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JULY 2015



03 Executive Letter By Jan Willem de Braal

04 Regional News NileDutch agent in Russia New CFO NileDutch

05 The NileDutch New Builds New Builds Completed

09 Regional News Portugal Express Weekly We support Close the Gap INTTRA implementation

10 Guest Story Optimising fuel efficiency

12 NileDutch Story Top shipping operator in Angola

14 Feet on the Street Agustina Garcia: busy in Buenos Aires

16 Person in the Picture Working hard and having fun in Pointe Noire

18 Customer Story Keyun: shipping from China to West Africa

20 At work in Turkey - Istanbul

21 Contact Details 23 Contributors

Cover picture: Naming Ceremony MV NileDutch Antwerpen Picture on page 2 and 3: Lisbon, Portugal

03 Dear friends, The completion of our new building programme marks the beginning of a new era for NileDutch. By investing in our own vessels, optimised for the ports they visit, we can offer our customers an even better service. This focus on continuous improvement is one of our key drivers. The last three vessels have now been named and are carrying cargo. The naming ceremonies of the MV NileDutch Dordrecht, Antwerpen and Rotterdam were accompanied by celebrations attended by many of our customers, senior officials, personnel and other valued guests. These events also provided a great opportunity to show our ships to many people who normally only hear or read about them. In short, we have reached yet another milestone in the history of NileDutch as a worldwide container shipping company. Read all about it on page 5. Continuous improvement is also the theme of our corporate social responsibility programme. Two of its aims are reducing our environmental impact and supporting students looking for research opportunities. Hence we were very happy to give two maritime technology students an opportunity to study the fuel efficiency of one of our new vessels. You can read more about this in the Guest Story in this issue. Over the past 30 years we have developed into the largest shipping operator serving Angola. Marc Smulders, our MD in the country, tells you more about that on page 12.

Elsewhere in this issue, Agustina Garcia of Abbey Sea in Buenos Aires offers some interesting insights into life and business in Argentina, while Seda Ĺžen provides the perspective from Istanbul in Turkey. Rachad Moulopo runs our office in Pointe Noire, Congo, which has grown to a staff of 23 since he set it up in 2011. His interpretation of continuous improvement focusses on a positive attitude to his customers, his work and his colleagues. Keyun Total Logistics Group in China has long relied on us for services to West Africa and reflects on our cooperation in this issue's Customer Story. In other news, we recently appointed an agent in Russia, for shipments from St. Petersburg to West Africa, via Antwerp. To contribute to society as a whole we provided further logistics support to Close the Gap, our strategic partner which aims to bridge the digital divide. Our new Portugal Express service, which started in January this year, offers attractive cargo rates from Antwerp and Le Havre to Leixoes and Lisbon. I hope you enjoy reading this issue of The Africa Connection, full of information about our company and, especially, our customers and our people. JAN WILLEM DE BRAAL COO NILEDUTCH

Regional NEWS

04 St. Petersburg


NileDutch agent in Russia

Istanbul (Ambarli)


TEK Poseidon Ltd has joined the NileDutch network as our agent for Russia and beyond. The company is headquartered in Moscow and covers sea gateways such as St. Petersburg in the Baltic, Novorossyisk in the Black sea and Vostochny/Nakhodka on the Russian Pacific coast. Their staff are highly familiar with container liner operations. For NileDutch, TEK Poseidon will handle shipments from St. Petersburg to Antwerp where the cargo will be transferred to our Western Europe West Africa service (WEWA). They will also continue to handle cargo from the Baltic area (Vilnius and Tallinn) for us as they have been doing for some time.

Bobo Dioulasso




Moscow Team

St. Petersburg Team

New CFO NileDutch Our new Chief Financial Officer, Dennis van Aalst (no relation to our President, Wim van Aalst), joined us at the Rotterdam office earlier this year. He studied business economics and accountancy and has over two decades’ experience of the transport and logistics industry.



