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Company Overview

Cartier is limited manufacture and supplies jewelry products, watches, bridal products, fragrances, gifts, and accessories. The company also provides sales and warranty services. It allows its products online in the United Kingdom and internationally.

It was established in Paris, France, in 1847 by Louis-François Cartier. The company remained under family authority until 1964. It maintains its headquarters in Paris, although it is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Compagnie Financière Richemont SA in Switzerland.


Targeting Brand Extension Cartier is a well-known as a luxury brand. Implies a feel of exclusivity, excellent quality, high-level precision and outstanding craftsmanship which makes its target consumers small and particular. Its primary target market or target audience belong to the luxury sector of the market who are individuals classified at the top-end spectrum of wealth and social, economic status. Usually, its target consumers spend heavily on authentic and famous luxury brands to further enhance their image and position in the society. In this brand extension, the target is also exclusive but to healthy women that participate or attends to elegance parties and events. The brand extension represents the elegance, power of the women, serving Cartier luxurious market. The collection is evening wear for those women who attends and participates in extravagant private events and parties. Such as the red carpet, political party, or events with wealthy people.




Extension Concept Le Coup de Foudre Collection comes with the creative director and the most magnificent and designer of evening wear, Elie Saab. He is a Lebanese fashion designer. Saab designs come from expensive fabrics, gemstones, Swarovski crystals, pearls, detailed embroidery, crystals, etc. This brand extension comes from Cartier with evening wear, expressing the elegance of the womens silhouette and the romance. The definition of Le Coup de Foudre Collection is “love at first sight.� This collection is inspired by the love for women and the elegance with it. The designs give sexiness, confidence, and power to the women who wear it. The extension concept with Cartier is to give the accessory company exclusive and luxurious evening wear. The designs follow with what is the image of Cartier. Both focus on the details, sexiness, and elegance.


Competitors Zuhair Murad, it will be Cartier competitor in these brand extension. Murad moved to Paris, where he obtained his degree in fashion. Murad made his first appearance on catwalks of Rome with an acclaimed collection that led to his participation in the Italian calendar. Later on, in 1996, Murad opened his third head shop in Beirut with his extensive lines encompass haute couture, ready-to-wear and accessories. His most notable and famous designs come from the handmade dresses. The designs also look elegant with embroidery mostly. The competition will look similar, yet what differs us is the quality of the fabric, the unique silhouette, and its designs.



Zuhair Murad


Zuhair Murad

Zuhair Murad



Cartier has a great relationship with their customer, and it has a reputation for wealth. With the launch of this new eveningwear collection, Cartier is going to get another type of costumes. The goal of the company is to expand their products and get in the fashion industry for the first time. The aesthetics of the brand is present in the whole Collection. It consists of eight designs with the creative director and guideness of Elie Saab.




Fashion Trends Inspiration



Final Product











Marketing Strategies The market strategy will give a new image to all customers. Banners, lookbooks, and ads will be in public area. As seen in the mockups, Cartier brand extension face image is Karen Elson. She is an elegant woman who is simple but expresses women empowerment and sexiness.

The market is to hit all marketing strategies for the loyal customer and people who admire Cartier. It gives the opportunity to experiment different approach. Many of the marketing strategies are such publication in the magazine, on high way banners near a luxurious brands mall, in the public eye and even having an official lookbook of the collection. It will also appear on the Cartier first-page website, social media and all the strategies Cartier have done. Many of the influences and celebrities around the world have also been the ambassador of Cartier, representing the specific country. The brand extension will also ask the ambassador to public the extension line. Cartier will have an opening event, inviting ambassadors, celebrities and exclusive clients to promote the new line.










Cartier book extension final  
Cartier book extension final