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Nik Torchia

Editorial Illustration Computer Drawing Summer 2012

Editorial Project Case Study

Case Study Background: I am creating an illustration for the “Two Very Troubled Fighter Jets� article. It currently has no illustration or image for it. I feel for a paper such as The New York Times for an article to go without an image or illustration is not acceptable. By having an image it will draw a reader in and also allow them to get a little in site on what there about to rad before they start. The New York Times will be paying me to do this illustration. Target Audiences: Who I would like to reach for this illustration is all readers. This is an exciting and interesting topic, and by having a nice clear and interesting illustration presenting itself on the page will really catch the readers eye and draw them into the article a lot quicker. Objectives: What I would like to happen is to have a reader flipping through the paper see this image and have it catch their eye to the point where they stop and decide to read the article. And I hope by the time the New York Times Post the article and illustration, they will see how good it is and decide to hire me for another illustration. Media: This illustratin will be put on the online website for the New York Times, and will also be printing on the paper version on the newspaper.

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F-35 Fighter Jet Illustration