One design, four new vessels & four naming ceremonies



One design - four new

New Builds Completed As you may be aware, we have made a major investment by having four new vessels built to our specifications. These vessels are named after historic cities in the Netherlands and Belgium and their design is optimised for the ports they will be calling on in West Africa. The MV NileDutch Breda, Dordrecht, Antwerpen and Rotterdam are registered in the Netherlands and fly the Dutch flag. Given the solid track record of our company, the NileDutch management decided that it would be attractive to invest in our own custom-designed vessels to supplement our fleet of chartered vessels.

OPTIMISED FOR WEST AFRICA The dimensions and deck equipment of the four new vessels are tailored to the ports they will visit in West Africa to further improve our service. Each vessel has a capacity of 3,510 TEU (1,530 in the holds and 1,980 on the hatch covers). The efficient 20,000 kW engines will ensure operational efficiency and a low environmental impact. The vessels have a length over all of 224 metres, beam (width) of 34.8 metres and draft of 12.5 metres.

Naming ceremony of the MV NileDutch Dordrecht in Singapore

Eva Jongschaap, godmother of the MV NileDutch Dordrecht

Mr. Jan Willem de Braal

Joyce Kerkvliet, godmother of the MV NileDutch Rotterdam

Kathelijne de Braal, godmother of the MV NileDutch Antwerpen

Tour on the vessel


vessels to improve our services - four naming ceremonies

Dancers from Ivory Coast

Naming ceremony of the MV NileDutch Antwerpen in Antwerp, Belgium

NAMING CEREMONIES The naming ceremonies of the vessels were held all over the world, from May 2014 to May 2015. In each case the ship’s godmother was the wife of someone with a senior role in our company. The godmothers officially gave each vessel its name and expressed the hope that the vessel and its crew would sail safely for many years.

07 Mr. Wim van Aalst

THANK YOU ! We would like to thank all our customers for their trust in us and the long-term relationships we have established with you. It is because of this that we have decided to make this investment – an investment to serve you even better.

The celebrations were attended by NileDutch customers, business partners and employees, representatives of the shipyards and port authorities, and representatives of the embassies of the Netherlands and countries NileDutch sails to. Of course, the music and food at the naming ceremonies had an African theme. The guests also had an opportunity to make a tour of the vessels. Additionally we organised a family day in Antwerp, to give NileDutch employees and family based in the region the opportunity to visit the MV NileDutch Antwerpen and meet up.

Naming ceremony of the MV NileDutch Rotterdam in Cape Town, South Africa

Lion dance in Singapore

Family Day at Antwerp, Belgium


08 Breda


The MV NileDutch Breda was named after Breda, a historic city in the South of the Netherlands. Founded in the twelfth century, the city now has a population of around 180,000. Located between the ports of Rotterdam and Antwerp, and relatively close to Amsterdam and Brussels, the city is an important logistics hub. Breda has been home to the Nassaufamily (ancestors of the Dutch royal family), Charles II of England while in exile, and world-famous painter Vincent van Gogh.

The history of the city of Antwerp (in the Dutch language: Antwerpen) in Belgium goes back around 17 centuries. Its port is the second largest in Europe. In the past known for painters such as Rubens, it currently has a thriving fashion scene and is also an important centre of the diamond trade. Antwerp has many buildings of great architectural interest and a number of important museums. NileDutch has a large office in Antwerp, at the Godefriduskaai.

The MV NileDutch Breda is now operating on the ECSA (East Coast South America – West Africa) trade.

The MV NileDutch Antwerpen is now operating on the WEWA (West Europe – West Africa) trade.



Dordrecht is a historic city in the South of the Netherlands. The written history of Dordrecht goes back to 1120, making it the oldest city in the Netherlands. For a long time Dordrecht was an important centre of commerce due to its location on three rivers. Many important events in the history of the Netherlands are connected to the city. Dordrecht has a beautiful historic town centre with many impressive buildings. There is an attractive national park, De Biesbosch, close to the city.

Around the year 800 a small settlement developed on the Rotte River, which was named Rotterdam when a dam was built across the river around 1270. Rotterdam (NL) has since developed into the largest port in Europe, handling freight for a large part of the region, and is located at the centre of a dense network of waterways, roads and railways. Many large petrochemical plants are based around the port. The city is also an important centre of commerce and industry and has a university and several important museums. The head office of NileDutch is located in the centre of Rotterdam.

