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FOREWORD Dear reader, 2013 is a very significant year for us at Pedro, Ltd. This year marks our 25th anniversary as a Finnish corporation. We started out as experts in furniture for public spaces. Since then we have developed and shaped our expertise to also design and produce furniture for the home. Today, Pedro furniture collections reflect Scandinavian design, quality and functionality. We develop these by cooperating with independent designers, but even more with clients and consumers. We aim to satisfy each customer as they chose furniture for home, office and public space. To celebrate the Pedro 25th anniversary, here are descriptions of our products and product lines, along with a glimpse of the history of our progress as a top designer, manufacturer and exporter of Finnish furniture. Juha Lehtonen, Managing Director



Tony sofa bed was developed for Stockmann’s campaign in 1998.

“The factory has been in the same place from the very beginning. Now, to celebrate our 25th year in business, a Pedro showroom has also been opened in the factory building.”

THE HISTORY OF PEDRO LTD The history of Pedro Ltd goes back to 1988, when Pekka Larjo teamed up with some trusted associates. We had already developed a first collection, relationships with clients and customers, and the know-how to quickly produce and deliver quality furniture to the evolving market of furniture styles. So it was a natural step to establish our own corporation and to then build our factory in Nastola. In the beginning our most important product group was restaurant sofas. We then extended our proven design and production skills to create additional furniture for public spaces. One of our largest projects in the 1990’s was designing the main office of SOK, a network of Finnish companies in the retail and service trades. From the early years, Pedro has been a subcontractor and product developer for many Finnish brands. Together with our customers, we have developed high-quality commercial designs, production facilities, and 4

In 2003 Pedro made big changes when founder Pekka Larjo transferred his role as managing director to Juha Lehtonen. He had come to the company 13 years before as an enthusiastic student and from the very beginning he had made an impression to Pekka Larjo. Although Pekka Larjo is retired today, he is still helps guide the company with his vision and his valuable know-how as Executive Chairman in the Supervising Board of the corporation.

The Pedro home furniture line began in 1998 when Stockmann needed a high quality sofa bed for their campaign. This led to a strategic decision in the early 2000s to diversify Pedro resources to include the home environment, initially focused on sofa beds. Since the early years, Pedro Ltd has designed and produced furniture for assisted-living environments. In 2008 we highlighted and renewed this furniture group by creating the +55 collection. Here, the collection gives special attention to ergonomic details such as seating height, thus the name, +55.

stunning collections. Among our partners have been companies such as Artek, Asko, Inno Interior, Isku, Mobel and Zaza. Our first major job for ship interiors was M/S Cinderella in 1989, which launched our partnership with Merima Ltd. This has led to a significant breakthrough for Pedro Ltd: among other projects with large cruise ships, our network has widened and we now have number of new customers in the international shipbuilding industry. Including Merima Ltd, we have exported significant quantities of high-quality furnishings to cruise ships both in Finland and abroad. This expertise with large cruise ship interiors has taken our technicians worldwide, most recently to the Caribbean.

After series is one of the most successful products in the +55 collection. Rocking chairs and sofas have positive influence to health and mind, but also help for people at different ages: the rocking movement gives elderly people light exercise, helps mothers put their babies to sleep, and provides relaxation after a stressful day’s work.


PEDRO LTD TODAY Since 2005 we have collaborated with acclaimed designer and interior architect Tapio Anttila (SIO), whose creative balancing of elegant design with mass production techniques is responsible for Pedro’s new product strategies. Our products have been granted utility model shelter, thanks to their novel value and functionality. This strategic decision to invest resources on home furnishings has paid off handsomely. Today, in addition to nearly 50 dealers in Finland, you can find Pedro resellers in Sweden, Holland and Russia.

In addition to sofa beds, our collection today offers flat beds, different types of chairs and dining groups. This is the result of design and production relationships with our customers, designers and with our partner corporations. For example, the ON sofa bed was designed and developed for a customer who wanted sofa beds with optional double bed or twin bed design. With this ON series we have also worked with Puulon Ltd, who is manufactures the ON and Triple table series.

Kate series was designed by Tapio Anttila to the head office of Skanska Ltd.

One of the first success stories in the home furniture line has been the ON-sofa bed, which was the best seller sofa bed in Finland 2011.On sofa bed can be used as one double bed or two single beds. The same series also includes the ON table series manufactured by Puulon.

