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Hi everyone! Welcome to our first magazine! It is an absolutely pleasure for us you are reading our project! This is a short writing that sum up all the magazine. So, we recomend you to take some minutes to know the different parts of the journal. The main topic is art. There are five points to comment. The first section is about news articles. Every week there will be a different ones about photography, sculture, architecture, street art, dance… Interesting news that everybody should know. The second point is cinema in which every week we will write many reviews about the trending topic films at that moment. In the following pages the readers will find a few interviews of many famous people that dedicate their lifes to create art. We are  so excited with this point because we have the opportunity to meet some huge artists and share it with you. Fourth section is an entretaining one. There are some sudokus with different levels: easy and difficult. There is an horoscope and “the wall”, the section where you can find the most funny or sentimental tweets that our followers in twitter will have written that week. And the last section is an agenda about the most important social or cultural events associated with art. This way you will not miss anything! Hope you enjoy our magazine! Big thanks! Marta Franco, the editor 


BIOSKETCH Marta lives in Barcelona with her mother Eva and her little sister Aina. She's 18 years old and she is passionate about photography, cycling racing, and spending time having excursions in the mountain, near nature. She studied a few years in the school called Sagrat Cor de Jesus. Nowadays, she is studying a media degree at the Tecnocampus University

Nina Agustí Nina Agustí i Bonastre is 18 years old, she

Marta Franco

lives in Barcelona with her family and she studies audiovisual media at Tecnocampus, Mataró. She is a leisure monitor, a photography lover and an actress in a small theatre at Gracia. She went to Jesús i Maria St.Gervasi’s school and to Lestonnac school.

Marta Molés

Anna Alonso

Anna Alonso Forés is an audiovisual media student at Tecnocampus University (Mataró). She was born on 31st of January,1998, and she studied in Jesuïtes Gràcia. She loves traveling, listening to electronic music, watching movies, doing adventure sports and making short videos with her friends.


Marta Molés is 18 years old. She has lived in Barcelona since she was born. Marta lives in a flat with her mother, her dad and her older sister. She has studied in a school called Montserrat. Now Marta is in the first year of a degree in Audiovisual Media in Tecnocampus University in Mataró.








Russian envoy killing wins World Press Photo Written by Nina Agustí Last 13th of February the jury of the World Press Photo (WPP), the biggest and the most prestigious photojournalism contest, announced the winners of this annual prize. The non-profit organization awards the Turkish Associated Press photographer Burhan Ozbilici this 2017 with the first prize. His work has been the chosen one among more than 80.000 photographs that took part in the competition. The picture is called: “An assassination in Turkey”, and it was taken on 19 December, 2016 at an art gallery in Ankara. It captures the savage murder of Russia’s ambassador in Turkey, Andrei Karlov, by the former Turkish policeman and his gun, Mevlüt Mert Altintas. The shooter shouted “Allahu akbar” (God is great), a common quotation in ISIS attacks and, finally, the Turkish Special Forces took him down with one shot. This photo, as BBC reports, was praised by the jury chairman, Stuart Franklin. “I think it is an incredibly hard-hitting news photograph, great spot news story. It wasn’t just a photograph, it was a spot news story and I think that Burhan was incredibly courageous and had extraordinary composure in being able to sort of calm himself down in the middle of the affray and take the commanding pictures that he took.”  


“An assassination in Turkey”, B.Ozbilici

On the other hand, this annual was the 60th World Press Photo and there were, as it’s said before and in the same WPP’s website, 80.408 images made by 5.034 photographers from 126 different countries, as a result, 45 diferent prizes. The categories are: Contemporary Issues, Daily Life, Genereal News, Long-Term Projects, Nature, People, Sports, Spot News and the World press Photo of the year. They all reflect the ugly truth of our timeframe. More winners at: hoto/2017   


"Banksy's Works" by Anna Alonso

Banksy's true identity WRITTEN BY ANNA ALONSO Craig Williams’s investigation tell that Banksy wasn’t a single artist. Moreover, Banksy was a group of artists managed by the famous musician, Robert Naja, from the trip-hop band Massive Attack. Many investigations said that the street artist was a man of forty years old starring in his own documentary (Robin Gunningham), others said it was Robert Del Naja, a composer of a British band. But, who was really Banksy? "Banksy is a white man of 28 years, who was presented at the interview with a chain and his face covered," says the reporter Simon Hattenstone. Nowadays, everybody knows him as a graffiti artist that exposes the vices of society and social demands by showing his works. He was born in Bristol, with difficult childhood and social problems. Afterward, he created his own documentary nominated for Oscar’s awards, and became into a famous artist. Besides, he created Disneyland, an amusement park recreating the Disneyland.

