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" SQUABLZ" was born in the winter of 1996 in Philadelphia, Pa. A very Humble young teen when it comes to his Talents., Squablz, always stayed in the background never wanting to draw attention to himself, no one knew he had such a gift except him. It wasn't until his Grand father passed away from Cancer that Squablz decided to let his parents know of this talent.After hearing him sing @ the age of 9 the flood gates were opened, Squablz has been getting experience on stage performing with live bands, talent shows, his biggest venue to date is performing at the historic Philadelphia Clef Club And Arts Garage.. Squablz is constantly honing his skills, Squablz is a honor Roll Student He writes his on songs and credits himself with thinking outside the box and not saying what they all said. Staying in his lane he is not like other young artist that follow the trends he creates his own. What is more intriguing is he just started Rhyming in 2012. The Sky is the limit for this young artist.




MR JOHN HALL( THE BOSSMAN) Mr John Hall comes from a family of entertainers he started a dancing group called the Flamingo Dancers in the year of 1978. Mr Hall and his dancres worked for the Al - Alberts Show Case WPVI TV. Channel Six in Philadelphia PA. The Flamingo dancers has been on all the television shows in Philadelphia, and they were the Opening act for Club Harlem in Atlantic City NJ. Opening for groups like. ( The Chi- Lites ) ( Mr Keith Sweat ) ( New Edition ) ( Intruders ) ( Mr Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes ) (Ready for the World )and many more. In the year of 1980 the Flamingo Dancres went on tour with the Godfather of Soul Mr James Brown for about six months. Upon coming home and doing a show with Mr James Brown at the Uptown Theatre, the flamingo dancers got a call from Mr Broadway Eddiey from out of Camden NJ. he asked the dancres to record a album for him. The Flamingo Dancres went under the name of ( The Broadway Thrillers ) they put out a hit called ( Lets do the Michael Jackson ) you can go on ( ) and push in The Broadway Thrillers, Lets do the Michael Jackson this Album came out in the year of 1984.

From there Mr John Hall got a call from the Manager of the recording group called ( PHILLY CREAM ) from out of WMOT Records in Philadelphia. they came out with two hits one was with WMOT Records called (Cowboys to Girls ) and then Mr Tony Camillo from Motown Records took the group and put a hit out on them in 1986 called (Love Can't Turn Around ) on TC Records. Doing shows with Philly Cream that's were Mr John Hall got the name ( The Bossman ). Philly Cream went on to do shows in the Atlantic City Casino's and then went over sea's to countrys like (Singapore ) ( Hong Kong ) (England ) and ( Japan ) upon comeing home the bossman put his own show together, and called it the bossman & Company and he started doing shows at the uptown theatre opening up for groups like ( James Brown ) ( The Dells ) ( Ray Goodman & Brown ) ( The Fat Boys ) and many more. You can see his show on ( youtube,com push in thebossman James Brown ) and look at what this man can do. His show is Hot. Also the bossman was called to do a new dance called ( The Hot Flash Swag ) you can see this dance on ( ). The Bossman is always called in to do James Brown on stage shows here in the trystate area. The bossman meet Mr James Brown in the year of 1980 at legendary Uptown theatre which his group was called in to open up for Mr James Brown. Mr Brown saw him do one of his songs, and told the bossman he has seen many people impersonator him but he was the best he seen. So if you have a party coming up ,and you want a good show call on the Bossman. Contact Number : ( 267 ) 591-6162 or ( 215 ) 745-4555 and ask for the Bossman.

Take some time out to go listen to K-Dubb as she tells her story on My Life Audio. K-Dubb brings you a presentation of what hip hop is, was, and can be. She’s young lyrical and cute, she only betrays her own style and image. Her delivery is direct and aggressive yet fun and playful. K-Dubb is new on the scene but she really hit hard with the true stories capturing a following of fans that will grow to love her forever. My Life Audio also brings you that get ya ass up and dance type beat mixture as well. This is K-Dubb 1st mixtape but it was put together well and she is definitely making some noise on the scene in the Tri-state area. Listening to the mixtape we the “review team” feel like she is best when she’s partying so we are looking for more party songs to come from K-Dubb knowing that if she continues to grind she will be on top nothings in the way as long as she wants it. A star in the making! Keep grinding K-Dubb see you at the top.

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