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Site Map for Gatorade Niko Vergis

•Following users consisting of athletes, loyal users, TV shows, celebrities and other food and beverage brands. •Most frequently updated of all social media sites. •Keep getting users to come back to their page by asking questions or posting videos of NBA or NFL players.

•Frequently updated as much as twitter. Any post from either site will automatically go to the other. •More followers than twitter. •Capability of taking polls and gain consumer research. •Great consumer involvement. •Easy navigation.

•Great use with Twitter and Facebook. •Highly used for watching previous videos that have been posted. •Encourages users to come back for new videos or commercials to watch. •Layout is easy to navigate through.

•Updated with new and current interns and employees. •Great for information of the masterminds behind the brand and business. •Pepsi-co is updating job opportunity postings frequently. •Very professional and formal.

•Not the most popular out of the social media sites. •Almost useless to the brands name. •Repetitive pictures posted. •No negative pictures. •More pictures on the science behind the brand and process of making the beverage would be nice to see.

•Very similar to Facebook. Only appealing to people on Google+. •Great job of engagement marketing. •Excellent job on involving costumers and giving quick responses.

•I would recommend incorporating each blog posting on Google blogs to automatically be threaded towards Twitter and facebook. •Decent amount of contests and giveaways held through blogging. But only noticed by the blogging world.

•Only 2 reviews explaining what flavors the 2 users liked. •I would recommend incorporating LinkedIn through yelp because both sites are more informational.

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