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illennials are one of, if not, the most difficult consumers to pinpoint.

The Nissan GET IN_ campaign takes this into consideration and delivers a captivating brand experience targeting multicultural millennials aged 18-29. The foundation of our campaign relies on a cloud-based marketing strategy.

GET IN_ aims to position Nissan as a brand that is synonymous with millennials. Through our campaign tactics and strategies we address solutions to our objectives that will in turn increase market share.

Through primary and secondary research we have realized that Nissan lacks brand equity as it fails to connect with the millennials on a personal level. We have created a campaign that connects with millennials on various levels and stages of their lives. The goal is to give Nissan an individual personality that millennials can respect and identify with. The need for connection, advanced technology, socialization, and self expression are common threads for all three targeted demographics: Asian Americans, AfricanAmericans, and Hispanics.

The GET IN_ campaign strives to meet the needs of this demographic through innovative marketing techniques.

We will use a combination of both traditional and non-traditional media. Traditional advertising will place Nissan ads on popular TV and radio networks, select print publications, and out-of-home locations. Non-traditional advertising will encompass some exciting promotions including music events such as our Jukebox Music Tour, an underground Pow Wow art demonstration, an interactive scholarship contest and the distribution of branded give-away premiums.





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Situation Analysis PRODUCT ANALYSIS


issan has a lot of competition across its diverse product line. Our research revealed that all core models (Versa, Sentra, Altima, Rogue, and Pathfinder) have at least five direct competing models from other top manufacturers.

To set Nissan apart from the competition, GET IN_ will highlight key design models that have little-to-no competition including the Juke and Leaf.

These models bring edgy, modern, and IN_novative personas to the current line up. Core models will also be addressed as they continue to show success in the market.

COMPETITORS Honda Fit, Hyundai Accent, Toyota Yaris, Ford Fiesta, Chevrolet Sonic Honda Civic, Hyundai Elantra, Toyota Corolla, Ford Focus, Chevrolet Cruze Honda Accord, Hyundai Sonata, Toyota Camry, Ford Fusion, Chevrolet Malibu Honda CRV-V, Hyundai Tuscon, Toyota RAV4, Ford Escape, Chevrolet Equinox Honda Pilot, Hyundai Santa Fe, Toyota 4Runner, Ford Explorer, Chevrolet Tahoe/TrailBlazer


Situation Analysis The Nissan Juke is marketed as an “Urban SportCross” making it the only vehicle in its segment. It offers an athletic and unique look to the current line up of vehicles. In addition to turning heads wherever it goes, one of its IN_novative features allows the driver to change the car’s handling and economy based on changes to the suspension and engine performance.

The Nissan Leaf is THE CAR of the century. With zero emissions and no tailpipe, it’s as close to the future of the automobile industry as we can get. With IN_novative features such as a regenerative braking system that charges the battery when you slow down, 100 percent torque acceleration from start, and IN_tegrated photovoltaic panel in the rear spoiler.


Situation Analysis 30k


Within one year, the total number of multicultural sales increased by 29 percent, making this segment an excellent one to target. However; in recent years, the multicultural segment experienced a greater decline than the non-multicultural share due to decreased marketing efforts.

Brand Value ($m)


art of addressing Nissan’s current situation in the non-luxury marketplace is to look at Nissan’s postion in relation to it’s competition. We identified Toyota (22 percent) and Honda (16.6 percent) as Nissan’s biggest competitors within the multicultural segment where Nissan currently holds 13.1 percent of that market.










Multicultural Market Share (units sold)


Situation Analysis CONSUMER ANALYSIS


issan’s current customer base is made of those who have expendable income to purchase a vehicle. The majority of buyers are educated and have stable careers. The millennial generation has similar needs and wants when considering a major purchase. Through our primary research 35.48 percent said that quality of the product of a car is the number one most important factor and 35.48% said that affordability and price is the second most important factor.

