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Card case

hard maple

Craft: Corsoyard

Design: Shige Hasegawa



I couldn't find any good name card, so I designed to make it by myself. This is my first product design as a product designer in 2005. Since 2005, I use this card case for 8 years and still good condition. Wood is one of my favorite materials. I want you to feel the real wood, That's why I decided not to put any varnish or painting on it. After 8 years my ebony card case, become darker color and it looks very nice. My name card is red color, so you can see through the red dots from the 12 small halls. If your name card has some color, please enjoy matching with your name card and the wood color. I really enjoy having this card case and so are you. This is my favorite gift for my friends and business partner. I used to make it by myself, but now I ask Japanese paper mister to make, because I trust their craftsmanship. They make Japanese paper at day time and they make this card case at night. This is why some Japanese paper message card comes with the card case for you to use. material :  hard maple, zebra, ebony / Japanese cypress(side part ) size :  100mm x 65mm x 9mm Made in Japan hard maple    3,300 JPY zebra      3,600 JPY ebony 3,900 JPY can contail about 12 name card。 Shige Hasegawa Design Shige Hasegawa tel: +81-90-2742-8383 mail: web: