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Nimia is the first professional video asset marketplace to make the video licensing process simple and easy for video producers and users. Its innovative approach to licensing video streamlines the process and provides peace of mind for both parties. Nimia's massive library of exquisite content created by professional video producers gives licensees a wide variety of content to choose from, to make their project a success.

Nimia allows professionals to license videos directly to their clientele, or publish them in the Nimia marketplace for licensing to a wider audience. An innovative approach gives video professionals a simple set of licensing options that help them monetize their video assets, while licensees can take advantage of options for ensuring they have "peace of mind" from a legal standpoint. This simple approach reduces deal friction and increases licensing revenues for producers, and provides a wide variety of exquisite content for licensees to utilize.

By licensing and monetizing video, professional video producers can transform previously inert videos into profit-generating assets. Users who license videos through the Nimia marketplace can take advantage of Nimia's innovative license options to obtain peace of mind and protection from licensing problems down the road. Video producers will appreciate Nimia's powerful distribution, transcoding, archive, and workflow capabilities. Editorial, Commercial, Educational, and Corporate users can find and license exquisite videos by awardwinning directors, agencies, and studios. And both parties in each transaction can obtain peace of mind with Nimia's innovative and simple licensing options. With Nimia's video marketplace, professional videomakers have the tools they need to get the job done. You can securely backup all of your original source files, then preview and download them anytime you need to retrieve them. High fidelity source files can be sent to co-workers, clients, or friends - who can preview the video right in their browser, give live feedback, and then download the original file when everything is ready.

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Article nimia