Style is another important factor in consumers wants. Drivers of this age continually want to express their individuality through their vehicles. Compo-


nents of customization are important. Millennial are in tune with local and global issues and follow trends as well as pay careful attention to the environmental carbon footprint the vehicle leaves behind.Nissan currently reaches these millennial through efforts on social media presence via Facebook, and Twitter. Nissan is lacking in establishing a personal connection with its prospects and fostering a relationship with these individuals. Nissan needs to build a personality behind their brand and identify themselves as people, who have feelings, desires, wants, and needs, instead of just an ordinary car company.



he market has showed a steady increase in the past few years up from the major recession and fiscal detriments felt on a national and global scale. In accordance to new Highway and Environmental safety regulations cars will need to comply with environmental mandates. The market has shifted greatly from gas guzzling vehicles to fuel efficient models to accommodate high gasoline prices. Nissan’s product lineup of the five core models must compete among car competitors such as Toyota and Honda. Nissan leverages innovation through models such as The Leaf, the Juke. The Nissan Leaf is a pioneer in the movement to reduce the carbon footprint of the auto industry.

SWOT Analysis • Sales incentives lacking • Brand Authenticity • Lacking strong online presence - Facebook Pages - Twitter Handle • Community Relations - events - community service - charity - scholarships • Millenial Appeal • Lack of diesel-based products • Global Brand • Lacking cutting-edge technology • Urbanization - increased use of mass transit - city life / no space for car - parking premium - increased gas prices • Unemployment • Car manufacturer • Nissan Brand awareness • Quality • Frugal Living • Oversaturated market

• Environmentally conscious products - Leaf / Altima Hybrid • Stylish / contemporary designs • Innovative products / features • Fun to drive • Family-oriented • Sporty / Athletic • Competitive Pricepoint • Domestically Produced in Smyrna, TN • Multicultural • Safety • Renault-Nissan Alliance

• • • • • • •

Average Nissan Consumer/Owner Hispanic: 39 Black: 45 Chinese/Asian: 36 Mass availability Budget choice Competition - Honda - Toyota - Ford - Chevrolet / GM - Hyundai


Target Market: Millennials


e have discovered these key consumer insights, regarding the Millennial Generation, based on our secondary research, through the Pew Research Center. These key insights fueled the big idea of our campaign.


Millennial Generation


he millennial generation places a heavy emphasis on their social lives. They engage in behaviors such as Tweeting, texting, and Facebook. Millennials have strong values of individualty, trust, and independence, and although there is a strong emphasis on personal expression, as a whole, the millennials come together as a cohesive team. Education is of high importance for this forward-thinking group. The millennial “can do� attitude allows them to stand out in our society and express themselves in IN_novative and fresh ways.


Chinese/Asian Americans TERNET • Outspend other ethnic groups in technology purchases • Heavy daily users of the Internet

• 87% of English-speaking Asian Americans are online everyday • Visit social networking sites on a daily basis more than other minorities



• Are taught from a young age to value education as a road to achieve success

• Families have a strong sense of cultural and traditional values

• 49% have a bachelors degree or higher

• Children grow up in a stable home environment, are well-rounded, and are taught to have a strong identity and pride for their ethnicity

• 86% have high school diplomas • 60% have an average income of $59,324 • 50% have management and professional-related occupations

• Children strive to meet their family’s expectations

• 79% of Asians age 5 and over speak another language at home other than English

• Two-thirds prefer to speak their own language at home


VIRONMENT • 83 percent of Asian American voters in California list global warming as a top concern

• Are concerned about the environment in their hometowns and home countries

• Recycle, donate money to environmental efforts, and contribute to local cleanups

DULGENT • Choose brand name or luxury products over generic products • Define their social status and economic power through material possessions

• Prefer Asian brands or companies that have a strong presence in the Asian market and market in their own language

African-Americans VESTED • In family, relationships, careers, style, fashion, sports, music, technology, spirituality, and their culture • Values: security, freedom, esteem, and balance • Becoming more involved with higher education, thus earning a higher income than before • Watch television more than any other minority group, primarily viewing:


STYLE • Value style • Brand loyal • Drawn to fashion, languages, artistic mindsets, and music • Influence fashion trends within other millennials and cultures • Use technology, including social networking sites and cell phones, more than other forms of communication


• The second largest minority group in the United States • Create pop culture trends, influencing what is “IN_” • Technologically savvy innovators • Women make 49 percent of automobile purchase decisions • Teens also have a large influence on household purchasing power

• Confident • Open to change and make decisions on their own • Value their personal power, pride, individuality, and ability to choose • View themselves as successful, highly motivated, strong, educated, ambitious, and diverse


Hispanic-Americans VOLVED • The core of Hispanic lifestyle revolves around family • Hispanic households are often involved in the decision making process • Family connectedness and cohesiveness often overrides the individual need for self expression. • Shopping can be a family affair, an outing where the family can spend time together. • Husbands, fathers, mothers, and relatives are likely to express their points of view, especially in concerns such as safety and wellbeing. • Take pride in their relationships within their home and community.


