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UNIT 3 The UK as Destination Introduction In this assignment, we have been assigned to describe the needs of inbound and domestic visitors to UK destinations and to also describe the features and facilities that attract visitors to three UK destinations.

Part 1 Inbound Family group from Australia (ages from 15 – 50) visiting friends and family in the UK but with some sightseeing as well. A family (children aged 5 and 7) from France on holiday: they are driving their own car. They speak some English between them

Domestic A couple (20s) wanting a weekend break in the UK; will use their own car. A family (children aged 10 and 12) wanting a day visit to a theme park; they would like to use public transport

Inbound- 1st visitor Family group from Australia (ages from 15 – 50) visiting friends and family in the UK but with some sightseeing as well.  Transport: As they will travel from the airport to their accommodation they will need a cab to take them there which they can find at the airport without any problem so there is no need to book it in advance. Moreover, as they are interested to visit sightseeing they will need to travel a lot by bus which they will then need a 7 days pass or week pass each to move around London as it is cheaper than taking a cab everywhere you go.

 Needs: As the family is from Australia they will need a visa to travel to London as they have an Australian passport which is very important for them, also as they are travelling by air the flight will be very long so they will need snacks and drinks also as movies to not get bored. In addition they will need transport from the airport to the house or hotel. As they will also visit sightseeing they will need a week pass to travel around and also they will need to exchange money for their stay in the UK.  Access to information: As they are visiting friends and family they can directly ask their family to how to travel around London in a cheap way, also they can look online for cheap tickets or the best deals which also can offer transport from the airport to the accommodation of their choice.

ďƒ˜ Accommodation: As the family is there to visit family and friends I think that their best option is to stay in a B&B which is a bed and breakfast as I think it will be good for them as they will be always outside so they want need to eat in a hotel for lunch or dinner as I also think they will also be eating with their families.

ďƒ˜ Customer service: Having customer service is very important for both domestic and inbound customers as they need to meet their needs whether they are children, old people or even disabled, so therefore they will expect to have a better customer service for travel and transport services. This suggests that all the employees that work on that sector get trained to meet the customer needs and to also exceed it

Inbound- 2nd visitor

A family (children aged 5 and 7) from France on holiday: they are driving their own car. They speak some English between them  Transport: As the family has their own car, they doesn’t really need any other transport service to visit London for their holiday because they will visit it with they own car. Also, as they are not from London they don’t know the streets and all the places they would like to go and visit, therefore they will need a GPS and/or a map. On the journey from France to UK they will take the ferry to cross the borders and they will also have to make sure they are aware that the wheel side are on the others side.  Cost and standards: For them is necessary to know how much they will need for money and how much they think they will be spend, which therefore is part of their cost and standards. As the family is travelling from France they will have to think about exchanging their money from Euros to Pounds and also, they will need some help with the language, which can be a tour guide that speaks French or a family member from the UK can help them and also, they can use google translate or any map that can help them translate without spending money.  Access to information: Travelling to a different country is always challenging which therefore brings customers to search for all the need that they require and for all the information that they need. To plan their holiday to France they will have to look online and research the best deals, for example trivago is a very good website which they could use for accommodation. They will also have to research all the places to visit that are on their interest, VisitBritain is a very good website which finds you anything that you need to know about England and also it finds you all the facilities needed. 

Accommodation: The French family will have to find an accommodation where to stay during their holiday for all their time staying, therefore as they are a family they will need a hotel where they will stay a bit more comfortable with a breakfast included and also facilities that they will require which can be lifts, spa and good service.

 Customer service: A visitor like the French family it is important to have a good impression of the UK by the customer service that they offer; therefore, this tells them how good they are or they aren’t for them to get an overall impression. This also shows that they have high standards for the facilities that will be attending him during their holiday.

