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To anyone out there that thinks that their dreams won’t come true, this book is proof that they can. Never give up hope.

To my own personal Psycho, this would never have happened without you. Thank you for believing in me when I didn’t even believe in myself and for turning my ass red when I get crazy.



She has never noticed me, no one ever does. I have found a way to disappear into the background, but my only desire is to dominate a woman, one specific woman. It was love at first sight. You may say that's not possible, but I felt it in the marrow of my bones. Every heartbeat after that said her name. Annabelle has been mine since that moment, even though she didn't know, still doesn't. She will come to understand the depth of our connection. She just needs time. Even now, she sips her morning coffee at her kitchen table, as she dreams of her Prince Charming. I am right here waiting; all she has to do is look out the window.

ANNABELLE In college, I got confirmation that someone was watching me when the notes started to appear randomly. The first one was during finals. I had been getting barely any sleep and living on coffee and energy drinks. After one particularly long night, I found a note stuck to my door begging me to take better care of myself and a bag full of my favorite foods. Over the years, I’ve found notes just about everywhere, in my house, my car, my office at work, even in my mailbox. The notes are always written on the same cream cardstock, always handwritten, and always in black ink. Bold slashes from a controlling man carved into the cream paper. Lately, I’ve been trying to tempt him into showing himself, having my skirts just a little too short, my blouse a little too low cut, or my heels just a little too tall. I know he’s noticed that I’m doing it on purpose to tease him. Even now I can feel him while I'm sitting at my kitchen table drinking coffee. It probably looks, to an outsider, like I’m daydreaming, but I’m really thinking about him, my Psycho. I’m not sure when I started calling him that in my head, but it was longer than I can remember. And it just fits. Who else stalks a girl and leaves mysterious notes? A Psycho.



I will do anything for Annabelle, and she knows it. Just a few tears and I am done for. It has been the same since the day I officially met her, Owen Montgomery was giving her a hard time during lunch in high school.

“How is someone so, common, permitted to grace the halls of our fine educational establishment?” Owen smirks at his group of minions as they were circling Annabelle, trapping her against the tree she’s eating her lunch under. Annabelle was always alone, since the day she started attending over two years ago. She was quick-witted and book smart. She never had to work for it or study. She sat in class or read the chapter, and never needed anything else. She was always at the top of the class without even trying. While that tends to make you unpopular anywhere, here at Exeter Academy, where 98% of the student population comes from money, being the smartest kid in class and a foster kid is going to make you enemy number one. I overheard during lunch that she gave Owen, a chairmen’s son and grade A asshole, a run for his money in debate class this morning. Apparently, Owen isn’t a fan of when a poor girl proves him wrong, or better yet, makes him look stupid in the first place. I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall in that class. “Well, if you really want to know the answer, I’ll tell you. I’ll make sure to use small words so that you can follow along. Unlike you, whose Daddy got him in, I was smart enough to get in on my own. I’m here to show dense, simpleminded rich boys, that normal girls like me, can kick your ass in every facet of your education.” Annabelle looks back down to her book and sandwich completely ignoring the boys standing in front of her. Man, this girl is my hero! As I get closer, I’m pretty sure I can see the steam coming out of Owen’s ears. His face is so red it could be mistaken for a tomato. “At least I know who my parents are, where I come from. Someone like you, who was found on a doorstep, probably the daughter of a drug-addicted prostitute, and has no concept of breeding or heritage, has no place sullying the good name of this school.” Owen spews out in anger. “Knowing one's breeding or heritage has nothing to do with a person’s character. Much of the world's royalty have a history of incest, which resulted in all sorts of malformations and birth defects. You can be the richest person in the

world, much like yourself, and still be a raging asshole.” She says with a smirk on her face. “Well, this asshole is going to teach you a lesson.” I heard those words come out of his mouth and took off running. I guess today was the day that I was going to introduce myself to her. I made it over to them just as his hand was getting ready to come down across her face. “Montgomery, I suggest that you take your temper somewhere else before you have to deal with my fist accidentally re-arranging your face. We do not want to have to explain to mommy how that happened, now would we?” I said, shielding Annabelle with my body. “Elliot, I'm not surprised that you would protect the poor little orphan bitch! She's all yours; it’s not worth the hassle to teach her her place,” Owen said with a smug smirk on his face. “No, Montgomery, you are not worthy of the air I am permitting you to continue to breathe. Now, get away from her before I change my mind and beat your face in, just for the fun of it.” Annabelle then proceeded to rip me a new one because she apparently ‘could have handled him’ all on her own. The memory makes me smile. She comes by her temper honestly with a head full of wild red curls.

A perfect example of the shit I do for this girl? I’m currently moving her into a new apartment. I’m doing 75% of the heavy lifting, I’m dirty, sweaty, and sore, but at least that means I won’t have to go to the gym today. I probably won’t be able to move my arms tomorrow so that the gym may be out for tomorrow too. As I pick up the last box from the moving truck and head toward Annabelle’s new place, my mind goes to Annabelle’s asshole of an ex, Jared. She thought she could handle him as well. I knew that fucker was bad news, and I was right. After taking Annabelle home, since he never showed up to pick her up from work, we walked in on him balls deep in some bimbo. However, my Annabelle took it all in stride, marched right up to him while he stood there like a deer caught in the headlights as she reared back and punched him right in the face. She broke his nose while he still had his dick in the bimbo, bled all over her too. It was amazing to watch, and it took everything in my power not to bend her over that bed and fuck the shit out of her right there in front of him. Making him watch while I made her scream my name would remind him what he was losing. I have been in love with Annabelle from the first moment I saw her, but I

will only ever be her big brother. Sometimes I catch myself wishing for something more, maybe someday I will be man enough to tell her how I really feel.


“Annabelle! Where’s my beer?” Elliot yells from the kitchen. “ the store…” I whisper-yell back at him, grimacing to myself. “Are you kidding me? I just hefted boxes, full of your shit, up three flights of stairs with the promise of beer and a burrito the size of my head. Now you tell me there’s no beer?” Elliot says incredulously, arms crossed over his chest, leaning his shoulder against the doorframe of my new bedroom. His once white t-shirt is now dirty and covered in sweat but still fits snuggly around his chest and muscular arms. His basketball shorts sit low on his trim hips, and I can almost see the V of his lower abdomen. The sight makes me want to lick my lips, but the look in his eyes tells me that it wouldn’t be a good idea. “I’m sorry, I was a little busy today, if you hadn’t noticed.” I respond with sarcasm, my go too when I’m uncomfortable, and a lifted eyebrow, hands on my hips. Since the last of the boxes and furniture have been moved into my apartment, I’ve stripped down to a sports bra and athletic gym capris, both black with bright purple bands and black pumas. Elliot walks towards me, picks up my long braid that rests over my shoulder and tugs on it. The motion makes me look up into his eyes. I’ve always thought his blue-green hazel eyes were beautiful, especially with the shaggy dirty blonde hair that always seems to be just a bit too long. “One day, Little Girl, some man is going to fuck that smirk right off your face,” Elliot says before he turns away, tense but shaking his head. “That’s awfully big talk from an accountant, Elliot!” I holler at his retreating back, trying not to stare at his ass. My scalp tingles from the pull, my breathing is faster, and my nipples are hard. He’s never looked at me with anything other than friendship before, was that lust in his eyes? He was not looking at you like he was interested. You’re just a mess from the break up with Jared. Irritated with myself, I head back into the bathroom to finish unloading and to put away the stuff in my vanity. As I get to the bottom of the box, I see the

cream cardstock and smile knowing I have a note from him. I pick it up and flip it over: “Beautiful” is written in sharp black letters. This wasn’t the first time I found a note hidden in my moving boxes…

...Jared is yelling at me to hurry my ‘pretty ass up’ to get ready for our housewarming party. We finally moved into our first apartment together. Elliot helped us find it, which was odd since he isn’t Jared’s biggest fan, but he wasn’t about to let me live in some shit hole either. Luckily, this place was close to both of our jobs, and Elliot was close by, living only about 15 minutes away. The only bad thing is he hasn’t made any attempts to contact me. Has he forgotten about me since Jared and I are so happy together? I shake that thought out of my head, being in a relationship never stopped him before. “Jared, have you seen the pearls I got from Elliot for Christmas?” I hear him mumble something before he pops his head through the bedroom door, “No babe, but your jewelry box is still in one of the last boxes in the bedroom. Why don’t you go check in the closet, so I can watch you bend over and check? You better hurry it up, everyone should be here soon.” “Thanks, babe! I’ll check. I’m almost finished so get out of here. Make sure we have enough ice and light the candles please.” I kiss him on the cheek and push against his chest as I head toward the closet. I easily locate the box and dig through it to find my jewelry box. When I open it, right on top is a piece of cream cardstock with the words “I can’t wait to see these on.” Directly underneath the note is the most amazing pair of teardrop emerald earrings. Somehow, he has picked out the perfect pair of earrings to compliment my outfit. As always, I look around hoping to catch a glimpse of him because I know this wasn’t here earlier. However, the only thing I notice is the slightly ajar bathroom window...we do live on the first floor. I run over to the window and stick my head out before I hear a loud knock on our front door. “Babe! Alex and Logan are here. Are you done yet?” I hear Jared yell through the apartment. “Coming! Just putting on the finishing touches!” I quickly grab a pen, scribble the words “thank you” in my messy handwriting on the back, and deposit the note on the window ledge. Giving it one last look, I turn off the light and close the door to join our party guests...