VEST • The Hispanic Consumer is not being represented in the billions of ad dollars spelt each year. • According to Kantar Media, advertisers undermine the power and size of the Hispanic Market and fail to advertise to them. • In 2009 advertisers spent $57.7 billion on TV of, 3.5 billion was directed toward the Hispanic consumer, this represented only $6.1 of the total TV ad spend.

TERPERSONAL • The need for interpersonal relationships is one of several cultural trends that is likely to influences Hispanics purchasing decisions.


their heads I

n today’s marketplace, traditional, one-way advertising is no longer as powerful as it used to be. People naturally interact. They are individually addressable and in control of choosing experiences based on what matters and adds value to their lives. Instead of shot gunning messages into outer space with the hope at least one will resonate with a consumer, have the consumer resonate with the message.

Based on research by Millward Brown, the answer to conquering this complex environment is floating right above our heads. Enter “the cloud.”

Synonymous with Internet-based computing, the cloud in this context refers to a collection of an individual’s influences, interests, activities, thoughts, and likes, etc. all linked together. Likeminded individuals who share common likes and interests also share the cloud space, making it an open dialogue (two-way) for both parties.

Companies that use social media to connect with consumers are part of the cloud, allowing them to effectively target consumers that want to reach them by engaging them with content they care about.


Objectives ESTABLISH NISSAN AS AN “IN_” COMPANY • make Nissan relevant to multicultural millennials aged 18-29 • increase brand equity and value by associating with other “IN” brands • position Nissan at the forefront of the multicultural millennial car culture


• over 12 months through a targeted agressive social media strategy

ReIN_FORCE NISSAN’S POINT OF DIFFERENTIATION • by highlighting innovative and unique features of core line up and key design models.

GENERATE IN_DEALER TRAFFIC • by creating an “IN”_gaging and IN_teractive experience • by making dealerships a destination for multicultural millennials

IN_CREASE MULTICULTURAL MILLENNIAL MARKET SHARE • from 13.04% to 15% by the end of March 2014 • In line with Nissan Global’s Power 88 marketing roadplan


Strategy Overview N

issan currently targets an average customer that is 10-15 years older than millennials (18-29). Their recent sales figures also reflect these trends. Current marketing strategies are concentrated on core nameplates such as the Altima, Versa, Rogue, Maxima and Sentra--models that are more commonly purchased by multicultural individuals, aged 36-45. By breaking the campaign down into three stages, we can effectively and strategically plan our executions to tie into one another, allowing the campaign to flow smoothly like a freshly paved road. LAUNCH Get in will launch with a huge public relations and guerilla marketing push in April. Social networks, blogging sites, news media, and millennial attendees will be buzzing with hype over exclusive events at select Nissan dealers. Nissan as a brand will

begin to be associated with other brands and favored by millennials.

GROWTH Next we build upon the launch by growing our audience as they are exposed to traditional advertising in print, online, via radio, and through television. We will reIN_force Nissan’s point of differentiation by IN_corporating models that meet the needs and tastes of younger consumers such as the Juke, Leaf, and Altima Coupe in a way that is meaningful and effective. Core models will also be mentioned as they continue to show growth in the market. LASTING To secure our position with millennials we will introduce an IN_teractive game that engages their senses and

sense of adventure. In addition, a YouTube video campaign will win their hearts and laughs. To touch upon their values of education “GET IN_” will spnsor the American Advertisng Federation’s Most Promising Minority Student. The campaign again calls upon the use of social media to generate thought among millennials. Nissan will then reward the best thoughts with a scholarship and the use of a Nissan car for one year.

Finally, a youtube campaign will debut with a Super Bowl commercial that feature multicultural millennials with humorours innuendos.





o launch the Nissan Get IN_ campaign into the minds of multicultural millennials, seven select dealers in top metropolitan markets will host Nissan’s GET IN_spired “Pow Wow” event on the evening of April 4, 2013. Underground and urban street artists from those select cities will use Nissan cars as their IN_spiration and canvas to design and create one-of-a-kind, IN_novative art cars that will be used later in the campaign.

