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Winners, All!

Nine Official Publication -Atlantic Gulf Region #9

n Line Sweet Adelines

July 2012

ANN GOOCH RECEIVES THE LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD! NINE ON LINE, THIS ISSUE: Region 9 Competition Winners..….2—3 Winning Quartets………...….…………4 Chorus Beat………………………….5-9 At The Beach………………………….10 Evaluation Comments………………..11 Denver ………………………………..12

International Convention Denver, Colorado October 29 November 3, 2012 Sweet Adelines International is a worldwide organization of women singers committed to advancing the musical art form of barbershop harmony through education, competition and performance

By Julie Reeve

So, Region 9, you know we’ve been telling you about our 50year Anniversary Extravaganza coming up Saturday, October 20? Well, now you have even MORE of a reason to madly pile you and your music-loving friends into the car, and cruise up to Jacksonville: Our very own Marvelous Master Director Ann Gooch has been chosen to be the recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award at the 2012 Sweet Adelines International Convention and Competition in Denver, Colorado! For those of you who have never had the pleasure of meeting her, Ann Gooch is an icon in our organization, having established choruses all over the world. Besides being past president of Sweet Adelines International and helping to transform the organization into today’s worldwide entity, Ann is an International Faculty Specialist Emerita, Certified Music Judge, college professor of Music and Humanities and Clinician in the National Society of Music Educators and, yes, a Kentucky Colonel. Ann has coached many choruses throughout the years and has made countless friends along the way. She is admired and well loved, particularly among certain New Zealand factions. But it is her home chorus, Jacksonville Harmony, who has always placed her in its heart.

Atlantic-Gulf Region 9 advances the mission of Sweet Adelines International by providing relevant education to develop outstanding music and leadership skills and by providing a forum to evaluate performance

So do come celebrate with us, Region 9, because it seems like Ann and Jacksonville Harmony have something thrilling to celebrate together: An invitation to compete in the Harmony Classic as Mid-Size Chorus at the Sweet Adelines International Convention and Competition in HONOLULU, HAWAII!



2012 ~ 1st PLACE CHAMPIONSHIP CHORUS ~ 681 Toast of Tampa Show Chorus Tony DeRosa, Director

~ 2012 ~ 1st PLACE QUARTET 581

Sassy Tenor: Chelsey Young Lead: Donna Hill Bari: Denise de la Cal Bass: Betty Meinholz

2012 ~ 2nd PLACE CHORUS ~ 614 Jacksonville Harmony Chorus Ann Gooch, Director


Nine On-Line


2012 ~ 3rd PLACE CHORUS ~ 574 Gulf to Bay Chorus Denise Helbig, Director

Published ONLINE 4 times a year January * April * July * September

2012 ~ 4th PLACE CHORUS ~ 571 Women of Note Chorus Mitch Greenberg, Director

—————— Deadline for each edition: JANUARY deadline—Dec.15 APRIL deadline --——Mar.15 JULY deadline——–-June 15 SEPT. deadline — August 15

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2012 ~ 5th PLACE CHORUS South Florida Jubilee Chorus James Kasler, Director



Region 9 Management Team

~ 2012 ~ 2nd PLACE QUARTET 564

Ladybug Tenor: Iris Gantz Lead: Shamane Fernandez Bari: Lisa Williams Bass: Trudy Savage Team Coordinator


~ 2012 ~ 3rd PLACE QUARTET 563 Diamond Cut Tenor: Camille Sanabria Lead: Susie Courtice Bari: Denise Helbig Bass: Barbara Kunath

Membership Coordinator


~ 2012 ~ 4th PLACE QUARTET 553 Quatro Communications Coordinator RHONDA PAYTON Chapter at Large

Tenor: Susie Ellis Lead: Julie Vaughn Bari: Merilyn Bryan Bass: Joyce Tam

~ 2012 ~ 5th PLACE QUARTET 527 On The Edge Events Coordinator SUE GIESLER Chapter at Large