Smiling at the memory and my current situation, it’s good to know I will always have someone who will love me for me. I know I have Elliot, but I will only ever be like a little sister, but my Psycho takes care of me. He also loves me

like a man who in love a woman, and somewhere along this crazy ride, I have discovered that I love him too. Now I just need to figure out who he is. Twenty minutes later, I’m finally finished unpacking the bathroom and head into the living room with the flattened boxes, one room down about a thousand more boxes to go. As I come into the room, I see Elliot sitting on my couch with his t-shirt pulled up showing his deliciously muscular abs and the impressive tent in his shorts that can’t contain the head of his cock as he’s rubbing himself. “What. The. Fuck? Dude! Are you seriously jacking off right now in my living room?” I ask him, both surprised and a little horrified by how much I want to replace his hand with my mouth. Hands in the air, the boxes that I was holding have been forgotten and land with a loud thud on the floor. Elliot jumps up off the couch, his cheeks turning bright red in embarrassment, the front of his shorts still surprisingly tented. “Uh. Shit. Umm,” he coughs an awkward strangled sound. “Sorry? I don’t know.” Elliot shrugs his shoulders then lowers his hands in an attempt to cover himself. “Just...put that thing away. I doubt Burrito Bandito will let you inside with…” I look down then snap my eyes closed, and wave my hand towards the direction of his crotch, “all that, going on.” I know my face is beet red. I’m embarrassed that I’m embarrassed. It’s not like I’ve never seen a dick before, I lived with Jared, the now ex-boyfriend, for a year. But, this is Elliot. He’s not a guy, guy. He’s just, Elliot. I open one eye enough to see if it’s safe to look, seeing that it is, I open both eyes and look at him. Elliot is standing with his hands on his trim hips, his shirt still pulled up, with his head back like he’s asking God to get rid of his hard-on. The thought is more than I can handle while dealing with my embarrassment, so I start to giggle. I’m trying to hold in the laughter by covering my mouth with my hand, but when he looks at me with a question on his face, I can’t contain it. Bent over from laughing, I can barely stand, and I just can’t stop laughing. This is just so weird. Elliot and I have been friends for ten years and have never acknowledged our reproductive organs. Elliot continues to stand there, looking at me like I’ve grown a second head, apparently not finding the humor in our situation, which just makes me laugh even harder. I’m now curled into a ball on the floor, holding my aching stomach, while I continue to laugh uncontrollably. “I think it’s time to have you committed,” Elliot comments in a deadpan tone. “What the hell is wrong with you? What is so funny?”

I can’t catch my breath, but the ache in my stomach is helping me gain some control over the laughing fit. “Before today,” I start, but another laughing fit starts. “Before today, I never even thought about the fact that you have a penis. And now I know how big it is.” I’m laughing again, tears running down my face and onto the floor. Elliot huffs out a breath, jerks his shirt down, and then says, “I’m never living this down, am I?” All I can do is shake my head ‘no,’ while I continue to cackle on the floor like a crazy person.



I have no idea what I was thinking! Oh, I know what I was thinking, but I need to stop thinking about it, so I don’t get another hard on while trying to drive this damn car. What red-blooded male can survive the woman of his dreams walking around in nothing but a sports bra and skin-tight pants?! She’s showing all that creamy skin and smooth curves, breasts pushed up by the bra to create cleavage that I want to shove my dick in. She must know how beautiful she is, well maybe not, all Jared ever did was tell her what was wrong with her. So, I decided to sit down and focus on unpacking when I opened the box I find it full of those little scraps of fabric woman like to call underwear. I couldn’t decide if I was in heaven or hell at that moment. No matter how hard I tried not to think about her biteable ass perfectly framed while wearing any of those panties, bent over the coffee table sitting in front of me, I just couldn’t contain it! Of course, as soon as I had the good sense to close the box to hide the evidence, AB walks out of the bathroom. I grip the steering wheel tighter, just thinking about that hungry look in her eyes as she saw the tent in my pants. One thing is for certain, AB knows how big my dick is now. Maybe this wasn’t such a bad thing after all.


God damn, she is beautiful. Just the sight of her alabaster skin gets me hard. I wish she weren’t so far away. I want to caress her skin, bury my nose in her hair, and stretch her pussy with my thick cock. I need her, but I must wait for the right time. She will be mine. There is no doubt in my mind that we are meant to be together. She just needs to forget about all of these losers first.


Once I finally stop laughing, put a shirt on and get to the burrito shop, we still

haven't said more than about five words to each other. “So... how ‘bout them Yankees?” I say as an icebreaker. I'm not entirely sure if what Elliot is horrified about is the fact that I saw him rubbing one out or the fact that I now know how big his dick is. Dudes are weird. “Jesus. I don't know what else to say except 'I'm sorry,’ and I have no idea what I was thinking,” he says. “Eh, when you gotta jack it, you gotta jack it. Am I right, son?” I smirk in return. “For the love of God, Annabelle, don't ever say 'jack it’ to me again,” He says exasperatedly. I start to laugh. It's just so comical. “Don't you start that shit again, I'm hungry, and I will leave your crazy ass on the floor and pretend like I don't know you.” He sounds almost angry. “Relax, man. Jeez, Louise. When was the last time you got laid? You seem a little tense.” I say like I’m one of the guys. “That's it. From now on, we are no longer talking about anything that has to do with my dick. Not even jokes.” I sigh, and I realize that he's just really embarrassed and will probably be back to normal in a week or so. “You're taking all of the fun out of my life,” I say as I turn my back to him and place my order. **** After grabbing our food, we head back to my apartment since I still have to get everything unpacked. Sitting beside a box full of, I don’t even know what, I pick at my burrito while Elliot digs right in. We’re sitting cross-legged on the floor, and I drop my hands into my lap. “What is it about me? Why am I so easy to cheat on?” I choke out, on the verge of tears. I can’t look at him directly, but I can see that he’s stopped eating and is now staring at me, trying to come up with an answer that will hold the tears back and finish the huge bite in his mouth. After what feels like an eternity, he swallows the bite he was chewing. He says softly, “It’s not you, Belle.” He uses the nickname that is very rarely used, almost as if he’s afraid of how I will react. I shake my head and look at him, tears swimming in my eyes, “It has to be, or it wouldn’t keep happening. What is it? Seriously, I want the truth.” My voice is starting to rise, and my arms raise along with the volume. “Am I too tough? I don’t act girly or needy enough? Do I make them

question how manly they are?” By now, I’m yelling, and tears are rolling down my face faster than I can wipe them away. Then, as if the wind has been taken out of my sails my arms drop back to my sides, and I whisper, “Am I not good in bed? Am I not attractive?” My lip is trembling, so I bite down on it to make it stop. I drop my head into my hands and just cry. Elliot comes around the ‘table’ and pulls me into his lap like a child, pulling my head to his chest and just holds me while I get it all out. By the time I’ve calmed down, he’s moved, so he’s sitting with his back against the front of the couch, but his hand is still rubbing comforting circles on my back. “Wine or ice cream?” is all Elliot says. I can’t help but laugh. He really does know me better than anyone else. “You bring anything harder?” my voice gravely from crying. Now it’s his turn to laugh, “Sorry Drunkie MacGee. Wine is all I brought with me.” I let out a sigh and sit up, so I can look him in the face, “I guess that will have to do.” Elliot sets me on the couch and gets up to get a bottle of my favorite Moscato out of the fridge. He bought one for me today to celebrate the new digs. He looks over at me, raises one eyebrow like he’s asking a question then shakes his head. He opens the bottle and just brings it to me, no glass. “Chug it. Time to get wasted.” He says with a smirk, one that I know all too well is going to get me into trouble. “I really don’t want my neighbors to hate me before I’ve even unpacked,” I say as I eye the bottle, it is tempting. Elliot waves the bottle just a bit, “Come on. You know you want too.” “Fuck it.” I grab the bottle and take a long drink, “I blame you for the hangover I’m going to have tomorrow.” Elliot chuckles, “I take full responsibility.”

**** An hour later, I am completely wasted. After the first bottle was finished, I dug through a few boxes to find more and have now drained the second bottle, on an empty stomach. Elliot set up the TV and Amazon Fire Stick so that we can binge-watch Parks and Recreation. I’m laying haphazardly on the couch. One leg slung over the back, shoulders on the armrest, one hand on the floor. “Elliot?” Without turning to look at me, he responds, “Yeah?”

“Will you have sex with me?” Elliot whips his head around and stares at me for a moment, “What?” “Come on. I need to know if I suck at sex. You could give me tips or something. Or tell me if I have a really gross hairy mole that I don’t know about.” “Okay, that’s enough wine for you. Now you’re talking crazy. Why don’t I make some coffee, and you can take a shower, sober up some?” He says as he stands and heads towards the kitchen. “You were the one that told me to get drunk!” I was pointing a finger at him; it’s hard to keep my finger pointed at him since there appears to be more than one… “Now you won’t even help me? What the fuck? I thought we were friends!?!” I shout the last question at him, too drunk to care about the volume of my voice and that my neighbors can probably hear me. “Annabelle Kingston, I am not going to fuck you. Get in the shower. Now.” Elliot has taken on a commanding presence that I'm not used to having directed at me. It’s probably the only thing that would have cut through the drunken haze. I get up and turn to head towards my bedroom and attached bath but lose my balance and end up on my ass. I hear Elliot sigh behind me from the other side of the living room, “Jesus. Come on. I’ll help you.” He picks me up with one arm under my knees and the other arm on my back. He strides down the hallway and deposits me on my feet in the bathroom. “Can you get undressed by yourself?” I struggle to pull my t-shirt over my head and barely manage it, but my sports bra gets tangled in my waist length hair, trapping my arms along with it, so I end up screeching for Elliot to help me. Somehow, Elliot manages to help me get undressed and into the shower which is cold. “DAMN YOU! THIS IS COLD!” “It’ll sober you up,” and he slams the door.

***** I manage to shower and get dressed in a loose tank top and boxers that I stole from Elliot a few years ago. I’m suddenly tired, so I lie down on my bed for just a minute and pass out. It feels like I’ve been asleep for approximately two and a half minutes when the wine in my stomach makes a dramatic re-appearance. I try to get to the bathroom but get tangled in the sheets and end up falling off the bed where a trash-can magically appears in front of me. Someone is holding my hair back

and cursing at me, but I’m still too drunk to care or think about it too hard. Once my stomach is empty, I lie down on the carpet and pass out.

