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‘‘Timmy’’ Created the 13th of December 2011 by Neil Marmolejos

This is an introspective of who I am. . . Special Thanks To:

Gabriel Grau Jonathan Schmidt Maria Isabel Grullon.

Without you this project wouldn’t exist.

Timmy used to be the meanest dragonfly around his nest. Everyone admired the little guy. There was no leaf, twig or flower that stopped him from flying through the big green shadows. An acceptable attitude accompanied him. This is who he was meant to be.

He wandered desperately looking for something else in the salty lakes. He was tired of being Timmy, he wanted to be someone else.

By the ponds there was the prettiest of his kind playing with the sticks. She liked him, but poor Timmy didn’t feel anything. He knew it was all a game so he decided to play along with her. He decided to share some time with her. They slept for four nights together, side by side but dumb Timmy always fell asleep holding her hands. She thought she had found the one, but Timmy got scared and flew off nowhere to be seen, he didn’t care he had confused her. ‘I do not need anyone or anything’ he kept repeating himself, while he flew away, ‘I have no feelings. Stay cold hearted and you will never get hurt’ he insisted. He knew love didn’t exist.

Flying through the swamps he found the Dirty Nectar. The drink the wilds consume they said. Timmy thought he was brave enough to consume it. So he leaned into the stem of the flower and spores started to enhance the air. He dind’t think too much, he quickly drank and fell into insanity.

His eyes grew huge and red. He was crazy enough to think he was unbeatable! He smirked and flew off thorough the swamp, bumping and molesting anyone in his path. The next day Timmy woke up and saw the swamp. He couldn’t believe the disaster he had made. He thought he was strong enough to control the power of the Dirty Nectar. He was weak and needed to find some word of advice. The Valley of Enlightment was the place he had to reach. He finally did. A place full of light bulbs but with no glare, he wondered why the place was so dark and gloomy, he was close enough to start looking for answers. San Cerity was calling him.

‘‘Remain true to yourself’’ San Cer let anyone take advantage of you, enough.’’

‘‘But mister, Cerity’’ Timmy whimpe

‘‘There will be a lot of people who self and use you to do their deeds that happen!’’ Cerity exclaimed, ‘‘yo nesses. Control them and you’ll ha in your life.’’

ritiy reminded Timmy, ‘‘don’t you are already foolish

ed out.

will look at your fragile s. Listen to me, don’t let our virtues are your weakave controll over everything

Young timmy swore he wouldn’t let anyone drink the nectar, he protected the weak from consuming any of it and fall into desperation. Some say stubborn headed insects never learn. You know what, they never do. The day Timmy knew how to control the powers of the mighty Dirty Nectar, every once in a while he used to go and dance with the flowers while he took a sip or two.

Timmy lived full of joy without judging anyone or anything. The danger came when he looked at himself, when he had a one on one time with him. He couldn’t bare the fact he was a coward. His yellow eyes, his stupid wing, his stubborn self. He wished he didn’t exist. He had no one to count on. The ‘independent type’ the other insects called him. He hated the stereotype. They didn’t understand it wasn’t his fault. He was alone. He had to take a further step.


a book i made last year

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