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“Make a Lasting Impression”

5315 N. Beginning dr. Chicago, Il 60010

Mission Statement To provide timeless fashion for the woman who knows who she is, she’s empowered, a woman of inspiration, sophisticated, refinement and style. We intend to provide high fashion while remaining current and timeless in style; to provide excellent customer service that leaves a lasting impression upon our cliental. We know that fashion is ever changing and evolving, and everyone is looking for certain something to give them a competitive edge in their career. We all know the cliché, “Make a good first impression”, well we believe at Timeless, you should seek to make, “A Lasting Impression”, and our brand speaks to the woman who make a lasting impression upon those she engages. The Timeless garment is not based on current trends, but speaks to the lifestyle obtained or desired by the women who inspires others.

Backgrounder/ History Sheree Wilson, Founder of Timeless, graduated from International Academy of Design and Technology in 2015, with Bachelors in Fashion Design. Shortly after, Ms. Wilson continued her studies in Europe to refine her skills in couture fashion designing and tailoring. After working with Jean Paul Pierre, as his apprentice, Ms. Wilson felt it was time to open a boutique in the US. On November 12, 2018, Ms. Wilson opened a high fashion boutique that specializes in timeless fashion with a modern twist called Timeless. Mrs. Wilson’s philosophy is to develop a fashion statement that speaks to the woman herself and not a trend. While Timeless has a boutique located in downtown Chicago on Michigan Avenue, Ms. Wilson also provides ready wear fashion as a commercial retailer with Target after various, yet successful, temporary limited exclusive distributions to Target. Due to this success and the increase of Timeless’ market penetration with Target, a collection is now a staple for Target and Timeless customers. The brand’s fashion, yet slightly different in style (not high fashion) and price, can be found at Targets in the US.

Timeless Spokeswoman

Timeless location on Michigan Avenue

Interior Entrance of Boutique and Waiting Area near Dressing Room Area

Dressing Room Area

Products Timeless designs and manufactures fashion apparel for women. Some of Timeless’ products will be priced on the high end to reflect the quality and exclusiveness associated with the brand as it pertains to the company’s couture and runway collections. Although, Timeless’ commercial retail will have competitive pricing, the clothing produced will still reflect the company’s standard of quality at an affordable and competitive price. Some of the goods provided in the commercial line will include goods such as wool blends, silks and some gauge denim. Because of the brand’s quality and customer service, when a markup is placed on Timeless products, customers will be willing to pay the premium because of the perceived value and quality guarantee that comes with all our products. Pricing The cost of a readymade garment will range from $75 to $700, if the garments are couture, the price range will depend on cost of fabric and construction. If the suits are a special order, a special tailored piece, the garment can range in price as well. All special orders can start at $500. Promotion Timeless is a competitive advantage in itself. The name is not attached to any particular group of customers and it allows entry into different segments of the industry. Due to this fact, Timeless desires to use this to our advantage by utilizing the name, personality and image of celebrities that reflect our philosophy. We will also promote our business by advertising in various ways that are cost effective, such as online advisements and print advertising. We will also use social

media sites to interact with potential customers while promoting the brand. While managing promotions and giveaways, we will also hold special events, in which some will give back to our community, which will allow the company to develop its presence in the market. Although the company intends to use a retailer for exclusive sells of our brand, most of the marketing and advertising is done in-house. We will also utilize the internet to reach various markets as well. Placement The Timeless brand, collection will be sold in its local boutique in Chicago, as well as an exclusive collection at Target, which is an established organization that will help to not just establish Timeless as a brand, but also established a loyal following. Target also provides its customers with great quality products at an afford price, which is also the goal of Timeless. The collection sold at Target will be at a more reasonable price, while maintaining the integrity of the company’s vision. People Some of the women we are looking at that define what it means to make a “lasting impression”, a “woman of empowerment” are women such as First Lady Michelle Obama, Mellody Hobson, Queen Latifah and Angelina Jolie. We are looking to establish them as spokeswomen for Timeless. Physical Environment The ambiance of Timeless is that all are welcome, and that each woman is beautiful in her own right. Timeless aspires to inspire every potential client, woman we meet. We believe that clothing can enhance the beauty of a woman, but that each woman is beautiful to begin with. We aspire to offer products, clothing that embodies this philosophy by providing clothing that is not just timeless but can become permanent staples in a lady’s wardrobe. No matter what a woman’s ethnicity or age, Timeless has a timeless garment for you. Process (Value Added) The atmosphere of Timeless is one that is classy and sophisticated in design, yet relaxing enough to let any woman feel as if she is at a retreat, a short getaway. When you walk into the Timeless, you are encountered by relaxing music, cushioned furnishing and a smile. At Timeless you feel appreciated and pampered. The staffing is engaging, friendly and seeks to help every woman, find what she’s looking for. There is truly no substitution for great customer service, and this is a huge part of our company’s image and philosophy. Timeless chooses to make each customer feel that they are appreciated and wanted, and not just their dollar or net worth. We pride ourselves on treating others as we desire to be treated, by engaging in conversations to develop relationship that help us to become educated to our customers’ needs and wants. Since Timeless is also a fashion organization, if a client feels that a garment isn’t flattering, but they want it none the less, we will offer to tailor the garment for the customer at a reasonable cost. As we establish and build our loyal customer base and relationships, understanding looks, wants and staples of each customer, we will send phone and email blast to inform our customers of upcoming sales, promotions and giveaways. As stated before, treating others as we desire to be treated is a motto of our company and our customer service.

