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Studio Journal Week 4


Studio Journal Week 4 This week, we went to the construction workshop. During the workshop we needed to do a girder or beam like a bridge which has a spam of 1000 mm. However, the length of the beam should be 1100 mm that can be constructed on between two tables. Each group had different 4 pieces of wood. We got 2 pieces of thick crabstick and 2 pieces of flat slabs. The length of the wood are all 1200 mm, the width and depth of crabstick are both 45 mm, the slab has width of 45 mm and depth of 4 mm. The thick crabstick can support high compressive loads, and the flat slab has good flexibility. The combination of these two types of wood can both bear compression and tension well. We decided to design the beam as a box beam.

Because the crabstick is 1200 mm long, and we only need 1100 mm to build the beam, there is another 100 mm long wood can be used. We cut the wood and got 2 pieces of 100 mm long wood. So we decided to put these 2 pieces between the crabsticks to support them. This is another lateral side face of our construction. We put the two crabsticks vertically and small pieces wood to support them. And at the both side of the construction, we put the planks to combine the construction more stable. We decided to put two small pieces of wood at nearly centre of the thick crabstick. The distance between two pieces is 100 mm. We put another two smaller pieces at the end point, because they can balance our construction that the end of the beam can bear the compression as well. 2

Studio Journal Week 4

We used the nail gun to drive the nails into the crabsticks and small pieces of wood.

There are some slabs left, so we put these pieces in our construction to make a triangle between wood to support the construction.

We use the hammer to drive the nails to connect flat slabs and crabsticks.

After we finished the beam, we could see the cracks, because the nails have are drove in and destroy the wood.

Then we went to test our works on the machine. We put our design on the machine, and the machine press the force at the centre of the beam.

After afford some forces, the flat slabs became buckling above. This is because of the compression and tension structure. The wood above bear the compression from the machine and the below part of the wood got the tension that the forces from above have been pulled horizontally.


Studio Journal Week 4

As the forces from the machine got heavier, the two slabs buckled more and could see the things inside. However, there is only left side of the construction buckled. This is maybe the wood at left was weaker and didn’t fix with other wood well. The place where quickest got broken is near the nail hole, because this is the weakest area of the construction.

Finally, when the forces reached around 110 kg, the crabsticks became broken as well; the slabs were chapped, so the whole construction was damaged.


Studio Journal Week 4


Studio Journal Week 4


Studio Journal Week 4


Studio Journal Week 4


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