Pow Wow is a collective artist movement that currently takes place in Honolulu every February. True to its meaning, this underground event brings artists and other culture vultures together to the streets of Kaka‘ako for one night, to experience a wealth of creativity, IN_spiration, IN_tuition, and IN_novation. By partnering with Pow Wow, these Nissan dealers will host thousands of millennials as they converge on these events to consume what appeals to them most, culture, art, music, life, and associating the Nissan brand with something that is relevant and most importantly, “IN_.”


Building the hype for such an event is tricky, especially in areas that are unfamiliar with events like Pow Wow. We want this event to carry an “underground” and “word of mouth” tone, making it desirable to attend. This is where the artists and their social connections come into play as they create buzz about the upcoming event.

During the span of 8 hours, attendees will generate hundreds of thousands of impressions as they post on Facebook, tweet on Twitter, check-in on 4Square, share on Instagram, and Yelp their experiences. Time lapse video of the artists painting and customizing the cars will also be made available on YouTube. And everything will be tagged with “#GETINspired.”


images by Nick Schonberger,




ut-of-home advertising is seen by a broader audience; however, it is the perfect vehicle for creating awareness and generating impressions among multicultural millennials as they are constantly out and about. Urban markets will see heavier outdoor and out-of-home advertising as they can be better placed to target demographics.

Murals on prominent walls, billboards, subway stations in the same urban markets will also debut concurrently with Nissan’s GET IN_ spired “Pow Wow” event. They will feature the artists’ interpretation of Nissan vehicles, IN_words associated with it, as well as Nissan badges.

art by Aaron De La Cruz


Growth: W

e will feature a three-part series of print ads in national magazines. The ads will feature the GET IN_ theme and Nissan’s core models while appealing to the different values of multicultural millennials.

One ad will feature the Pathfinder and emphasize its spacious interior. Research shows


_print that Hispanics highly value family, so this ad will speak to their needs to provide for their family. Another ad will feature the Altima and emphasize its stylish design. Research shows that African Americans value being in style, so this ad appeals to their interests in fash-

ion and roles as pop culure trendsetters.

A third ad featuring the Leaf will emphasize its low impact on the environment. Research shows that Asians value caring for the environment, so this ad will play on their environmental concerns.

Growth: G

oogle Adwords will allow us to capture millions of millennials and make them aware of our offerings. Adwords is Google’s advertising answer that enables companies to strategically place advertisements on Google search results using specific keywords. This system operates on a pay-per-click basis and with $2 million allocated for Google Ad-words, we will be able to reach approximately 3.5 million Google users in the United States.

They will see our advertisements during the keyword searches for innovative, car, young, Pow Wow, NBA, environment, efficiency, design, inspiration, involved, and jukebox.

_ternet H

ulu offers ad-supported and on-demand streaming of television shows, movies, trailers, and other new media from various networks and studios. Millennials claim they “do not watch television.” However, our research shows they are actually consuming more TV than any other generation through online streaming services. Hulu has more than 12 million consumers streaming and is fast becoming the “IN” way to watch shows. An estimated 42 percent of millennials are already more likely to stream than watch traditional TV. Millennials depend on Hulu, allowing this generation to watch what they want, whenever, and whenever they want, much like their social cloud.

According to Nielsen in October 2011, more than three quarters were white Millennials, including, • 11% of all African-Americans, • 11% of all Hispanics, • & 3% of all Asian/Pacific Islanders are on Hulu. Hulu has earned the loyalty of Millennials, creating a relationship and personal attachment to the site. Millennials are not only just watching videos online but

sharing them, too; 58 percent of millennials share videos online with their friends through various social networking sites.

Nissan’s GET IN_ 30-second commercial advertisements are engaging, meaningful, and create an everlasting impression for the 25 percent of multicultural Hulu users. Ads on Hulu will ultimately lead back to the Nissan website.




interest is the epitome of a millennial’s social cloud. Pinners collect images, videos, and links of objects and concepts they like by “pinning�



them to boards they then share with their followers.

By strategically uploading and creating Nissan branded and

sponsored images that appeal to millennials, we will be able to successfully saturate their pinboards and be on their minds.