The MV NileDutch Dordrecht is now operating on the FEWA (Far East – West Africa) trade.

The MV NileDutch Rotterdam is now operating on the FEWA (Far East – West Africa) trade.

Regional NEWS

Portugal Express Weekly


With this service NileDutch offers weekly sailings on fixed dates. By focusing on the 4 ports, we keep our transit times short and reliable. The cargo is carried on our own vessels, operating on the Europe – West Africa service. Our strong presence on this route means we can offer you attractive rates for southbound shipments between the ports of Antwerp, Le Havre, Leixoes and Lisbon. We accept the following types of containers on this service: 20DV, 40HC, 40HR and special equipment (including Out of Gauge cargoes). Please contact our Sales Department in Antwerp for more information:

We support Close the Gap NileDutch provides a key transport service to support the long-term solutions which Close the Gap offers to Africa – the continent our company, the Africa Connection, is committed to. We are proud that we can support Close the Gap’s efforts to help people to develop their skills and improve their prospects. For more information about Close the Gap:

INTTRA Implementation NileDutch continues developing its efforts to provide the best possible customer experience in the market and become even more accessible and reliable. As part of these efforts we are pleased to advise that NileDutch implemented INTTRA as an e-commerce platform.

This means that customers will be able to send their bookings and shipping instructions via INTTRA. For any further information please contact your nearest NileDutch representative office.


Laurette Bronswijk and Elouise Reiff on board of the MV NileDutch Dordrecht


Optimising fuel efficiency


At NileDutch we are always looking for opportunities to optimise our operations. Optimising the fuel efficiency of our vessels can reduce costs and also reduces our environmental impact. As part of our corporate social responsibility efforts we also aim to provide research opportunities to students. In January this year Laurette Bronswijk and Elouise Reiff obtained their Bachelor’s degrees in Marine Technology from Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands. They heard about NileDutch from Geert van IJserloo, our Fleet Manager, who studied at the same university. Laurette and Elouise: “We both wanted to spend some time on board of a vessel because during our studies we never got the chance to apply the theoretical knowledge we gained in practice. We set up a research project on fuel efficiency, to study the impact of the ship’s trim and the autopilot settings. NileDutch gave us the opportunity to sail on the NileDutch Dordrecht. Our trip began with the naming ceremony of the NileDutch Dordrecht on January 23 in Singapore port. We sailed off on January 24 and arrived in Durban, South Africa on February 7.

We really have a lot of respect for the ship’s crew who spend such long periods on board.

The trim is the balance of the vessel: how it leans forward or back. We studied the effect of the trim at a speed of 13 knots and compared the actual fuel consumption with the computer models used during the design of NileDutch’s new build vessels. The measurements showed that at this speed a forward trim gives the lowest fuel consumption. The actual and theoretical fuel consumption corresponded well. Unfortunately, due to the weather conditions we could not study the effect of trim at other speeds. The autopilot can steer the ship automatically and can be set to respond quickly or slowly to course changes. A quick response means more rudder adjustments and is expected to lead to a higher fuel consumption. To test this assumption, the ship sailed at different speeds and with different autopilot settings. The outcome of the study was that the “manual, wide” setting of the autopilot resulted in the best fuel efficiency. We really enjoyed our time on board, we had our own cabins and worked in the conference room. The captain helped us plan our research project, the officers taught us about navigation using a sextant and the engineers gave us tours of

the engine room and helped us understand how all the systems are controlled. We really have a lot of respect for the ship’s crew who spend such long periods on board. It was also an experience to travel through five time zones and get an extra hour of sleep every other day. We want to thank everyone who made this research project possible. It was a great and unforgettable experience. Since completing this project we have both started on our Master’s degree courses, also at Delft.”


