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The expansion

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New identity

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Progression Planning The Adventure Getting The Blood Pumping Feeling The Adrenaline Rush Reference

Be bold and provocative.

“I don’t think limits.” —Usain Bolt (A jamaican sprinter known as the fastest person on earth)

The beginning









is one of the world’s largest

The beginning / History

the Fila brothers in 1911 in Biella, Italy. Originally in the business of creating quality textiles for local townspeople, the brothers sought to produce fabrics that combined luxury, art and utility, drawing inspiration from their homeland to create product as exquisitely textured and evocative as the Italian landscape. The company’s primary product was originally underwear, before moving into sportswear in the 1970s, initially with the endorsement of tennis player Björn Borg. The brand got more popular after moving into sportswear. Fila has been owned and operated from South Korea since a takeover in 2007.

“You have to find it. No one else can find it for—Björn you.Borg” (Sweden tennis player, world champion 1974–1981)

The beginning / timeline


1911_ 1923_ 1942_ 1974_

1988_ 1993_






_Fila brothers first opened shop in Italy. _Establish Fila as a manufacturer of knitwear, specifically underwear. _Merged with the Fratelli Fila company. _Enrico Frachey becomes managing director and begins the transformation of Fila into a maker of athletic apparel.

_Gemina S.p.A. acquires Fila. _In conjunction with an IPO and Fila Holding S.p.A. is created as a new holding company.

_The owners of Gemina create a new holding company called Holding di Partecipazioni Industriali S.p.A. (HdP), and Gemina’s stake in Fila is transferred to this new firm.

_Falling sales in the United States and Asia lead to the first of several consecutive years in the red.

_The first Fila Sport Life flagship stores are opened; HdP announces its intention to sell its stake in Fila.

_The original Italian ownership shop Holding di Partecipazioni sold the company to US hedge fund Cerberus Capital Management.

_The global Fila brand and all its international subsidiaries were acquired by Fila Korea.

The beginning / Old FILA framework




The beginning / NEW FILA framework




18 The beginning / Old & New FILA Chart



Mountain Travel Sobek The Wildland Trekking




The North Face Timberland


Vapidity Converse Hotwire

Old FILA Reebok



New FILA Mountain Travel Sobek The Wildland Trekking


Featureless Lombardi Sports 24 hours fitness

Old FILA Hotwire


NEW FILA wants people to remember that every test in your life makes you bitter or better; every upcoming problem makes you or breaks you. It’s our choice to decide whether victim or victorious.

20 The beginning / Target people

RITA INTERNATIONAL STUDENT 21 years old College student / Female / From India / Photography major

She is bursting with curiosity and looking forward to experience different things around the world. That is why she chose to study abroad. She is outgoing, she likes to make new friends and travel. She likes to work out with friends in the gym and always looks forward next trip with others.

JOHN OFFICE WORKER 42 years old Works in sports company / Male / Works 8–10 hours a day

John’s Company has many sport facilities and activities for employees to participate. He joins the company basketball team and goes to gym forth times of week because he believes as a sport company’s employees he should have a healthy body and a spirit for teamwork. He also likes watching TV show about travel because he hopes to have a opportunity to explore the world and do as many outdoor adventure as he can.

22 The beginning / Target people

DAVID CLOTHES STORE CLERK 32 years old Working in Urban outfitter / Male / Amateur skateboard player / Part time job / Work 5-6 hours a day

He loves playing skateboard and practices everyday. He likes to challenge himself and make the impossible possible. He wants to have opportunities to attend X–game and wish he can become a professional skateboarder.

Javier Model designer 35 years old Working in famous design company / Male / Favorite movie is the Star war series / Have a dog named Rocket

As a worker who set up billboards, he always wonder when he can live a life like that promoted in the commercials, a surfer’s life. Making money is his current priority, but he still dreams about being a surfer one day, and get rid of the tedious lifestyle he has been in.

24 The beginning / Target people

JANE TEACHER 45 years old Junior high school teacher / Female / Fourteen years of teaching experience / Work 8 hours a day She loves her job but sometime she feels like her life is stuck, so she wants to spend her holiday for some exciting activities and travels. Maybe some backpacking trip on her own.

