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MOVISI is a manufacturer of modular lightweight furniture, providing flexibility and freedom for modern lifestyles at any age. We work with some of today's hottest designers to create furniture that reflects your individuality.

We think that everyone should have more choices when it comes to the character of their office or home decor.

The MOVISI furniture collection is designed for dynamic, stylish and modern homes and businesses, where the light bright practicality of MOVISI systems is bound to energise you, and those around you. With MOVISI you are in control of the design.

Our aim is to offer you endless interior design possibilities. MOVISI does not dictate a style, but rather allows you to establish your own personal character and style with furniture systems that you can change as it suits you. MOVISI furniture adapts to your needs.

ONLY THE BEST QUALITY & ENVIRONMENT FIRST There is no substitute for quality. This is why we only use carefully selected materials that fit with our philosophy, which is to provide you with creative freedom and flexibility. MOVISI wants to secure good quality as well as take on social responsibility. By producing our furniture in Germany, we can guarantee best quality, environmentally responsible production methods, correct labour methods and fair wages.

All our furniture which is made from ARPRO (Expanded Polypropylene), a lightweight high performance plastic foam, is 100% recyclable, toxic and emission free, allergy friendly, energy absorbing, extremely lightweight (95% air) and therefore very easy to handle. 速


LINK PARTITIONING SYSTEM LINK is a modular system designed by the award winning design studio PearsonLloyd which features units that link together to create free-standing partitions and room dividers for different interior settings. Quick to construct and quick to change; unique and diverse in its capabilities to modify its design as many times as the end user chooses. Design: PearsonLloyd

A flexible and durable system, LINK works in the following environments: Office: reception, break out, informal meeting areas. Exhibitions: booths, shrouding walkways, creating temporary press or cafe areas. Retail: shop displays, wall cladding, back drops.

15 pieces of LINK are required to build a 1m x 1m wall. Size of 1 LINK module: W 288 mm x H 216 mm x D 120 mm (H 200 mm when linked) Weight: 200 g /per piece 速

Material: ARPRO EPP (100% recyclable) See page 2 for more details.

Colours: available in white: Other colours on demand:






This modular sofa system has some very special qualities. The first thing that stands out is its organic and light-hearted appearance. In order not to limit your creativity this couch can be "Q-ued" in all lengths, and colours in any way you want.

Size of 1 Q-COUCH module: L 980 mm x H 800 mm x W 120 mm (W 180 mm when not connected) See page 2 for more details.

Weight: approx.1.5 kg /per piece 速

Material: ARPRO EPP (100% recyclable) See page 2 for more details.

Design: Frederik Van Heereveld

Colours: available in black and white: Other colours on demand:


LJUBLJANA CHAIR The LJUBLJANA CHAIR is a flexible, modular seating system that allows different types of seating to be built. Short lounge chair or long public bench. Two different Ljubljana modules (with backrest or without backrest) offer endless design combinations. The system features slices made from ARPRO EPP, which are connected with a metal thread rod to create seating isles for different interior settings. 速

LJUBLJANA CHAIR is quick to construct and quick to change; unique and diverse in its capabilities to modify its design as many times as the end user chooses. An outdoor version with UV treatment is available on request.

Design: ASOBI

Size: see drawing. Availalble with /without backrest Weight: ~ 1 kg /per slice Materials: Seat: ARPRO EPP (100% recyclable) 速

See page 2 for more details.

Connector set: 2 stainless steel rods (A2) with 4 INOX stainless steel caps per set. Colours: available in 11 colours, on demand:



LYTA ARMCHAIR COVER CHANGE The cover and the upholstery foams are easily removable.

LYTA LYTA is a flexible and lightweight armchair. a true alternative, offering mobility, flexibility and autonomy to everyone at any age.

Flexibility: cover and upholstery foams are completely removable for cleaning or replacement of cover for a new look. It only takes you 5 minutes.

Manufactured in a revolutionary new way, LYTA provides a stylish, comfortable and practical solution for contract environments.

Comfort: the ergonomically moulded structure enhances perfect comfort.

Easy handling: LYTA is extremely light weight (from 11 kg) and therfore enables people at any age to move it around for cleaning or for a quick rearrangement of furniture.

Health: LYTA helps to keep your environment healthy. Its structure is emission and toxic free, allergy friendly and even food approved. No glues or metals are used. Safety: because of its shock absorbing properties, LYTA reduces the risk of injury if you fall or collide with the chair.

