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Authentic Leadership Programme Development assignments

Authentic leaders inspire with a greater purpose

To help prepare promising leaders for the future the YEP!Africa Foundation helps develop employee leadership skills, and at the same time builds goodwill for the company in the developing world.


n our Authentic Leadership Programme we encourage people to venture

outside their comfort zone by offering development assignments in Africa where they support our local members of the YEP youth organisation in creating sustainable livelihoods. Your most promising leaders could even serve on our Board to help build and organize the YEP!africa Foundation.

Developmental assignments such as these are among the most important tools that great companies use to build leaders. That is why YEP!africa has developed The Authentic Leadership Programme.

How does it work? 1

YEP!africa always works in partnership

members of the local YEP youth organisation

Understanding (MOU) responsibilities,

on one of their projects and/or support them in

deliverables and the programme for the

creating their own business. At the same time the participants are coached

For whom?

The experienced facilitators and coaches

on their own personal leadership and

For all aspiring leaders who have been with

connected to YEP!africa organise and carry out

entrepreneurial skills.

the company for some time ---- ideally the

All programmes take place in safe, local

employees that the company wants to retain most.

participating company.

environments bringing participants as close as

The participating company can choose for a

possible to the authentic way of life in the local


one or two week development assignment in

African communities.

If and when you are interested in our Authentic

Local entrepreneurs/business people also

Leadership Programmeplease contact Paul

After this assignment there is a possibility to

participate in each programme and share their


extend the programme by participating in one

experience and expertise with the participants.

Email :

Before each programme YEP!africa organises a

Phone: 0031 6 12993822

preparation day with the participants and two weeks after the programme a review day is

More information


For more information about the work we do visit our

the programme in close consultation with the


In Africa the participants work directly with the

with companies. In a Memorandum of

participating company are agreed upon.



one of the African countries we operate in.

of the YEP project groups or even serve on our Board.






The Youth EmPowerment Foundation (YEP) wants to become the leading organisation in Africa that creates sustainable livelihoods and employment opportunities for youth in the future. Empowering young people means creating and supporting the enabling conditions under which young people with potential can act on their own behalf and on their own terms, rather than at the direction of others.

About the YEP!africa Foundation


frican youth face numerous challenges that

YEP!africa believes that change can only be realised

include high unemployment levels which young

when the youth change themselves and recognise

people rate as the top priority in Africa.

that empowerment begins at home and in their own

As long as youth regard their prospects for securing

social environment. We do that by practising youth

work in Africa as unattainable, they will continue

empowerment as a matter of urgency. Building a

trying to escape to Europe, in their eyes the countries

new social environment starts with a five day work-

of opportunity. Too many young people die at sea and

shop: ”The art of Entrepreneurship”. This social

ever rising levels of unemployment among young men

environment broadens and deepens when, after the

and women in Africa are a ticking time bomb. Let’s

workshop, the participants become members of their

remember that a country where youth has no future is

own YEP Youth network. This network functions as an

a country without a future.

official local platform that not only stimulates social entrepreneurship amongst the youth themselves, but also represents our Dutch foundation towards local stakeholders.

Join us in creating a world without poverty

Action learning is the strong fundament of

and we join you in creating

the future leaders work hand in hand on

authentic leaders

of “The Youth Enterprise Palace” is the

this programme. During the assignment

different projects of which the realisation

However, empowerment is not about

most challenging project at the moment.

shifting all the responsibilities onto

A building where 50 small businesses can

individual young people. They need

be created, in an environment of action

support in order to become young


independent entrepreneurs. That support comes from experienced local

Empowering youth to follow their dreams

and European entrepreneurs. Our workshop

and become social entrepreneurs

programme “Entrepreneurs for Africa”

and community leaders is a unique

connects experienced entrepreneurs with

development concept that connects the

our youth and together they work on the

developed world with the undeveloped

development of their businesses and the

world in an action learning environment.

youth network organisation.

Together, we can make the difference by learning from each other how to make this

Also our “Authentic Leadership Programme” connects aspiring leaders from great organisations with the future leaders of Africa. This programme not only seeks to groom authentic leaders but also to create a world without poverty.

world a better world.


is the change

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For more information about the Authentic Leadership Programme please contact Paul Engelsman: Email : Phone: 0031 6 12993822 YEP!africa Vlak 2 3311 AT Dordrecht The Netherlands KvK : 2443707

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