***** At some point during the night, I wake up, and I’m in my bed, under the blankets and warm. It’s dark in my room, and I’m still not sober enough to care how I got here. ***** Slowly, I wake up in the morning. I’m so warm and comfortable that I don’t want to move, opening my eyes is going to be painful, and I want to avoid that as long as possible. The more awake my brain becomes, the more I notice about my situation. Like the mostly naked body spooning me, I am also mostly naked. My mouth tastes like shit, and my eyes feel swollen and itchy like I cried all night. What the fuck happened last night? As I start to pull away from the mysterious body behind me, an arm snakes around my waist and pulls me back into the hard chest and impressive morning wood. Mystery man then pushes his other arm under my neck, bends his elbow at my shoulder, and is now holding my tit in his deliciously warm hand, while the arm around my waist slowly makes its way to my panties. Who the fuck is this?!? Before I can express my dismay, his hand is in my panties, and his fingers are stroking my recently waxed inner lips. His hips are slowly but forcefully rubbing his cock against my ass. Then, using his knee, he spreads my thighs, opening me up wide. I have one hand on each of his arms, holding on tight, I’m so turned on that I’m not sure whether I should be objecting or allowing it to continue. Not knowing who is behind me is part of what has me soaking his fingers, my panties, and the sheets. His morning scruff is scratching the skin at my shoulder and neck, and I am so close to cumming that I’m afraid to make any noise and break the spell. His fingers are torturing me, circling my clit then sliding down to thrust two fingers inside of me, only to return to my clit and start the process over. I’m on edge. I get right to the point of no return when he moves his fingers again. After enduring this cycle for what seems like hours, he keeps his fingers on my clit long enough for me to cum, hard. I am riding his fingers like a cowboy on a bull and pushing my ass against his cock, so he cums too. I’ve never experienced anything like this before, getting off is never easy for me. It’s a struggle every damn time, but this was fast and extremely intense. I’m slumped against him as I gasp for breath, trying to get control of my heart rate.

He tenses but his hands are still on my boob and my clit, he seems afraid to move. I can feel his cum cooling in his underwear behind me, and his head pulls back away from me, enabling me to turn just enough to see who he is. “ELLIOT?!?!” I screech, “WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING IN HERE?!?” I shout as I jump from the bed. Elliot falls off the bed, arms and legs flailing wildly as he tries to catch himself, “FUCK!” I can hear he’s breathing hard from the other side of the bed. “What the hell is going on?” I say as calmly as possible. I’m so embarrassed and so shocked at this turn of events that I can’t do anything but stand there, not knowing what to do or say. Elliot chooses that moment to stand up and rub the sleep out of his eyes. After blinking a few times, he suddenly realizes the crazy situation we currently find ourselves in. “Shit…Annabelle! I…I… I’m so sorry…You got sick last night, like a lot, ended up puking on yourself and me.” He’s passing the side of the bed, running his hands through his hair. “Then you broke down crying hysterically because Fred, your fifth-grade goldfish, never loved you so he just up and died, like a goldfish can commit suicide! After 45 minutes of that nonsense, you started going on about how you let Jeremy Fletcher get away, and how he was the one for you, even though you were eight when he moved away! And you HATED him!” He comes to a stop, facing away from me, rubbing his temples. “THAT DOESN’T EXPLAIN WHY YOU JUST HAD YOUR HAND IN MY PUSSY!” I scream in response. I can’t handle this shit right now. “I thought I was dreaming!” He finally turns to face me, shoving his hand in my direction. I am horrified. I’m standing in front of my best friend, the only person I have in the entire world, in only panties after he just finger fucked me to orgasm following a night of drinking. Once I notice that my tits are out and bouncing around, I snatch a blanket off the bed and wrap it around me like a cocoon. “Just get out of here,” is all I can think of to say, not looking at him. There’s no coming back from this, and there’s no way our friendship can survive this. Tears are slowly falling down my cheeks. Now I will always assume that he’s thinking about me naked, that he’s jealous of anyone I ever go on a date with. I can’t deal with any of this right now. My head is screaming.

For some reason, he finds this situation amusing, since he’s smirking at me. “So, are you super mad now?” I just stare at him, not understanding. “What? What does that even mean?” Now he’s laughing, “You have a cape on, so now you must be Super Mad.” “Get out, Elliot.”



It's been a few days since the Finger Fuck Fiasco. AB is still ignoring my calls and texts. I never really thought anything could make our relationship weird. Honestly, the two of us go together like peanut butter and jelly. However, after being unable to keep my hand off my dick while she was prancing around her apartment in skin-tight clothes, what did she expect to happen when she was rubbing that perfect ass on my morning wood? I can say, without a doubt, that I have loved Annabelle since I first laid eyes on her, but I never have, and I mean never, wanted to fuck her as badly as I did the other day. It took some Herculean strength not to give into her drunken pleas to fuck her. I could kill that asshole, Jared, for making her doubt her femininity. She is sex personified, and anyone that thinks differently is blind. Enough of this shit! Annabelle needs to get over her shit because I miss my best friend. I grab my keys and head to my car. It only takes about five minutes to make it to our favorite corner deli. I stroll to the counter and place my order for a sourdough bread bowl of broccoli and cheddar soup and a sub for me. “Oh boy, what did you do now?” Nate said “Why did I have to have done something? Can’t I just come in to enjoy the scenery?” “Dude, you hate the Broccoli and Cheddar soup. You only ever order that when AB is sick, or she wants to cut your dick off. Since we just saw her earlier today for lunch, I know she’s not sick, so I know you fucked up,” Nate says with a chuckle “Alright, fair enough, I didn't fuck up exactly. Let's just say we had a misunderstanding.” “Whatever you say, dude. You're in luck. We just got a phone order for her not too long ago. With you being here, now I don’t have to deliver it to her. Also, if you want to get into her good graces, she was begging Misty to bring her a bottle of Blackberry Wine down from the vineyard this weekend. I am sure if you bring one of those she may actually let you in the door.” “Thanks for the heads up!” I can use all the help I can get at this point. I grab the food and head toward the vineyard. After purchasing a few bottles, I’m on my way to AB’s new apartment. I try and rehearse what I am

going to say because God knows I’m awkward as fuck when it comes to these kinds of situations. I grab the food and wine and head towards the front door. As I am psyching myself up to knock on the door, it suddenly flies open, and AB walks right into my chest. “Elliot, what are you doing here?” AB looks up at me holding a six pack of Yuengling and a bag of homemade brownies. “Ooooh, you were coming to apologize to me, weren’t you?” I say with a smirk. “I don't know what you're talking about...I was just, um. Screw you, Elliott. Get your ass in here.” We both laugh as I follow her into the apartment. “If it makes you feel better, I come bearing gifts as well.” I hold up the bag of soup and the wine. “Elliot, I love you. Why can’t all men be like you?” “They broke the mold when they made me, AB. I’m an original, one of a kind. If you want someone this awesome, you are just gonna have to wait for me to grace you with my love and adoration. Oh wait, you have that already.” AB snorts and rolls her eyes at me before walking to the couch and getting comfortable. I pour her a glass of wine, grab myself a Yuengling, and snag the bag of food as I head over to the couch. Annabelle reaches into the bag and grabs her soup. A cream-colored piece of cardstock drops from her hand and slides under the couch. She doesn’t seem to notice, so I say, “You dropped something, and it went under the couch.” She puts her food down and drops to her knees putting her cheek on the floor, and leaving her ass in the air for me to admire. She frantically searches for whatever fell out of the bag. “AB, calm down. It was probably just Nate giving you his number again or some stupid shit. I think you should put that guy out of his misery and let him take you out.” I say as I’m shoveling food into my face. After taking a second to think about Nate with AB, I say, “He isn’t your type, I know, but hey you may have a good time.” I chuckle as she uses her phone as a flashlight. She finally finds what she’s looking for. She snatches up the cardstock and shoves it into her pocket. “What the hell is that? You grabbed at that letter like it was a freshly baked batch of my mom's brownies. What the hell is on that note?” AB looks at me like I’ve lost my mind, “Elliot, seriously it was Nate’s

number. I think your right. I should give him a shot, I mean, what’s the worst that could happen?” Does she really think I don’t know she’s lying through her teeth? There must be a good reason for why she doesn’t want to share this with me, but I can’t pretend that it doesn’t hurt my ego a little that she can’t share a stupid note with me. “Alright AB, enough with this mushy crap, I am hungry. Time for some mind-numbing TV, but only one beer, I have to drive home.” Annabelle snuggles into my side as I flick through the channels. “I really missed you, Elliot. I don’t know what I would ever do without you.” I look down at her and kiss her on the top of her head. “Lucky for you, you will never have to find out.” Annabelle eats her soup until she’s ready to explode and after she finishes her wine, she lies down on the couch and uses my thigh as a pillow. Don’t get a hard-on. Don’t get a hard-on. Naked Grannies. Dead kittens. Baseball. Come on, buddy! WORK WITH ME HERE! “Elliot?” Annabelle says my name like she would say a prayer. It makes my heart rate increase. “What’s up, AB?” I respond, hoping that I don’t sound as tense as I feel. Annabelle rolls onto her back and looks up at me. It’s hard to concentrate on anything but her lips, but I try my best to listen to her words. “Why am I attracted to assholes? I know it’s not going to end well, I know I’m going to get hurt. Why do I keep doing this to myself?” Tears are once again threatening to fall from her eyes, she’s never this emotional, and it hurts my heart. “I don’t know, but you always have. You’re a beautiful woman, you could pick any man you want, and yet you pick conceited assholes who just want you to be arm candy.” With that, she rolls back onto her side and stares at the TV. Since I’ve known her so long, I know how to comfort her, so I run my fingernails through the little hairs on the back of her neck. Eventually, she falls asleep, so I cover her with a blanket, get a pillow tucked under her head, and kiss her forehead before turning off the lights and heading home.