Port of Luanda, Angola

NileDutch STORY

Top shipping operator in Angola


A survey showed that NileDutch is the largest shipping operator serving Angola, with a clear lead. Marc Smulders, Managing Director NileDutch Angola, closely monitors our market position in Angola and the region. “I think our top position is the result of our increased sailing frequency and increased capacity on all major trades to Angola (China/Far East, Europe, South Africa, South America). We have offices in all five major ports in the country (Cabinda, Soyo, Luanda, Lobito and Namibe) and we employ 120 staff. Our partner Soportos offers excellent terminal facilities in Luanda and keeps investing in equipment so that our customers’ cargo is handled efficiently. Our dedicated staff at the terminal ensures that customers receive a high level of service. We also have a special desk for VIP accounts, saving these customers even more time. NileDutch has served the Angolan market for over 30 years. In that period we have developed a real understanding of the market, the businesses operating in it, their cargoes and the services they need. We have always been able to adapt to changing conditions, even during difficult periods in Angola’s history. That approach has served us well and we intend to maintain it. Initially most of the inbound cargo came from Europe. But as the markets changed, our services changed with them. In 2001 we added a service from South Africa, in 2003 from South America and in 2005 our portfolio was completed with services to and from China and the Far East.

Marc Smulders, Managing Director NileDutch Angola

In recent years, inbound cargo from China has become particularly important as this country is closely involved with Angola’s National Reconstruction efforts. Of course, NileDutch has responded to that by providing excellent connections and competitive solutions for shipments from China to Angola. All personnel at our offices throughout Angola are well aware of the need of our Chinese customers. Helen Sun, Commercial Supervisor at our office in Luanda, is actually from China herself. In the near future the Angolan economy is expected to diversify, and become less dependent on oil, which will contribute to further economic growth. So we will have to continue to adapt to the changing business environment.

Our dedicated staff at the terminal ensures that customers receive a high level of service.




Agustina Garcia Busy in Buenos Aires


Abbey Sea has been representing NileDutch in Argentina since 2002. Working in the Commercial Department, Agustina is in close contact with our customers. “I had been working at Abbey Sea for some time when in 2007 I got the opportunity to handle the NileDutch account. At that time I was also studying in the evenings, for my degree in international trade. It was a great opportunity to learn more about the container shipping industry, especially as the volumes from the East coast of South America to West Africa were rapidly expanding. Working in different departments gave me experience of customer service, container control, documentation, etc. At Abbey Sea I enjoy working in a great team and I get all the support I need, such as training and mentoring. My work involves negotiating freight rates and commercial conditions with local clients, attending commercial meetings, and dealing with current and potential customers. Our Line Manager, Nestor Gurucharri, helps me with developing commercial strategies. Of course, I’m frequently in contact with our Trade Coordinators in Rotterdam and colleagues at NileDutch offices around the world. I also write reports about our performance, the market, etc. To ensure that we can realise our commercial targets I liaise with our Container Control department, so that we have all the right equipment available.” Abbey Sea in Buenos Aires has a staff of 40, 13 of whom are fully dedicated to the NileDutch account. Most of the bookings are for cargo from Argentina and Brazil to Luanda and other destinations in West Africa. The products shipped by NileDutch include soy oil, corn, flour, pasta, biscuits, meat, poultry and fish.

Buenos Aires


NileDutch Argentina Tea

“Our customers tell me that the confidence they have in us and our ability to make their job easier distinguishes NileDutch from the competition. That shows our focus on customer service is paying off. This focus also helps us build long-term relationships with our customers and understand their needs better. The quality of life in Buenos Aires is very high and it attracts many tourists. Our beautiful city has a varied architecture and excellent restaurants, nightlife and shops. And last but not least, Maxima, queen of the Netherlands, was born here.”

Agustina with Guadalupe Lopez Bancalari from Nexus (customer)


Person in the PICTURE

Working hard and having fun in Pointe Noire


NileDutch has had its own office in Congo since 2011 and Rachad Moulopo has been its Managing Director from the start. “I’m 36 and I first heard about NileDutch when I was studying Transport and Logistics in Paris. I joined the company as a trainee in 2007, at the Rotterdam office. I soon moved to the Congo team and worked closely with the agents who represented NileDutch at the time. In 2008, further to our global corporate strategy, we decided that we could serve our customers better by reinforcing our presence in Congo. In May 2011 we opened our office in Pointe-Noire where we now have a staff of 23. We have three departments: Commercial, Operations and Finance & Administration.

