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London Magazine DECEMBER 2013

Christmas Edition



When people ask me why I love London I respond: how could I not? London is the city that has everything - that has no limits. Developing every day and always surprising with something new. You’ve got the food, the music, the celebs, the sport, the shopping, the nightlife, the fashion, the people, the nature, the arcitecture, the wellness, the markets, the activities, the history, the culture and the ultimate mix of city-life and calm. London is more than just Big Ben, London Eye and Madame Tussauds. In this little magazine I’ve picked out some parts of London you haven’t seen before, the best recommendations for eating, experiencing and enjoying, plus plenty of other things I’ve picked up during a December-visit in the lovely British captial. Simply a mix of London during christmas-time put together in a magazine.

Happy reading! /Nina Kaufmann,



Top three organic restaurants Living the everyday London-life The breakfast guide Market shopping Streets of London Christmas feeling

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Organic restaurants vantra


Amazing, vegan, sugarfree, glutenfree, GMO-free, wheatfree, natural and healthy, wellmade food in a cosy, exotic atmosphere with good service. Offering a generous, variated buffet, a menu of superjuices and a lot of raw desserts. Where? Oxford Street, right by Tottenham Court Road underground station. Average dinner for one: ÂŁ10


A luxurious restaurant with delicious, wellmade, natural food started by the famous foodcreator Yotam Ottolenghi. Unique flavour accents and beautiful creations. Well-attended by Londons gourmets. Where? Warwick Street, Soho. Average dinner for one: ÂŁ30

le pain quotidien

Bakery, restaurant and organic shop inspired by France and natural goodness. Good service, cosy, wooden interior and high quality food. Serves everything from amazing brunches too desserts, dinner, lunch, juices, pastries and hot drinks. A lot of vegan choices and amazing fresh bread from the bakery. Where? Plenty of restaurants over the city. Average dinner for one: ÂŁ15

Living the everyday London-life How a dream came true We met Beatrice, 20, who told us her story.

Beatrice is twenty years old and finished the Swedish high school in Strömstad last year. Now she’s living in the Notting Hill-area and is working at Pret a Manger since January this year, and she’s not planning to leave very soon. I met Beatrice at her work and asked her some questions about how to fullfill the London dream as a swedish girl, how to find a place to live and how to get a job.

Why did you move to London? I’ve always loved to travel and I loved England, the pub-culture and the people! London is also very internationall, a big city in comparance to Strömstad. Is it an advantage t or a disadvantage to be Swedish in London? Definitly an advantage! Swedes have a great reputation for working here, so it was easy for me to get a job. How did you get your job? How is it? I went to the café and asked. As I first went to the headquarters for all the Pret’s they said no, but as I went to the specific café I got a yes very fast and now I work full time with good workning conditions. I get free food and quite a good salary in comparance with for example Starbucks where they don’t even get free coffee. I like my job and it’s quite variated since I get to meet a lot of people. Do you miss anything Swedish living in the UK? Lingongrova. Julmust. The Swedish candy. But not the everyday life otherwise. This is so much more social. The pub-culture is very different. In Sweden people go out on fridays. Here people go out everyday, as a part of the social life. Is it expensive to live in London? The expensive thing is a place to live. I share a small room with my friend and we pay 9000 SEK per month. That’s the bad thing living in London, there are no limits on rents. With my salary and the expensive rent I can’t offer to save any money, so I’m just workning to pay my living. But other things aren’t very expensive. Food for example is much cheaper than in Sweden. How do you spend your free-time? I spend a lot of time with friends and as the most people here I go pubbing a lot. I also like to experience London and I would love to see more of the UK. What parts of London do you like the most? East London, the Camden area, is nice. It’s very cultural and it’s a good area to experience, but also kind of risky in comparance with Notting Hill. I like to live in this area, West London. It’s safe and beautiful. You’ve lived here almost a year, but what are the plans for the future? I love it here, and I’ve got no plans on leavning. People tell me I wil get stuck and they are probably right... But my new year resolution is to focus a bit more on my career. I know I don’t want to work as a barista the rest of my life. In the future I wan’t to study and develop. But for now, I just wan’t to stay here and live my London-life. Theres so much to do here and there are so many interesting people to meet. I guess that’s why people love this city and why they stay. It’s a busy place.

Good morning London! THE BREAKFAST GUIDE London’s got lovely lunches and amazing dinners, but did you know about all the delicious breakfasts? Here are my recommendations.

Pret a Manger

The popular Pret has got the most fresh, natural and handmade choices for breakfast. They offer hot porridge, amazing fresh fruits, plenty of sandwiches, salads and wraps, pastries, granola, yoghurt, bars and both hot and cold drinks. Something for everyone, for a good price and with high quality and taste.

