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Cover page: Clare Berry Post Cape Town, South Africa Picture Page 2-3: NileDutch vessel

03 Dear friends, Again I am lucky and happy to report many good changes in NileDutch. Having entered the US market about a year ago, we at NileDutch are proud to announce that we are now a VOCC (Vessel Operating Common Carrier) on the United States East Coast trade. The first vessel we have committed is the NileDutch Osprey, and we are sure that many will follow! In the Asia service, we are operating the largest vessel in our history (7,000 TEU). Our Europe service has returned successfully to Tema (Ghana) resulting in a first class direct northbound service from Douala, Tema and Abidjan that connects not only with Europe but also Turkey and USA. In this respect, it is a pleasure that we could have a talk with an expert, Mr Roderick Straus, about cocoa, the main export commodity from West Africa. In addition, there are testimonies from the new Ghana agents, Comexas, and Cyril Gouillard (Area Manager) about its importance and our commitment. Cyril also gives a lyrical description of his trip from Burkina Faso to Ivory Coast (by train!) and tells us about his work and business with this region. His story is a good example of how NileDutchers go a step further to experience Africa and develop the expertise we need to serve our customers effectively.

It is this attitude, and our commitment to personal service that differentiates us and undoubtedly helped establish us as a major partner of Shoprite, the largest food retailer in Africa with a presence in 15 countries. You can read about this relationship in Clare Berry Post’s story from our Cape Town office. In 2016, we started to build forwarding activities in the Republic of the Congo. Rachad Moulopo recognized that importers wanted an extension of our personal freight services into the country, and so he inspired all of us to develop a new strength. The benefits to be gained from transforming digital systems are still to be tapped by the shipping industry and predictive logistics experts ClearMetal present their take on why and how this change can come about. We have taken the first steps. Earlier this year we updated our web site and introduced the NileDutch app. We hope that these changes give you even better access to the shipping information you need for your work. I wish to thank everybody who contributes to The Africa Connection. Without your contributions, advice, ideas, time and hard work we would never have come this far. I know I can count on you for much more to come! Last, but not least, I wish you as much pleasure reading TAC 09, as we had making it. JAN WILLEM DE BRAAL

Regional NEWS

04 BUDA Afterwork event: The Buda Afterwork event was created by a small group of entrepreneurs in Ghana to bring people together from various industries in networking events. With participants also inviting their own “network” along, Buda Afterwork provides the ambience through music, food, cocktails and an informal setting. NileDutch’s newly appointed agents in Ghana, Comexas, took the opportunity to participate in the latest event. It enabled them to introduce NileDutch not only to their own existing customers but also to other participants. Some important NileDutch customers visited the event too, such as Van Den Bosch, Cargill and CMC amongst others. Leo Huisman and Joao Nogueira of NileDutch head office also had the pleasure of participating as well.

New Agent Ghana

COMEXAS is a family owned clearing, forwarding, shipping and logistics group with its head offices in Belgium. The group is deeply grounded in Africa and has been focusing on the Europe/Africa & Inter-Africa trade lanes since 1949. They are present in Belgium, Ghana, South Africa and recently opened

an office in Ivory Coast. COMEXAS strongly focus on its main five verticals which are Oil & Gas, Mining, Projects, Commodities and reefer customers with a mission to commit to Service and Quality Logistics through a Human Approach. Comexas Ghana, is small medium sized agency, with a fully dedicated NileDutch team offering a personalized service and committed to provide high quality service to customers.

Regional NEWS

05 Mr. Mukesh Oza, Group President and CEO of Oasis

New Agent Oasis Shipping, India Oasis Shipping has 44 offices across India. Its team of over 200 professionals focus on providing the best possible customer service. Its service portfolio includes shipping, logistics, container freight stations, inland container depots, terminals, rail transport, road transport and warehouses. Mr. Mukesh Oza, Group President and CEO of Oasis: "NileDutch, with their strong presence in

West Africa, supported by Oasis Shipping’s offices throughout India, will be able to access a larger market and therefore higher share of business between India and West Africa. We look forward to working closely with the NileDutch network and being part of their global expansion plans including India."