That’s it. Get your lazy butt up, unpack these boxes, and do your damn laundry. Two weeks to mope around about Jared is too long. ENOUGH! My inner monologue continues as I drag my ass off the couch, I feel something prick my side and remember the note from last night. I take a deep breathe, and open the note “Even when no one else is there, I will always be here.” It makes me smile to see his handwriting, to know he put effort into getting this note to me. Even when I don’t know I need him, he is there, just like one of the first times my Psycho showed himself to me.

...I’m walking back from the library freshman year, it’s late. I stop at the student center to grab some food, but when I pull the door, it won’t budge. I look at my watch and notice I missed closing time by 5 minutes. “Fuck,” I mutter to no one in particular. I flip my bag around to pull my wallet out. I open it up to find a couple of quarters, but that’s it. Well looks like its water and saltines again for dinner tonight, I think to myself. Eventually, I will learn how to pay closer attention to the time so that I won’t starve. One thing is for certain, I don’t have to worry about gaining the freshman 15. As I get closer to my dorm room, I notice a bag hanging from my door with a note on cream cardstock. I run my ID to unlock my door and then grab the bag and note. I drop my bag and coat on my bed, and then take the note and bag to my desk. When I peer into the bag I see all my favorite things to eat at the student center, breakfast burritos and bagels from the Mission, Club Salads, Turkey Clubs, broccoli and cheese soups, and cereal from the local deli, just piles of food. I get to the bottom of the bag and find my one guilty pleasure, the giant cinnamon rolls with extra icing from the campus bookstore coffee shop. I rip the lid off and take a huge bite. I can’t help but moan loudly because it’s just so damn delicious. The note! I almost forgot I need to know who to thank for keeping me fed for at least the rest of the semester when I can get more goodies from Elliot’s mom. I reach over my spoils for the note. I unfold it and read, “You need to take better care of yourself please, but for now, let me do it for you.” Is someone following me? I don’t know if I am freaked out, or flattered. However, right now I am tired and hungry, the rest I will figure out in the morning...

He has been taking care of me in his own way ever since. I smile to myself

as I scribble down my reply and leave it on the balcony table before heading back into the kitchen to make coffee. The only boxes I’ve unpacked are my coffee supplies, work clothes and enough bathroom supplies to shower. When the caffeine has finally hit my system, I turn on Pandora and get to work. Music helps to get me moving, singing lets my mind wander, and dancing gets me some cardio. I set to work on getting my kitchen entirely unpacked and put away. Progress! I’m jamming out to “Animals” by Maroon 5, dancing my heart out and singing like my soul depends on it when I get a familiar tingle that runs along my skin. The hair on the back of my neck stands up, goosebumps cover my body, and I know he’s watching. It’s the first time since I moved in that I’ve felt him. Having him watching me has always brought me inner peace, with him close I know I will be okay. Since I was a child, I was often left alone by my foster parents, bullied by the kids at school: I started to feel him then. When life would get hard, when I felt like I couldn’t take anymore, I would feel him, keeping watch. I pause and turn slowly to look out the balcony doors, see if I can get a peek at my Psycho. In all these years, I've never caught a glimpse of him. I don't know why I even look anymore, but I'm just so curious about him. Is he tall? Or short? Light skin? Or dark skin? Does he have light or dark eyes? Is his hair long or shaved short? I've always figured it was a man, what if it's a girl? Before I realize it, I'm standing in front of a bank of windows, in what will someday be a dining room. I can see the apartment building across the street that looks like it's made of mirrors, the busy street below filled with taxies and city buses. It’s strange to live alone. I have always lived with roommates or my boyfriends. Living alone was quiet. After a few more hours of unpacking, my apartment looks like someone actually lives here instead of just a storage unit. A few boxes remain with random items which have no home yet. Some items are shoved into closets, so I don't have to look at them. I hop into the shower, nothing is better than sleeping on fresh sheets when you're freshly showered. I walk out onto my balcony to watch the sunset and drink my chamomile tea. I know he is out here watching me. He always is. How I yearn for him to show himself to me. I just want to feel loved...he does love me, doesn't he? I imagine getting a hug from the person that can probably read my body language like a book. Does he know that I need comfort in physical form? As these questions swirl through my head, I can't help but voice them out loud. "Why do you hide from me?" I whisper to the darkening sky. I honestly

don't expect him to answer, but it feels good to give these feelings a voice finally. "Do I know you? Have I seen you during my everyday life? I would hope that my heart would know when it was near my better half.� I am trying to get the courage to ask the one question I need the answer to more than anything when I hear it. "Of course, you know me, Annabelle. Your heart and mine are meant to be together. We are made for each other." His gruff voice floats in the breeze with the honking of car horns. "Have we met? Did we live in the same foster home? Go to school together? How tall are you? How old are you?" I fire questions off as quickly as they come to mind in fear that he will disappear as quickly as he appeared. "All in good time, my love. You must be patient, as I have been. You will learn who I am, as I have learned about you, by paying attention. Just remember, I am always with you." I hear the squeaking of rusty metal, and leap from my chair, and lean over the railing trying to catch a glimpse, but something he said stops me. I must pay attention. Alright Annabelle, time to put your thinking cap on. "I will find you, Psycho, if it is the last thing I do!"



I head into my apartment and strip down before heading into the shower. AB is going to be back at work tomorrow, and I am stressed out as fuck about this. Jared has been lurking around. I keep catching him down the hall from our office by the elevators and bathrooms trying to catch her alone, I’m sure. It takes every ounce of self-control for me not to beat his face in every time I see him. I notified security already, so hopefully, they get off their lazy asses and take care of it before she heads back to work tomorrow. I get out of the shower and grab a beer before I try to figure out what the hell I am going to eat. I’m staring into the fridge when the hairs on the back of my neck stand straight up. I can’t shake the feeling that something is just wrong. I go around and check all the windows to make sure nothing is out of place, but nothing. So, it has to be AB. I grab the keys and take off for her place. Luckily, I live close to her apartment, so I get there in about five minutes. As I park my car in a visitor space, I catch a glimpse of Jared coming from the direction of AB’s building. “What the fuck are you doing here, Asshole?” I yell as I get closer to him. “If it isn't the ever-present, wannabe boyfriend. Still begging for a taste of my pussy, Elliot?” Jared chuckles. I grab him by his collar and hoist him in the air. Most men would be intimidated by my 6’4 frame, but this asshole knows that AB would lose her shit if she knew I did anything to her precious Jared. “Don’t fucking talk about her like that again, Jared. My patience with you is waning. Not even Annabelle will be able to save you from the ass beating in store for you if you push me any farther.” Jared smirks down at me. “Oh, I am so scared of you accountant boy. Belle is mine, and always will be. So why don’t you just run along, and count some numbers or something.” I drop him on his ass and then step forward, so I tower over him. “Get the fuck out of here before I call the police.” “You can't have me arrested! This is public property, Dumbass.” I bend down, so I can look him right in the eye and say. “It’s not for you. It’s so when I start beating the fuck out of you, they make

sure I don’t kill you in the process.” He turns white as a sheet, but quickly stands up and heads towards his car. I stand and watch him as he leaves the complex. I do not want to take the chance he is going to be able to figure out exactly which apartment belongs to AB if he hasn't already. How the fuck did he find out she moved here already? The only people that are supposed to know are my parents and me. Oh well, I better check on AB. I take the stairs three at a time before banging on her door. It takes her about five minutes before she answers. She is disheveled looking but all in one piece when she opens her door. I can’t resist the urge to grab her into a bear hug and hold her close. “Thank God you’re alright. I was afraid he had found you, or worse, done something when it took you so long to come to the door.” I bent down and laid a kiss on the top of her head. I suddenly feel her beginning to struggle in my arms, so I released my grip on her. She pushes away from me and then socks me in the jaw. Fuck, that hurt. “What the fuck is your deal, Elliot? Banging on my door like an asshole at almost ten at night and then grabbing onto me like some psycho? Sorry about your jaw but I'm a punch first ask questions later kind of girl.” “Well, fuck you very much, AB!” I holler at her, holding my jaw. “I got a bad feeling that something was wrong, so I came to check on you. When I got here, your douchebag of an ex was coming from around the side of your building. I thought he might have broken in or something!” My other arm is waving around as I try to let go of some of the adrenalin rushing my system. “Sorry, I was worried about you! Last time I got one of these feelings, I didn’t listen, and you fell off the bleachers and broke your leg! This time it was something way more serious.” “O-M-G, you are such a drama queen! Put your fucking tampon back in Elliot. I tripped over my feet because I am clumsy as fuck. I would have fallen and broken my leg whether you were there or not, so stop thinking you're psychic or some shit like that.” She’s standing in front of me with her arms crossed over her chest and hip cocked. “Wait, Jared was outside….hmmm.” “That’s all you have to say!” I think I want to choke the shit out of my best friends right now, or I want to kiss the shit out of her. Her nipples are hard as shit right now and perfectly see-through in the white tank top she’s wearing. I wonder if she’s wet right now as well… it would be so

easy to slip my finger into those tiny shorts that are barely covering her ass cheeks. I stop myself before I take a step closer. “Elliot, you need to calm down, I had no idea he was here. He did not come to my apartment. So obviously, he doesn't know exactly where I live. Maybe one of his new whore’s lives here, and it is a coincidence. What did he say to you? What did you say to him? How did he look? How…” As she talks, she straightens up, her hip no longer cocked and her arms at her sides. I cut her off before she could ramble off more questions with a finger on her lips. “AB this seems to be exciting you. Are you glad this asshole was here? Do you want to go back to being with him?” “Are you kidding me? No. I just want to make sure he’s miserable. Okay, that is a lie, I want him to regret cheating on me and to want me back desperately, so I can tell him to go fuck himself,” she says with a giggle. Oh, that giggle goes straight to my dick, so I’m instantly hard. I’ve got to get the fuck out of here, but there is something in her eyes that says she is lying to me. I am too hard to stand here and try to figure it out, or we will have another incident like before. Maybe Jared was right. Maybe I am just waiting for her to look at me like I am something other than her protector. I guess it is time for me to man up.


