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CLOCKWISE: From photography for Life On Mars, the Wasteland Lookbook, Flower Power shot & styled by Dana, and Sky Ferreira in High School Lover also shot & styled by Dana. All photos courtesy of the artist’s Website.

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Nothing short of a visionary, Dana Boulos takes whimsical photographs of all things wonderful in Los Angeles, often styling them also. We probed the talented beauty to get a glimpse inside her lavish mind... the results are nothing short of delightful!

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Elli Egilsson is who AC BANANAS is when he is painting. The artist lives and works out of his East London studio creating works that cross the boundaries of titling him an illustrator or graphic designer. Essentially, AC BANANAS is a heavily talented visual artist who has a repertoire for having his art described as “a bit offensice and relentless while others gasp in a more sudden alluring manner”. For a fresh and attractive array of design and art, be sure to check ACBANANAS.TUMBLR.COM

All works courtesy of Artist’s Portfolio

Niki Takesh is a young entrepreneur in the net world. She is somewhat of an internet/instagram celebrity and a budding influencer of online fashion. Be sure to keep an eye out for Niki as she seems to have her hand dipped in all that is on the verge.

All photos courtesy of

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Jack Estenssoro is a young Denver native who has recently dabbled with the study of art in China & Spain but got distracted skateboarding the dope spots. Luckily for us, he shared not just his amazing mixed-media pieces but also a few videos you can check out at

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All photos courtesy of the artist.


A final for my Type & Layout class

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