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Sperm Sofa

This design was part of the „Neurotica“ solo exhibition in the Rudolf Budja Gallery in Salzburg. The object woman is the central theme for the colourful silkscreen prints and embossing on leather.

Design for „Die Presse“, Schaufenster

This was an art project sponsored by departure. 52 artists are asked to contribute an artwork (non-commercial) and make a statement about the life as an artist. „Die Presse“ is a daily newspaper in Austria. Schaufenster is the coloured „lifestyle“ magazine to go with it. I chose to cover my sexual motives with old, traditional porcelain paintined flowers. My sexual motives are hidden behind the old stuff that someone else did many years ago. It makes it easier to „swallow“ my ideas in this way.

Sperm Sofa, 2010

Cushion Roll

Handprinted textiles, hand sewn.

Patterns for bus stops with the aim to protect birds from crashing into the glass

I have been co-operating with the Austrian Institute for Environmental Protection (Umweltanwaltschaft Wien) for over one year. The result of this work is a series of pattern designs for glass fassades which serve to protect birds from crashing into the glass. There were specific technical requirements for this project, so that the birds would recognize the patterns.

F... You! Vase Project

Never forget that any object can be used in various ways. When you‘re sick and tired of life and work and whatever, just use this vase and you‘ll be fine. ;-)

Alpine Poesy Teapot

Alpine flowers cover this wonderful black and white cermic piece. The woman like the object merges into the environment. They become one. Object woman. Objet teapot. No feelings. No worries.


Hand printed and hand sewn.

Sperm design

The sperm symbol was used as basis for the „Camouflage Couture“ project. Plates, bed sheets, nightgowns, wallpapers, glasses, all covered in sperm. The human disappears in th over-ornamented interior - it is the missing piece. Sperm is THE signature Nina Levett design.

Moveable Wallpaper

Nina Levett‘s moveable wallpapers come in three sizes. They are all to be hung in a stripe on the wall that is 1,2m high. The wall mounting system can be pre-installed so that the single elements can by exchanged easily. Usually the colour code for this project is black and white with a few coloured elements. This piece is called „Nude“ and can ideally be combined with the sperm collection moveable wallpapers. The woman is ideally dressed with this artwork. Her individuality is lost. She becomes desirable. Whatever she looks like. The extreme glossy finish is achieved with several layers of varnish that is applied by an external company. The technique is a digital print directly on the MDF board.

Illustrations for Illusive III, Gestalten Verlag, 2009

Nina Levett did a series of new illustrations when asked to submit work for Illusive III. Some of these illustrations have been published by IdN v16n4.

Car seat for 100 years Alfa Romeo, 2010

Nina Levett did a series of artworks for the 100 year jubilee of the car brand Alfa Romeo. This project will be inaugurated in Italy in May 2010 and will then be shown in 6 exhibitions world wide (including Tokyo and New York).

Porcelain for Alfa Romeo, 2010

Nina Levett did a series of artworks for the 100 year jubilee of the car brand Alfa Romeo. This project will be inaugurated in Italy in May 2010 and will then be shown in 6 exhibitions world wide (including Tokyo and New York).

Porcelain for Alfa Romeo, 2010

Nina Levett did a series of artworks for the 100 year jubilee of the car brand Alfa Romeo. This project will be inaugurated in Italy in May 2010 and will then be shown in 6 exhibitions world wide (including Tokyo and New York).

Tiles for Wall-Ieehhh!

Nina Levett‘s symbols and story elements decorate these grey ceramic wall tiles. They tell a story about being a human. A walking piece of life that has to be washed and undressed and dressed and rubbed and scrubbed and that will finally end up dead and grey. Baththroom wall design example. Work title „Wall - iehhh! Tell a story with a wall“.

Various projects



Wallpaper and Cup for Alfa Romeo, 2010

Erotic Crockery for Rome Nina designed an erotic porcelain series for the MISTY BEETHOVEN erotica store in Rome.

Gay Crockery This plate design was made for a private contact. It was a birthday present.