I’m going to kill him. How dare he touch what is mine. Even though she has had others, her heart has always been mine. Her heart longs for mine, as I long for her. I am sure he saw it in my eyes, but he has no idea what is coming to him when I get my hands on him. I will try my best not to kill him, but I do know some good places to hide a body. Lessons will be learned. Annabelle Kingston was born to be my wife, and come hell or high water I will make it so.


Walking into the office for the first time in over a week, I stop in my tracks as I see Elliot blocking the doorway from Jared. Elliot is standing with his feet shoulder-width apart, and his arms crossed over his chest with a mean glare on his face. Jared is standing directly in front of Elliot, with his back to me, hands on his hips and shoulders squared. Both are breathing heavier than normal which leads me to believe there was shouting before I got here.

“Jared?” I have no idea why he’s here; this was not how I wanted to start my first day back at work. Fuck me. At the sound of my voice, Elliot looks over at me with a raised eyebrow. It looks to me like Elliot is asking me if he can punch Jared, I’m not exactly opposed to this idea. “Baby, there you are,” he says as he walks to me, gripping my arms in his hands. “I’ve been trying to get ahold of you, but this dumb ass wouldn’t let me come in. I’ve been trying to call you, why haven’t you answered my phone calls?” Jared talks to me like I didn’t find him balls deep in some bimbo like nothing ever happened. “Are you kidding me? Maybe you should have taken the hint that I didn’t want to talk to you.” I say, trying to pull my arms out of his hands. “Leave on your own, or I’ll call security to throw you out,” Elliot says from behind Jared. I try again to get him off me, but he holds onto my arms tighter, hard enough to leave bruises. “Let go of me!” I scream at him. He pulls me towards him and leans into me so that he can whisper in my ear, “You’re mine, you little bitch. You will show me the respect I deserve, or I will be forced to teach you how.” I’m completely shocked, in the year that I dated Jared he never spoke to me like this. Ever. I’ve never been afraid of him, but I am now. I was taught how to defend myself as a child and have continued to learn, but right now, I’m frozen. My entire body is tense as I stare at his face, all hard plains, and anger. Suddenly, Elliot steps up directly behind Jared, so close they are almost touching. “Get your hands off her. Now.” Elliot is seething mad, ready to break arms and crack skulls. “And if I don’t?” Jared says calmly over his shoulder, not taking his eyes off me. “If you don’t, your face is going to get intimately acquainted with my fist, you stupid fucker,” Elliot responds, hands clenched into tight fists. Jared releases me so unexpectedly that I stumble backward, catching myself on the wall behind me. He calmly walks to the elevators as if he has all the time in the world, as he steps inside he looks directly at me. “This isn’t over,” he says before the doors close, and he’s gone. As soon as the doors close on the elevator, Elliot pulls me into a bear hug.

Once I’m enveloped in the warmth of my best friend, I break down. My entire body shakes so hard I feel like I’m vibrating and tears stream down my face though I’m not sobbing. All I want right now is to curl up into a ball with my favorite blanket and a stiff drink. “Are you okay,” Elliot asks into my hair. “I think so,” I say into his shirt. He gives me one more squeeze before pulling me back to arm's length. “Did he hurt you?” Elliot asks, not knowing how hard Jared had a grip on my arms. “Um, I’ll probably have some bruises on my arms but nothing too bad. I just want to get to work, forget this happened.” I say to Elliot, feeling defeated. Wrapping an arm around my shoulders and pulling me into his side, Elliot turns us away from the elevators and moves us towards his desk. “I’ve got some tiger balm in my desk. It’ll help with those bruises.” He says as we get to his desk. He grabs the little jar with the copper-colored lid and turns back to me, notices that I have long sleeves and a crease forms between his eyebrows. He’s never approved of the men I’ve dated, ever. They’ve never been ‘good enough’ for me, or so he says. Just like in high school when it was time for the junior prom. I know Elliot must have intimidated every boy in my class before he graduated the year before into not asking me. He promised he would go with me, even though he never went to his own. He was quiet and pensive around others, but with me, he was a different person.

...Elliot is standing in front of his parent's house in a tux, including a bow tie. I have a knee length emerald green, cocktail dress with a chiffon waistband and satin banded tulle skirt, the nude lined bodice is covered in a lace fabric with small scattered matching jewels and an open back. My fiery red hair which I hate so much is in perfect ringlets down my back. I would normally have worn it up, but for Elliot, I wore it down. Elliot’s mom is snapping away with the camera, saying things like “don’t you two look cute together” and “what a cute couple you two make.” Elliot’s face is bright red, no doubt embarrassed by his mom’s antics. “Enough, Mom,” Elliot snaps, making me giggle. “Time to go, AB.” He grabs my hand and pulls me along behind him to his car, a white 1989 Honda Accord that is in remarkable condition, given its age. He opens the door, and I can tell he is trying not to stare at my legs as I get in. Once I’m situated, he walks around the car and gets behind the wheel. He sighs, looking down at his lap. “I’m sorry about that. Why she insists on embarrassing me, I’ll never

know.” I laugh and say “It’s fine E. How many times do I have to tell you not to apologize for your family? I know how they are, and I love them anyway.” Elliot slams his hands against the steering wheel, “Doesn’t she think that if we were going to date, we would have by now? Why can’t she let it go that you aren’t interested?” Elliot takes in a long breath then lets it go, “Let’s just get out of here.” “Sure,” I roll my eyes and looks out the window. I never said I wasn’t interested. A few minutes into the drive I say, “I don’t want to go to prom.” “What?” Elliot shouts in surprise. “Why not? When did that change? And why the hell am I in a monkey suit if you don’t want to go? I look ridiculous.” “First of all, you look damn hot in that ‘monkey suit,’ as you called it, and I just don’t want to go to make nice with everyone I’m just going to see on Monday anyway. It's stupid. Plus, I know you’re going to be miserable, so let’s do something else instead? Please?” I clasp my hands together and stick my lip out at him. He huffs then says, “Okay crazy girl, what did you have in mind?” “I need a chocolate shake and French fries,” that was a no-brainer. Shaking his head, Elliot says, “Of course you do. You know those are going to make you fat one day, right?” I shrug at him, “Eh, that’s future me’s problem.” Elliot barks out a laugh then gets a serious look on his face. “What a minute. Did you say I look hot?” He has got to be kidding me right now, “Oh my god Elliot, seriously? Do you own a mirror?” “Yeah, I do, and I also have eyes that see just fine. You, however, look ridiculous. You seem to be missing the back of your dress.” He says with a smirk and one eyebrow raised. “I take it back, you look like a penguin.” I try damn hard to say without smiling but fail miserably. “That’s it, missy, we’re going to go play mini golf, and you only get your shake and fries if you beat me,” Elliot says before getting back on the road, heading toward the town mini golf course. “Elliot! That’s not fair! You ALWAYS win!” I screech at him. “Eh, sounds like you’re gonna be hungry then...”

That's how it has always been with the two of us. Elliot has always made it his mission in life to make me smile. I’m really dreading the day when he finds someone he loves more than me. I will never be his ‘forever’ love. Just the best friend, but he is never going to be my forever love either because he isn't my

Psycho. I’m afraid Jared is.



I can’t believe that douche showed up at work and threatened her like that. The worst part is I saw that look in her eyes. She is going to take him back. Whatever he had said to her, she liked it. I can even go so far as to say she desired it. I slam my drawer shut, and my cup of pens topples over onto my desk. I try to let them stay there, but eventually, my need for order and control wins out. I grab the pens and rearrange them to maintain order. I bend down to pick up the pens off the floor. As I’m bending down, I look up and notice the office playboy Maddox standing over near AB’s desk. She is smiling up at him as he leans against her desk. God dammit, please don’t do the hair thing AB. I start walking toward her, and I see her flip her hair over her right shoulder as she giggles at something he said, fuck, she did the hair thing. This isn’t good, not one bit. I get closer, and I catch the tail end of their conversation. “ I’ll pick you up at 6:30?” Maddox says to AB. “How about I just meet you there around seven? I have a meeting that starts at four that day, so just in case it runs late.” “Sounds like a plan. See ya later, Annabelle.” He says over her shoulder like he’s mocking me. “Hey, Elliot.” Annabelle jumps slightly in her chair and looks over her shoulder. I can’t help but chuckle. “What the hell, Elliot? You sneak around like a ninja in the dark or something. Did you want something other than to eavesdrop on my conversation with Maddox?” “I was coming to see if you wanted to grab lunch, but it seems like you got a better offer,” I say, trying not to sound irritated. “Shut your mouth. Lunch would be great, and it's your turn to buy,” she says with a smile. “Good, cause I’m in the mood for sushi.” I smile back at her. “I hate sushi, Elliot!” She whines as she bends down and grabs her purse from her bottom desk drawer. “Well, then I guess you're buying lunch then.” “I hate you, you know that right?” She pretends to be grumpy, but I know her better than that.

“You can hate me all you want on the way to lunch, hurry up I’m starving. I’ll drive.” I laugh all the way to the parking garage.


