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FEBRUARY 2014 Information for and about the 95 percent of Nebraska registrants who are NOT dangerous, but still are exposed to state-sanctioned hatred.

Fight Back With Your Votes Because elected officials are the ones who placed your family in danger with Nebraska's public shaming website, it is important that you do every legal thing in your power to influence elections. If you are eligible to vote and you fail to do so, then you go to the front of the line of people who are harming you and your family. If you lost your voting rights because of a felony conviction in Nebraska, your voting rights are restored two years after you have completed your sentence. This is true for any offense except treason. Excellent web resources for you include: • The ACLU's Nebraska voting rights brochure: • This site contains clear and easy to understand information about elections (including a tool that you can use to check online to see whether you are properly registered along with a list of the elected positions where you have a vote): • And of course the FACTS/NU online resources, the web page and the blog: To keep you informed of politicians' records, behavior and statements on policy regarding former sex offenders, the online resources as well as the NINETY-FIVE% newsletter will deliver as much information as possible. For example: • Omaha politician Pete Pirsch is running for state attorney general. He would be worse for you than Jon Bruning has been, and Bruning has been a disaster. Pirsch is the architect and ongoing chief proponent of the laws that keep the state's foot on your neck long after you have completed your sentence (including the notorious LB 285 of 2009). Pirsch also is the guy who is chiefly responsible for endangering your family with the public shaming website. If you were not on the public registry before 2010 and lost your job, your home or anything else because of the website, Pirsch is the guy who is chiefly responsible. •Douglas County Sheriff Tim Dunning is the guy who sent you the threatening postcard, saying you are subject to extra-legal home invasions because you are a former offender. On Dunning 's watch, the Douglas County crime lab chief planted evidence in a murder case. We still don 't know how many other cases are tainted. Stay tuned- we'll have more election-related information for you in the months ahead .. . .




The 95% newsletter is available in an electronic version, with links to supplemental content, video, audio and other related resources. If you wish to receive this version in lieu o:t; or in add-ition to this printed version, please e-mail us at

What If I'm Not Eligible to Vote? If you are currently incarcerated or on probation due to a felony conviction, you can still act to influence elections. Do every legal thing in your power to tell your family, friends, neighbors, and co-workers how they can help with their votes. Because the Legislature, with Pete Pirsch's LB 285 of 2009, has ensured that the Nebraska sex offender website population will grow by leaps and bounds, we already represent a significant and ever-increasing number of votes. If the website names 4,000 people, for example, and each of those has a connection to just two other people, that adds up to 12,000 votes. Get it? Get in touch today with all of your connections . . _

FACTS Sheds Tax Exempt Status for More-Povverful Activist Role Families Affirming Community Safety, Inc. (FACTS) has relinquished its designation as a 501 (c)(3) tax-exempt organization to enable it to participate more actively and directly in public debates on legislative policy and to advocate for laws that are based on facts, scientific data and research rather than emotion, myths and hysteria. This means that your donations to FACTS I Nebraskans Unafraid (NU) are no longer tax-deductible. NU is the action organization whose mission is to provide services and outreach to former offenders and their families. Freed of the tax-exempt limitations, FACTS becomes the communication arm of NU. We hope that you will agree with us that the tax benefit accorded by exempt status is not as important as having a forceful, clear and decisive voice in political matters which concern us .. _


February 2014 95%  

The newsletter of news and information for the 95 percent of people on Nebraska's sex offender registry who are not dangerous but still are...