Craig Williams argued that Banksy wasn’t a single person but there was a group of artists behind these works. All graffitis were under the command of Robert Del Naja. Furthermore, with the pseudonym of 3D, Robert del Naja is a composer and singer in the musical band of trip-hop and electronic called Massive Attack, founded in 1988. 3D had made several graffitis during the eighties but he bet on music, his desire. Williams concludes that the graffiti just coincided with the days of Massive Attack’s tour. Specifically, a total of twelve occasions, the musician performed with Massive Attack’s tour just the same place where he made a new urban street art. Another evidence is that, both Banksy and musician were born in Bristol and both shared political positions and very similar social demands. In addition, the technique was used to track criminals, discover places where Banksy’s street art located to figure out the cities visited by Robert Del Naja. On several occasions, many reporters have received information that Robert Del Naja was a friend of Banksy or could form part of the same person. To sum up, no one knows for sure if the graffiti legendary Banksy or the famous musician are the same person. Regardless of this fact, we are talking about the discovery of the secret identity of the artist or the new creative urban masterpieces.




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Don't lose your hope BY MARTA MOLÉS

The private notebook of Maria Alonso by Maria Alonso

Maria Alonso was a little girl that lived in Barcelona with her parents and her big sister. She used to go to a school near a big park called “Parc Güell”. She was a very active girl with a lots of friends.Maria’s father worked as a teacher of mathematics and her mother was a policewoman. Claudia, Maria’s sisters, was only two years older than Maria. When Maria grew up, she started having problems at school, she was very bad at mathematics and technology. Her parents were very worried for their daughter, so Maria stopped doing all the activities that she used to do after classes and started doing extra classes of the subjects that she had problems with. At the same time Claudia was in the first year of secondary school. She was a bright student.

She was a bright student. She was good in all the subjects. At that moment Maria began to feel inferior to her sister. At the age of seventeen Maria had her secondary education graduate, a year later than it was normal. She decided to follow the footsteps of her sister and she started a higher education course. After a few years she failed and she decided to stop her studies and started working in a little clothes store. Maria worked in the store for a lot of years. he had a lot of free time and she started drawing. One day while she was working, an old woman entered the store to buy a dress. Maria didn’t know it but the old women was a very important writer.

Suddenly, the old writer asked Maria if she could see her drawings. The woman was very surprised and impressed with the drawings and then the writer decided to ask Maria to be her illustrator. Nowadays Maria is an important illustrator, and finally she found what he liked and was good at it. All the people in the world have a place, although they don’t know. The only thing that you have to do is to investigate and one day you will find your own place.



Valerie and Matt, enjoying together, 1968. (Marta Franco)

Monday, 4th August 1969 was the worst day for Valerie's family, especially for her windower husband Matt. Valerie was a wonderful and lovely woman. She was always glad and dedicated to her family. Everybody in the neighbourhood knows her.

Years passed and he became more and more successful. Matt's family still think that it was a bad idea. However, as long as you are happy, you have to do what you want and never give up.

Whereas Matt had been always a bad-tempered, misery and grouchy person, although he loved her from the bottom of his heart. Matt and Valerie have know each other since the age of seventeen. They fell in love at first sight and from that moment they knew they would be together all their entire lives. Matt loved walking down the street to the center of his town and look at the different tattoo shops windows. He appreciated so much the people that had one. When he was little he always wanted to be the best tattooist but Valerie was against it so he chose to be a painter. A few weeks after his wife's death, he was thinking while he was having lunch...And he wondered that now he had the best opportunity and reason to have a honour of Valerie! But Matt didn't want any tattoo, he wanted to do it himself. Suddenly he had a brilliant idea: look for a job in a tattoo shop! He spent days and days searching for a tattoo shop that allowed him to work there. Unfortunately all were bad news for Matt. He was too old to work. «I have the same capacity than another person», he said. Two years later he took the decision. He would spent all his fortune to open a new tattoo store in the neighbourhood. 