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Strengths: Exclusivity to create a loyal client base Quality Products Brand Products Membership Pricing Weakness: Need to stay current yet timeless with designs Develop new products without repetition Keep a strong and consistent revenue Consistent penetration of market to enhance reputation positively Opportunities Strengthen brand by Promotion and Publicity


Expand into other products, mostly accessories Teaming up with another corporation for commercial retail, ready wear Threats Established Brands, competition Financial support for marketing efforts Luxury market limited by economy Fact Sheet • Timeless Founded by Sheree N. Wilson in 2018 • Own and operated by Sheree N. Wilson and Staff while remaining true to its motto of providing great customer service • Timeless Boutique has one location, established in Chicago, IL on November 12, 2018 • Grand opening with promotional giveaway, first 50 customers, November 23, 2018 • Known investors: Will and Jada Pinkett-Smith, Tyler Perry, Julius and Tiffany Thomas of Prosperity Partners • • •

Specialty is timeless fashion with a modern look for women, high fashion, couture garments, and tailor designs (Boutique) Frist launch of brand with Target, exclusive line with Target, July 4, 2020 Promotional Giveaway : “Gift Bash”, hosted by Timeless & Entrepreneurs of America, the Next Generation and Sean Combs ~ Provided young entrepreneurs, and college graduates with apparel for their promising careers

Timeless – 1 Location MANAGEMENT: Sheree N. Wilson, Owner/Developer Judy Wilks, Managing Partner Yvette Domican, Director of Marketing ADDRESS: 5315 N. Beginnings Dr. Chicago, IL 60010 Shops Contact: Media Contact: Judy Wilks (312) 951-8888 E-mail:

Advertising and Promotion My shopper marketing plan is as follow: Timeless will host a grand opening, and the grand opening we will held at the brand’s location in downtown Chicago with security on the premise. Timeless will be serving various beverages and light hors d'oeuvres. There will be small gifts bags with items to promote the brand, for example, some will have a key chains, polo tees, business cards, and promotional coupons if the shopper comes back to purchase her items within a week. The promotional coupon will be 20% off of the entire purchase. This grand opening celebration will be promoted on various social sites and in a commercial in the US. To target our market, which are working women in corporate America, emerging leaders and entrepreneurs in various industries, the brand decided to launch promotional ads on FaceBook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. The promotional advertisement on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn will advise readers that the first 50 women to come to the grand opening will receive $50 in free Timeless merchandised. There will also be a link attached to the ad that will send the shoppers to our website to become familiar with who we are, the brand, as well as allowing them an opportunity to view a few of our products. They will also have the option of becoming a Timeless Rewards member, to receive information about our products, the latest new with the brand, sales, and more. The Lifetsyle commercial will run on major networks like ABC, CBS, BET, and NBC. The commercial will run between the hours of 7pm to 11pm at night for starters. Based upon the feedback, after the ad runs for a month, we will determine if and when additional changes should be made. Since we’re targeting working women, ages 21-45, they might start their day early, so the night slots in theory would be more strategic. Also with the use of the social media sites, we should have a large portion of our demographics covered. With that said, Timeless’ lifestyle commercial will featuring Kerry Washington, know in her current role on the hit TV drama, Scandal, as Olivia Pope. The Lifestyle commercial features Mrs. Washington in a Timeless’ brand ensemble in her conference room with her team of Gladiators as she prepares to represent another client. In the back ground you hear the quick clicks of cameras, the rustle of papers and energetic music as they talk about the client and their circumstances that led up to this point, the point of something needing to be fixed about their image. In the process of the commercial, you see her, Olivia Popo (Kerry Washington), and her team gather information or intel on the new client before she arrives. As the teams leaves to follow the instructions given, Mrs. Washington, she begins to address the camera and talks about the importance of not just having the right intel, but the right image, and how Timeless ‘s brand is advantageous, conducive to her lifestyle and her image as a woman who is empowered. The commercial ends with her closing the door after her client walks in, and she states, “You want to be empowered while Empower others, choose Timeless, for a lasting impression”. This commercial will also be shown in the store after the grand opening, until the next commercial is launched.

Some of the signage in the store will have the lifestyle ad advertised, and we will also have hanging along the walls in frames, women who made a lasting impression in their generation while being fashionable to enhance the empowered woman image. We will also have Timeless bags with products in the display windows at the front of the store. During the grand opening, as people purchase merchandise and receive their gifts, there will be staff on hand to engage and interact with customers to gather contact information. This will allow us to send out a thank you to those who came while building a client base for the brand. This will also allow us to send them information about what’s coming next to Timeless, and to gather feedback regarding their experience and what they thought of the brand.

Publication and Publicity Grand Opening at Timeless Location in Chicago, November 23, 2018, with First Lady Michelle Obama, the President and Mayor Rohm Emanuel. Full coverage with local networks on site.

Picture of First Lady Michelle Obama toasting Sheree Wilson at Timeless Grand Opening. The First Lady is also the spokeswoman for Timeless.

Timeless has been featured in the follwong magazines.

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