Nissan corporate Facebook and Twitter pages will naturally serve as the online hub of social interactivity between followers and the brand.


_tune An estimated 40% of radio listening occurs in the car, which is why we have the majority of our ads on stations in the morning times (6:30-7am). 34% of listening takes place either in the home or at work .


dvertising with Pandora offers Nissan the opportunity to partner with one of the fastest growing radio sites. With over 67 million registered users and 26 million unique visitors monthly, Pandora is the ideal avenue to reach multicultural millennials.

Multiculturals hold a large share of Internet music usage across the board. African Americans and Hispanics who favor listening to English-language stations are the most devoted listeners. Advertisements are tailored directly to fit multicultural millennials aged 18-29, customizing each user experience based on age, gender, location, tuner interaction and music genre. Because Pandora assures no wasted impressions, we will

tailor our advertisements to focus on Internet and mobile users. Nissan will pair images with audio to ensure an interactive experience and to enhance our brand. Clicking on the banner ad will allow listeners to visit Nissan’s website, download our app, or follow our story at #GETIN_

through social networking.


ccording to research studies provided by Nielsen, during Spring 2010 listeners 24-54 thrive off of radio listening in 24hrs and 23 minutes per week. This includes all demographics and multicultural’s. Radio offers tremendous reach.

Less Hispanics are in college or have graduated and therefor listen in during their work hours. Based on a similar study measured over 51 markets and roughly 14 million listeners, Nielsen found that African Americans and Hispanics tune in around 25 hours per week. This is all over conventional radio. These minorities have a higher AQH (average quarter hour) rating than the regular population. They are tuning in more frequently and listening for longer periods of time on the same station.

According to Arbitron people are spending more time in their car these days. Commute times are longer and customers tune into the radio more often.


Growth: T

he average Millennial in the U.S. watches about 20 hours of television per week, compared to Non-Millennials who watch 49 percent. Although their online presence is strong, TV remains a dominant source of media consumption. According to Nielsen Research, African-Americans consume the most TV watching approximately 7 hours each day. This demographic watches cable networks and shows including BET and ESPN. GET IN_ ads will broadcast television commercials on NFL coverage and other sports aired on NBC, CBS, and ESPN, which are in the top 10 broadcast and cable program


_vision rankings for African Americans and Asians. The Hispanic demographic tunes mostly into Spanish language programs, specifically during weekend afternoons and during primetime on FOX. According to Nielson, Hispanics watch about 4.5 hours of TV each day. Seventy-three percent watch TV with their families at home in Spanish and English. GET IN_ commercials will be viewed by the entire family. Nissan will embrace the multicultural generation by airing on Spanish-formatted networks such as FOX, ABC, CBS, and sports programming. According to Neilson, Asian

Americans watch approximately 3 hours of TV per day, the least of the multiculturals. They prefer watching TV in their native language. GET IN_ commercials will be advertised on Pan-Asian TV stations that will reach several Asian-populated cities. We have selected Asian language channels KTSF, and KSCI Channel 18, as well as Chinese language channels KCNS and SinoVision. Surveys show that Asian American millennials also enjoy programs on FOX, ESPN and CBS. • 6 a.m. - 9 a.m. 13% • 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. 32% • 5 p.m. - 8 a.m. 43% • 8 a.m. - 11 a.m. 49% • 11 a.m. - 2 a.m. 26%



ouTube allows audiences to watch videos, clips, and movies, as well as upload them for public or private access.

As the second largest search engine in the world, it offers viewing preferences in 58 languages, appealing to cultures and multicultural targets throughout the United States. Multicultural Millennials are technology savvy and are daily users of the Internet. According to Nielson, YouTube serves over six times more videos than its closest competitor, and there are more than 400 million views per day on mobile devices. Users are constantly uploading, streaming, viewing, liking, and commenting on videos throughout the day.

_nuendo “Hey! Are you coming?”

“Wow! It’s so much bigger than you made it seem.”

“Why is he coming in the back door?”

“I prefer a wider and smoother interior, too.”

“You can back it up if you want.”

“Are we going to make this quick?”

• 50% of all African-Americans, • 59% of all Asian/Pacific Island • & 59% of all Hispanics are on YouTube. YouTube explains video ads and its relevance to reach our target demographic with an emotional impact.

