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Your essential commercial and residential property data, in one place

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Š Nimbus Property Technology

Your essential commercial and residential property data, in one place

Welcome to the Nimbus® Maps Elite User Guide Included in this pack, you will find invaluable advice and hints and tips on how to get the most from your Nimbus® Maps Elite software subscription. However, should there be anything that you are unable to find, if you have questions

or you feel that some additional live training with one of the team via our online Screenleap screen-to-screen system - from the comfort of your desk - please don’t hesitate to contact us today on: 0330 088 3513

Go to and click on Learning to find training videos, FAQs and other help and advice on using Nimbus® Maps Elite.

The Holy Trinity There are three basic operations to Nimbus® Maps that are the basis for all functionality:

Search - just like Google.

Click - on anything.

Browse - the masses of aggregated data from over 500 sources.

A few of our data sources.

Your essential commercial and residential property data, in one place

Nimbus® Maps Elite User Interface

Search Here

If an exact location is not know, get close and click to find polygons in the area.


Click to open/close the Information Panel.

Home Button

Click to reset the screen.

Building Search

Location Search

Intelligent Search functionality with the choice of search options.

Intelligent Search functionality with the choice of search options. You can search by: 1. Location 2. Title Number 3. Company Name

Info Panel



Filter your search criteria, including adding Planning and Availability.

After you have hit ‘Search’, this is what your map screen will look like, showing all your clickable polygons and pins.

Open or close the Information Panel.

Information Panel

Log Out

Once a Title ‘polygon’, pin or postcode dot is clicked, all the information relating to the site is shown in this panel. Blue clickable links also give you more information. For more detail, see page ??

Click this to log out of your session. If you shut down the browser without lgging out, you will be locked out for 15 minutes.

Map View Options

Map Key

Once you have clicked ‘Search’ these are the Icons that will appear on your screen over the map Pins

Freehold polygons (site outlines)

These buttons allow you to change the type of map displayed in Nimbus® (The Information Panel need to be closed to access map views).


Unregistered Land


Unregistered Land with Planning

Traffic Data

Your essential commercial and residential property data, in one place

Map Icon Key

A key to the coloured circles on the Map View.


All you purchases will be found in your Basket.


Scroll Mode

Click to read our FAQs

Switchied on at zoom levels 5m and greater, as you move around the map, polygons and pins auto-populate on screen.

Account Tools

All your Account Management information can be found here, including Documents and Favourites.

Drawing Tools

Clicking this allows you to draw your own polygons to measure a site area.

Map Data Overlay Tools

These four options allow you to view overlays on the map or to toggle Planning on or off.

Google 3D Map

Google 3D View If you see this symbol, click to change the map view to 3D.

Map Zoom

Google Street View

Zoom In and Out.

Click and drag this icon to a dark blue road to see a splitscreen view (below).

Map Key... continued

Postcode Dots*

With Planning

With Availability

With Planning & Availability

Centre of Search

Live Chat

* Dots with numbers are clustered data sets. Š Nimbus Property Technology

Clicking this button opens our help centre where you can ask questions of our expert team.

Your essential commercial and residential property data, in one place

Searching We have set-up Nimbus® Maps to search intelligently, much like Google Maps. But you have six options to help filter this process: 1. Location: this enable you to search by the centre of a town or city, post code, a place name, street name, point of interest or a Motorway and junction number. 2. Title Number: if you have the Land Registry Title number, you can instantly see the pre-mapped site. 3. Company Name: Type in the company name to find all the sites registered to that or subsidiary names. 4. Company Number: Find a Companies House number directly from Nimbus® Maps. 5. Reference: Find alias names for company property. 6. Building Search: More detailed by house number and postcode.

Filters Clicking on this option brings up a new dialogue box with a whole host of search Filter options, including Planning, Availability and Unregistered Land, Property Size and various Sales filters. In addition, you have a series of sliders that enable you to really fine-tune your site search process. Simply make your selections, adjust your sliders and then hit the Update button. The dialogue box will disappear and the Map window will show the new polygons, pins and dots on the screen, ready for you to click and see the information in the Information Panel (on the left of the screen).

The Nimbus® Maps Filter dialogue box. Planning & Availability filter options are circled. The image shows the OS Mastermap map view in the background.

Your essential commercial and residential property data, in one place

The Map Views On opening the software you will be greeted with a Google Maps Satellite view. However, there are additional map views found in the bottom-left corner (circled), including OS Mastermap, to help you carry out and visualise your site search, measuring and ownership data.

Standard Google Maps Satellite view.

OS Mastermap view.

OS Map view.

Google 3D Map view.

What is a site ‘polygon’? Taken from the latest digitised HM Land Registry Titles, these site outlines are interactive links which unlock information from the multiple data sources we have ‘layered’ into Nimbus® Maps. Simply click to start browsing. Polygon Key • • • •

Red outlines show a pre-measured site. Yellow outlines show sites with Planning. Blue outlines show Availability. Green outlines show a combination of Planning & Availability.

What are the coloured dots? These dots indicate if there is Planning or Availability within a postcode. Click to be taken to new pages. Numbered dots indicate cluctered data. Post codes with Planning Post codes with Availability The image above shows you the centre of Cambridge with a selection of coloured freehold polygons, green Leasehold pins and data ‘dots’ with clustered data within. All of these overlays are clickable and have a mass of data aggregated into the Information Panel.