«I have the same capacity than another person»

LA LA LAND**** BY ANNA ALONSO The love story of Mia, a future actress, and Sebastian, a pianist who wants to revive jazz in L.A. The goal for both reaching the top of their success in working threatens their mutual love. La la land is a romantic musical written and directed by Damien Chazelle. He studied at Harvard University and created his first film called Whisplash, based on a true story. His favorite actor has always been J.K.Simmons but the good performance of Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling substitute as leading actors. The most difficult print is the accuracy of the photography director  because there are many  long-lasting sequences difficult to record properly.

The soundtrack is a cornerstone of this cinematographic piece because it’s always shown out through the movie and placing viewers in old musicals. This music has been nominated several times, winning Golden Globe Awards, Critics Choice Awards and has also been nominated by Bafta Awards. The story is slow and the end leaves you baffled. Some parts of the film are long lasting because the script has sections without dialogue, showing you the views. The film aims to making people aware about jazz that shouldn’t die in our lives and L.A will remain the city of stars. To sum up, this movie is a espectacular masterpiece, romantic and achingly stylish.


Photos: frames of the film


Photo: a frame of the film

CINDERELLA MAN**** by Marta Franco Ron Howard, an incredible producer and

Both the soundtrack, which is composed by

director, brings another drama movie. The

Thomas Newman, and the camera

cast is formed by many known faces such as

movements in compliance with the boxer

Renée Zellweger or Russell Crowe, actor of

movements are successful.

innumerable movies and in some occasions

It's true that the film may become a little bit

the director of them.

boring at certain moments because the

This fact-based film is about the life of a

action is very slow and the frames are dark,

heavyweight boxer known worldwide, J. J.

but the movie is still enjoyable.

Braddock. The film takes place in the 30's,

It's a film explained from different angles

during the Great Depression. The story is

reminding us to what extent the humans can

focused on how the boxer manages to


overcome the crisis. The greatest challenge of the film is to be able to transmit the people’s emotion  that were suffering the crisis and contrast them with people who weren't suffering it. In addition, remembering that the main plot is around the world of boxing, and the director achieves it.


"NOT ALL THE PEOPLE THAT GO TO CHURCH ARE GOOD." ELISABETH SMITH Elisabeth Smith, a famous tattoist known around the world, explains about her new project. Last Monday we interviewed and she explained with details more about her job.

Anne Tomlinson: Welcome Elisabeth Smith, one of the best professional ever, who has tattooed stars like Rihanna, Beyoncé, Snoop Dogg, Eminem... Elisabeth Smith: Hi everybody! A.T.: How are you? I know you are doing a project in Australia, aren’t you? E.S.: Yes, it's right! A.T.: So, explain to all the readers what it is about! I'm sure they are as interested as me! E.S.: Well...I don't know how to start. I’m gonna tell you a story: Two years ago I was in my tattoo store doing some stuff, preparing all the things for that week...and then someone went into the shop and for no reason, he started screaming unusual things like insults or like I was a bad person because of my tattoos, that people that have tattoos had to go to hell... A horrible experience! And trust me, I really don’t know who he was. Before that experience I knew that people thought things like this but not even that extreme case. Anyway, my project is about a book written by everybody that wants to participate and have some tattoo. So, people have to explain the meaning of one of their tattoos. I’m sure this will be able to change the minds of the people that are totally against tattoos, not for the effect they can provoke to our body but for the image you can give. A.T.: A brilliant idea! Can I participate in it? E.S.: Have you got any tattoo? PAGE 13