Something must have been the push Psycho needed to make a move finally. While I was on my way to my car after work, a man came up behind me, covered my eyes and mouth, told me to be his ‘Good Girl’ and not make a sound. I trembled with anticipation but nodded my head in agreement. His body is hard with muscle and a good head taller than my 5’6” frame. “Such an obedient girl. Keep your eyes closed, just feel.” He says in my ear, his breath warming my cheek. His voice is rough, like a growl that tingles its way down my spine as he moves me around to the hood of my car. I can barely make out a clean scent above the gasoline and grease of the parking garage. He pushes my legs against the bumper, trapping me between the car and his hard body. He doesn’t need to worry about me running from him; nothing could make me leave. “Palms on the hood,” he growls at me, a deep rumble that I can feel against my back. Leaning over the car pushes my ass into his groin, which is standing at full attention and makes me quiver. I can’t help but rotate my hips to feel all of him, moaning as I do. “Hold still,” he growls and slaps my butt, hard. Even through my skirt and nylons, it stings, but I’m wetter just the same. He keeps a tight hold on my hair and slides his other hand up and down my side from the end of my skirt at mid-thigh to the side of my breast. My breathing is choppy, all I want is for him to touch me, claim me. “You’re showing off more of your creamy skin than usual. I don’t appreciate other men looking at what is mine.” Suddenly he’s holding my breast inside my shirt, his fingers find my nipple, and pinches it hard until I whimper. Using his grip on my hair and tit, he jerks me up against his chest and licks the shell of my ear with the tip of his tongue. “Oh, God,” I whisper a moan as my breath hitches in my throat, and my knees threaten to give out. “You. Are. Mine. Do you understand? No one touches what’s mine.” He says in my ear and nips my earlobe. Then he’s gone. It takes me a minute or two to gather my wits and calm my breathing. I’m

finally able to get into my car and drive home, my panties are soaked, and I won’t be surprised if there is a wet spot on my seat when I get home. When I get home, I drop my purse and coat on the couch, toss my keys on the kitchen counter and plug my phone into the charger. I start peeling off my clothes as I make my way to the cold shower I desperately need. The shower didn’t work. I’m still dripping wet, my skin hot and sensitive as I wrap myself in a towel. Walking into my bedroom towards the bed, I drop the towel at the foot and climb up towards the headboard, learn over to my bedside table to get my reliable silver bullet, then lay back with my head on my pillows. I get into position, feet on the bed, knees bent and spread wide. I take one nipple in my fingers and pinch hard, bite my lower lip, and slide my bullet between my lips, spreading my juices around. My finger is on the button to click it on when my phone rings in the kitchen, halting my movements. I know that ringtone. Seriously, Elliot? How do you always know when I’m doing something?!? Tossing the bullet back in the drawer and slamming it closed, I grab a robe on my way out of my room in search of my phone in the kitchen.


I know what she is going to do. I can tell by the way she is rubbing her thighs together as she walks out of the shower. I got her nice and worked up in the parking garage today. It was so hard not to just take her right there over the hood of her car, but I must have patience. I need her to understand how much I need her. I know some people would be freaked out by being watched, but not Annabelle. She needs to know I am watching her every move. That I know what she is doing at all times even when we are not together. The desire for one another is undeniably strong that we are unable to be apart. Just seeing her dripping wet as she gets out of the shower, her hourglass figure silhouetted by the light from the bathroom makes the need that much stronger. Her long curly red hair would be so soft around my hand as I used it fuck her mouth. Her crystal blue eyes are staring up at me, tears from me hitting her gag reflex make the iris' shine. I feel my cock gnawing to get loose from my jeans. I reach down to tug at myself and groan at the small amount of relief I am granted. I watch as she slowly crawls up the bed, her heart shaped ass perfect to take a pounding. When she lays her head on the pillow her perky round breasts

bounce, her rosy nipples hard in the cool air. She reaches over to her bedside table and pulls out a tiny silver bullet. Oh no, my darling, that just won't do. I desperately want to watch her bring herself to climax, but I can't deny that the only way she will come from now on is on my cock.


“You always have the worst timing,” she sounds flustered as she answers the phone. “No, hello? Thanks so much, hun. Someone needs to teach you some manners.” I know I sound smug, I can’t help it. “Whatever, ass. I'm busy. What do you want that can't wait till I see you at work tomorrow?” She says with a huff. “Busy? Doing what? Let me guess brushing your hair a hundred times so you can be like Rapunzel.” I’m being a smart ass and getting a rise out of her is way too much fun. “Um no, I was actually thinking about cutting it short. I need….” I don't even let her finish the sentence. “I don’t think so, AB. I’m gonna miss those curls. Don’t do that to me!” Just thinking about how soft her hair is, makes me hard. Wow, where the fuck did that come from? “Wow, Elliot, tell me how you really feel about it. But I will cut my hair if I want to and there is not a damn thing you can do about it. Since when do you care about the length of my hair?” I hear her mumble something under her breath but can't make it out. “If you must know, I have a date with my favorite silver bullet, so if you could tell me what you wanted, I could get back to it.” Now she sounds smug. “Jesus, AB I do not need to know these things. I was just calling to remind you about the Peterson meeting in the morning. Don't be late this time! I have shit to do, and I can't cover your ass.” I try to sound disgusted but thinking about her playing with her pussy makes my dick hard. “Okay, Dad! If that's all… oh, do you have a date for Alex’s engagement party this weekend? Your mom will have a cow if you don't make it to ANOTHER important family function! This is a big deal, Elliot. The least you could do is show your face. The numbers will still be there when you get home.” There goes my hard-on, thanks, Annabelle. “Let me guess, Mommy dearest called and asked you to help make sure I was there? Yes, I have a date, you. So, when am I picking you up?” She’s always

my date to family functions since she’s the only one that can get me through them without killing someone. “No can do, remember? I have a date with Maddox on Friday. I am hoping to extend that to going to the engagement party with me.” She’s laughing at me now. “Then I’m not going. I hate my sister and these big gatherings so either you're my date, or I won’t be there. I'll pick you up at 5:30 p.m. and make sure you don't smell like him. We can grab some food before we head over. You know Ma and Alex will have that frilly shit that tastes like ass. I am not about to starve all night, so my sister can parade around and be the center of attention.” Maddox will not be spending the night with her; he’s a douche. “Whatever, you never know he may be the one, and you will lose me forever. Look I gotta go, it's late and if we want to make sure I am on time for work tomorrow I need to get some sleep.” “Is that code for ‘I can't take it any longer and need to rub one out before I lose my mind?’ I do not want to hear that. See you in the morning and don't be fucking late!”


I slip quietly back through the window. I hear her moan as she puts one finger into her pussy. I long to have my dick slam into that pussy, but not yet. “Insert another one,” I growl through my teeth. I sit in the large chair in the corner. She can't really see me, but I can see all of her. Her pussy juice glistens in the moonlight. I want to taste her cream so badly. It is probably better than the sweetest chocolate. “Tired of watching the show from the outside?” She starts to slide another finger into her pussy “No,” I command. She halts all her movements. “That’s a good girl. Spread your legs wider for me, and open your bedside table. It's time for you to understand who you belong to.”

ANNABELLE Oh shit. He's in my room. How did he get in my room? How long has he been in here?

The nipple he pinched earlier starts to tingle, and I'm soaking wet, dripping down my ass and onto the blankets underneath me.

Dropping my knees to the bed as he commanded, I reach over with one hand to my nightstand and open the drawer. Inside is only one thing, one impressively sized dildo. My bullet? Gone. Suction cup base dildo that I love to use in the shower? Gone. Everything is gone and in its place, is a red cock that I hope against hope is what I think it is. I pick it up and notice that my fingers don't quite meet around the girth, and is easily two of my hands long. It has a defined head with a silver hoop through the tip and a slight curve upward, perfect for hitting a g-spot. It’s not too veiny, but it’s wide and more rectangular than circular. I can feel myself getting wetter from just the idea of this stretching my pussy. With the dildo in my hand, I lie back on the bed and look to the dark corner where he sits. “Is this a Clone-A-Willy?” Don't laugh. Don't laugh. Don't laugh. “Different company but essentially, yes. It's a perfect copy of me, jewelry, and all.” I can hear the amusement under his rough growl. “From now on, the only pleasure you will find will come from that. From me. No more vibrating rabbits or whatever the fuck it is that you've been grinding your pussy on.” “You? This is you?” I’m shocked that anyone would be able to walk around with this thing in their pants. “Of course, it is. Why would I give you a copy of someone else's cock to fuck yourself with? Tease yourself with it.” Holy fuck, did he say jewelry? Does he have a piercing? Pointing the head down, I tease my folds with the tip. Spreading my juices up to my clit where I rub the head around, making my breath hitch. I want to cum so bad, and I'm already so close. I've been on edge for over an hour, needing the release. “Please,” I beg, “I need to cum.” “Not until I say you can.” His voice is leaving no room for argument. I whimper as I move the monster in my hands lower, towards my opening. “Put just the tip inside. Only the tip, Annabelle.” I push the tip inside of me, it's a struggle since this thing is huge and it's been a long damn time since it's seen any action, but I manage. Keeping it there is torture; my muscles are clenching around the intrusion trying to pull it deeper. My thighs are shaking, wanting to close, but trying to keep them open.


Annabelle is such a good girl. She is struggling so hard to keep her legs open for me. She hasn't had anyone in a while; I can tell as I see her pussy stretch as she slowly slides the tip of my cock in and out. Yes, my cock, it's an exact replica of me. She will be even more beautiful when she comes. I can't wait to have her however I want, mine to command. "That’s enough for tonight, go to sleep. And don't you dare cum." I command. "What? Are you going to leave me like this? Well, if I can't cum, you can't either." Sexual frustration and surprise make her sassy. I move so quickly she doesn't follow the movement and grip her by the hair. "YOU ARE MINE! The sooner you understand that, the better. I will cum if I damn well please and there isn't a damn thing you can do about it." I growl at her. I can't resist her smell, being this close to her I have to have just one taste. I drag one finger through her folds, collecting her juices, and then suck my finger clean. I want to dive into that pussy and feast like the starving man I am. I can't, but I can make sure everyone knows she is mine. I latch onto her shoulder and bite down. She whimpers, but I feel her grip on the back of my head tugging on the tiny hairs at the base of my skull. I moan in pleasure as I bite down harder. I lick the mark and get the metallic taste of blood. “God woman, even your blood is irresistible. Good thing vampires aren't real, or they would drain you dry.” I latch back onto her, and she moans in pleasure as she rubs her swollen clit between her legs. I reach down, move her hand out of my way, and rub her swollen clit. I feel her juices flow onto my fingers. I pull back as she whimpers for some more relief. Once I lick my finger clean again, I decide it’s time to go. She does have to be up early in the morning. "Go to sleep. This wasn't the first time that I have visited you nor will it be the last. Be a good girl and maybe I'll let you really feel my dick in that tight pussy." I release her hair, and she slides into the covers. How I wish I could climb in with her, patience. I must have patience "Please stay," She begs with those large doe eyes. "I will tear that pussy to shreds if I stay any longer, but trust that I will be close. I always am." I sit back in the chair until I see her eyes closed and her breathing slow.