Prior to the Super Bowl, we will launch a YouTube campaign with the intent on generating a curious buzz about the Nissan’s GET IN_ campaign and then track it using using the hashtags, #thatswhatshesaid and #GETIN.

The intention of this hilarious, outgoing, and viral video campaign is to call attention to the Nissan brand. It’s going to be BIG. That’s what she said.

#thatswhatshesaid GET IN_


Lasting: N

issan´s Jukebox Tour is an alternate reality game (ARG) played through a smartphone application or online. The game will not only create social media branding but will also increase online impressions through game usage, player commentary, and “check-IN” stops. Players receive quests and solve them by searching and putting together


_the game information from the web and the “real world”.

Upon solving a quest, players receive a code, which they enter into the game site or application. The format of the code is a sun (☼), six numbers/letters, and a music note (♫).

When the player has successfully entered a code, he/she will

receive a new quest. The codes can be found at sites like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, etc. and in gas stations, hotel receptions, and many other places.

The player logs into the game with their Facebook account via Facebook Connect, allowing Nissan to collect information from his/her Facebook account. This will also enable wall postings so that whenever a player has solved a quest, it will be posted onto their Facebook status.

Players earn extra points by recruiting friends through Facebook or by solving quests that happens in the “real world”.

Several cars will drive around the country with a code on the side of the car. One can follow the cars through a GPS tracker that is connected to Google Maps. The drivers will actively post pictures and hints on Twitter and Facebook about where they are. One can also earn extra points by test-driving a car and “checking in” at Nissan dealerships.

In the end, the 10 people with the most points will compete in “The Nissan Jukebox Tour”. Every team will be equipped with a gas card and a Nissan Juke or Cube, advertising the “Jukebox Tour” while they participate in the ultimate road trip across the country, which will conclude at a specific spring music or film festival for each respective city. Finalists will have to solve sev-

eral tasks along the way, including the entirety of the festival. The team with the most points at the end of the festival will be awarded the use of a Nissan car for a year.


Lasting: N

_your face

issan schwag are giveaways, freebies, tchotchkies; promotional merchandise items, and gifts for consumers to spread the brand and tag line of GET IN_. The corporate identity will be spread upon distribution through Nissan’s Brand Ambassadors, Street Teams, Road Trip Game stops, and JukeBox Music Tour stops.


ccording to TVWeek, “The value of paid TV placement should rise by 34 percent annually to $4.1 billion.” We plan to immerse Nissan in this growing media outlet by positioning the brand in a way that helps millennials identify with and relate to the brand.


According to advertising psychologist Dr. Max Sutherland, “…the media don’t tell us what to think, but they do tell us what to think about!”

We intend to place the Nissan products in TV programs, music videos and feature films. Our objective is to In_volve Nissan products in natural environments that provide ‘real world’ scenarios.




ne of the most important things millennials consider when at a dealership is customer service. Often times, it will make or break their deciscion on purchasing many highticket items. One of our core objectives is to make the dealership experience IN_teractive and “IN_gaging”. To achieve this, we will suggest Nissan dealers to adopt these changes if they have not done so already.

• Salesman should be bi-lingual to best serve customers who are more comfortable speaking in their language main. • Create special seating areas with an esspresso machine, recliners, comfortable couches, and will have the feel of a living room. Dealers should not feel like the sterile show rooms they actually are.

• Key market dealerships will also feature play-pen areas, called Drop Zones, where children can be left supervised while their parents IN_teract with the dealership. We plan to partner with Samsung and Google’s Android platform to take IN_teractivity to the next level.

• Each car in the showroom will have a corresponding Samsung Galaxy Tab that explains features and creates a personal interactive experience. There will be potential for apps and surveys the customer may submit to “the cloud” after building their vehicle on the tablets allowing us to gather feedback.

The interactive technological part of our dealership will be emphasized through a large centralized touch screen where customers further customize their new Nissans by adding accessories, optional features, decals and graphics, and share it with their friends through their social network accounts.


Lasting: T

o get multicultural students IN_volved in Nissan’s “GET IN_” campaign, and to IN_ crease the brand’s online presence, we will launch a National scholarship competition, during summer 2013, in time for the fall semester.

