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River Catering GmbH Nauenstrasse 63 A 4052 Basel Schweiz

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Mr. Mr. BoikovNikolay Mikolai Todorov Boykov Todorov Stefan Karatda 9 Stefan Karadja 9 Rousse Romania



1. Position Mr. Boykov Boikov , born on 04.01.1976 , will be employed as Utility. Duties, powers, and responsibilities are defined in the job description, which is part of this contract. If necessary, duties other than those defined there may be assigned to the employee. 2. Duration of Contract The contract is limited. It is expected to begin on 21.06.2008 and to end on 25.11.2008 . The employee will be informed at the latest seven days prior to the actual commencement and end of employment. 3. Probation Period / Notice Period The first three months are considered a probation period. During this period, the contract may be mutually terminated with adherence to a period of one week's notice. After the probation period, this contract can be terminated at the end of any month by either contractor in accordance with a period of one month's notice. Notice must be given in written form. If the employee leaves his or her position without adherence to the notice period, the employer has the right to claim compensation in the form of a fourth of the employee’s salary (OR Art. 337 d). Excepted are termination of the contract for important reasons by cancellation agreement and instant dismissal (OR Art. 337 a - d). 4. Travel Expenses After successfully completing the probation period, the employee will be reimbursed by the employer for travel expenses incurred travelling to their place of work. Travel expenses for repatriation will be reimbursed after successful completion of the contract, unless the journey is organised by the employer. This will cover only 2 nd class rail travel and other public transport. Expenses for flights, taxi journeys or any other travel during the season cannot be claimed, unless strictly ordered and authorised by the management.

5. Salary Mr. Boikov will receive a net salary of €/EURO 625.00 per month. All charges for compulsory social insurance (AHV/IV/EO/ALV/TG/NBU/BVG) health insurance for the employee (family members can be insured at the expense of the employee), withholding tax (“Quellensteuer”), as well as board and lodging costs will be paid by the employer and detailed on the employee’s monthly salary statement. The salary will be transferred to the employee’s personal bank account at the end of ea ch month, not later than the 5th working day of the following month. Bank charges for the foreign transfer of monies are at the employee’s expense. 6. Days Off The employee is entitled to one day off for every worked Sunday . Any time scheduled off the ship must be coordinated with the operative superior. The management may demand that one day per week is taken off (possibly on board). Daily working hours depend on the ship’s operation. Extra hours and/or overtime will not be remunerated. 7. Board and Lodging Regulations regarding board and lodging are outlined in the ships’ regulations manual. 8. Work and Residence Permit The validity of this contract assumes that the employee is in possession of valid work and residence permits. Should such work and/or residence permit(s) expire, the employment terminates automatically without formalities. All possible charges for work and residence permits are at the employee’s expense. 9. Cession or Garnishment of Wages The cession or garnishment of the employee’s wages during the period of contract is strictly forbidden. The employee also confirms that, at the commencement of contract, there is no existing obligation for cession or garnishment of his or her wages. The employer will ignore any cession or garnishment of wages which may be undertaken by the employee in violation of this regulation. 10. Insurances A collective contract of health insurance, which is compulsory and covers all employees, exists between the employer and Vivao Sympany (former ÖKK). The employee is insured against illness through this contract. The employer has effected an accident insurance with SUVA in which all employees are covered in case of accidents. In the case of inability to work due to illness a daily compensation of 80% will be paid from day 31. This insurance covers the loss of pay during a maximum of 720 within a total of 900 consecutive days. In the case of inability to work due to an accident a daily compensation of 80% will be paid from day 4, provided that the accident is acknowledged by the insurance company. SUVA will defray any costs incurred through treatment and hospitalisation as a result of an accident, provided that they are covered by the insurance agreement. The employee confirms, that at the commencement of contract he or she is in good health, able to work, and not under medical treatment.

11. Ships’ Regulations Manual Rules and regulations concerning expenses and other aspects of employment are detailed in the ships’ regulations manual, which is part of this contract. 12. Uniforms The employee is obliged to wear and care for all uniform items provided by the employer. In case of resignation within the first four months after the commencement of contract, the employer has the right to deduct €/Euro 60.00 from the from the employee’s wages (€/Euro 250.00 from employees in leading positions). 13. Duties and Confidentiality Agreement The employee must fulfil his or her duties diligently and with the highest motivation. He or she must remain discrete and not divulge any details concerning customers and business, which he or she may come to know during his or her employment, to any third party. During the period of employment the employee has no right to compete with the employer. Other work and private secondary employment may only be practised with a written agreement from the employer. 14. Responsibilities The employee is liable for any damage caused intentionally or negligently. In such cases Swiss law applies. 15. Preclusive Period All claims arising from this employment will expire six months after delivery of the salary statement or their maturity, respectively, unless they have been lodged in written form. 16. Jurisdiction / Applicable Law If the contract does not state otherwise, the regulations of the Swiss Bond Law Art. 319 ff (Schweizerisches Obligationenrecht) apply. The legal venue for all disputes resulting from this contractual relationship is determined by Art. 24 of the “Schweizer Bundesgesetz über den Gerichtsstand in Zivilsachen”.

Basel, 17.06.2008

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