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NYC Greenmarket The Greenmarket in New York City has been founded for over 30 years. It is now very much integrated into people’s lives. It is extremely important for the Greenmarket to function smoothly and efficiently for both the farmers and consumers. One of the problems at the Greenmarket is having the farmers set up their whole stand. Each vendor is required to bring and set up their own tent, tables, and produce. The tables are a waste of space in the small trucks the farmers drive. Some vendors have the very non-ecofriendly plastic foldable tables and others have boards that need crates as support to create a table.

Problems @ the market

Crate as display Tent support for produce bags

Overflow Clip sign on side

Tent support for plastic bags Crate as table space


Multifunctional Table

Preliminary Idea

Adaptable Crate Coupler is a multifunctional crate that utilizes an adjustable cover to prevent some of the most common problems. Because each vendor has a different budget and system to organize their produce, Coupler is an easy choice to commit to. Farmers can choose to purchase however many crates they need in accordance to their usual display.

Coupler Use as display

Lay produce on top

Overflow protection

Clip area for bags and signs




Materials Recycled Plastic: $200/ton The crate pieces are going to be made out of recycled plastic. It will go through the process of interior molding. The material is sustainable as it decreases the usage of natural resources. The molding is waterproof and mildew resistant so vegetables, plants, and cool beverages can also be put in the crate.



NYC Greenmarket Project

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