Publications IdN Magazine Hong Kong v16n4 2009 Home Magazine Austria 2009 Diva Wohnen Austria 2009 Gourmand Ukraine 2009 L’Officiel Singapore 2009 Yen Magazine Australia 2009 A’ La Carte Austria 2009 Die Presse Schaufenster „Freiraum“ 2009 Woman Austria 2008 Oesterreich Austria 2008 NZZ Switzerland 2009 ICON Magazine 2009 Wellness Magazine Austria 2009 Wien live Austria 2009 Rosebud Magazine Austria 2009 ( Trade Shows Wohnen Vienna @ Ladenstein: 2008 und 2009 Decorex London 2008 Blickfang Vienna 2008 and 2009 Illustrative Portfolio Review Berlin 2009 with Designtaxi and Austrianillustration Exhibits SMZ Ost 2007 Right Here 2007 Combinat MQ Vienna 2007 Plattform D, MQ Vienna 2007 Mediensalon Linz 2008 Ilustrative Portfolio Review Berlin 2009 Ad:Tech Beijing, Beijing 2009 ICSID World Design Congress Singapore, 2009 SIGGRAPH Yokahoma 2009 Presentations: Mondlvideo, Vienna 2009 Bird Protection Patterns, Umweltanwaltschaft Wien 2009 Pecha Kucha, MQ 2009 A‘ La Carte 10 Year Anniversary, MQ Wien 2009

Showrooms/Shops – Furniture/Design: Steininger Designers, Hans Taus, Famler Einrichtungen, WOKA Lamps Vienna and Ladenstein Online Portfolios: Gosee (, and Architonic ( Designspotter ( Designtaxi ( Pictoplasma ( Austrianillustration ( LeBook Berlin (rep. by Caroline Seidler), Fecal Face ( Ava Living, Clients/Partners: Esvinilo, Pitour Fashion, RMK Design, Misty Beethoven, Umweltanwaltschaft Wien Stylist Karin Aichinger Elegant Events, Fesch&Gnaedig Thank you to my partners and cooperations : Matt Webb, WEBDESIGNER: and Dinah Smutny, Design Assistance, Alex Grübling, Photographer, Anna-Sophia Fuchs, Jan Asdonk, Caroline Seidler, illustration agency, Bunny Lake and Klein Records,, CastYourArt, and Notkoo, Irene Schaur, Photographer, Stephan Doleschal, Photographer, SnipCard.

cv nina levett

Education International School in Vienna until 1992. Then I did the International Baccalaureate. I studied Business Adminstration from 1992-1997 and finished with title Mag.rer.soc. From 1993 to 1998 I studied Architecture at the University of Applied Arts. From 1993 to 1995 I did a short real estate management degree at the technical university in Vienna. I moved to Italy in autumn 1998.

Start of career In Italy in 1999 I founded a company,, together with the father of my children. The company was in an old church with frescos, we did packaging and printing jobs for editors. In 2001 my daughter was born, and in 2003 my son. 2001-2004 I got started with fashion and textile design and also did several courses in SITAM (fashion design school in Padova) In 2004 I left Italy and separated from the children’s father. I came to Austria and began to create the moveable wallpapers. At the beginning after painting orange dots on pink surface for one year 2005, all I did for another year (2006-2007) was cut to cut out flowers of pink sticky tape and stick them on modular wallpanels, moveable wallpapers. Then I got a cutting plotter and from there I exploded: I stopped creating moveable wallpapers and moved much more into illustration, and ceramics. I started to do my own fashion and home textiles. I bought a ceramic kiln and made tiles with my ornaments and an epoxy resin floor with my patterns ( I call this project ”geometrical nothingness”). At the moment I am working on my own porcelain tableware, lamps, fashion (also prints on leather), seat cushions, textiles for table, cutting boards, handprinted wrapping paper and handprinted wallpaper. Beside this I do illustration for websites like Gosee (check out, and – my illustrations will be out there in the next weeks). I just rented a new office where I will be working with 6 other (independent) designers. This is to avoid being alone all the time during work hours.

Other hobbies Besides my children and my work, I have very little time. Sports to keep my balance. I especially love yoga, jogging, swimming. Recently I started with meditation courses. Your main customers Usually I work with agents and resellers. Also internet sale is becoming relevant. I also have cooperations with other designers: a limited NINA LEVETT edition of the Felucca lamp will be launched this autumn by RMK design, and a limited NINA LEVETT edition of fashion is now available with my prints by Pitour, These can be bought in Combinat ( in the museumquarter in Vienna ( My work was published in IdN v16n4 (, +rosebud no.7: VERY FUNNY - check out the website, ICON Magazine 2009... Your plans for the future No long-term plans. Short term plans are mentioned above in start of the career. Things happen. I try to answer every email. I work on competitions, if they fit in with my themes. I do what I can to get my name out there and make people happy.

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nina levett wiesingerstr. 3/22 1010 vienna austria tel. +43 664 4167061 fax +43 1 9582406 thanks to alexander gruebling, - photos anna-sophia fuchs, - leather portfolio

Portfolio Nina Levett 2010  

Nina Levett's portfolio 2010.

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