New Agent Scandinavian Shipping & Logistics AB, Sweden Scandinavian Shipping & Logistics AB is an independent provider of shipping and logistics services in the Nordic and Baltic countries. It is active in liner agency, port agency, forwarding and project logistics. The head office is located in Gothenburg, Sweden. MD Pär Sundblad commented: "We look forward to being part of the NileDutch team and providing the Swedish market with The Africa Connection!" Pär Sundblad, Olle Hallberg, Eva Mattsson and Anders Engvall of Scandinavian Shipping & Logistics AB


Person in the PICTURE

Introducing Team Ghana


The NileDutch office in Tema, Ghana was opened at the end of last year in partnership with Comexas Ghana. Led by agency Director Francis Mensah Aborampa, our new colleagues give their impressions of the NileDutch office and shipping in Tema: Tell us about the NileDutch Office in Ghana Francis has been in the business for more than 20 years and is assisted by an experienced and motivated staff of twelve people. He tells us that the office is “located on the first floor of a three storey building within the Tema Port precinct, with a beautiful view of the port”. Marcella continues, “the atmosphere is very good, we all know what we are doing and the workflow is smooth”. What makes Tema such a special port and city? Tema is Ghana's main port, close to Accra, the capital and, as Thomasina says, “it is also an important port for land-locked countries further inland”. “It has a unique atmosphere” adds Eugene. For Grace it’s “just being able to see the day-to-day activity and the scenery” that makes it special. Richard agrees, calling the harbour “beautiful” but also busy with “numerous shipping lines and agencies”. In a wider context, Francis reminds us Tema has a “diverse and population and cosmopolitan outlook”. What are the major cargoes and routes, and what does the future hold? All the team agree that cocoa beans are the major export cargo. Other exports include cocoa liquor and cashew nuts to the EU, USA and Africa, advises Francis. Main imports come from the USA, South America, South Africa and the Far East. The team is hopeful for the future. “Recent oil discoveries have also increased traffic through the port and expansion of the port facilities” Thomasina tells us. Francis “expects the economy to expand significantly” and Marcella hopes that “higher levels of government investment will increase exports and imports”.

Director NileDutch Gh

ana- Francis Mensah


Finally, tell us about the NileDutch approach Francis: “We try to distinguish ourselves from the competition by providing better local services, by being accessible to our customers, and by communicating effectively with our employees”. Specifically that means being “proactive so cargo can be released quickly” says Amos. Indeed, as Grace says “we are able to quickly and easily give out information.” With their know-how and capabilities, all told NileDutch in Ghana gives customers an “effective and hands-on service” says Kenneth. The last word we’ll leave to Marcella: “I really enjoy being part of the team”.

Assisting Francis in the office are, amongst others: • Eugene Eduful, Operations Manager, and who has been working for Comexas for around six years • Marcella Regnier, Sales Manager, originally from Brazil, she moved to Ghana two years ago • Richard Nsafoah, Container Logistics and an experience shipping industry professional • Amos Amoah, Invoicing Supervisor, has been working in shipping for eight years • Grace Amfo, Customer Service, active in the industry for two years • Kenneth Dumenyo, Documentation Assistant and an experienced shipping industry professional • Thomasina Tettey, Sales Representative, with eight years industry experience Team Ghana



Touton S.A.: specialists in cocoa We interviewed Roderick Straus, Director Shipping at Touton SA: "Touton delivers quality, responsibly sourced cocoa, coffee, vanilla and natural ingredient products to its customers around the globe. Our company has over 150 years' experience in the industry and has its head office in Bordeaux, France. We have subsidiaries in producing regions (West Africa and Asia) and agents in key locations. Our strength lies in the skills of our workers, the cultural diversity of our teams, and a deep understanding of the countries where we operate. We are now also developing more processing activities in these countries. Our strong local presence enables us to maintain control over the supply chain right up to delivery to customers around the world. “Touton also offers a variety of spices and natural ingredients, from cinnamon to cloves, annatto seeds, pepper, sesame seeds, ginger and bees’ wax. Most of our ingredients are sourced in Africa (Madagascar, Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Comoros, Mali, Burkina Faso, Guinea and Uganda). We also have suppliers in Indonesia and Vietnam. “All our products are natural and have specific needs during transport. It is always our challenge to get them to our customers in the quickest way to maintain the quality of the goods and fulfil our sales contracts. Hence we are always looking for the shortest transit times with as few transhipments as possible. We are not just concerned with price but also the quality of the carrier in terms of reliable sailings. “Before joining Touton I worked for a freight broker who had the company as a customer. At that time I lived in Hillegom, the Netherlands. When Touton set up its own freight and logistics department in Bordeaux in 2009, they asked me to join the company. I moved to France in 2010 and my wife and children joined me later. We have all settled in well here. “My main contacts at NileDutch are Marinus van den Berg and Leo Huisman in Rotterdam. They really understand our needs and are always prepared to come up with good solutions at a competitive freight level. Having been away from the cocoa market for a while, NileDutch has returned, and now that they are back, we are establishing mutual trade lanes again. Touton uses NileDutch mostly for the routes between West Africa and Europe and the Mediterranean, plus the Far East. Understanding our business, NileDutch offers us reasonable rates for a good service and also responds quickly when we need documentation. The short lines of communications, direct contacts and the personal approach are also important; nowadays contacts with carriers are increasingly over the internet.