When I am sure she is asleep, I quietly slip out the window. Soon. It will be time soon enough, until then, I wait.



Damn it. How the hell am I supposed to cover this? The bruised bite mark on my shoulder is meaner than I had anticipated. Purple and raised. Running a finger over it gingerly makes me tingle all over and tightens my nipples. Sigh. After making a very carefully selected blouse choice of a rose-colored silk piece with a high neck but open at the throat, I pick a navy pencil skirt that goes below my knees and some white kitten heels. I will have to be careful not to move wrong, or the bruise will show, but I should be okay. No need to rile him up anymore, now that he's come out to play. I've barely gotten to work and take my jacket off when Maddox approaches me. “Hey Annabelle, can we talk for a minute?” Sure Maddox,” I say as I’m putting my purse away before turning to look at him. “Oh my God! What happened to your hand?” Multiple fingers on the one hand are wrapped up like a mummy. He turns bright red, drops his chin, and looks around. “It's nothing, I...uh…dropped a free weight on my hand at the gym yesterday. Broke a few fingers.” Bullshit. “Oh, well you should be more careful.” “Yeah, anyway, my Grandmother fell and broke her hip so she's in the hospital and will be there all weekend, so I need a rain check on our date.” He says it in a rush like he’s nervous. “Oh, I hope she's okay. Sure, not a problem.” He looks so distressed that I can't help but lean in and hug him. He holds onto me longer than I liked and didn’t t step back afterward, he's in my personal space. Seriously, dude? It wasn't a come on. I was just being nice. Back the hell up!


Hmm…Poor little Maddox is favoring those bandaged fingers. Hopefully, he learned that she is taken. It seemed that someone pushed him into the parking garage and stomped his fingers, what a shame…

Here I thought being able to touch her would make things easier, but no it is just pure torture. I almost didn’t take a shower this morning because her smell clung to my skin, but I must be patient. She can’t know yet. The time isn’t right.


I see Maddox walk over to AB’s desk to talk to her. He looks a little worse for wear and damn those fingers look like they hurt. AB doesn’t look very happy either, and I hope it’s because he is backing out of that date he made with AB the other day. The dude is a douche and is nowhere good enough for her. I cannot wait any longer. I need to know what they’re saying. I’m nosey. I try not to seem as eager as I am when I head toward her desk. As Maddox spots me over Annabelle’s shoulder, he freezes. I have to turn around to see who the hell he is looking at, but as soon as I turn back to the look is gone. “Hey, Einstein! How’s it hanging?” Annabelle asks in a high pitched perky voice. Oh, she thinks she’s cute, she fucking knows how much I hate that. When I look closer, I can tell she is not at all comfortable with Maddox being so close to her. “I’m good with numbers, get over it already. I’ve kept your ass out of debt, haven’t I?” We have our usual staring contest, as always Annabelle starts cracking up laughing. She can never be serious. I am barely hanging on by a thread, and she is smiling and cracking jokes. “Maddox was just coming over to break off our date for this weekend. So, it looks like you now have a date for the engagement party.” She says to me with her arms crossed over her chest and scowl on her face. Turning back to Maddox, her fake smile returns, “Maddox, I hope your grandmother is out of the hospital soon. I'll take a rain check on that date though, here is my number. Give me a call when you are free.” She writes her number down on a post-it note and hands it to him. “I hope that your grandmother is feeling better soon, Maddox,” I say with a slight mocking tone to my voice because I just can’t help it. “Thanks, guys. Well, I need to get back to work. Annabelle, I'll give you a call to set up our date.” While I watch Maddox head back toward his desk, I feel a smack on the back of my head. I turn and look at a fuming AB. “What the hell was that for AB?” I ask as I rub my hand over the spot she hit.

“Ass, hope you’re proud of yourself, you have scared off another one. I don’t know how you did it, but I know it was you.” The scowl has returned to her face, and she is snapping at me through clenched teeth, never a good sign. “For once, I had nothing to do with it. I have no idea what the hell happened to that douche. I’m not gonna lie though, I didn’t want you to go out with him, but I didn’t do that to his fingers. Seriously, I didn’t do anything… this time.” My arms are crossed over my chest as well, feet spread shoulder width apart, and I’m sure it looks like we’re having a stand-off. “I heard that! Can you please stop messing with my love life? If it were up to you, I would end up an old maid with a million cats.” I try to interject… “Yeah, I know he wasn't good enough for me, he has shifty eyes, or whatever other stupid excuses you were going to come up with this time. I'm an adult, and I can make my own decisions.” I want to bend her over the desk and fuck her until she screams my name, but maybe she does like him. I only want her to be happy, “Alright, AB. I’m sorry. I’m just trying to protect you like I always have.” “Well stop! Okay?” She lets out a sigh before she continues. “I’m going to get some coffee and then you are going to take me to breakfast after this stupid board meeting since you're such a dick.” She says frustrated. “Sure thing, just let me close down my stuff and grab my notes, save me a seat,” I say. As she turns to head down the hallway toward the ladies’ room, I see it. “What the hell is that?” I try to keep my voice down, but that bite mark is huge. “It’s nothing. I burned myself the other day while doing my hair.” She says, immediately reaching up and pulling her shirt over the mark. “I am not dumb Annabelle. Those look like teeth. What the fuck, or should I say, who the fuck, bit you?” I’m seriously concerned, that thing looks brutal. “Calm the hell down Elliot! Haven’t you ever seen a hickey before? I had some fun last night okay. Now I’m gonna hit the ladies’ room before we go to the meeting.”


What the actual fuck Elliot? Why not yell a little louder about the hickey on my neck, why don't you? I don't think the boss heard you yell at me for being a hussy. Men. I'm so done with men. I'm achingly turned on from last night still, and

the bite on my neck tingles unmercifully. I let my vagina pick out my underwear, so I'm wearing a see-through lace bra and panty set with a garter belt and thigh highs. The lace against my hard nipples is going to be the death of me, and since my shirt is silk, everyone can see them. What. Was. I. Thinking? I may have to rub one out fast, so I can focus on something other than my aching clit and throbbing empty pussy. There's no way he could see into the women's bathroom, right?


This girl, I can’t wait to have her. Patience. I see her head toward the ladies’ room. I guess it’s time for me to make a pit stop as well. I don't even make it all the way to a stall before my dick is out and in my hand, dripping pre-cum. I flip the lock on the bathroom door and brace myself against the wall with my arm. Suddenly I’m flooded with images from last night. The thought of her spread wide for me makes me leak all over my hand. I gather the pre-cum in my hand and roll the tip of my piercing between my fingers. I have to bite my arm to stop the groan that crawls out of my throat. That’s when I hear it. I could hear her voice from a mile away. Annabelle has been a very bad girl. I hear her moan and then some muffled words I don't understand. She has been a very bad girl. I am going to make sure I get mine, but she gets nothing. She will learn never to disobey me again. Stopping at my desk for supplies, I grab the tube of arnica gel and a wooden ruler for good measure. Time to make my Kitten purr.


Oh God. I’m so wet. I can hear the sucking, squishing sound of my pussy as I finger myself in the bathroom stall. “Fuck,” I whisper to myself. I know I shouldn’t make any noise, but I can’t keep it in, it just feels too good. Thinking of my Psycho from the night before makes me drench the fingers in my pussy, pushing in and pulling out hard. I’m making myself whimper. I need to be quiet, silent, in case anyone comes in here, but I just can’t. I need him, my Psycho.

How can someone that has barely touched me control so much of my mind? I imagine his cock inside of me, the bite mark tingles, and my nipples tighten. I’m already so close to coming. My body tightens in anticipation then suddenly the lights in the bathroom go out, and I hear the door lock. My fingers still and I hold my breath. How did he know?!? “Annabelle,” His voice is a growl but clear as day as it echoes off the tile. He’s pissed. I went against the rules, was caught, and now I will have to pay the consequences. “Yes?” I squeak out, both terrified and painfully turned on. The silence is heavy, thick with tension. What does he want me to do? I put my panties back on my swollen lips and pull my skirt up before opening the door and stepping out into the unknown. There is very little light in the bathroom, barely enough to see his outline by the door. I stand to face him, “I’m sorry,” I whisper. “NO, YOU’RE NOT!” He yells, the noise echoing in the enclosed space, startles me. “But you soon will be. Take your skirt off then bend over the sink. Hold on tight. This will not be pleasant for you.” I’m shaking so hard that I struggle with the zipper of my skirt. Once it’s finally on the floor, I step out of it, turn and bend over the sink. I wrap my arms around the bowl of the sink and hold on to my wrists underneath, laying my cheek on the side of the cold porcelain, the scent of hand soap and cleaner invades my senses. I count his steps, sixteen until he’s standing close enough to me that I can feel the brush of his pants on the back of my thighs. I feel his hand lightly caress my ass through the lace of my panties. The touch startles me at first but then makes me want to purr like a cat in heat, begging a big tomcat to mount me. His fingers follow the waistband of my panties then suddenly he rips them off, causing me to gasp in surprise. “Do you know what happens to little girls who don’t listen, Annabelle?” His voice is calm, but I can hear the controlled anger underneath it. “They get punished,” I say in a weak, trembling voice. “That’s right,” he says while slowing rubbing my now bare ass with his palm. “More specifically, they get a spanking. A spanking that will leave an impression. Marks that you will feel for the next few days, to remind you not to cross me again. Do you understand?” “Yes, I understand,” I mumble meekly, accepting my fate. “Since this is the first time I am punishing you, I will give you a choice. Ten swats with my hand or five swats with a ruler? Both will hurt, both will