ALAN RETIREES 75 years old Retired mailman / Male / Have three grand children Being married for 55 years, he loves his wife and likes to take a walk with her in the morning because he wants to give his wife can have a healthier life and want her to be happy. He also believes “It is never too old to learn“ and wants to try everything new with her wife. He feels healthier when he start to exercise and do some outdoor activities. He also want to try something exciting like skydiving with his wife to celebrate their 60th anniversary.


The expansion


Who we are now...

ABOUT To have the courage to defy expectations, to challenge the limits of both yourself and the

Challenges in life are not supposed to paralyze you, they’re supposed to help you to discover who you are. Above all, commit to standing out, not blending in. Feel the new FILA, join us and FILA can help you to be the one who can experience the world around you. You can celebrate your own legacy that can only be described as legendary.


world around you.

The expansion / New FILA Identity


33 The re–invisioned FIL A has a new purpose. The new FIL A helps people to be active to pursue their in their dreams so that they can challenge the limit of themselves. The main goal of the new FIL A is to help those who aim to challenge, those who are eager to compete, and those who are just looking for a active and different life style, to reach their goals. New FIL A wants people to experience, to regain self–respect and to rediscover their own values by encouraging them to participate in activities in which they can put themselves to their limits. The targeted clients are those who are willing to take risks in challenging themselves. The new FIL A is going to express confidence and optimism.

The expansion / New FILA Identity

New vision

sky is the limit






4.3x 0.25x



x x x


x = wide of letter ‘I’ As a unit of measurement, “x” equals the wide of the letter “I” in “FILA.” The minimum required clearspace is a distance of “x” surrounding each side of the signature. Allow additional clear space between the signature and any other adjacent elements in the layout (type, illustrations, photos, etc.) whenever possible.

37 The Logo design with condensate fonts for the new FIL A shows the sense of modern and simplicity to comply the new spirit of the company. The logo uses the font shape to extended upward the 5 degrees angle and make a triangular shape, which represents to push beyond the boundary to suit the new spirit of FIL A. The five degrees slope of the fonts that also means people to use the five senses to experience, challenge themselves and the world around them.

The expansion / logo standards


MINIMUM reproduction 0.85 INCH

The symbol should never be used smaller than 0.85 inch in height. Do not reproduce the signature in a small size if poor quality or distortion is likely to result.


Don’t do

The expansion / logo standards

1_ Do not use drop shadow effect on the logo 2_ Do not use outline on the logo 3_ Do not change place, scale the triangle graphic of the logo 4_ Do not make whole logo in the same color 5_ Do not change the triangle graphic color 6_ Do not distort, stretch or vary the proportions of the logo







background 1_ The preferred colour for the logo is PANTONE® BLACK to match PANTONE® 585 M for the triangle symbol and on a white background or light tone. 2_ The logo may be reproduced in white and with PANTONE® 585 M for the triangle symbol only on a black background or light tinted photo or background. 3_ When reversed out of a black background or black and white photos the logo must be white and with PANTONE® 585 M for the triangle symbol only. 4_ The preferred colour for the logo is PANTONE® BLACK to match PANTONE® 585 M for the triangle symbol and on a color photograph.



Logo must always appear clearly and legibly on their background. Always observe clear space specifications and use preferred vendors and reproduction methods. The examples below show various background treatments for the new FILA logo and the preferred color application of the logo.


41 The expansion / logo standards


New identity


Our new image...

Typeface The typeface for the new FILA consists san serif fonts to show the attitude of FIL A, bringing people to feel vitality with a simple typeface look. The typeface is simple to read with a modern sense which is different from the old logo font style. The “Kaockout“ typeface is used on the logo and some quotes to show the key point information. The “Din“ typeface is used on paragraphs for easy reading and also it suits the spirit of New FILA.


ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQ RSTUV W X Y Z abcdefg hijklmnopqrs tuv w x yz

DIN light ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUV WXYZ abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz


DIN Black ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz

New identity / typography

Knockout HTF67

Extreme yellow cmyk 5/ 0/ 95/ 0

Solid matte P antone 5 8 5 M

Solid uncoated P antone 3 96 5 U

Solid coated P antone 3 9 5 C

Venture black

cmyk 10 0 / 10 0 / 10 0 / 10 0

Solid matte P antone Bl ack M

Solid uncoated P antone Bl ack U

Solid coated P antone Bl ack C

The Logo design with two colors and when use on the logo the yellow color will use to the pop out the triangle graphic. This yellow also have some green color tone and it is mean the new FIL A wants people to take adventure around the world. Let people to do outdoor activities and change themselves from the inside. The yellow color give people just boldly forward.