Roderick Straus or - Freight & ect Dir Logistic ton SA Shipping manager at Tou

“The cocoa business is very dynamic and affected by the seasons. That makes the freight and logistics aspects interesting; you have to deal with something new every day. The demand for certified cocoa beans is growing and Touton partners with actors in the public, private and civil society sectors to develop innovative projects to support sustainable production.”




Celebrating women is an essential part of the culture in Congo and other African countries and International Women’s Day (IWD) on 8 March is therefore always an important event. The celebrations include lunches, sporting events and charitable work.

This year NileDutch treated its female staff to a lunch at an excellent restaurant in Pointe Noire and gave them the afternoon off. International Women’s Day is also an opportunity for women in Congo to wear their finest and most colourful dresses. The printed fabrics are known as veritable Wax Hollandais. This is because the designs were originally wax-resist (batik) printed in Java. Today, Vlisco in the Netherlands is the leading supplier and sells 90% of its production in Africa. The fabric has become an essential part of the African identity. As a result, on 8 March, the streets and offices in Congo were lit up by bright colours and patterns.

utch Congo

International Women’s Day at NileD

New faces at NileDutch MARC SMULDERS BACK IN ANGOLA After an absence of 1½ years I am back in Angola having previously worked out of Dubai as Director Africa and Middle East together with interim responsibility for Trade & Commercial Management of our Far East service. In 2017 I will be celebrating two anniversaries: 20 years in Angola and 20 years working for the country’s number one carrier, NileDutch. Returning to Angola, I see the country faces many challenges arising from the fall of the oil prices upon which it depends. This still young nation, with 42 years of independence and only 15 years of peace, had managed to rebuild most of the vital infrastructure destroyed during 27 years of civil war, and post double digit economic growth, all boosted by the high oil prices.

The government reacted to the oil downturn by limiting public spending and cutting down on the imports of non-priority goods which, of course, impacted volumes. Top priorities on the agenda have been diversification of the economy and increasing local production. After two very difficult years, I believe Angola has a bright future. It recently secured a multi-billion dollar credit facility from China which will be directed exclusively to priority infrastructure and energy projects. Elections taking place in August of this year will see a new President. Angola, is a country with great potential and with the necessary transparency and political reform will be able to attract the foreign investment needed to grow the economy further. NileDutch will closely follow these developments and invest in the future of Angola as we have done over the last three decades.





































Source: International Monetary Fund, World Economic Outlook Database, October 2016. GDP in USD billion at current prices. 2016 and 2017 are estimates.


NileDutch Congo, the forwarding experts We set up our office in Pointe Noire, Republic of the Congo, in 2011. For years we offered our customers a dedicated service based on our knowhow and experience in the shipping industry. To support our growing customer base we added a dedicated forwarding department in 2016 composed of experts in areas such as port handling, logistics and customs clearing. This enables us to help our customers optimise their supply chain through effective forwarding. We are actively expanding our forwarding activities to Brazzaville (Republic of the Congo) and Kinshasa (Democratic Republic of Congo) region and are also developing markets in neighbouring countries.