Rachad Moulo


Like any business, we make mistakes and we always aim to learn from them. We also focus on building strong, positive relationships with our business partners and the authorities. This approach has helped us to develop a successful business. In essence, our aim is to take a positive attitude to our customers, our work and our colleagues. In fact, our office motto is “Have fun!”, which is a rather more informal way of saying that. Congo is located on the West coast of Central Africa and its economy is largely dependent on oil and gas exports. Timber production is also important. As there is little other industry, practically all food, clothing, etc. is imported, via the port of Pointe-Noire. The river Congo is the second largest in the world and marks the border between Congo and the neighbouring Democratic Republic of Congo. Pointe-Noire is the second city in the country and its economic centre. It provides us with a good base to serve customers in cities inland (Brazzaville, Oyo, Nkayi, Madingou, Dolisie, etc.) where many importers are based.

The port has recently increased its container storage and handling capacity. It is also the transshipment hub for the NileDutch feeder service to Douala, Bata, Malabo and Libreville. As the economy is doing well both our import and export volumes have grown significantly. Major Chinese investments mean there is a lot of cargo coming from that country. Brazilian companies also have a clear presence in Congo. We deal with a whole range of cargo: pipe and machinery for the oil and gas industry, food, reefer cargo, timber, building, materials, minerals, beer - everything really. That also means we handle the full range of container types and some project cargo. The trades serving Pointe-Noire are WEWA, FEWA, ECSA and WAFD. Our customers consider us to be reliable and dynamic, which has helped us grow our market share substantially in the past four years. So, that is an excellent basis for further optimising our service and expanding our operations – always with the focus on the customer.”

NileDutch Congo Team


Customer STORY

Shipping from China to West Africa


Keyun Total Logistics Group is one of China’s leading integrated logistics companies, with a worldwide network. Keyun was set up 20 years ago in Tianjin by Mr Fan Jinkui who is still chairman of the Group. The company’s services include: international freight forwarding and international multimodal transport, warehousing, equipment control, container leasing and trading, and international project logistics services. Keyun has a strong focus on continuous improvement and meeting the needs of customers, both in China and internationally. Keyun has long worked closely with NileDutch for shipping project cargo, machinery and construction materials to countries such as Congo, DRC, Angola, Nigeria, etc. Mr Fan Jinkui: “We mostly use the China – West Africa rotation and our regular contact is Grace Wang, Regional Manager NileDutch North China. We really appreciate the close cooperation between our two companies. NileDutch’s focus, flexibility and customised services are particularly important to us. Africa has a huge potential and we expect the economic ties between Africa and China to become very important. We trust NileDutch and the services they provide to us and look forward to developing cargo volumes even more in future.”

Mr Fan Jinkui, Jean-Francois Laubel, Grace Wang and Ting Leung Tak

Mr Fan Jinkui

NileDutch’s focus, flexibility and customised services are important to us.

At work in


Turkey: at the crossroads of major trade routes Catoni Group provides shipping, forwarding and logistics services to its customers through its 12 offices in Turkey, Black Sea and Northern Iraq region. Seda Şen, the Sales & Marketing Manager of Catoni Maritime Agencies’ Istanbul office, works with its enthusiastic team to provide best service to their clients and principles. “As the liner agency division we represent the world’s leading shipping companies operating container, RoRo and break-bulk vessels. Our department is mainly focused on container shipping. We have been representing NileDutch since June 2013. Due to the nature of shipping business we are in contact with several offices within the NileDutch network. We always appreciate the confidence of working with people who have great expertise in West Africa and do our best to provide the same to our customers. Our key contacts are Xander Galjaardt (Rotterdam), for commercial and pricing matters, and Maarten Wielandts (Antwerp), for container logistics. They are always friendly, helpful and accessible. When we started representing NileDutch our experience of the West African market was quite limited. In the past two years we have learned a lot from NileDutch and started playing an active role in the Turkey – West Africa market.