Domestic- 1st visitor

A couple (20s) wanting a weekend break in the UK; will use their own car.  Transport: As the couple is from the UK they can choose whether to use their own car, which shows that they can take their time on their journey as they know the places and the roads and they are confident, also they have the possibility to stop whenever and wherever. The couple could use a phone map to get to their destination where it tells them also if they there is traffic on their road ahead.  Cost and standards: As the couple is domestic they will not need to exchange money but they will still have to look and search all the information they need in order to know how much they will be spending on their brake which includes accommodation, restaurants and all the rest of the ancillary services and as they are very young they will need to make sure to not spend too much because their budget might be very limited.  Access to information: As the couple is on their 20’s going away for the weekend, they will need all the information necessary for them to have a very good time, they can know about the place where they’re going thanks to friends of theirs which have then explained and showed them all the requirements and all the information that they need to book an accommodation. However, they can still research by internet whatever else they need as it is very quickly and very efficient.  Accommodation: As they are very young on age they might want a Hotel which offers them a double bed and a quite big room where they can spend some relaxing time together with room service, also any other facility such as a spa or swimming pool to do something different from the everyday routine.  Activity: As the couple is going alone for a short brake they would like to make memories of their time off whether it can be clubs or pubs. The couple might enjoy playing in a Casino where they can also drink or they might want to visit nice restaurants like the Shard or Sky Garden with beautiful views.  Customer service: As any type of customer, customer service is always important because thanks to that customer get their impression of the place. Therefore, just because they are very young it doesn’t mean that for them is not important which tells us that they will expect a very good service.

Domestic 2nd visitor

A family (children aged 10 and 12) wanting a day visit to a theme park; they would like to use public transport.  Transport: The family is domestic which means they know how to travel around because they know all the places and they will also travel by public transport which will be cheaper for the family on their way to Thorpe Park, however it will take more time as by bus the journey is slow.  Cost and standards: The family will have to think about how much they will be spending with the transport but also the cost of the theme park for every ride they will go to and also for any ancillary service such as food and waters, so therefore they need to be aware to try and not spend too much so to research online for any deal for the all family such as packages.  Access to information: It is important to always be prepared when going out for a holiday or for a short brake, looking and searching for information gives the customer more ideas of what they will do and how the holiday will look like. As the family is going to a theme park and they will be travelling by public transport they will have to look for the itinerary, how long will the journey be, also how much they will be spending for they short brake and internet is one of the biggest survey for research.  Accommodation: As it is a family the cheaper way for them would be to book an hotel with just 1 room for the all family instead of ordering 2 different rooms which would cost them more. Also, they will have to make sure the accommodation meets all their needs for them to have a good time and to be comfortable.  Activities: As the family is interested to visit a theme park they might as well visit Thorpe Park as it meets all their family need for them have a good family and bonding time together as everyone will satisfied. This is because Thorpe Park gives the family the chance to go on all the rides (depending on their age and height) which would make everyone in the family happy and would then meet the needs of the customers for them to come back again.

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 Customer service: A customer experience is important for a tourist destination and for a domestic tourist too as they will expect to have a good experience during their short brake. This suggests that as they are visiting a theme park like Thorpe Park they might prefer to have a guide to guide them around and to show them all the best and fun activities that they can choose, therefore this would give them a better service where they will feel very pleased.

Part 2

 Countryside

Dorset Dorset is a really beautiful countryside area made mostly of rolling hills and chalk down lands really known for the scenic coastline and also awarded World Heritage Status by UNESCO in 2001, also it has been place for many famous movies and series TV Dorset it’s a really good place for families and couples. Dorset it’s a fantastic place with pure air where to have some adventure and to enjoy the beautiful countryside and the coastline.

Domestic: a family (children aged 10 to 12) Location and accessibility: Wood farm Caravan and Camping Axminster road, Charmouth, Dorset, DT6 6BT Unit tariff: £260.00 per unit per week, caravan holiday homes for hire

Natural features: The Blue Pool, which a natural pool, surround by 25 acres of grassland and timberland in the charming Isle of Purbeck. The balmy pool is continuous changing in colour, from blue to turquoise to green.

Built attractions: Dorset has many beautiful, historical places which offers to the public such as: historic castles, absurd houses and gardens to scrutinize and also for some pleasure. Facilities: The wood farm caravan and camping is in a countryside area and gives accessibility for those disabled and all children of all ages are accepted with their own play area, recreation room and tennis court.

Inbound: Family group from Australia (ages from 15 – 50) visiting friends and family in the UK but with some sightseeing as well. Location and accessibility: The Heights Hotel- Isle of Portland, Portland, Dorset, DT5 2EN.