FREDERIC STEHLIN I am Frederic Stehlin and I recently joined NileDutch in the role of Asia Commercial Manager, based in Shanghai. There, I will take responsibility of the FEWA, Intra Asia trades and overall Asia commercial activities. I have spent most of my life in Africa (Madagascar, Gabon, Nigeria) and through my broad shipping career, I have have been dealing with Asia extensively (Vietnam, the Philippines, and China particularly). I'm a true globetrotter and a genuine team-player, irresistibly entrepreneurial. I look forward meeting the rest of the NileDutchers.

11 Forwarding team NileDutch Congo

7,000 TEU vessel Mv Texas

On the 4th of March 2017, mv Texas started her first voyage for NileDutch. She is a 7,000 TEU vessel, stretching over 300 meters and now employed in our FEWA (Far East - West Africa) service. Within our FEWA service, she will call the ports of Qingdao, Tianjin, Busan, Shanghai, Ningbo, Nansha, Tangjung Pelepas, Singapore, Cape Town, Pointe Noire, Luanda, Cape Town and Pork Klang. The return of NileDutch as vessel operator in Asia enables us to strengthen our position within the Asian market, showing our commitment to the area.

12 “Here at The Africa Connection we want to give you not only what is happening at NileDutch but also a taste and the experiences of working in Africa and beyond. Continuing this wider theme, we will also offer occasional insights into shipping related topics and start this series with thoughts from ClearMetal, a Predictive Logistics company, on why the logistics sector needs to undergo a digital transformation.�

Mark Kraaijenbrink ICT Director NileDutch

Developments IN IT

The Urgency to digitally transform Global Logistics Global logistics has been idling along in analogue mode for years. Solutions and technology used today for planning and executing business haven't changed very much. While every industry on the planet is experiencing a digital transformation, logistics appears to be lagging behind. What's at stake? The World Economic Forum (WEF) recently declared in a report on digital transformation in logistics that, "There is $ 1.5 trillion of value at stake for logistics players and a further $ 2.4 trillion worth of societal benefits as a result of digital transformation of the industry up until 2025." The very nature of the logistics business calls for digital innovation. The interdependencies and complex networks of parties involved in moving any given container from point A to point B results in significant risk and potential pitfalls, in an industry with little room for error. Yet, as the WEF report observes: Logistics has introduced digital innovations at a slower pace than some other industries. This slower rate of digital adoption brings enormous risks that, if ignored, could be potentially catastrophic for even the biggest established players in the business. The value of digital transformation is clear. The urgency to innovate is well recognised. So what's holding the industry back? For many, the barrier is knowing where to begin. Here are three prerequisite areas of focus to begin mapping out a digital transformation. 1 Assess Existing Data Competence: Companies should start by taking a close look at the actual data their organisation is using and harnessing. This includes their own data as well as trading partners'. How usable is it? Does it offer actionable insights that unlock value? Most likely, data comes in all shapes, sizes and formats. It is often difficult to patch together information to generate value. Big data, it turns out, is only valuable when it can be structured and organised in ways that deliver valuable intelligence and can impact operations or planning. Logistics data has to be complete - no missing holes. It has to be sequenced. Duplications must be removed. It has to be machine readable and analytics-ready. 2 Map Out a Data Analytics Plan: Where does the data come from? Who is it feeding into? What are the specific challenges being addressed? What are the necessary fields for each stakeholder? The last thing that a freight forwarder, shipper or port wants to do is bombard its team members or


partners with waves of data that simply drown them. Often, when an organisation has done the work to clean and package data for consumption, one of the first steps is separating the key metrics from the rest - which essentially eliminates the noise. The analysis blueprint defines the inputs, outputs and key data feeds for deeper analysis. 3 Learn More, Get Smarter: Here's where the real power comes from. This third area of focus includes framing the simulation and machine-learning engine to drive impact. This means setting the framework for examining all of the parties, relationships and events that occur in the supply chain. It's essential to look at the relationships between each node in the network and the historic track record of transactions between these nodes. With this type of insight, thousands of probabilities and scenarios can be uncovered and examined. The right machine learning strategy enables this data analytics engine to hum and become increasingly accurate as more time goes by. For forecasting and planning, these types of capabilities are a game changer. The ability to harness data and act on it, optimizing performance and unlocking new forms of value, is the real value of digital transformation in logistics. GETTING STARTED ON DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION Most supply chains are bogged down with manual processes and spreadsheets. A massive opportunity exists to automate processes and digitize documents and transactions. This is tactical in nature, leading to executional efficiencies. The real value is in the application of artificial intelligence to power logistics. Making smarter decisions regarding containers, work orders, labour and inventory. Companies often underestimate the data they already have at their fingertips. The ability to dig into the reams of supply chain data that ocean carriers and freight forwarders have access to, and applying the right solutions to make it come to life, should be the starting foundation for any digital logistics transformation. This empowers ocean carriers and forwarders to leverage deep artificial intelligence strategies for things like advanced predictions of customer bookings and container flows, resulting in optimal container movement and maximum vessel slot utilization. This is the difference between traditional methods of forecasting and truly predictive logistics. CLEARMETAL ClearMetal is a Predictive Logistics company using data science to unlock unprecedented efficiencies for global trade.