Easy cleaning: LYTA features full-surface, easy to remove-and-replace upholstery. The structure can even be steam cleaned. Easy maintenance and low lifetime costs: all components can be replaced individually which means that you never have to replace an entire chair again. Friendly to the environment: we don’t cut trees! ARPRO EPP is a lightweight high performance plastic foam which is 100% recyclable. The chair can be disassembled in all its components. Ž

Friendly to the people: LYTA is made in Germany. This secures best quality, environmentally responsible production methods and social responsibility towards everyone involved in the production of MOVISI furniture. LYTA works at home and in following contract environments: hotels (lobbies and rooms), lounges, shops, events and exhibitions, cafe areas, pubs, clubs and bars, yachts and cruisers. It is also particularly suitable for nursing homes, due to its health and safety improving properties. Design: Ronen Kadushin

SIZE, WEIGHT & COVERS Overall size: W 730 mm x H 880 mm x D 770 mm Seat height: 460 mm Seat depth: 520 mm Seat width: 550 mm Weight: from 11 kg Materials: Structure: ARPRO EPP (allergy friendly, toxic and emission free, 100% recyclable). ®

See page 2 for more details.

Upholstery: PU comfort foam. Covers: range of selected fabrics available. Please ask for the ‘LYTA cover range catalogue’.

Winner Red Dot Award: Product 2009 Finalist of the INTERNATONAL DESIGN EXCELLENCE AWARDS 2009

SNAP CHAIR SNAP CHAIR This elegantly designed chair features a two-colour seat of two parts that snap together. The snap assembly allows the user to change colours and configurations at any time. The SNAP chair is 99% recyclable. Using only three different parts, metal frame, ARPRO EPP seat halves and plastic stoppers, the entire lifecycle of SNAP was considered during the design process. The seat halves contain 95% air and only 5% material making it very lightweight. 速

Design: Karim Rashid for Feek

SIZE, WEIGHT AND COLOURS Size: W 540 mm x H 820 mm x D 650 mm Weight: ~ 4 kg Materials: Seat: ARPRO EPP (100% recyclable) 速

See page 2 for more details.

Frame: metal frame with plastic stoppers

Colours: Seat shells available in: Other colours on demand:

MOIRÉ CHAIR MOIRÉ CHAIR The double layered shell of the MOIRÉ Chair with its unusual transparency plays with light and shadow, giving a subtle edge to its plasticity.

For the first time in history a double layered grid has been produced as a one-part injection moulded piece without the need for fiberglass reinforcements.

The concept behind the design was to create a form pure in structure whilst retaining an excellent quality. The complex forms and geometry of the MOIRÉ Chair were only attainable through the use of advanced digital technology, including rapid prototyping.

The lightweight structure (from 3.1 kg) is therefore characterised by its small mass relative to the applied load.available on

Design: Ton Haas

request. 100 % recyclable.

MOIRÉ CHAIR SIZE, WEIGHT AND COLOURS Available in 3 versions: - 4 leg base (stackable, 3.1 kg) - Sledge base with armrests and optional linking device (stackable, 5.5 kg) - 5 wheels swivel base (not stackable, 7 kg) Stackable: up to 7 chairs or 20 chairs on a stack chair dolly Size: W 510 mm x H 790 mm x D 510 mm (Seat H 440 mm) Materials: - Seat: injection moulded PP (Polypropylene) - Swivel base in aluminium - Frames in chromed steel - 100% recyclable Awards: Red Dot Design Award, iF product design award, Design Plus Material Vision Award. Colours: available in 7 colours: black, grey, white, transparent, orange, brown, pale yellow



CORAL CHAIR CORAL CHAIR Designer Ton Hass took inspiration from the intricate beauty of coral reefs to create this lightweight chair. The ergonomically designed seat and backrest together with its lumbar support ensure comfort even when sitting for lengthy periods of time. The CORAL Chair is a one piece injection moulded chair made from fiberglass reinforced Nylon. This makes it lightweight (3.9 kg), durable, flame-retardant and UV resistant.

Design: Ton Haas

CORAL is suited for indoor and outdoor use. The chair's smooth and open structure does not allow water or dirt to adhere to it, resulting in a clean and dry surface on which to sit. The CORAL Chair works in the following environments: hotels, events, restaurants, pubs,bars, garden areas, terraces, coffee shops, lidos, swimming pools. 100 % recyclable.

CORAL CHAIR SIZE, WEIGHT AND COLOURS Suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Stackable: up to 20 chairs Size: W 480 mm x H 825 mm x D 520 mm (Seat H 460 mm) Weight: ~ 4 kg Material: Polyamid (Nylon 6), reinforced with glass fibre (100% recyclable) Colours: available in 6 colours: black, warm grey, white, orange, blue, army green

MAKE/SHIFT expands and contracts to fill different size gaps. The corrugated edges fix the units at the right size. You do not have to worry about exact dimensions, as MAKE/SHIFT can always adjust to fit. The shelving units can also be used as a free standing system using the included clips. Design: Peter Marigold SIZE, WEIGHT AND COLOURS Size: see drawing.Available in 2 versions: STANDARD (D 325 mm) or SLIM: (D 162,5 mm) Weight: ~ 2 kg /per unit 速

Material: ARPRO EPP (100% recyclable) See page 2 for more details.