Tenor: Chanda Morris Lead: Jennifer Winsor Bari: Diane Sherley Bass Beckie Preston




Education Coordinator DAYVE GABBARD Spirit Of The Gulf

Finance Coordinator CATHY FREY Toast of Tampa / Spirit of the Gulf

Marketing Coordinator CATHY MOORE Suncoast Harmony

Hilton Head Shore Notes are delighted to announce that their director, Beth Green, passed her Certified Director exam on April 22! Under her direction the chorus placed second last year and fourth this year in the Small Chorus Division at Regional Competition. Beth has been director of the Shore Notes since January 2010. Beth started her Sweet Adelines career singing for Gail Jencik in the Coastline Chorus in Massachusetts. Since moving to Hilton Head about 10 years ago she has made her mark teaching music to children throughout the island. The "Music Lady" of Hilton Head, she directs children's choruses at two local churches and is the Director of Lower School Music Education at the Hilton Head Christian Academy. In her "spare time" she also records personalized books for children. Her music credentials are extensive, and the Shore Notes are very pleased and proud that she has taken the time from her very busy schedule to become a Sweet Adelines certified director.


'YOUNG SINGERS' ! If you are going to contribute, why not make your contribution benefit the young singers in REGION 9? Send your check to the Region 9 Deena Tanenblatt Fund. Directors Coordinator DOE KALL Spirit Of The Gulf

Do Lahr All monies earned go to fund our Young Women in Harmony festivals! Your contribution will be announced in "Nine on Line."




Debra Milligan

The members of Platinum Coast Chorus are celebrating an eventful spring with the hiring of their new director, Lisa Lupo, the installation of their new Management Team, and the addition of four new chapter members. We are now twenty-five strong and growing! Newsletter, Nine On Line KITTY MAIDEN Chapter at Large

Arrangers Coordinator DORIS TWARDOSKY Spirit Of The Gulf

Rules and Bylaws LINDA GRONER Toast of Tampa

CAL Liaison GAIL BURKE Chapter-at-Large

Lisa comes to us with a gracious spirit and looks forward to the opportunity to lead us in harmony, as we work towards achieving our goals through music education and performance. Lisa, who comes to us from Palm Beach County, is an avid student of the barbershop art form, devoting herself to our beloved craft after hearing her first ringing chord in 1990 (while at a rehearsal of the regional champion Royal Palm Chorus!). She is the Associate Director of the Women of Note Chorus, an experienced quartet singer (second place regional medalist, Odyssey, 2008) and voice teacher. To welcome Lisa to the community, PCC hosted a "Come Meet Our Director" Open House in May, where entertainment included a mini-concert and costume fashion show, and celebration with refreshments afterwards. Our guests included old friends who came to join us in tag singing and the learning of a new song. It was an enjoyable and memorable evening for all! In addition, during our Installation Ceremony, we gave recognition and gratitude to our three Assistant Directors who have helped to keep the harmony flowing throughout the past year. Several PCC members entertained the group with various skits and songs, but the act that stole the show was by the one and only, “Trixie” (aka Gypsy Rose Lee), who came out of retirement just for this special occasion. MAXINE cannot hold a candle to her, and she is sure to be a hit at our next Annual Show, if we can coax her into one more ! As we sing in harmony with renewed hope and energy, may we delight in our journey and mission…to promote the musical art form of barbershop harmony through performance, education and outreach, thereby enriching the lives of people in our community.