Nissan will award a one-year tuition scholarship valued at $20,000 to the most IN_novative and IN_volved “tweet.” Consisting of only 140 characters, including the hash tag #GETIN, students will compose a tweet that communicates their IN_novative IN_ volvement in their community, school, or hobby. The follower with the most creative, captivating, and meaningful tweet will recieve the scholarship.

A second scholarship will be presented to the most IN_novatively designed IN_terpretation of the Nissan logo that incorporates their hobby, school, or community IN_volvement. These logos will be posted on the Nissan


_volved Facebook pages and viewers will be able to “like” and comment on the work of their peers. The logo with the most “likes” will be awarded the scholarship.


n order to reach college students within the multicultural millennial market, Nissan will also sponsor the American Advertising Federation’s Most Promising Minority Students program. This program helps college seniors network with advertising professionals and gives them the opportunity to interview with lead-

ing companies in the industry.

By donating funds to this program, Nissan will be recognized by multicultural millennials as a company that is in tune with their needs.

This sponsorship will also expose the target market to Nissan and arouse their interest in the Nissan brand.

The Most Promising Minority Students program is also sponsored by Google and BET, two companies which Nissan will affiliate with throughout this the “GET IN_” campaign.



Growth: Television: Nissan’s GET IN_ campaign targets specific TV networks, based on multicultural Millennials (18-34) segment viewership ratings and primetime slots. Networks include BET, ESPN, ABC, ABC Family, NBC, CBS, KTSF, KSCI, and Pan-Asian stations. We will launch the “#That’s What She Said” commercial and online video campaign during the Super Bowl XLVII, to leverage the high viewership.

Radio: The GET IN_ campaign focuses on seven selected U.S. cities; Atlanta, New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Miami, Seattle, and Chicago. Based on the AQH (average quarter hour) listening statistics, we’ve selected the top five radio stations in each city.

Magazines: Although, women make the primary buying decisions in young multicultural couples, males are also influential. Print ads will run in Juxtapoz, E the Environment, Design Bureau, and Cosmopolitan, as well as Motor Trend and Car & Driver.

Out-of-Home: Subway trains in NYC, the MUNI in San Francisco, MARTA in Atlanta, LA Metro in Los Angeles, Chicago Metro and Transit-Miami, will be wrapped with the latest core models. Billboards building buzz for the GET IN_ spired Pow Wow event will be posted in the top seven markets. Movie theaters will show 15 second

GET IN_ campaign commercials during the previews. Billboards will also be posted year-round in selected cities, reinforcing the traditional media buy.

Interactive: The GET IN_campaign introduces an application for iPhones and smart phones that allows the user to interact with Nissans “Get In the Game” promotion. Participates of the game enter sponsor codes from clues that the game application assigns. Scholarships: The GET IN_ National

scholarship competition is a social media campaign using Twitter as a platform for interaction between millennials and the Nissan Brand to continue to mine for key consumer insights. Contestants answer “what does innovation mean to you” through a tweet 140 characters or less. Two rounds of winners will be selected one in the fall and one in the spring semester based on the most re-tweets. The five people with the most re-tweets get $20,000 each. Totaling $100,000. We will do this twice.

Once for the Spring semester, and once for the Fall semester. Sponsorship: In support of getting involved in multicultural students educational pursuits Nissan will be a Platinum Sponsor of the Most Promising Minority Students Program. The $50,000 sponsorship will position Nissan favorably with university multicultural students.



_vested Traditional Television - Radio - Print - Out-of-home -

$40,887,805 $5,913,568 $5,266,450 $11,260,500


Promotions: Our campaign has 3 major promotions throughout the year which include the Pow Wow, Get IN_the Game, and the JukeBox Tour. We will evaluate the effectiveness of the campaign through seeing how engaged the audience is through social media websites like Facebook and Twitter.

Social Media: Our promotions rely heavily on social media sites such as YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook. The apps for the smartphones will be pushing the social media as well as the posts from Pow Wow and the “That’s What She Said” campaign. Millenials will also be Tweeting for the scholarships. Pandora and Hulu will run our generic commercial all year long with 30 sec. spots. Adwords by Google and Pinterest will run all year as well.


Product Placement: By placing Nissan cars in TV shows, music videos, commercials, and feature films we are reinforcing the brand in real world scenarios. Immersing the brand subliminally in our culture is key. We stimulate the part of the brain that sees Nissan as being a strong part of a Millenials’ life.