Colours: available in 3 colours:


MAKE/SHIFT - a self adjusting shelving system





PLAY is a modular storage and shelving system which is assembled through snap-fitting.

Size: see next page.

Using three basic elements you can create an almost endless variety of configurations which you can modify as often as you like.

Material: ARPRO EPP (100% recyclable)

Weight: ~ 9 kg /PLAY KIT 4 速

See page 2 for more details.

Colours: available in 2 colours: You can create, colour, arrange and rearrange PLAY as it suits you. Create single elements, walls or entire landscapes. The configurations are left to your imagination. No tools, screws or glue is needed. Design: Antoine Phelouzat

Other colours on demand:







YOUR CUSTOM PLAY The PLAY shelving system consists of 3 components: internal corner, external corner and flat piece. As there are infinite configurations, the easiest way to obtain a price is to use our online configurator.


Awards: Best New Product, I.D. Magazine Certificate of Excellence in Materials, Material ConneXion Best Product, Heimtextil Frankfurt

TEARS OFF WALLPAPER TEARS OFF is a modular wallpaper. The innovative wallpaper is created with a specially designed perforation. By tearing off pieces of the wallpaper, you can create your own unique space.

The colour and texture underneath the wallpaper will become a significant element within the design. Tearing off pieces of the wallpaper is an easy and creative process. Available in various colours (see page 39). Design: ZNAK, Aldo Kroese, Studio Hausen


black - 017

brick orange - 015

brown - 002

red - 011

gumran grey - 007

bright violet - 020

rhinover beige - 004

dark violet - 019

acqua blue - 012

bright blue - 001


gold yellow - 003

FIOCCO LAMP FIOCCO LAMP FIOCCO is a self-assembly modular lighting system, made up of interlocking modules.

FIOCCO becomes a decorative highlight in any room. All you need is an energy saving lightbulb (max. 15 W /220V) .

FIOCCO offers a 3 layer sandwich system which gives this lamp a shiny and elegant appearance.

Available as table lamp, floor lamp or pendant light.

In addition, the use of PP in a 3 layer system makes the lampshade dustrepellent and easy to clean.

Material: lamp shade is made from PP (Polypropylene), 100% recyclable. Sizes: Table lamp: Ø 23 cm, Ø 35 cm Floor lamp: Ø 50 cm, Ø 100 cm Pendant light: Ø 50 cm, Ø 100 cm

ECLIPSE LIGHT ECLIPSE LIGHT ECLIPSE is the simple way to make your space a little brighter. Cut by a laser from a single sheet of steel, this lamp is then bent into shape by hand. The steel reflects the light, and bending it to different degrees can create different effects.

The sheet steel creates an interesting frame, making a feature of the light bulb itself, instead of hiding it. All you need is a nice looking lightbulb (25W/220V). Design: Ronen Kadushin Material: 1.5mm stainless steel Size: L 290 x W 220 x H 590 mm

FLAT KNOT BOWL FLAT KNOT BOWL FLAT KNOT is a fruit bowl made from a flat sheet of steel which is then warped and knotted into itself. Not only is it a practical way to hold fruit, but the FLAT KNOT BOWL is a feature in it's own right, as the unique shape and the warped reflections on it's surface make it an ideal centre piece when empty also.

Its reflective surface means that it fits into any room, by echoing the colours of its surroundings, and also, reflecting the colours of whatever is placed within it. Design: Ronen Kadushin Material: 1.0 mm stainless steel Size: available in 3 different sizes: Small L 360 x W 170 x H 140 mm Medium L 460 x W 210 x H 180 mm Large L 620 x W 300 x H 230 mm

Ronen Kadushin's homage to Alvar Aalto's 1936 Savoy vase adds a fresh and minimalist touch to the familiar, elegant and flowing curves of the commonly known classic. Called FLATAALTO, because it simply is a flat version of Aalto's vase.

The flower holder is comprised of one sheet of laser cut steel, which is then bent into shape by hand. With the use of a simple drinking glass or any other receptacle, flowers can be arranged with ease. Design: Ronen Kadushin Material: 1.5 mm stainless steel Size: L 240 x W 170 x H 180 mm



MIKROKAMIN MIKROKAMIN (micro fireplace) The MIKROKAMIN is a candle holder which gives the same, warm feel of an entire fireplace. The 'logs' at the back reflect the candlelight, while the 'mantle' at the front is silhouetted, making this micro fireplace a more dominating feature than it's size would suggest. Design: Ronen Kadushin Material: 1.0 mm stainless steel Size: L 100 x W 50 x H 80 mm

LIKED IT ? For more inspiration, pictures and details on our products visit our website. For prices and orders please email to: MOVISI GMBH BURGHALDENWEG 62-64 70469 STUTTGART GERMANY + 49 (0)711 5055 485