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USM Modular Furniture 28–30 Greene Street New York, NY 10013 Phone 212-371-1230

Modular furniture in timeless designs is now available with Quick Ship delivery. USM Haller, a modern design classic 2 / 2010 made in Switzerland since 1963, continually represents high quality, precision and growth into the spaces of your future. In our Quick Ship program, we offer a distinct selection of USM Haller pieces for the home and office, in stock for delivery within 2-3 weeks in the continental U.S. For more information visit

Select USM Haller pieces are now available for Quick Ship delivery.


1 USM Haller nightstand 16”W/20”D/24”H with one 6” drawer

6 USM Haller credenza 59”W/14”D/29”H with two drop down doors

QS_A10.24 Pure white QS_A10.25 Golden yellow QS_A10.30 Graphite black $ 910 2 USM Haller nightstand 20”W/14”D/23”H with one drop down door QS_P14.24 Pure white QS_P14.28 USM green QS_P14.30 Graphite black $1,083 3 USM Haller media 59”W/14”D/17”H with two drop down doors and casters QS_B10.24 Pure white QS_B10.25 Golden yellow QS_B10.28 USM green QS_B10.30 Graphite black $ 1,631 4 USM Haller media 59”W/14”D/23”H with two drop down doors QS_O14.24 Pure white QS_O14.28 USM green QS_O14.30 Graphite black $1,945 5 USM Haller credenza 59”W/14”D/29”H with two drop down doors QS_C10.24 Pure white QS_C10.25 Golden yellow QS_C10.30 Graphite black $ 2,234 59”W/14”D/29”H with two extension drawers with filing QS_CF14.24 Pure white QS_CF14.30 Graphite black $ 3,186






QS_T59.02 Pearl gray laminate $ 1,409

QS_D10.24 Pure white QS_D10.25 Golden yellow QS_D10.30 Graphite black $ 2,234

15 USM Haller shelving 30”W/14”D/71”H with two drop down doors and one bottom drawer QS_Q14.24 Pure white QS_Q14.25 Golden yellow QS_Q14.30 Graphite black $ 3,153

QS_T59.06 Black oak veneer $1,748 QS_T59.12 Natural walnut veneer $2,254

7 USM Haller credenza 59”W/14”D/29”H with four drop down doors

16 USM Haller shelving 20”W/14”D/71”H


QS_E10.24 Pure white QS_E10.25 Golden yellow QS_E10.30 Graphite black $ 2,730

QS_T69.02 Pearl gray laminate $ 1,517

59”W/14”D/29”H with two top drop down doors and two bottom extension drawers with filing

QS_T69.12 Natural walnut veneer $2,500

QS_J10.24 Pure white QS_J10.25 Golden yellow QS_J10.30 Graphite black $ 1,783

QS_T69.06 Black oak veneer $1,996

QS_EF14.24 Pure white QS_EF14.30 Graphite black $ 3,681

17 USM Haller shelving 20”W/14”D/71”H with one drop down door

12 USM Haller pedestal 16”W/20”D/24”H with one 6” drawer and one 14” filing drawer and casters

8 USM Haller dresser 30”W/14”D/39”H with three drawers

QS_K10.24 Pure white QS_K10.25 Golden yellow QS_K10.30 Graphite black $ 2,268

QS_M10.24 Pure white QS_M10.25 Golden yellow QS_M10.30 Graphite black $1,685

QS_N14.24 Pure white QS_N14.25 Golden yellow QS_N14.28 USM green $3,161

USM Haller Colors Pure white

13 USM Haller shelving 30”W/14”D/71”H

Golden yellow USM Green

QS_H10.24 Pure white QS_H10.25 Golden yellow QS_H10.30 Graphite black $ 1,903

9 USM Haller storage 30”W/14”D/43”H with three drop down doors QS_F10.24 Pure white QS_F10.25 Golden yellow QS_F10.30 Graphite black $ 2,152

Graphite black

14 USM Haller shelving 30”W/14”D/71”H with two drop down doors

USM Haller Table Surfaces Pearl gray laminate

QS_I10.24 Pure white QS_I10.25 Golden yellow QS_I10.30 Graphite black $ 2,523

10 USM Haller storage 59”W/14”D/43”H with six drop down doors

Black oak veneer Natural walnut veneer

QS_G10.24 Pure white QS_G10.25 Golden yellow QS_G10.30 Graphite black $ 3,916



11 USM Haller table 59”W/30”D/29”H

Pricing does not reflect sales tax and shipping.











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