47 New identity / Color System


Dan SMITH MANAGER 404 824 3167 1489 Webster St. San Francisco, CA 94115

w w

The business system stays simple with only 2 colors, and a tilted angle structure is included within business card design. The angle of the structure has the same degree with the “A� in the logo to keep the balance in the system, and the color of bright yellow is used to be the main feature of the whole system.

1489 Webster St. San Francisco, CA 94115

w w

47 49 New identity / business system

business system

Dan SMITH MANAGER 404 824 3167 1489 Webster St. San Francisco, CA 94115

w w w.defy–expectations–

1489 Webster St. San Francisco, CA 94115 w w w.defy–expectations–

404 824 3168 w w w.defy–expectations–

51 New identity / business system

OUR New identity

Push beyond your limits



No limit here.


57 Sometimes, you don’t want to live the old life; sometimes you want to break free, and feel alive. Believe us, being alive is awesome. Instead of figuring out how to avoid obstacles in your life, figuring out what you really want out of life. Anything worth having is worth fighting for, and this especially holds true in the pursuit of our own dreams, happiness, success, and fulfillment. Move now!

Evolution / Progression

try everything

58 Evolution / Progression

planning the adventure


Extreme sport trainer High risk insurance Off-road vehicle rental Plan extreme activities agency Sport gear


feeling the adrenaline rush

getting the blood pumping

Extreme sports exhibitions Space environment experience Skydiving from space

Wild world travel

Space travel

FILA extreme award

Racing with F1 race car driver

Polar/ Ultra marathons

All the concepts about stepping out of your comfort zone mean nothing until you decide that your essential purpose, vision and goals are more important than your self-imposed limitations.

63 In addition to the all-round services and facilities, the New FILA also offers our customers the whole package of out–door activities that you may be interested in. It’s confusing and frustrating when facing a new challenge, but the New FILA will help you to get ready for your new goals! It’s either waiting your whole life for that adventurous moment, or, you can give yourself a push today.

Evolution / planning the adventure

planning the adventure

65 Find something that you’re really interested in doing in your life. Pursue it, set goals, and commit yourself to excellence. Do the best you can.

Evolution / planning the adventure


getting the blood pumping The new FILA provides a lot of activities and also wants people to make their dream come true. Not only extreme sport events, but also they can give people the full service and customization service. From the sports gear to whole adventure. Whatever you do, do with all your might. People can realize that they have unlimited potential.

Evolution / getting the blood pumping


find your own values in fila

71 The new FILA will make the impossible possible if people want to try. FILA will help them to acheive their goal. For new FILA, space walking will no longer a dream. People can get welltrained to do something they think impossible. FILA not only gives people the whole servise but also let people know that the limit is a self窶田hallenge FILA is the start.

Evolution / feeling the adrenaline rush

feeling the adrenaline rush

Images do w nthe gr oun d .w or dp r e s s .com w w w.f il a .com i. hu f f p os t .com kel ly inthe ci t w w w.u t ah ou t tok y of a shion .com biker e v ie w s .com he s tia sl ar der. b lo gsp ot .com ado gb r e e ds .com w w w. might y b ackgr oun ds .com s t atic 4 . b usine s sin w w w.ol i v er f luck .com w w w. al psm ount aine er in g .com p os tm e dia w in ds or s t ar.f ile s .w or dp r e s s .com w w w.f l ick



w w w.l i fe – chan gin g – w or ds .or g


w w w. s e ar ch quote s .com w w w. s e ar ch quote s .com en .w ik ip e dia .or g w w w.f il a .com

wen shu(Nina) huang A C A DEMY OF A R T UNI V E R S I T Y S ch o ol of G r ap hic D e sign


The re–invisioned FILA has a new purpose. The new FILA helps people to be active to pursue their in their dreams so that they can challenge...

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