Quartet Promotions BLING! Women of Note Spirit of the Gulf South Florida Jubilee



JACKSONVILLE HARMONY Julie Reeve Youth Activities Coordinator DENISE HELBIG Gulf To Bay

Riser Team MICHELE & MIKE MUELLER South Florida Jubilee

Webmaster CARTER MAYSILLES Sound of Sunshine

Regional Convention MARSHA WILLIAMS O -Town Sound

YSF Liaison ANNIE SPENCE Spirit of the Gulf



Competition Coordinator DEE LAHR Toast of Tampa

What a fantastic Region 9 Contest we just had and Jacksonville Harmony is so proud of and congratulates not only the truly stellar Winners, but ALL the beautiful and brave contestants who invested their sweat, money, and tireless hours to make their dreams come true. For us to have won the right to represent Region 9 in Hawaii on our 50th Anniversary…well, it’s humbling, it’s incredibly fantastic, and for us to have this opportunity, we are indeed grateful. In performance news, member Ellen Hare was the right connection to get us invited to be the featured group to help raise funds for the Jacksonville Farmers’ Market and St. Vincent’s Hospital Summer Fun and Wellness Fair on June 2. Since we know singing is super healthy, Membership Chair Judy Shea showed up to display her “healthy singers’ anthology”. This is media information attesting to the benefits that singing every day does for our physical wellness. Then, when Director Ann raised her hands to sing, and cued the pitch pipes, the train whistle blew at EXACTLY the same time at precisely the wrong pitch! Fortunately this seasoned group of singers plunged into the song exactly ON correct pitch without batting one false eyelash. We’re crazy about baseball in the River City, and every year owner Peter Bragan invites us to sing the National Anthem at the Jacksonville Suns baseball games. Ann glowed that not only did the women do a fine job, but also, thanks to Diane Parker, Cindy Diniaco, and Paula Bartie, the singers were taught and sang a different tag to the tribute written by Joni Bescos. We’ll be singing there again on August 21 as the chorus takes itself out to the ballgame in lieu of rehearsal. In another stadium not far away, it is hard-working Robin Cotie who manages chorus personnel at Everbank Field for beer sales during the Jaguars games. This is a year round job, complete with beer stand/ alcohol training dates, beer stand scheduling, subbing, accounting, reporting, etc. Robin, to you we say many thanks, job well done! We also appreciate Faye McLanahan’s assuming Vocal/Music Educator position. Faye loved being Director of Song of the Coast Chorus but has recently retired. She took on this new post at Jax Harmony so we say thank you for bringing your positive teaching style to our risers, Faye! Last, we are so proud of or new members and you will meet them and be able to congratulate our Annie at our 50th Anniversary gala! One new member Emily Michael so impressed Editor Joey Stenner at Pitch Pipe with her lyrical, articulate description of her nascent chorus career that it will soon be published in that very magazine! Congratulations, Emily, we hope we remain inspirational as you progress toward your Doctorate! Until next time, Region 9, never forget how lucky we are to have music as our muse, and Sweet Adelines as our inspiration.



REGION # 9 CHAMPIONS 2011 Spirit of the Gulf Chorus Touche’ Quartet


O-Town Sound is still on cloud 9 after winning 2nd place medals in “A” Division at Regional! We are also very proud of our director, Kay Webb, as she was presented her Certified Director certificate! The chorus has just finished its first big fund-raiser - a fashion show and luncheon at the Women’s Club in Leesburg, Florida. The chorus has several members living in that area. “Boutique on Wheels” provided classy, stylish spring and summer fashions as well as accessories that were modeled by our members. This Florida traveling fashion show features many styles all made in the USA.

2010 Toast of Tampa Chorus Bling! Quartet 2009 Spirit Of The Gulf Chorus Journey Quartet 2008 Toast Of Tampa Chorus In The Mix Quartet 2007 Spirit of the Gulf Chorus In The Mix Quartet 2006 Toast of Tampa Chorus Heatwave Quartet 2005 Spirit of the Gulf Chorus Obsession Quartet 2004 Toast Of Tampa Chorus The Buzz Quartet 2003 Spirit of the Gulf Chorus Heatwave Quartet 2002 Toast Of Tampa Chorus Heatwave Quartet 2001 Sound Of Sunshine Escapade Quartet

Marsha Williams

otsfashsandra is Sandra de Njis and otsfashdoris is Doris Birkinbine.

The chorus also entertained the guests with several of our favorite songs. Additionally, the chorus raffled three themed gift baskets: Italian, Gardening, and Spa/ Leisure.

