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NewNow 3200mAh Power Bank for Samsung Galaxy S4 i9500 Article Source : The NewNow 3200mAh power bank for Samsung Galaxy S4 i9500 and the NewNow 3200mAh for HTC ONE M7 801e external battery power bank helps you enjoy long hours of full charge of your phone anywhere you are. The external power bank ensures that you are safe as you travel in case you are travelling for long hours. It has battery been certified by the CE, ROH and FCC. To make portable ease, it is very light and ultra-thin, easy to install and remove. It has a 4 LED that indicates its capacity of charge helping you regulate the amount of tasks the phone is performing. For the Samsung galaxy, the external power battery comes with external battery charger case. Pros • It has a unique and fashionable user experience with perfect dimensions of 110 by 80 by 22mm and a weight of 115 grams, which makes portability easy. • The NewNow power bank also comes with a protective chip that provides over-charge, over-load; over discharge and circuit protection making sure that your HTC ONE M7 801e or Samsung is fully safe and secure from power related problems. • It’s very appealing and welcoming ensured by the high-gloss aluminum metal surface material and the curved bottom highlights giving it a noble charm and a perfect appearance. • Has extra time for your Samsung of up to 210 hours standby time, 9 hours talk time, 7 hours surfing, 8 hours video streaming, and 24 hours of music time. • Very easy to install and remove, working as both a protection case and an extended battery set to give you dual purpose capabilities which is an added advantage. • The case also uses USB output that will greatly ease your NewNow external battery. In addition, the 4 LEDs will help you know when you are running out of battery discouraging power off unexpectedly. • Well reachable running on a Lithium-ion battery which gives an equal output of 5V (0.5A) as the input. Cons • Relatively expensive making many people prefer to go with the internal battery only. • Takes several hours to charge of up to 5-9 hours which is a lot for a traveler or those who love spending time outdoors. • Comes with white color casing for the Samsung which may not be appealing to all persons expecially those who love fashionable accessories. The NewNow 3200mAh Power Bank for HTC ONE M7 801e is the best external battery to travel with. It has the ability to keep your gadgets on be it the Samsung Galaxy S4 i9500 or the HTC ONE M7 801e all the time anywhere.

Newnow 3200mah power bank for samsung galaxy s4 i9500