A.T: Yes. E.S.: What a surprise! Of course! Everybody can participate. A.T.: How the readers all around the world would participate? Because you are living in Australia now so... E.S.: Yes! But it's easy to contact to me! I have Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and if you search my name on Google, you will find my e-mail and then you can tell me about your tattoo story and you can send me a photo of your tattoo. A.T.: Where can the audience find the book? E.S.: The book will be available in September in many libraries and bookshops as Fnac.. A.T.: Great! Now guys you know where to find out the book! Wow! The last question to sum up the interview...What would you tell to all those people that think like that man? E.S.: I will tell you only one thing, not all people that have tattoos are bad people and not all the people that go to church are good. And thanks to the man that went into my store! You make it possible! A.T.: Perfect ending! Thank you for answer my questions. E.S.: Thank you too! It has been a pleasure! Photo: "Elisabeth Smith the tattoist" by Marta Franco


George Macintosh, the first visionary painter who’s doing a tour around Europe, his work is now in Barcelona. Yesterday, we interviewed him so that he might know a little bit more about himself. Marta Molés: Hello Mister Macintosh, it’s such a honor to have you here with us. Macintosh: Hello young lady! It doesn’t bother me if you call me George. And, of course, pleasure is mine. M: George, I would like to start asking you… when did you discover your passion for painting? G: Painting comes to you as a miracle. If you love painting or any kind of art then you are a true blessed person. My mother used to say that when I first saw a paint I stared at one whole hour. So I think I fell in love with it since I was a baby. M: What a perfect love story... So let us try to understand… why is your painting so ironical? G: Life is ironical, isn’t it? Human race is so stupid, and forgive me for the insult but we have to recognise it: we are acting without common sense. So I wanted to represent, and parody, our lifestyle, for future generations, I mean, they have to see our mistakes and be smarter than we are to solve them. M: That’s very reasonable. A question comes to my mind… Who inspired you to become an artist? G: My inspiration comes from my father… He was a soldier at the Second World War, but before that he was an artist and he was such a role model for me. Photo: "George Macintosh painting" by Nina Agustí

When he died I had a growing hate for the entire human race, I used to say; “They killed my father for no reason!” So maybe my inspiration came from the death of my father… M: I’m so sorry to hear that… But, as for the tour where have you been before Barcelona? As far as we know it’s being a very long trip. G: For someone of my age, it’s a very very long trip but I have always loved travelling so I’m also lucky to have this honor. We have been in Paris, London, Dublin, Rome, Lisbon, Berlín, and now Barcelona as the final stop. But, as long as I have tea in each city I feel as if I were at home! M: So as your tour is reaching to an end, do you have in mind a new project? G: Projects need time and I don’t know if I have much more time left but as life brings me time, I will be creating new things! I’m painting as I travel with my collection. Those new pieces are called “My last advice”, and it’s specially dedicated to politicians. M: That’s awesome! We hope it’s not your final advice and that you spent another visit here in Barcelona! Thank you very much George Macintosh and congratulations for your work, we needed it. G: Thank you, Marta Molés, I esteem it a great honor to talk with you! PAGE 14



"Art and Film. 120 years of exchanges" the exhibition, a pice of it. One of the most significant pieces of the "Self-organization"

Self-organization Tuesday, February 28, 2017 - Sunday, May 21, 2017 Fundació Joan Miró "Self-organization" traces the genealogy of DIY (Do It Yourself) practices from the pioneering artists of the 1960s to the present. Applying what could be considered as self-organisation strategies, these artists have gained control of production, transmission and reception of their works. Price: 7 € "SUNDAY"- Oriol villanueva

“Art and cinema. 120 years of exchange”

Friday, 16 December 2016 - Friday, 26 March 2017 CaixaForum The exhibition “Art and Film. 120 years of exchanges” speaks mainly on debt cinema with other arts and, conversely, what cinema has meant as an inspiration for all of them. Another objective of the exhibition is to show the innovative role of film to the other arts,it is more like a true promoter of art. Price: 4€

Sunday, 5 February 2017 - Tuesday 28 May 2017 Fundació Antoni Tàpies His work contains postcards of all ages and of various motives. Nawaday Oriol Vilanova has 30.000 poscards, and we will continue callecting it. Price: 10 € One postcard among milions

“Inside Blanca Haddad’s Studio”

10 March Nau Bostik You will get to spend some time with the artist and have a live interview in which we will discuss her work of art, her artistic process and even some of her poetry together! Her work is moving, is out there, it is a reflection of contemporary society that invites us to discuss the world we live in today! Price: 10€ Photos by: Marta Molés

Blanca Haddad's Studio


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