The Spa/Leisure basket included a gift certificate for a three-day, two-night stay at the Daytona Beach Hilton Hotel. The event was very well attended and everyone had lots of fun. We also held a fundraiser in Lake Mary at the Orange Leaf yogurt store – yummy!! OTS has welcomed three new members to the chorus since competition: Melinda Reitman, who recently moved to Winter Haven from Wisconsin. She was a former member of the award winning ChoralAires in the Chicago, IL suburb of Elmhurst; Alicia Page, who recently moved to Inglis, FL and is a former member of Women of Note; and Linda Groner, who is now a dual member with OTS and Toast of Tampa! The chorus will have its first ever combined music team/ management team meeting in July at the home of Sherry Smith. Afterwards the whole chorus is invited to lunch and a pool party.



GAINESVILLE HARMONY SHOW Gainesville Co-Directors: Diane Sherley and Chanda Morris

GOLDCOAST South Miami Director: Iris Cokeroft

GULF TO BAY Largo Director: Denise Helbig

HEART OF HIGHLAND Avon Park Director: Ron Bower

HILTON HEAD SHORE NOTES Hilton Head, S. C. Director: Beth Green

JACKSONVILLE HARMONY Jacksonville Director: Ann Gooch

MAGIC OF MANATEE Bradenton Director: Lois Van Beek

PLATINUM COAST Melbourne Director: Lisa Lupo

O-TOWN SOUND Orlando Director: Kay Webb


Barbara Abendschein

Song of the Coast Chorus is in building mode: new director, new members, new repertoire, exciting new plans for a Fall show. Show Chairman Helen Delaney is working with an intrepid committee to manage the first major production of its kind for our chorus. Helen is impressed by the talents of the script committee: Dr. Val Watt-Hoffman, chair, with writers Carolyn Deni and Renate Sherwin. Of Renate, she says, “Despite the fact she has been receiving treatment for cancer, she has been a very active member of the script committee, by telephone when she could not physically make the meetings. She deserves a tremendous amount of applause and recognition.” Helen reports a dozen chorus members volunteered to handle important parts of the show: “Kim Peters is managing the publicity; Lisa Smith, the advertising; Margaret Scherzer, the House Committee (ticket takers, ticket sellers, and overall welcoming committee); Fran Stump is taking care of choreography; Karen Wicker has volunteered to be the assistant stage manager; Lori Stematis is doing props; Amy Mielke is doing costumes, and Geoff Sullivan is doing makeup; Terry Jablonski has volunteered to take care of cleanup, and Evelyn Barrett will send out "Thank You’s" to all our advertisers and sponsors. Chris Garrott, of course, is in charge of music and coordinating with Surfside Chorus and our other guests. Those are the committee chairs. People have signed up for a few of the committees, and we feel sure as the event gets closer more will volunteer. November seems a long way off until you start counting and working backwards for your trigger dates. We have also had a professional DJ volunteer to make some PSA's for us. We are doing well. The committees are functioning well, and the elephant we started out with is getting smaller and smaller as we get each piece accomplished. (We've learned how to eat an elephant). “I might add this is the first time SOTC has attempted such a musical show. The first act will be a fullyscripted musical featuring barbershop music. The setting is a present day cruise ship sponsoring a 40's era Veterans’ Reunion, and the second act will be the traditional concert style show. “I think it's going to be exciting, and I can hardly wait for November. It will set a new bar for the Chorus and people will be looking forward to the next show.” Save the date: November 10 at 2:30 pm at Daytona State College. More soon.

