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What is our bespoke service?

Where do we get our data?

First and foremost, Nimbus® Maps Bespoke exists to solve problems. We have no sales team. We have Data Scientists and nerdy maths people who get data in a big way, headed by our CTO, Paul Davis. So, it’s the data that we have that does the ‘selling’ and removes the subjectivity from the search and reporting process. From the government bodies and corporate service/data providers that you use now. You will already know them, they are big brands and hugely trusted for their depth and quality. We have brought it all together in an intelligent, highly searchable massive data ‘ocean’.

What can we do? We can run highly targeted, bespoke queries using our sophisticated machine-learning and carefully crafted algorithms through our data science team.  Examples include, to scale/volume across England, Scotland and Wales: Site size, key constraints, ownership, surrounding ownership, due diligence, portfolio review and analysis, environmental reporting, detailed topographical reports, lead generation, valuation analysis, corporate dashboard, UK Planning data, EPC reporting, sales & marketing contact data. The datasets we have enable us a huge ‘slider puzzle’ that we can organise to your needs. In addition, if we haven’t got an aspect in our datasets, more often than not we will go and get it as part of the service.

Drastically improve search ability and efficiency Rapidly analyse a space, location, sector or market  Provide you with high quality leads and contacts  Save your resources  Innovate your processes using data & technology

No win, no fee - no risk! Whatever it is, we can tailor the solution to your needs and budget, even if it means buying and researching new data. The very best bit is that if the report we provide you has no value, or it doesn’t deliver what you need, we do not charge you. There is no risk to you, whatsoever.

Case Studies Each project we undertake is, well, bespoke. But here are a few recent examples to give you some breadth of what we have been asked to create

Site Finding A client came to us with a very specific site finding need, including geographical area, plot size, relative location to infrastructure and conurbations. They asked us to clear the white noise around the very manual, time consuming search and output what was essentially a lead list of sites to match the criteria.

Sales Prices Bromford Homes has been a client of Bespoke (and heavy Nimbus® Maps user) for some time and is using the service to get ahead of their competition, target land and pre-qualify sites, to name a few. The Bespoke team recently provided a residential performance report for a very specific post code, including sales prices for the last 12 months based on site type, local schools’ performance, crime statistics, infrastructure, population profiling and a comprehensive new development listing for the same area.

Data A large pub company client needed us to run an analysis of their existing portfolio to create a data map template. We then used this to site search and find suitable acquisition sites for expansion plans for the company. The initial search found over 60,000 sites which we reduced down to a few thousand, supplied in a live report with clickable links for in-depth research.

AVM Reporting A residential client asked us to replicate their own, approved site finding process, scale it up and produce a repeatable model for significantly enhanced viability scanning for sites. This enabled them to rapidly shortlist suitable properties and bring deals forward far faster.

Land Finding A large residential developer asked us to create a report surrounding on- and off-market land owners that removed all the usual constraints: ANOB, Planning, Greenbelt, Flooding, Listings, etc., whilst overlaying geographical data surrounding infrastructure and population demographics. This project was linked to housing shortages and enabled the developer to source land to hit strategic development targets.

How does it work? There are four stages to the process, as follows: 1. What do you need? Discuss with the data science team 2. We go in to the data, tech and analyse what’s required 3. We build a proposal 4. We output (tech, leads, lists, contacts, sales & marketing)

How to get in touch Simply call 0330 088 3513 and ask to speak with our Bespoke Data team.

Meet the team

Paul Davis CTO

Iain Fletcher Data Scientist

Shanaka Perera Data Scientist

Nimbus® Maps Over 15 years running a family property company and super agency, as Oxbridge trained maths engineers, we found the volume of repeated tasks needed to qualify sites truly irksome, added to this the frequency of fall off after simple due diligence checks, there had to be a better way. A better way was compiling all these sources digitally, visualise them in a highly practical way and then link even more ‘layers’ of crucial information that would really excite property professionals. One place with all the data the industry, not just a sector, needs. Nimbus® Maps was launched as a Freemium model and in less than 10 weeks has over 1250 businesses signed up. A huge benefit of our cloud-based platform is the immense 'data ocean' and architecture it needed to be created. A data ocean we can use technology and expertise to unlock leads, analysis and off-market sites on a country-wide scale. 0330 088 3513

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