Natural features: In East Dorset you can find Knoll Gardens, which is home to 5,000 different plant species and also rare varieties. Every once a year this place is a tourist attraction which is also attached to a nursery.

Built attractions: Dorset is known for the activities as water sports and for also multiplex cinemas, pubs, restaurants, night clubs and many other things.

Facilities: Facilities include bedrooms designed with every convenience in mind. All are en-suite with shower or bath, remote control satellite TV, radio, hairdryer, trouser press and hospitality tray. Choice of rooms types are classic, deluxe or family rooms.

ďƒ˜ Coastline resort

Torquay Torquay is placed at the very heart of the English Riviera on the South Devon Coast and it’s known for the distinguish beautiful British sandy beaches, for family attractions and genteel Victorian appearance.

Domestic: A couple (20s) wanting a weekend break in the UK; will use their own car Location and accessibility: The Grand Hotel Torquay, Torbay Road, TORQUAY, Devon, TQ2 6NT (breakfast included) Natural features: natural outdoors such as historical gardens and parks. Also, the stunning Kents cavern notable for its geological and archaeological features.

Built attractions: They benefit events and festivals and a range of distinct activities from zoos for children to the delightful history, heritage and culture at the museums and galleries.

Facilities: the hotel provides car valet service and around the area South Devon provides four main railway stations such as: Exeter, Newton Abbot, Totnes and Plymouth in the region. From these stations, you can connect onto local services at the stop off of the seaside town of Torquay and it also offers unlimited travel across South Devon starting from just £4.90 for a Torbay Dayrid. Most of the things to do in Torquay are water sports and also thanks to its seaside resort it’s always developing and full of tourists. Night clubs are very big attractions for youngers where people go to dance and have some fun.

Inbound: a family (children aged 5 and 7) from France on holiday: they are driving their own car. Location and accessibility: Grosvenor Hotel, 3-star hotel. Belgrave Road, Torquay, TQ2 5HG, United Kingdom

Natural features: A Natural attraction are the beautiful Daddyhole & Rock End Walk are very stunning cliffs which attracts many tourists

Built attractions: Torquay’s Dinosaur World is a very big attraction for kids as they love watching and learning and also having to do some activity about dinosaurs.

Facilities: the facilities that Torquay provides to the customers are evening entertainments for any visitor and also a children's playground and Golf course for those who love some speed within 3 km from the hotel. In addition, the transport is not really needed as Torquay town center is 2 minutes’ walk from the Hotel.

 City

Manchester Manchester is very big city and known for the birth place of industrial revolution and it’s also very known for its history in science, politics, music, arts and sport and as the city of equality.

Domestic: A couple (20s) wanting a weekend break in the UK Location and accessibility: Hallmark Inn Manchester South, 340 Wilmslow, Road, Fallowfield, Manchester, GREATER MANCHESTER, M14 6AF Natural features: Manchester provides a green spaces and waterways where people can have some fun with family or friends.

Built attractions: Manchester disposes of many different and particular restaurants, bar shops, museums, galleries and hotels and also the traditional pubs. Manchester has a range of night clubs and it also offers gay clubs. Facilities: Bus, Air Directions: Take any number bus 41 - 49 from the city centre - drops off outside hotel.

Inbound: A group of students from the USA to take part in a sporting event and also visit some places of interest Location and accessibility: Malmaison Hotel, 1-3 Piccadilly, Manchester, Greater Manchester, M1 1LZ Natural features: Blackley forest is avery big natural attraction for tourists as it is very close to the city but preserved and managed by the Irk Valley project which consists of predominately plantation woodland, semi natural broadleaved woodland, ponds, and neutral/basic grassland.

Built attractions: The Wheel of Manchester is very popular for tourists as it attracts them because from there they can look at the all city which is a very stunning view.

Facilities: Manchester has many facilities such as shopping centres for those who likes to shopping, it also offers many night life such as clubs and pubs. Manchester is known for the gay friendly city as they have clubs just for gays. However, it is also known for sport stadiums thanks to the Manchester football team.

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Unit 3 part 2 and 3  
Unit 3 part 2 and 3