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The Sydney

Angry waves; crash, collide, crush. They have that boat in sight. They have their mission. Down to Davey Jones’ locker.

Tossed and turned, the mannequins fly, young men who hide fear in their hearts. Falling into the dark night.

Desolate in a mystifying playpen. Raking in their sorrows. Minds on their children. Wanting

to take away their hurt, already.

Hunting for that happy place. Water’s at their throats. Their time is running out. A tear falls into the razor sharp waves

As it slides down. Silence screams, deafening. The oiled black water suffocates. Assuredly there will be no survivors. Now they know.

They come close to… The end.

The Sydney  

A bit sad. Poem dedicated to the people who died on the HMAS Sydney. Their grief shared with the world.