. Constant power supply all the time If you are looking for a very effective and affordable power bank, then NewNow is the place to go. The NewNow-Bamboo VI 15600mAh external battery is one of the best yet. This device will compensate for the poor battery backup that comes with most Smartphones, tablets and laptops today. The issue of excessive battery consumption is to be found in just about all devices but the NewNow external battery is a solution for all of them. Affordable power solutions A few years ago, power banks were extremely expensive. This is because only a handful of manufacturers existed. However, the power solutions that are offered now by companies such as NewNow are nothing short of affordable. For instance you will not have to pay half the national debt in order to afford the Bamboo VI external battery. If you find this one to be too expensive, there is the NewNow Bamboo V 13000mAh external battery which is slightly cheaper.

Both power banks have effective functioning. You will not have to recharge the device every single time so as to use it on your phone or tablet. They have a large capacity to ensure that you do not have to keep recharging every short while. It is compatible with just about all devices. Whether you own an android, iPhone, iPod Touch, MP3/MP4 player, iPad- all of them can be charged using the power banks from NewNow. As long as the device has a mini USB slot you should not find a problem charging it with this power bank. Maintenance The most important thing you should know about the maintenance of the external batteries from NewNow is about charging. Proper charging of the device is necessary to get the most out of it

and also to prevent damage. For most NewNow power banks, at least 10 hours. Apart from that, you will have an easy time with these products: • They are affordable • User-friendly- you might not need the manual • compatible with all devices from all manufacturers • •

easy to maintain Durable and will serve you for a long time

• •

has an LED flashlight Two- USB ports which means you can charge as many as two devices at a go

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Newnow bamboo external battery reliable power supply for your device  

Don’t you just hate it when your phone runs out of juice and you are miles away from home? The situation is worse if you are going to meet s...