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Ebony Robinson (909) 912-2609

Style From the Beginning Creating Inspiration Plan: 20/hr max 4hrs

Event Planning

Custom Gifts

Product Sourcing 25/hr min 4hrs

1-3 months

{clock hours}

45/hr min 8 hrs

Handmade Designs 20/hr min 4hrs Prices are based on an production rate this price does not include materials.


3-6 months

30/hr min 8hrs 6-9 months 20/hrs min 8hrs 9-12 months 15/hr min 8hrs

10/hr min 8hrs

All custom gift s, styling and event planning require a min 1/2 non-refundable deposit not including materials.

All Consultations are free , to set up an appt. or for more information please email or call 909-912-2609.

Coral {Beige} Lace {Burlap}

Nina Fleurina Presentation  

Nina Fleurina