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Community Lending for Tasmanians

NILS Network

Strategic Plan 2013–2015

strategic plan 2013–15

The No Interest Loan Scheme of Tasmania is a partnership between government, community and corporate sectors. NILS is a state-wide network of over 70 agencies which provides access to affordable finance to: > Purchase essential items and services > Establish small businesses

NILS provides information and training to promote financial literacy. NILS was established in 2002 and has provided over 7000 loans to Tasmanians on low incomes. We approved 300 loans in our first year of operation. In 2012 we approved 2000 loans. NILS has issued loans totalling more than 8 million dollars.

nils network of tasmania inc

Our clients Tasmanians on low incomes who do not have access to safe, affordable credit. Our values At NILS we: • value and respect our clients and partners • build positive, long term relationships

This means we:

• behave with integrity and act ethically

• offer an approachable, personal service

• lend responsibly and foster responsibility in our clients

• value the commitment and loyalty of our member agencies

• appreciate innovation • take stewardship of our resources seriously

ore “Nils provides m than financial assistance, it of offers renewal self-respect”

• understand that our role is to support financial literacy as well as to provide access to affordable finance • believe that everyone has the capacity to borrow and repay successfully

strategic plan 2013–15

What do we offer our clients that other lenders do not?

We offer credit to people who would


normally be refused credit because of their low incomes.

We enable people to gain


information, skills and experience in dealing with credit.

We offer our clients the chance to be


nils network of tasmania inc

successful in paying back a loan.

Our vision for the future A Tasmanian community where everyone can manage their finances and has access to affordable finance to enhance their quality of life. Our mission To improve the standard of living for Tasmanians on low incomes by providing: • Affordable finance for essential goods and services • Affordable finance for microbusiness development • Access to financial literacy support and education strategic plan 2013–15

Client focus > we respect and educate > we are professional, empathetic and can be trusted > we work hard to create easy access to our services > we are responsible lenders > we help our clients succeed > we respond to changing client needs

> we manage funds well (2% debt default rate) > we have a proven track record of delivery (7000+ loans ) > we measure social and financial outcomes > we advocate responsible lending across institutions > we foster self responsibility and informed decision making

Responsibility nils network of tasmania inc

Personal Approach Stewardship

Value for the community > capital is recycled to assist others > we address a gap in the credit market > investment in NILS limits the costs to society of irresponsible lending


> we deliver loans at the lowest possible cost > we facilitate corporate and government support and investment > we generate community commitment


> we have a skilled, well supported, professional team > we have robust governance > we strive to provide the best possible working and service delivery environment > we seek operational funding certainty

Sustainable organisation strategic plan 2013–15


Priorities for 2013–2015 > continue to manage recent growth responsibly > secure increased and sustainable operational funding

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> improvement and innovation of purchasing systems and partnerships > identify resources and premises suitable for a growing organisation > develop tools to measure all outcomes from NILS model

> review lending criteria to enable access by 'working poor'

> improve policy, procedures and systems to support a growing organisation

> commence work to reduce the gap between enquiry and application numbers > provide even better support for member agencies


> implement priority recommendations from micro-business evaluation

> conduct feasibility studies for new service models: e.g. mobile services, use of new technologies, shopfront, cooperative savings models > increase financial literacy skills development capacity

> build on corporate partnerships and identify new opportunities

> advocate for responsible lending across the finance and credit sector > work with past clients to build community profile and educate


> build capacity to refer to other services

> pilot new service models

> evaluate new models of service delivery and new service types for their application within Tasmania > continue to diversify funding base

> continue to build broader community support

> advocate for responsible lending across the finance and credit sector > review implementation of micro-business evaluation

nils network of tasmania inc

NILS Strategic Plan 2013-2015 Summary  

Summary of NILS Tasmania's Strategic Plan 2013-2015

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