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Prima Donna By: Nilejiir Iyona Anderson

Once upon a time, there lived a beautiful queen named Antibella McDarthe. The queen was an extreme fashionista, and she did not approve of ugly apparel. The queen was known for exiling peasants out of the kingdom for having distasteful attires.

The queen’s husband, King Bradley Stevenson II was assassinated while giving a speech to the Kingdom. This left the queen is despair, and she began to take her anguish out on the Kingdom.

A new bachelor named Aaji’ib was being spoken of throughout the entire kingdom. He is known for his piercing eyes, and his glowing skin. The Queen is too anguished to even speak of seeking a new husband.

One sunny afternoon, the Queen saw Aaji’ib during a dinner party at the palace. She tried to pay him no mind, but his beautiful eyes are hard to ignore. She mustered up her dignity, and asked him to leave the kingdom. Aaji’ib’s beautiful features and kind-spirit reminded the Queen too much of her husband.

The entire party became silenced, and everyone stared at the dramatic scene between the two. The Queen felt too vulnerable, and she is never known for being sensitive. With her head held high, she briskly walked out of the dining room area. Aaji’ib tried to catch up with the Queen, but she ran into the Mystical Garden.

Aaji’ib searched throughout the entire garden, and he found the Queen sitting on a tree stump. The Queen’s dress was torn and her loose strands of hair fell before her face; however, he has never seen a lady so beautiful. Aaji’ib slowly walked toward the Queen, hoping that he will lose her again.

The Queen is startled by Aaji’ib’s presence, and she begins to shun him. Aaji’ib slowly reaches his hand above, and tenderly strokes her long hair. The Queen is not used to such a loving action, and she gazes into his eyes. They stare at each other for a long time. Aaji’ib is the sweetest man she’s ever met, but is that enough for him to earn her love?

As the Queen gazes into Aaji’ib’s eyes, she feels a fuzzy sensation that she hasn’t felt since the death of her husband. Aaji’ib promises that he will never hurt her, and he will love her forever. Aaji’ib is the

first man to understand the Queen, and he changes her to be a better person. They share true love’s first kiss, and live Happily Ever After.

The End

Prima Donna