Whether we are talking about home furniture or different types of projects in the area of public space furnishings, our aim is to build fruitful long-term collaborations. One of our most successful projects lately has been the head office of Skanska Ltd. 6

Also this project gave us a nice opportunity to offer some work to our cooperation partners and develop new functional products. Pedro’s knowledge in product development, flexible production and good partners make even large deliveries possible. 7

FACTORY AND PRODUCTION Our factory is located in Nastola, Finland, next to the city of Lahti. Nastola is about 100km from Helsinki. We have sectors for wood working, finishing, foam handling, upholstery and assembly. Also in the same building we have couple of our subcontractors.


The cornerstone of our business ideology is strong trust between Pedro’s employees and customers. We are open and fair. We use only the best contractors and suppliers for our products.


We want to make the most unique wishes of our customers come true quickly and efficiently. We are flexible towards both our customers and our employees.


Humanity is important in everything that we do. Here at Pedro’s every product is designed and produced by the people, for the people.


We guarantee all our products and services to be of the highest quality. These are manufactured locally at the Lahti region, with high professional skill and using only the highest- quality materials. We use only those materials that meet the high quality standards set for public spaces for example all foams are fire retardant. This means that we can assure domestic decorators of the best possible quality and materials for their use.


We create and offer practical, well-designed products for everyday use. Our product development is guided by the needs of our customers, serviceability, longevity and clear design. 8

THE ENVIRONMENT Truly human values have environmental consequences, and these have always been important in our production. And as our customers have become more aware of environmental issues, we both support and stress these values. One test of competent production is that we not produce mixed waste. At the moment we are close to achieving that goal. Almost every piece of waste goes to recycle and re-use, thanks to the Lahti municipality’s modern and efficient reprocessing facilities, which also has positive recognition abroad.

LOCAL PRODUCTION Production takes place locally at the Lahti region. This helps us avoid unnecessary transportation between regions.

WE CONSIDER THE ENTIRE LIFE SPAN OF OUR PRODUCTS We constantly upgrade design and material to ensure that our products are serviceable, usable, and durable. We are always on the watch for environmentally friendly materials that can meet our high quality standards.

RECYCLEABLE MATERIALS We aim to minimize the use of raw materials and materials, in order to preserve natural resources. Thus, wherever possible, we purchase and use recycled materials for production.

PRODUCTION BYPRODUCTS All waste material from our production line is recyclable by the Lahti municipality reprocessing facility. No matter the source, none of our production byproduct goes into landfill.

CAREFULLY CHOSEN PARTNERS We work to build the Finnish economy by reaching out to Finnish companies and working especially with those that support local communities. 9


M/S Caledonia Sky, Wing & Club armchair


M/S Baltic Princess Dancing Bar, 2008

M/S Color Magic, 2007




M/S Baltic Princess Show Lounge, 2008

M/S Caledonian Sky Lounge sofa

M/S XO of the Seas




Hotel Glo, 2007


Hotel Holiday Club Pyh채tunturi, 2011

Hotel Salpaus, 2007




Hotel Paasi, 2012

The head office of Skanska Ltd, 2012

Lahti Science and Business Park, 2012




WDC2012 exhibition, LahtiBiennale´13 / Venturo, Helsinki 2012

WDC2012 exhibition, Design from Lahti by Tapio Anttila, Lahti 2012

Meet my Project, Paris 2012




AWA sofa bed Tapio Anttila design


TRIPLE stools and tables Tapio Anttila design

AWA sofa bed Tapio Anttila design





ON sofa bed Tapio Anttila design

ON sofa bed Tapio Anttila design

ONcorner sofa bed Tapio Anttila design

fenniaprize 09 good design grows global





DIANA sofa bed & ON flatbed Tapio Anttila design

ON flatbed Tapio Anttila design

AINO sofa bed & SIRKKA flatbed




A LA CARTE dining chairs and table Tapio Anttila design A LA CARTE chair

TRIM dining chairs and table Tapio Anttila design




AFTER series Tapio Anttila design


ULLA chairs




BENCH series

BENCH armchair

SAGA & WEGA armchairs



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Pedro Ltd Tehdastie 4-6 FI-15560 Nastola, Finland Tel. +358 (0)3 873 900 Fax +358 (0)3 873 9010

M/S Freedom of the Seas, Main Theatre

Pedro Ltd Tehdastie 4-6 FI-15560 Nastola, Finland Tel. +358 (0)3 873 900 Fax +358 (0)3 873 9010