Catoni Istanbul Liner De

I still remember the first impression of NileDutch on us. We visited the offices in Rotterdam and Antwerp and felt really committed to sell our service to West Africa. This team has a great spirit that make you feel a part of it from the first moment you start working with them. I think that NileDutch and Catoni are a good match as we are both dynamic, customer-focused companies which believe in continuous development.” Catoni mostly deals with outbound traffic going to West Africa. The cargoes exported includes wheat flour, iron and steel products, white goods, chemicals, construction materials, plastics and frozen foodstuffs. The containers shipped from ports in Turkey are transhipped at the port of Leixoes in Portugal to WEWA service from Europe to West Africa. “If you visit Turkey then Istanbul - the city bridging the continents - is a very attractive destination. It has much to offer visitors interested in history and culture. In Istanbul you should see Dolmabahçe Palace, Topkapi Palace, Hagia Sophia, Blue Mosque, Grand Bazaar. A cruise trip on the Bosporus, the strait between the European and Asian parts of Turkey is also a good choice. Both the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts are great destinations for a summer holiday.”

Celebrating the NileDu

tch Brand Essentials Da


NileDutch Angola - Luanda Rua Alda Lara nº 25 Vila Alice, Rangel Luanda P + 244 227 326 980 E NileDutch Angola - Lobito Rua 25 de Abril n° 212, 1 Esq° Zona Comercial do Lobito (28) Lobito P +244 272 221 016 / 017 / 018 E NileDutch Angola - Cabinda Rua Irmao Evaristo S/N Cabinda P +244 231 224 095 E NileDutch Angola - Soyo Kwanda Base, Edifico da Sonangol Soyo P +244 923 581 003 E NileDutch Angola - Namibe Avenida Joaquim Morais Centro Comercial e Negócios Sagrada Esperança Namibe P +244 264 265 500 / 501 E ARGENTINA Abbey Sea Av. Alicia Moreau de Justo 1720 2nd Floor, Suite “I” C1107AFJ Buenos Aires P +54 11 43120021 E BELGIUM NileDutch Belgium Godefriduskaai 26 2000 Antwerp P + 32 3 206 22 99 E BRAZIL NileDutch Brazil - Santos Rua do Comércio, 55 Cj 11, Centro CEP 11010-141 SP Santos P +55 13 3328 9500 E NileDutch Brazil - Curitiba Rua Comendador Araújo 143 15º Floor, Cj 153, Centro CEP 80420-900 PR Curitiba P +55 41 2111 5606 E NileDutch Brazil - Sao Paulo Av. Ibirapuera, 2033, Moema CEP 04029-100 SP Sao Paulo P +55 11 3383 4450 E NileDutch Brazil - Sao Francisco Do Sul Rua Babitonga, 71, Centro CEP 89240-000 SC Sao Francisco Do Sul P +55 47 3459 0182 E

NileDutch Brazil - Rio de Janeiro Av. Rio Branco, 31, 21st Floor, Centro CEP 20090-003 RJ Rio de Janeiro P +55 21 2203 0031 E NileDutch Brazil - Itajai Av. Marcos Kondor, 1.177-88.301-303 CEP 11.256.147/0006-78 Itajai P +55 47 3046 3330 E CAMEROON NileDutch Cameroon Rue direction Base Navale Carrefour Essengue, à Coté du Magasin 3T Douala P +237 233 423880 E



Hecksher Linieagenturer A/S Bredskiftevej 36-38 DK-8210 V Aarhus P +45 8933 6200 E Hecksher Linieagenturer A/S Sundkaj 9 Pakhus 48 DK-2150 Nordhavn P +45 3916 8100 E DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC CONGO



Comexas Afrique s.p.r.l.-DRC West 15-17, Avenue Colonel, Ebeya Building Bracongo, 4 Etage Kinshasa P +243 99 99 08 920 E

Transmarine Agencies India Pvt Ltd New No. 210, 2nd & 3rd Floor Thambu Chetty Street 600 001 Chennai P +91 44 4901 8888 E

Seanautic Marine Inc 20, Rue Saint-Paul Ouest QC H2Y 1Y7 Montreal P +1 514 287 1812 E

Comexas Afrique s.p.r.l.-DRC West 6, Avenue Luthelo Matadi P + 243 89 89 96 900 E


Comexas Afrique s.p.r.l.-DRC West 8, Quai du Commerce Boma P +243 99 81 84 081 E

Transmarine Agencies India Pvt Ltd Malhotra Chambers 1001 1001, 10th floor Off Govandi Station Road, Govandi East, Deonar Mumbai 400 088 P +91 22 6686 8888 E