Developments IN IT

NileDutch website and new app After carefully analysing how our customers use the NileDutch web site we have redesigned it. The aim was to provide improved information and make the content more accessible to both current and potential customers. The key changes we have introduced are: • Redesigning the menu and site navigation • Updated sailing schedule module to provide better information • Improved presentation of product/service groups • New graphic design • Upgraded software We hope that the new site will make it easier for you to find the information you need. Please contact us at if you have any suggestions for further improvement. To supplement the web site we have also introduced the NileDutch app. It gives you quick access to container tracking and container specifications, the sailing schedule and port to port sailings. You can also create your own routes. The app is free and available from the Apple App Store and Google Playstore.



Shoprite head office Cape Town -South Africa


Having a Can-do attitude


"I'm Clare Berry Post of the Commercial Department/Trade Management at NileDutch Cape Town, South Africa. I have spent most of my working life in the liner industry as I have always enjoyed the puzzles presented by logistics. In my previous job, NileDutch was a major competitor and their customers were always very positive about them. So joining the company was a natural move for me. I have always lived in Cape Town and I have a Dutch/ South African husband and a 13-year old son. “I spend about half my time at the office working on quotes, reports, admin, etc. The other half of my time, I am travelling and visiting customers, which I really enjoy. Our office is one of the busiest in the country and has a staff of six - a tightly knit team. We serve a wide range of customers. Cape Town is the agricultural hub of South Africa so we export a lot of wine, fruit and vegetables, and also general cargo. Minimising red tape, having a can-do attitude and maintaining great relationships with our customers is what keeps us ahead of the game in South Africa. “One of our major customers is Shoprite, South Africa’s largest low-cost retailer with a 36% share of the formal food market. Not only that, it is also the largest food retailer on the continent. Shoprite's head office is in Cape Town and the company operates in 15 African countries stretching north to Madagascar and Mauritius in the Indian Ocean, Ghana and Nigeria in West Africa, and many countries in between. As a leading retailer,

Clare Berry Post and Nic

k Hall

they are expanding aggressively and obviously expect a lot from their suppliers, especially in terms of reefers. My main contact at Shoprite, Nick Hall, joined them three years ago and the contacts between our companies have developed really well over that period. Hence, we are very proud that last year we carried a large majority of their cargo to Angola in both reefer and general-purpose containers. “Cape Town is a truly cosmopolitan city full of fashionable, friendly people. We have many tourist attractions, Table Mountain, Robben Island etc, stunning beaches, and the shopping here is fantastic.”

At work in



West Africa The Africa Connection interviewed Cyril Gouillard, Area Manager Africa. He is temporarily based at our office in Le Havre, France. His network covers a number of countries and markets in West Africa, such as Ivory Coast, Senegal, Mali and Burkina Faso. Before joining NileDutch in September last year, Cyril was already active in the Shipping industry. Cyril: "In my work I am in regular contact with all parts of our network, both our own offices and shipping agents. Obviously, that involves a lot of interaction with many departments at the Head Office in Rotterdam, such as Sales, Vessel Operations, Equipment, Legal, Marketing and IT. I am also in regular contact with the MPV team in Antwerp, Belgium. It's always good to work with all these people: they are good listeners and supportive and they trust me. I also enjoy the variety of people and environments you meet and experience in this job. “The cargoes originating from this region vary widely. The Ivory Coast is the world's largest producer of cocoa and cashew nuts so they are important markets for us. We also ship large volumes of cotton, mangoes and bananas. I am convinced that our Europe-West Africa EUWA service offers an excellent transit time and service to this region. We are also developing cocoa shipments from Abidjan to the USA on our USEC service. “I used to live in Abidjan, the largest city and economic capital of Ivory Coast. Our two children were born there and we will soon take them there so they can see where they come from."

