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The Most Attended Program in Ulster County

Our Mission To provide a fun and safe environment for children in New Paltz. We offer a variety of educational, recreational, and social opportunities that our attendees have enjoyed for over 20 years. Adolescents often need somewhere to go after school, and we are here to help.

The New Paltz Youth Program

New Paltz Youth Program director, Jim Tinger.

The New Paltz Youth Program

The New Paltz Youth Program Children and parents at the New Paltz Easter Egg Hunt, an annual event hosted by the New Paltz Youth Program.

220 Main St. New Paltz, NY, 12561

Phone: 845-255-5140 E-mail:

Reach Out

Learn From Others

Help Others

Get Involved

Stay Active

Have Fun

Tel: 845-255-5140 Website:

Volunteering The New Paltz Youth Program offers different opportunities for people who want to help out. College students who need to do community service can come to our program and work as tutors for kids who need assistance with their school work. Our middle school and high school youth members are always happy to have college students around. Options are also available to help out with fundraisers, fieldtrips, and tidying up our facility. Getting involved with these kids can be a life changing experience for those who volunteer. “Having college volunteers is great. The kids really look forward to learning and spending time with them” -Jim Tinger

Volunteers at the New Paltz Youth Program, participating in SUNY New Paltz’s Make a Difference Day.

Recreational Activities 




Air Hockey


Ping Pong

 

spect level from the New Paltz community. As we move forward, we will look to make the same kind of improvements that our numbers from 2012 show.

2012 stats 

10,842 total sign ins at the youth center.

Board Games

20,481 total students tutored.

Video Games

1,388 attended our Saturday night GAMES Program.

Continuing Growth

480 attended special events.

The New Paltz Youth Program began as a dropin center at St. Josephs Church, and moved to its current location on 220 Main St. in 1989. Since then, the program has been dedicated to helping young teens achieve their goals academically and socially. Besides the actual afterschool program, we do a lot of work to make other events available on weekends and special occasions. Our collaboration with local organizations and businesses has lead to a wide re-

402 went on field trips.

38 got jobs through our job placement program.

Contact: Jim Tinger Program Director Office: 845-255-5140 Cell: 845-325-2593 Email:


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