NileDutch China - Guangzhou Room 1807, Guangzhou International Electronics Tower No. 403 Huan Shi Road East Yuexiu District, Guangzhou P +86 20 8713 9396 E NileDutch China - Ningbo Room 2803, Portman Plaza No. 48 North Cai Hong Road Ningbo P +86 574 8907 2002 E NileDutch China - Qingdao Room 2604 Shangri - La Centre No. 9 Xiang Gang Zhong Road 266071 Qingdao P +86 532 8090 9136 E NileDutch China - Shanghai Room 01-02-03B-05B, 27th Floor Hong Jia, Tower No. 388, Fushan Road Pudong, 200122 Shanghai P +86 21 3865 7800 / 7888 E

EQUATORIAL GUINEA Loguitrans Agencia Maritima Appart Hotel Plaza, 1st Floor Bata P +240 222 133 355 E Deltamar SA Carretera Aeropuerto Km 4 (Bioko - Norte) Malabo P +240 333 090 897 E FINLAND Oy Scanway Shipping AB Itämerenkatu 1 FI-00180 Helsinki P +358 9 415 05 422 E FRANCE

NileDutch China - Tianjin Room 1408 Tianjin International Building, No. 75 Nanjing Road Heping District, Tianjin P +86 22 2339 6270 E

NileDutch France SAS Espace Caillard 3 Rue Louis Eudier 76600 Le Havre P +33 277 675 001 E

NileDutch Hong Kong Unit 2501 Bayfield Building 99 Hennessy Road Wanchai, Hong Kong P +852 2910 7954 E




NileDutch Congo Intersection des rues Cotê Matève et Tchionga, En face de la CFAO Centre-Ville, B.P. 5131 Pointe Noire P +242 056 436 140 E

M&S Mehrtens & Schwickerath GmbH Tiefer 4 28195 Bremen P +49 421 363 080 E

SAGA Gabon Zone Portuaire d’Owendo Libreville P +241 01 700091 E

Transmarine Agencies India Pvt Ltd 924, DLF Tower B, 11 Jasola District Centre 110 025 New Delhi P +91 11 4276 8888 E INDONESIA PT Serasi Shipping Indonesia Graha Kirana, 3rd & 12th Floor Jl. Yos Sudarso No. 88 Jakarta 14350 P +62 21 653 11293 E PT Serasi Shipping Indonesia Jl. Haji Misbah Kompleks Multatuli Indah, Blok B 31 Medan (Belawan) P +62 61 451 6916 / 17 E PT Serasi Shipping Indonesia Jl. Puri Anjasmoro Block F 1 No. 3A Semarang 50144 P +62 24 761 9401 E PT Serasi Shipping Indonesia Kompleks Pengampon Square Jl. Semut Baru Block D No. 10 Surabaya 60172 P +62 31 355 1555 E




22 IRELAND International Maritime Ag Ltd Brendan House 151 Baldoyle Industrial Estate Dublin 13 P +353 1 8320709 E IVORY COAST Simat – Société Ivoirienne de Manutention et de Transit Rue des Pétrolliers BP 648, Abidjan 15 P +225 21 75 41 01 E ITALY Thos. Carr & Son Srl Via Roma, 2 Int.12 16121 Genova P +39 010 8578 909 E JAPAN Simba Logistics 13-40, Konan 2-Chome, Minato-Ku 108-0075 Tokyo P +81 36 718 0735 E MALAYSIA


Aquamaritime Logistics Sdn Bhd Level 15-02A, Plaza Masalam Section 9, 40100 Shah Alam Selangor (Port Klang) P +60 3 5880 4093 E Aquamaritime Logistics Sdn Bhd Unit 23A-07A, Level 23A, Menara Landmark No. 12 Jalan Ngee Heng, 80000 Johor Bahru Johor (Pasir Gudang / Tanjung Pelepas Port) P +60 7221 0798 E MOROCCO Marmedsa Noatum Maritime 33, Avenue Hassan Sghir 20000 Casablanca P +212 522 54 10 12 E NETHERLANDS NileDutch Africa Line B.V. Westblaak 95 3012 KG Rotterdam P +31 10 281 82 83 E Sales: contact NileDutch Belgium