By train

BY TRAIN THROUGH A CORNER OF AFRICA In February, I travelled from Ouagadougou in landlocked Burkina Faso to Abidjan, Ivory Coast and recorded my experience below to give a taste of this wonderful 30-hour train journey. “The compartment is almost full toddlers, couples and elderly people with lots of luggage for the long trip. I normally travel economy class but this time I opted for first class because there was a special offer. There is a dedicated conductor to look after our compartment. In the restaurant car, I order a Beaufort beer and get chatting with Jules. He is from Burkina Faso but spent 40 years working in Monaco for Prince Rainier and his family. I enjoy the beer, the company, the sense of excitement and reflection, and simply being there. “Both my father and my grandfather worked on the railways and I have always loved trains. So, at one of the stops I introduce myself to Moussa the train driver. Fortunately, he allows me to join him in the 100tonne diesel locomotive, built in Canada and which entered service in 1975. The view is wonderful; I can see 180° of the landscape, rather than just a small slice from the cabin window. Moussa and his colleague Barry tell me about the history of the line, built a century ago. The rails we are travelling on were laid over fifty years ago, although the sleepers have since been replaced. All the time, I drink in the landscape and am grateful to my hosts. “We pass through the flat savannah landscape. The earth is red, there is some woodland. Summer is approaching, it is dry - in a few

through a corner of Africa


At work in



months the temperature will be over 45°C. Corn and cotton are being harvested. Moussa tells me that as soon as the rains come everything will be green for four months. Sometimes, when we pass through a cutting in rocks, the reverberating sound of the diesel engine reminds me of the atmosphere in a ship's engine room. Both are examples of the energy contained in oil carrying us around the world. “At the border, there are formalities to undertake at two stops, one on each side of the border. I get the exit and entry stamps in my passport. Before we leave the Ivorian customs officers check the goods carried on the train. “Spending the night sitting upright is something I am not used to and my limbs have gone numb. The train stops for a few minutes and I get a chance to breathe the fresh African air with its suggestions of the mysteries of the night, hot earth the day before, and vegetation. I decide to get something for breakfast at a later stop, perhaps in Bouaké. It is very hot now. Every stop feels like a celebration, a market, colours, eating, drinking, everything is there. “Abidjan is a sprawling city and we pass through the suburbs. Fortunately, there is also the Forêt du Banco, a national park with over 30 square kilometres of primary forest and many rare species. As we reach our final destination, a few drops of rain fall and the sky is filled with bats. “I would like to thank NileDutch for giving me the opportunity to go on this trip, Dominique Ouedraogo our agent in Ouagadougou for organising it, and the staff of Sitarail and the caterers for their hospitality.”




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Deltamar SA Carretera Aeropuerto Km 4 (Bioko - Norte), Malabo P +240 333 090 897 E

NileDutch China - Shanghai Room 03,04,23th Floor, LiTong Plaza, No.1350 Sichuan Rd(N), Hongkou Shanghai, China, Post code: 200080 P +86 21 31771588 E

NileDutch Hong Kong Unit 2501, Bayfield Building 99 Hennessy Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong P +852 2910 7954 E





2nd Floor - Acme Centre, Opp. Vadilal House, Mithakali Six Roads, Navrangpura, Ahmedabad - 380009 P +91-079-66226611 E 7th Floor, K.g.n. Towers, Old No.31 & 32, New No.62, Commander-in-Chief Road, Egmore, Chennai- 600 105.

