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June 2012 - May 2013

The Cruiser docks at Facebook by Justine Escobal

July 1, 2011, was the date when the SEC Montessori The Cruiser Official Photos Page was launched by the school paper adviser, Teacher NinaJade Millano on Now already about a year old, this Facebook page lets the SEC Montessorians take a look at the photos taken from the different monthly activities, inside and outside the Surigao Education Center - Montessori grounds. All viewers and visitors who “like” the page, can download a copy of the pictures on their own personal computers and other gadgets available in use or facebook applications. They can also “tag” themselves on any of the photos uploaded. “All photos uploaded in this Facebook photos page are for public viewing.”, said Teacher Nina, the page’s online

administrator. “But they are carefully selected and reviewed.”, she added. Initially, this Facebook page was created for the outputs of The Cruiser’s writers and photojournalists, giving them an opportunity online to showcase their works. But since more and more Facebook users “like” and visit the page, it has also expanded into an online news and announcement channel. Not only for pupils alone, the SEC Montessori The Cruiser Official Photos Page can also be of benefit to the parents, because through this online space, information is spread, letting them know what their children’s upcoming events are. The said page is currently being run by the SEC Montessori school paper adviser.

Montessori Teachers go KPop by Kin Dales

The teachers of SEC - Montessori won the SEC Employees General Christmas party Presentation contest last December 21, 2012 based on the theme called “KPop” The teachers dressed up as Korean school girls and boys, giving the audience a Korean classroom feel. Then, like a stage musical, they all danced to modern Korean songs like Girls’ Generation’s “Oh!”, PSY’s “Gangnam Style” and a twist on Afterschool’s “Lip Gloss” performance. They also dance to Korean versions of popular Christmas

songs for add in some Christmas spirit to the presentation. As a lasting impression, the teachers sang a cappella of their own Christmas version of a tagalog song in the ending. This last part was highly applauded by their fellow SEC Employees and co-teachers from different depart-


PTA says “Aloha” to one night in Hawaii


by Sachika Azumi Saguisa

As a tradition, the parents and faculty if Surigao Education Center - Montessori gathered for one night of getting to know each other. Last August 25, 2012, Gateway Hotel of Surigao was filled with guests wearing Hawaiian costumes. Almost all parents of the SEC Montessorian pupils attended this event. Parents and teachers of each class showcased different presentations based on the theme: “One Night in Hawaii”. The presentations were announced to be declared a contest before the party date --- giving ample time for each class to rehearse and discuss among themselves their most creative ideas for the theme. After the presentations, there was an on-thespot dance showdown for all the parents, guarddians and invited guests with non-stop remix of both old school and modern dance music. The declared winners for the evening’s presentations are the following: The fifth grade level parents and guardians won first place, the fourth grade level got the second place and the Nursery parents won the third place. The Parent - Teacher Acquaintance Party 2012 ended in high spirits. -ments, including some distinguished guests. This win is considered the third time in a row for the Montessori Department in the Christmas Party presentation.

Congratulations! NUTRITION MONTH POSTER CONTEST 2012 1st Grade 1st - Ynaki Lawrence Galve 2nd - Jehwan Azarcon 3rd - Constantine Feje

4th Grade 1st - Samantha Bulac 2nd - Cristopher Mikhail Esparrago 3rd - Samantha Saubon

SPELLING BEE 2012 1st Grade 1st - Janna Lou Carbonilla 2nd - John Hernan Gotinga 3rd - Riley Wayne Balbutin

4th Grade 1st - Mikaela Juliana Franco 2nd - Samantha Saubon 3rd - Cristopher Mikhail Esparrago

2nd Grade 1st - Gabrielle Renee Cortes 2nd - Florence May Gotinga 3rd - Nathan Andre Ancla

5th Grade 1st - Kristina Angela Jao 2nd - Bhea Jeska Zerda 3rd - German Tye Chloi Bayon

2nd Grade 1st - Nathan Andre Ancla 2nd - Cirelle Helaena Aristan 3rd - Florence May Gotinga

5th Grade 1st - Kristina Angela Jao 2nd - Bhea Jeska Zerda 3rd - Job Dominic Sobrecaray

3rd Grade 1st - Karl Andre Jao 2nd - Ian Joseph Sobrecaray 3rd - Kristel Angela Arcamo

6th Grade 1st - Frederick Sarmen Jr. 2nd - Cee Gee Doltz Bacud - Francis Anthony Tan

3rd Grade 1st - Clara Francisca Felina Ranalan 2nd - Alexa Francine Sarmen 3rd - Alexandra Nikolai Bonite

6th Grade 1st - Josh Vincent Sobrecaray 2nd - Justine Escobal 3rd - Cee Gee Doltz Bacud