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Daytona Beach Director: Christine Garrott

SOUND OF SUNSHINE Orlando Director: Nancy Lewis

SOUTH FLORIDA JUBILEE Ft. Lauderdale Director: James Kastler

SOUTHERN COMPANY Brandon Director: Linda Verzosa


Daytona is the place to be For swimming in the ocean

Director: Karen Breidert

SUMMER SPRINGS Summerfield Director: Judi Stygar

Watching auto racing there, that’s NASCARs big promotion

SUNCOAST HARMONY New Port Richey Director: Amy Riddle

Or walking on the beach awhilewhene’er you have a notion

TOAST OF TAMPA Tampa Director: Tony DeRosa


The most exciting thing of all is Region 9 in motion!

Venice Director: Jim Shubert

WOMEN OF NOTE Boynton Beach Director: Mitch Greenberg

So many beautiful songs and lovely costumes (many black) set in Peabody Auditorium, which was “sound perfect” for 2012 Region 9s competition.

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How Did We End up at the Beach?? Marsha Williams

Having read through quite a few evaluations from our recent competition/ convention, I thought I might tell you about how we got to Daytona – and the criteria that went into how the decision on venues is made. I have been Chair of the Regional Convention since 2002 when my mentor and friend, Deena Tanenblatt, passed away. She had guided me through the previous 3-4 years as I worked as her assistant backstage. A lot of the procedures we use today were started during Deena’s tenure. During the latter years Deena was CRC, we moved back and forth between Orlando and Jacksonville. One of the reasons we went to Jacksonville was because the city gave us a rebate on our busing costs for our convention. However, as the years went by, the rebate became less and less so we then stayed in Orlando. It was more centrally located for the region. As some of you remember, we were housed in two hotels in Orlando, about 1.5 miles apart. Our busing costs were around $5000 at that time. The Bob Carr auditorium was a very good competition location with a large stage and lots of rehearsal space backstage. Of course, we had to walk from the Marriott across the street and around to the back of the theatre in the pattern – OUTSIDE! We moved from Orlando to Daytona Beach in 2007 because the Bob Carr Auditorium informed us that we would no longer have the “first hold” on the building for our contest dates. At the time, we were already scheduled for 2007 thru 2009. This meant that a more preferred client could request the same dates, even just a few months prior, and we would be bumped from the schedule. As you can see, this would be devastating to us, given the months of preparation that go into convention each year - not to mention that we would already be under contract with one or more hotels. We only had about 8 months to find a new venue and get contracts for one or more hotels and a theatre. We looked at some other venues around Orlando: Doubletree Convention Centre in Orlando – the cost to build a stage and provide lighting and sound that would meet SAI standards in their convention center would have cost nearly $50,000 (our ENTIRE budget for convention is only about $48,000 per year); Orange County Convention Center – the theatre there is very expensive and outside our budget. Plus, the hotels are much more expensive than what we were paying in Orlando and what we are paying today in Daytona. In addition, the walk from where the buses would unload contestants was very far from the theatre meaning a much longer walk than at the Bob Carr. We were finally able to contract with the Peabody Auditorium in Daytona and the Plaza Resort & Spa (with over flow in the Ocean Club). The stage was much smaller in the Peabody and we actually had to transport the risers from storage in Orlando to Daytona one weekend to ensure that the risers would fit. We also contacted the Hilton and were able to book our dates there starting in 2009 (they were booked for any dates we needed in 2007 and 2008). Being at the Hilton was the first time since I have been in Florida (since 1981) that we were housed in ONE HOTEL! This past year was the only time we were unable to sync the dates from International, the Peabody and the Hilton. Thus, we were at the Plaza again. Let me tell you that the Plaza paid for nearly all of our busing for the weekend because they were so pleased to get our business. We will be at the Hilton next year and through 2016. I have managed to negotiate so that the room rate for 2014 thru 2016 will remain the same.

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International Convention Denver, Colorado October 29 - November 3, 2012

Denver – the Mile High City – where a thriving arts and cultural scene, 300 days of sunshine, and the Rocky Mountain backdrop combine for the world’s most dazzling playground. Join your sister Sweet Adelines as they sing their way to the top. Experience the world's best barbershop performances, thrilling competitions, camaraderie and unrivaled music education wrapped in some of the most spectacular scenery on earth.

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