Planet Organic

For people loving healthy food this is the paradise! For breakfast you can choose a base of for example porridge, almond milk or coconut yoghurt and then add your favourite toppings, for example gojiberries, raw superfruits, nuts and seeds. Planet Organic also has a huge menu of superjuices and supersmoothies that taste amazing and boost you from inside out with the good, fresh ingredients.

La Parisienne

Inspired from France this patisserie serves nice breakfasts: waffles, crêpes, fresh juices, fresh fruits, hot drinks, cold drinks and salty breakfasts and brunches. Not to forget pasteries. Recommended are the fresh fruitjuices that are made in front of your eyes and tast amazing.

Breakfast on the go

If you’re in a hury or want to eat your first meal of the day outside, London offers a lot of good stores with fresh breakfast, juices, smoothies,

British breakfast

If you’re in for classic british breakfasts like eggs, bacon, baked beans and toast: go to the next pub or british restaurant: they all offer filling breakfasts for a good price.

fresh fruits and other delicious stuff in the morning. My recommendation is WHOLEFOODS, a natural, mostly organic, huge foodstore that has got everything.

Best coffee in town?

The classic british coffee doesn’t taste very good, but luckily nowadays there are plenty of good cafés and baristas in London. You better go to one of them if you want a good espresso, a tasteful cappuccino or a nice latte. Starbucks or Costa are safe choices.

CAMDEN MARKET SHOPPING Where to go and how to do... Camden Town is a must if you’re going to London. It’s a glimpse of a lot of different cultures and people, and the very popular markets. In this whole area you’ll find markets and smaller stores offering clothes, shoes, jewellery, food and all the stuff you never knew you wanted. Some things you can get really cheap, if you know the tricks. In the Camden-markets it is all about bargain! The price the seller is offering is probably ten times the worth of the product.

1. Ask for the price even if it’s written on the product. 2. Offer to pay the half of what you’re willing to pay. 3. If the price isn’t good enough for you, go away and the seller will come after you with a better offer. 4. Complain about small defects on the product. This will cut the price. 5. Stand up for yourself and don’t let the seller fool you. The buyer is always right.

STREETS OF LONDON Four streets to visit Oxford Street

Probably Londons most famous street and also the best one for shopping! Oxford Street has got all the good stores, from Zara to Primark, and you will also find a lot of good, variated restaurants. Here you’ll also find all the big shopping centres, for example Selfridges. This street has got absolutley beautiful christmas decorations this time of the year and during night-time it looks gorgeous.

Regents Street

A big street that is crossing Oxford Street, and going down to Picadilly Circus, also offering a lot of good shopping. You will also find the big fashion houses here, and along the crossroads in direction Soho a lot of famous restaurants, pubs and clubs are located. The christmas lights on Regents Street are extraordinary.

Portobello Road

You probably know this street from the movie ”Notting Hill”, and just like in the movie it is offering markets, hot waffles, fresh vegetables and a great atmosphere. Street musicians, crowds of people and a lot of mixed cultures make Notting Hill and Portobello Road a great experience and a nice and cosy place to be.


A lot of good, cheap hotels are located in this area around Bayswater and Queensway and it is not hard to see why. You’re just a couple of minutes away from Hyde Park, from Notting Hill and from the city centre. On Queensway you’ll find a lot of restaurants and foodstores from all around the world, the W-shoppingcentre and a lot of small stores, and delicious coffee, cakes and breakfasts. The atmosphere manages to always be crowded, but at the same time be calm and relaxed.

Christmas feeling What a Decemeber-London is offering you

Winter Wonderland

This place brings the perfect christmas-atmosphere to London. The Winter Wonderland in the corner Hyde Park is a huge �wonderland� with markets, rollercoasters, great christmas decorations and lots and lots of happy people, christmas music, artificial snow, lights and caramel fudge.

Christmas in the city

If you’re in London during christmas-time, to watch the city christmas-decorations during night-time is a must! It looks absolutley amazing with all the lights and decorations. Even if theres no snow and no winter-feeling the decorations in the dark in the streets together with the loud music from the stores bring the perfect winter atmosphere to town. The large shoppingcentres, and the stores, do also have a lot of beautiful decorations. Selfridges is extraordinary. There you will experience six levels of pure christmas.

Eating and drinking

In London christmas-time has a huge influence on the coffeeshops and restaurants. Everywhere there are christmas offers and special menus. Why not try a ”Ginger Bread Latte” or a ”Christmas Cake Muffin”?

To be continued...

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