Scanway Shipping AS Vollsveien 13H N-1326 Lysaker, Oslo P +47 67 102360 E PAKISTAN M/S Global Maritime Pvt Ltd Eastern House, 9 Timber Pond, M.A. Jinnah Road, P.O. Box 4851, Keamari 75620 Karachi P +92 21 32851945 E PHILIPPINES Jugro Transport International Phils Corp 3818 Mascardo St. Corner Pasong Tomo Makati City P +63 2 896 1309 E PORTUGAL NileDutch Portugal & Marmedsa Agencia Maritima Lda Avenida D. Joao II, Lote 1.18.03 Edificio Arts, Bloco B, 2 Andar, Sala C 1990-084 Lisbon P +351 21 898 2200 E NileDutch Portugal & Marmedsa Agencia Maritima Lda Rua Eng. Ferreira Dias, No. 728, Sala 3.02 4100-246 Porto P +351 22 090 0500 E RUSSIA TEK Poseidon Ltd Ordzhonikidze street 11 Building 1g 115419 Moscow P +7(495) 789 67 37 E TEK Poseidon Ltd Vozrozhdeniya street 4 198097 Saint Petersburg P +7(812) 329 05 56 E SINGAPORE NileDutch Singapore Pte Ltd 61 Robinson Road #08-01 Robinson Centre Singapore 068893 P +65 65010760 E SOUTH AFRICA NileDutch South Africa - Johannesburg Hyde Park Lane Marlborough Gate Ground Floor Cnr of William Nicol and Jan Smuts Drive, Hyde Park, Johannesburg P +27 11 325 0557 E

NileDutch South Africa - Cape Town Metropolitan Life Centre 7 Walter Sisulu Avenue Cape Town P +27 21 425 3600 E NileDutch South Africa - Durban Royal Hotel Ulundi Place Opposite Royal Parking Durban P +27 31 306 4500 E SOUTH KOREA Kukbo Express Co Ltd Ace Tower, 92 Tongil-ro, Jung-gu Seoul P +82 2 771 5514 E SPAIN Marmedsa Noatum Shipping Agency C/del Atlàntic, 112-120 Edificio Norai 08040 Barcelona P +34 93 298 77 77 E Marmedsa Noatum Shipping Agency Ed. Las Artes 11, P.I. Bandas de Musica dela C.V. No. 11, Piso 1 Puerta 6 46013 Valencia P +34 96 324 12 60 E SRI LANKA Aitken Spence Shipping Ltd 315, Vauxhall Street Colombo P +94 11 2308100 E SWEDEN Joship AB Lilla Bommen 2 SE-404 27 Gothenburg P +46 31 337 8119 E SWITZERLAND Furness Shipping Ltd Hohlstrasse 610 8048 Zurich P +41 44 436 9111 E TAIWAN Jardine Shipping Agencies Ltd. 13th Floor 50 Hsin Sheng South Road Sec 1 Taipei 10059 P +886 223931177 E THAILAND United Thai Shipping Corporation Ltd 25 Alma Link Building, 11th Floor Soi Chilom, Phloenchit Road, Lumphini, Pathumwan 10330 Bangkok P +66 2254 8400 E

TURKEY Catoni Maritime Rihtim Cd. Denizciler sk. No.13/4 Bayraktar Han Tophane 34425 Istanbul P +90 212 251 50 60 E UNITED ARAB EMIRATES The Kanoo Group Shipping P.O. Box 290 Khalid IBN Al Walid Street Dubai P +971 4 393 1900 E UNITED KINGDOM JSA Global Ltd 5 Summit Business Park Langer Road Suffolk IP11 2 JB Felixstowe P +44 1394 678678 E VIETNAM Jardine Shipping Services Ltd 10th Floor, Viet-Uc Building Le Hong Phong Street Dang Lam Ward, Hai An District Hai Phong City P +84 31 374 1456 E Jardine Shipping Services Ltd 3rd Floor CJ Tower 2bis-4-6 Le Thanh Ton Street Ben Nghe Ward District 1 Ho Chi Minh City P +84 83 8279 350 E


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