PT Samudera Indonesia - Belawan Gedung Mandiri, 6th Floor Jl. Imam Bonjol No.7, Medan 20112 P +62 61 41519321 M PT Samudera Indonesia - Surabaya Gedung Samudera Indonesia Jl. Tanjung Perak Timur 400 Surabaya 60165 P +6231 3293485 M PT Samudera Indonesia – Semarang Ruko Metro Square Jl. Imam Bonjol No. 47-49, Semarang P +6224 3544929 M


NileDutch Angola - Cabinda Rua Irmao Evaristo S/N, Cabinda P +244 231 224 095 E

Seanautic Marine Inc 20, Rue Saint-Paul Ouest QC H2Y 1Y7 Montreal P +1 514 287 1812 E




NileDutch Africa Line B.V. Westblaak 95, 3012 KG Rotterdam P +31 10 281 82 83 E

NileDutch South Africa - Johannesburg Hyde Park Lane Marlborough Gate Ground Floor Cnr of William Nicol and Jan Smuts Drive, Hyde Park, Johannesburg P +27 11 325 0557 E

Furness Shipping Ltd Hohlstrasse 610, 8048 Zurich P +41 44 436 9111 E

Sales: contact NileDutch Belgium NORWAY

TAIWAN Jardine Shipping Agencies Ltd. 13th Floor, 50 Hsin Sheng South Road Sec 1, Taipei 10059 P +886 223931177 E


NileDutch South Africa - Cape Town Metropolitan Life Centre 7 Walter Sisulu Avenue, Cape Town P +27 21 425 3600 E E

International Maritime Ag Ltd Brendan House, 151 Baldoyle Industrial Estate, Dublin 13 P +353 1 8320709 E

M/S Global Maritime Pvt Ltd Eastern House, 9 Timber Pond, M.A. Jinnah Road, P.O. Box 4851, Keamari 75620 Karachi P +92 21 32851945 E

NileDutch South Africa - Durban Royal Hotel, Ulundi Place Opposite Royal Parking, Durban P +27 31 306 4500 E

Ben Line Agencies (Thailand) Ltd 14th Floor, Sethiwan Tower, 139 Pan Road, Silom, Bangrak, Bangkok 10500, Thailand P.O. Box 1130, BKK 10501 P 66-2-352-3100 E





Gold Line Shipping Ltd. Habankim St., 16, Haifa, Israel P.O. 33054 3133001 P +972-4-8562222 E

Jugro Transport International Phils Corp 3818 Mascardo St. Corner Pasong Tomo, Makati City P +63 2 896 1309 E

Kukbo Express Co Ltd Ace Tower, 92, Tongil-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul P +82 2 771 5514 E

Catoni Maritime Rihtim Cd. Denizciler sk. No.13/4 Bayraktar Han Tophane 34425, Istanbul P +90 212 251 50 60 E

Scanway Shipping AS Vollsveien 13H, N-1326 Lysaker, Oslo P +47 67 102360 E


IVORY COAST Simat – Société Ivoirienne de Manutention et de Transit Rue des Pétrolliers, BP 648, Abidjan 15 P +225 21 75 41 01 E ITALY Thos. Carr & Son Srl Via Roma, 2 Int.12, 16121 Genova P +39 010 8578 909 E JAPAN Simba Logistics 13-40, Konan 2-Chome, Minato-Ku 108-0075 Tokyo P +81 36 718 0735 E LEBANON EL Fil Shipping sal Salim Takla street - Dabar building Beirut - Lebanon P +961 1 972444 E MALAYSIA Aquamaritime Logistics Sdn Bhd Level 15-02A, Plaza Masalam Section 9, 40100 Shah Alam Selangor (Port Klang) P +60 3 5880 4093 E



Aquamaritime Logistics Sdn Bhd Unit 23A-07A, Level 23A, Menara Landmark, No. 12 Jalan Ngee Heng, 80000 Johor Bahru Johor (Pasir Gudang / Tanjung Pelepas Port) P +60 7221 0798 E MOROCCO Marmedsa Noatum Maritime 33, Avenue Hassan Sghir 20000 Casablanca P +212 522 54 10 12 E