Partnerships: Samsung and Google/Android. Samsung will supply dealerships with Galaxy Tabs for the interactive concept of our dealership experience. The cars will have the option to be outfitted with Galaxy Tabs as well. Google/ Android partnership for the apps that we’re creating to drive our social media traffic and other promotions we are driving.

Interactive - Promotions - Social Media/Online - Product Placement - Scholarship/Sponsorship -

$81,478 $3,800,000 $15,999,991 $10,000,000 $400,000

Contingency Total

$93,609,792 $6,390,208 $100,000,000


Budget: The Nissan GET IN_ campaign will be broken up into three main stages: launch, growth, and lasting. LAUNCH: GET IN_spired - The launch stage kicks off with the underground event “Pow Wow,” which will take place in seven major cities to generate buzz about Nissan. During the “Pow Wow” events, attendees will generate impressions on Facebook, Twitter, 4Square, Instagram, and Yelp. Nissan will post videos on YouTube of the artists painting the cars with the #GETINspired hashtag. Impressions can be measured by the number of likes and views of the “Pow Wow” YouTube videos.

GROWTH: GET IN_vironment, GET IN_print, GET IN_ternet, GET IN_tune, GET IN_vision - Out of home billboards, transit ads, subway ads, and radio spots contain a call to action urging viewers to attend “Pow Wow,” so their effectiveness


_conclusion can be evaluated by the number of “Pow Wow” attendees as well as the Facebook posts, YouTube uploads, and Twitter retweets. Movie theater advertisements can be evaluated based on exposure, which is dependent on the number of seats per audience. Print advertisements will contain the #GetIN_ hashtag, prompting readers to either search for the hashtag on Twitter or add the hashtag to their own tweets. Nissan will be notified whenever a Twitter user posts a tweet containing this hashtag. Our internet advertising through Google Adwords and Hulu will be tracked electronically. Our ads on Google Adwords will be tracked on a per click basis, while our ads on Hulu will lead to the Nissan website. Website hits can be tracked via cookies.

Our banner ads on Pandora allow users to click through to visit Nissan’s website, download the GET IN_the game app, or follow the #GETIN tag on Twitter.

The Pinterest pinboard can be evaluated by the number of repins and pinboard views.

LASTING: GET IN_your face, GET IN_teractive, GET IN_volved, GET IN_nuendo, GET IN_the game - Evaluation of product placement can be broken down by the three different types: movie, television show, and music videos. The movie can be evaluated by box office ratings, the television show can be evaluated by viewership, and the music videos can be evaluated by the ratings for music video programming on channels such as MTV and VH1 as well as likes and views on YouTube. Evaluation of the dealership experience can be carried out through a survey on the Samsung Galaxy Tab while consumers visit the dealership. The scholarships can be evaluated by the number of participants in the Twitter scholarship campaign as well as the number

of times these tweet entries have been retweeted. The YouTube commercial will generate buzz and can be tracked using the hashtags #thatswhatshesaid and #GETIN; by looking at the number of times these hashtags have been retweeted, we can evaluate the effectiveness of this campaign. This commercial will also air during the Super Bowl, which can then be tracked via Nielsen ratings.

The smartphone app will give players extra points for visiting dealerships; “check-ins” will enable us to track the number of dealership visitors. The app can also be evaluated by the number of downloads within Google Play (formerly known as the Android Market).

Akamai Advertising Agency consists of a team of 12 bold and creative individuals. Each member has contributed his or her creative and strategic skills in crafting the GET IN_ campaign. The Hawaiian word “akamai” means one who is smart, clever or possesses great intelligence. One who is “Akamai” challenges themselves to think outside the box, is up to date with trends, analyzes, and inevitably sees relevance to the information in their own lives.

Executive Board

Taylor Perry

Orion Brutoco

Akamai President

Account Executive

Creative Team Meaghan Blackburn Courtney Curran Joanna Georgiev Nina Dorthea Terjesen

Thomas Obungen Creative Director

Budget Adviors Lei Navasca Dany Malley


AnnMarie Manzulli

Research Special Thanks Aloha Graphics Book binding

Eun Jung Choi Kim Keunhert Avery Kremer

Severin Monn

Contributing Editor


NSAC HPU 2012  

NSAC campaign 2012, HPU

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