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9 reasons to LOVE

Tucker Spear, Director of Sales 619-231-9293

2008 Merlot

were new, adding structure and texture to the finished wine.

ta s t i n G n ot e s

This wine is rich, deep and complex. It begins with aromas of raspberry tart, violets and white pepper. There are also

notes of lavender, thyme, mocha, cherry, allspice, cedar and oak. Flavors of cherry cocoa and persimmon are backed by chewy tannins. This Merlot has excellent balance, along with good acid and length.

F o o d pa i r i n G Minestrone Soup Chicken Marsala

Salmon on a Cedar Plank

9: Wines of Elegance, World-Class Quality & Distinction

Bootjack Ranch

began with fairly typical winter rainfall and temperatures. But a late frost came in April and was

8: Hospitality Staff Committed to Wine Education & the Culinary Arts through Year-round Education Classes oak barrels for malo-lactic fermentation and aging. About one third of the barrels chosen to age this lot

pressing, the wine went sugar-dry in tank, and then was racked to a mixture of French and Hungarian

and punched down twice daily to encourage color and tannin extraction and even fermentation. After

inoculated the following day and fermented in open-topped tanks, which were pumped over once

The grapes were de-stemmed and crushed, and cold-soaked for about 48 hours. The juice was

Wi n e Maki nG

proved uneventful. The result was a light harvest of intensely colored and flavored berries and clusters.

of even temperatures with a few heat spikes during the summer returned, and the rest of the season

and slowed the growth of others at a crucial time in their development. Luckily, our normal pattern

followed by a record heat wave in early May. This weather combination damaged some shoots

7: State-of-the-Art Production Winery Featuring Gravity Fruit Delivery, Water Reclamation System & Rainfall Catchment


6: Only LEED-Silver Certified Winery on the Central Coast

Growers all over the Central Coast were taken to task with the 2008 growing season. It

v i n taG e

and Cabernet Sauvignon.

known for producing: Syrah, Merlot, Barbera, Sangiovese, Cabernet Franc

125 acres and boasts the hearty red varietals that Paso Robles is

blocks planted in 1999, 2001, and 2005, Bootjack Ranch covers

on the east side of the Salinas River, in Paso Robles. With

v i n e Ya r d

October 6, 2008 Cases produCed 908 pH 3.64 ta 6.2 g/L alCoHol 14.7% Blend 100% Merlot

retail priCe

5: San Francisco International Wine Competition “Winemaker of the Year” Award given to Amanda Cramer 1322 Morro Street • San Luis Obispo, CA 93401 • P: 805.239.2233 • F: 805.239.0033 •


2: 100% Estate-Grown & Bottled Wines

Harvest date

Grapes for this wine were grown at Bootjack Ranch,

4: Expert Vineyard Management & Winemaking Team


3: SIP (Sustainability in Practice) Certified Vineyards: Bootjack Ranch & Heart Hill Vineyard Amanda Cramer

1: Family-owned & operated by Proprietors Richard & Pam Niner

9 Reasons To Love Niner  

The top 9 reasons to love Niner Wine Estates!

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