PORTUGAL NileDutch Portugal & Marmedsa Agencia Maritima Lda Avenida D. Joao II, Lote 1.18.03 Edificio Arts, Bloco B, 2 Andar, Sala C 1990-084 Lisbon P +351 21 898 2200 E NileDutch Portugal & Marmedsa Agencia Maritima Lda Rua Eng. Ferreira Dias, No. 728, Sala 3.02 4100-246 Porto P +351 22 090 0500 E RUSSIA TEK Poseidon Ltd Ordzhonikidze street 11 Building 1g, 115419 Moscow P +7(495) 789 67 37 E TEK Poseidon Ltd Vozrozhdeniya street 4 198097 Saint Petersburg P +7(812) 329 05 56 E SAO TOME E PRINCIPE Hull Blyth, Lda – Grupo Hb Praça da Independência Caixa Postal 15, São Tomé São Tomé e Príncipe P +239 2241 100 E SENEGAL Necotrans Km 7 Bd du Centenaire de la Commune de Dakar BP: 988 Dakar P +221 338 890 303 E




AG TANGER MED EN APM Terminals Tangier S.A.Zone T Franche, Ksar Al Majaz, Oued R'Mel Commune Anjra, Route de Fnideq, Tangier, Morocco P +212 5 39 33 18 30 E

NileDutch Singapore Pte Ltd 61 Robinson Road #08-01 Robinson Centre, Singapore 068893 P +65 65010760 E

SPAIN Marmedsa Noatum Shipping Agency Pº de la Zona Franca, 111 Torre Auditori 08038 Barcelona P +34 93 298 77 77 E Marmedsa Noatum Shipping Agency Ed. Las Artes 11, P.I. Bandas de Musica dela C.V. No. 11, Piso 1 Puerta 6 46013 Valencia P +34 96 324 12 60 E NE Marítima del W AD Mediterráneo, S.A.U RE Edificio Nexus - Cl. Juan Pérez SS Arriete, s/n - Planta 2ª Módulo 3.2, 11204, Algeciras, Spain P +34 956 26 66 07 E NE VIGO W AG Pl. de Compostela, 19 EN 1º centro, 36201, Vigo, Spain T P +34 98 661 64 75 E N

EW Marmedsa Noatum AD Shipping Agency RE Nervión, 3 3º - Dcha., 48001, SS Bilbao, Spain P +34 94 410 40 00 E

Marmedsa Noatum Shipping Agency C/Luxemburgo 3 C.T. Coslada 28821 Coslada Madrid P +34 91 627 70 00 E mdmcustserv@mdmmad.marmedsa. com SRI LANKA Aitken Spence Shipping Ltd 315, Vauxhall Street, Colombo P +94 11 2308100 E SWEDEN




EN Scandinavian Shipping & T Logistics AB Scandinavian Shipping & Logistics AB Redegatan 1 C, 426 77 Västra Frölunda Gothenburg - Sweden P +46 31 337 87 70 E



W Catoni Maritime AD Akdeniz Mah. Akdeniz Cad. RE SS TEV - Sadullah Hamit Birsel Merkezi No: 14/202, Konak / Izmir / Turkey P +90 232 421 00 02 E

Catoni Maritime Mersin Branch Ismet Inonu Bulvari Klas Plaza, No: 70 B-Block 9/17 33050 Yenimahalle / Mersin P +90 324 237 50 50 E UNITED ARAB EMIRATES The Kanoo Group Shipping P.O. Box 290 Khalid IBN Al Walid Street, Dubai P +971 4 393 1900 E UNITED KINGDOM JSA Global Ltd 5 Summit Business Park, Langer Road, Suffolk IP11 2 JB, Felixstowe P +44 1394 678678 E USA Norton Lilly International 3255 Landmark Drive, Suite 303 Charleston, SC 29418 The United States of America P +1 844 889 6463 E VIETNAM Jardine Shipping Services Ltd 10th Floor, Viet-Uc Building Le Hong Phong Street, Dang Lam Ward, Hai An District, Hai Phong City P +84 31 374 1456 E Jardine Shipping Services Ltd 3rd Floor CJ Tower 2bis-4-6 Le Thanh Ton Street Ben Nghe Ward District 1 Ho Chi Minh City P +84 83 8279 350 E

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NileDutch – The Africa Connection, is the only specialised West-Africa carrier that offers global connections! NileDutch offers container, conventional cargo, project cargo and out of gauge cargo shipments under a single bill of lading. Our presence and experience in West Africa, with our network of offices, and familiarity with local customs and working practices enables us to provide our customers with an efficient and personal service.

The Africa Connection 09 (English)  
The Africa Connection 09 (English)