Post codes with Planning & Availability


Your essential commercial and residential property data, in one place

The Map Views... Continued Split screen Google Street View By dragging the Street View icon (called Pegman!) from the bottom right-hand corner (circled) of the screen on to one of the roads that appear, the fully functional split-screen mode is automatically enabled.

Click the arrow to close Street View.

The NimbusÂŽ Maps split screen with Google Street View; you can scroll around and change map section in this view.

Traffic Flow Pin The blue pin icon (circled) with the small car inside gives locations that show traffic flow data from Highways England. Click on the pin and the Information Panel will open showing the data for that area. Clicking on More Information adds vehicle types and the years the data was collected.

The NimbusÂŽ Maps Traffic Flow data in the Information Panel and the additional dialogue box - data is average daily flow.

Your essential commercial and residential property data, in one place

The Information Panel It is to this panel that all of the aggregated data, Title documents and clickable links are viewed and interacted with. Click on the coloured green icon or the dark blue text to access an unparalleled amount of property information. Expand All Click this button to open all the dropdown menus. Title Number The Land Registry Title number and connected to the Post Office UPRN. Click this to highlight just this site in the map window. Owner Sourced from Land Registry and filtered through Companies House; corporate and overseas ownership. Site Area The area of the site measured in acres and hectares. This will also measure any other land associated with the same Title. Building Footprints Area including outbuildings and all permanent structures. Building Heights The height of a building in meters. Rateable Value The property’s rateable value per square foot. Price Paid & EPC Register A record of the sale price of the site with a direct link to the .GOV EPC site. Estimated Value Using our own algorithm on Sold price data, we have created an estimated value of Titles showing as far back as 1995. Availability Is there a site for sale in the polygon or pin. Planning History Dating back to 1972, a complete history of a site’s Planning with clickable links to the LA’s Planning portal. The Nimbus® Maps Information Panel.

Share this Title Click to create a link you can send to colleagues and clients. Add Favourite Add Titles to your Favourites Page, found in the Accounts. Request a Topographical Survey Via our Bespoke team, we can create highly detailed survey reports that take a fraction of the time traditional site surveys take.

Planning Policy A direct link to the local authority’s Planning portal. Listed Building Graded and listed buildings throughout the country. Flooding & Environmental - see over page Population Demographic information of the area showing the population and household numbers from the centre of the site, with a radius of 100m-1km. Downloads - see over page This icon is clickable and opens up more data in the Information Panel.


Your essential commercial and residential property data, in one place

The Information Panel... Continued Flooding/Flood Risk If there is relevant flooding/flood risk associated with the site - indicated by the green plus icon in the Information Panel - you can view basic data in the IP by clicking on the icon. For a deeper dive, click on the dark blue copy to be taken to the Environment Agency’s .GOV web maps for that site.

Information Panel flooding summary.

EA Flood Risk. EA Flood Map.

Environmental Three key due diligence environmental reports are included in the Information Panel.

This inset shows you the data in the Information Panel for the site clicked on.

Downloads There are three Documents available, two are sourced directly from Land Registry. The third, Nimbus® Report, is a software-generated report based on data surrounding the site you have selected. The Nimbus® Report is included in your subscription. • • •

Title plan Register & Lease Nimbus Report

Your essential commercial and residential property data, in one place

Map Overlays There are four overlays in the menu on the far right of the map screen: Planning, Overlays, Measure and Exports. The Planning overlay enables you to quickly display the Planning dataset for the search range you have set (the default is 250m in the Filter panel) and then select how far back you want to explore. The default is set to 2015.

Two measuring tools to help check distances and possible constraints.




After you have performed a Search, clicking on the Export icon brings up the instant Export options, the available options highlighted green. Simply click the your preference and the Excel output is downloaded to your computer.

The Overlays add three key environmaental constraints to the map view: AONB, Green Belt and Woodland Pasture. You can only have one overlay active at a time; the overlays work on all map views.

Your essential commercial and residential property data, in one place

Experian Corporate Structure Gain a complete perspective of a business’s overall risk and structure from within the software. Under the Company Search, type in the name of the business you are researching. Click on the company and be taken to a company structure dialogue box. You can then export all or part of this data as CSV files, downloaded to your computer.

1. In Search, type the company name.

2. The Company list dialogue box from Company Search, click on the company that interests you...

3. ...and the coporate structure of that organisation is presented. You can export all or just subsidiaries, or to view the complete portfolio in the map, click Search.

4. After clicking on Search, the map view changes to present a visual output of the complete portfolio of Freeholds and Leasholds, represented as pins and cluctered dots, that when zoomed in can be clicked on to explore the detail surrounding the individual site.

Your essential commercial and residential property data, in one place

Account Management Found by clicking on the triple lines in the top-right corner (circled). In this section you can quickly and simply find all of your key account information, plus this is where any documents such as Titles and Registers you have downloaded from Land Registry through the Nimbus® Maps software, any Favourites you have saved and any invoices generated through your activity.

Click on the ‘Burger Menu’ top right and then Manage Account.

All of your Titles, Registers and Leases will appear here ready for downloading.

If you have saved Favourites via the Informatiopn Panel button, they will appear here along with any notes you made on each. Simply click on the line and you will be taken to that Title in the Map view. 0330 088 3513

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Nimbus Maps Elite User Guide May 2018  
Nimbus Maps Elite User Guide May 2018