leave welts and bruises. I expect tears no matter what you choose.” He says matter-of-factly. “Five please,” I tell him. Five hard swats? Have you lost your mind?!? “Interesting. I had a feeling you would be my little pain slut. I will spank you with my hand to prep your skin, and then the punishment will begin. Tell me you understand Annabelle.” “I understand.” I can do this. I can do this. I can do this. “Ouch!” I yell, more out of expectation then out of actual pain. The slaps continue as if I haven’t said anything. One right after another, over and over, all over my ass and the backs of my thighs. Thighs too? Shit! After what feels like an eternity, my ass is on fire, tears sting my eyes and run down my face into the sink, but his hand finally stills. I take a labored breath, knowing the real pain is about to begin. I’m so scared. My entire body is trembling uncontrollably, my knees weak, my breathing too fast. “Annabelle, you’ve done remarkably well so far. Now, you will get five swats with a wooden ruler. Count them out. Understand?” He asks me, breathing slightly heavier than normal, due to the exertion no doubt. I nod my head and respond with a watery “Yes.” The first crack of the ruler against my skin forces the air from my lungs. When I get my breath back, I scream a piercing wail. My knees buckle, but he catches me with an arm under my hips. He doesn’t say a word, doesn’t strike again, just holds me by my hips while I scream and tears rain down into the sink. I eventually get a hold of myself again, regain my legs, and slow my breathing. “One,” is all I say. He strikes me again on the other cheek, it hurts like a motherfucker, but I’m not as surprised by it as I was the first time. I cry out, tears pouring out of my eyes, my knees buckle, and again he catches me, holds me up until I can do it myself. “Two.” Hearing the door jiggle makes us both pause. Then there’s a knock on the door, “Ma’am, are you okay? Do you need help? I can call 9-1-1 for you,” a man’s’ voice sounds through the door. Leaning over me, Psycho whispers in my ear, “Do you need help Kitten? Do you want me to stop?” His breath against my ear makes me shiver. My clit tingles and my folds start to drip again.

“No,” I say in a strangled voice. “I…uh…I stubbed my toe.” Psycho chuckles while he rubs my clit with his fingers, I can feel the movement from his chuckle against my back. “Good girl,” he whispers before standing up again. "Um...Okay, if you're sure." The man outside the door responds. The pressure on my clit increases and I'm on the verge of an orgasm, "YES!" I shriek, "GO AWAY!" Psycho's chuckle tightens the walls of my pussy; I desperately want him inside of me. "You think I'm going to let you cum?" he says with humor. "That wouldn't be a very good punishment, now would it?" The ruler passes over my ass, telling me that the spankings are about to start up again. Strike three hits lower on my ass, where my butt meets my thigh. I cry out again, but the pain is less, the tears are no longer flooding the sink but slowly trickle down my face. "Three" *Crack* He hits me on the other side in the same location as the last one. This time I whimper, the hit still stings, but it makes me wet. I'm now dripping down my inner thighs. What the fuck is wrong with me? Why am I wet? "Four." “Spread your legs wider,” he orders, I’m confused but comply. I barely have time to think of what he could do next when I feel and hear the wet *smack* ring out and feel the fire, burn, and the sting of the slap that pushes me into the most intense orgasm of my life. The orgasm makes my knees give out, so he carefully lowers me to the cold floor. He positions me, so I'm on my side. My butt and thighs pressed against the tile on the wall. The cold tile feels amazingly good, soothing the angry heat of the welts. He finally sits and puts my head in his lap, the wool of his pants scratchy against my face. He runs his fingers through my hair and whispers things like “You’ve made me so proud,” and “Such a good girl,” over and over while I calm down. “Annabelle.” I’ve calmed down and am now ready to fall asleep. His voice surprises a jump from me. I turn my head to look up at him, “Yes?” “When we are done here, you will need to drink a lot of water and take some ibuprofen. Ice will be your friend for the next few days, then use heat to sooth the muscles. For now, get on your knees and rest your forearms on the tile. I have some arnica gel to apply to the welts. It will help with the pain and swelling.” His voice is calm, controlled, and commanding. I have no choice but to do what he’s telling me.

Rolling onto my stomach, I do as he has instructed, hissing as I force the skin and muscles in my ass to move. Psycho moves around behind me, “Oh Annabelle, you wear my marks so well.” I feel his breath on my skin then a very gentle kiss on one of the welts. Very gently I feel him apply the gel to my skin, it smarts but it’s comforting, and I can feel myself drenching the inside of my thighs. Why am I wet? What the fuck is wrong with me? I hear him growl behind me before I feel his hand on my swollen, bruised, aroused pussy lips. I moan at the gentle pressure of his hand on my skin and rotate my hips to increase the contact. “You want more Kitten? I think you’ve earned another orgasm or two.” I can hear the smirk in his voice. “I won’t be gentle. If at any point it gets too be too much, you can say ‘red’ and everything stops. But be warned, everything stops, and we’re done today if you say it. Tell me you understand.” “Please,” I whimper, needing more contact, craving his touch on my pussy, his dick inside of me. “Yes, fine, whatever. Red and it stops. Please just fuck me.” I can hear the desperation in my voice, but I’m too turned on to care. “That’s my dirty slut. Cum on my fingers Kitten, let me hear how much you need me.” He increases the pressure on my clit, and it takes no time for me to cum. “Oh God. YES!” My entire body convulses, my head drops down onto my arms, and my breathing is ragged, but he’s not done with me yet. He kneels between my legs and widens my stance with his knees, aligning his cock with my opening. “Hold tight, Kitten. It’s about to get better.” He shoves his cock all the way in, my ass comes into contact with his abs and hips, it hurts, but it’s oh so good. His hands are on my hips. He doesn’t stop moving, doesn’t give me a chance to adjust, and just fucks me. I can feel the hoop from his piercing rubbing my G-spot, his tip hitting my cervix, his hips hitting my welts, then his hand on my clit again. I’m lost in stimulation, in sensation. I’m a ball of nerves ready to burst, so when he says, “Cum on my cock you dirty whore,” that’s all I need to dive head first over the edge of bliss. As I come down from the high of my orgasm, I feel him pull out and cum on my ass, hot streams streak my skin and drip down my ass crack to fall onto the floor.



Who would have known my little Kitten was such a pain slut? I'm getting hard again just thinking about those red and purple welts all over her beautiful ass as my cum dripped between her ass cheeks. Thank fuck I took a picture! I’m going to make good use of this later.


As I wait for AB to come back from the ladies’ room, I catch a glimpse of someone who looks like Jared turning the corner to head down the stairs. I start to head after him, but AB comes out the bathroom. “AB, are you all alright?” I say as I hurry toward her. “Fuck, I didn't mean to make you cry. I just want what is best for you.” Trying to bring her some comfort, I rub her arms with my hands. “I didn’t do anything to him I swear. Ask him! I’ll help find out who did, just please stop crying.” Fuck I can’t handle her tears. Her makeup is ruined, black rings around her eyes and streaking down her cheeks, and lipstick that was obviously chewed off her lips that are now bright red and angry. “You could go out with me sometime.” Annabelle jerks back out of my hands, “What?!? Have you lost your mind? Why would I go out with you?!?” “Wow, Annabelle way to let a guy down easy.” Crossing my arms over my chest, I attempt to put some space between us, knowing she’s just getting started. I have no idea why, but her reaction hurt. I mean can't she see me as anyone other than her best friend? “You know what, you make a great friend, but that's it.” She starts to turn away from me but stops and faces me again. “Wait, is this why you scare off any man who dares to look at me? You wanted me for yourself but didn't have the balls to say anything? Elliot, you are such a damn coward! Grow a pair and just ask a girl out when you like her. We are not in high school anymore!” She turns on her heel and starts to storm off but doesn’t make it far before I’m snapping back at her.

My anger is raging now! “If you weren’t such a whore...” I couldn't even finish my sentence before she’s standing in front of me and slaps me hard across the face. “You know what? Stay the fuck away from me!” She looks at someone over my shoulder and storms off.


I couldn’t take being at work any longer. I told my boss that I wasn’t feeling well. I must have looked a wreck since he told me to go home. I'm standing in my shower with my butt against the cool tile, letting the burning water beat down on my too sensitive skin. What the fuck is wrong with me? Who gets off on someone beating them with a ruler? Just thinking about it makes my clit tingle. I couldn’t bring myself to look at the marks when I was getting in the shower, feeling them was bad enough. Raised bands, rough in a few spots from scabs, insanely sensitive. I’ve already inhaled two bottles of water and some ibuprofen. Walking is a challenge and sitting is excruciating. God dammit. I don’t have the brainpower to think about Elliot asking me out. Seriously, Elliot? Fuck it. I just don’t care right now. I’ll feel bad about my reaction later. Tonight, I’m going to sleep in nothing but an old t-shirt with ice packs on my ass. Probably cry myself to sleep. How could he just leave me after he fucked me? He's supposed to know me better than anyone else! After the spanking he was there, he soothed me, let me fall apart then he just fucked me and left. Wham bam thank you ma’am style. Who does that? Turning off the shower and stepping out to grab a towel, I see the edge of my bruises. I gasp with a hand on my mouth then freeze in shock. No wonder it hurts so much to sit down. Holy Fuck! Inch thick welts that are purple and bright red, broken capillaries, scabs, and the skin around the marks are pink like sunburn. Seeing them makes them hurt worse, it’s so much worse than I thought it would be. I slowly make my way to my bed on autopilot, pull the blankets down and climb in still damp from the shower and naked. Lying on my side with my arms and legs wrapped around a body pillow, I stare out my window until my eyes

shut, and I fall asleep.


Can’t stay here. Can’t stay here. Think Think THINK ASSHOLE!!! The anger inside me is raging. I am past the point where I can’t control it. HOW DARE SHE DEFY ME! I know he was following my Kitten. He can't have her. She is mine and mine alone. Apparently breaking a few heads against the pavement is in order. The last one just broke some fingers. I need more. Can't get caught. Can’t get caught.



I stop at the closest bar on my way home from work. AB will forgive me, won’t she? She always does, we are the dynamic duo. I’ve called and texted a million times with no answer. I will try again tomorrow, but tonight I’m going to drink myself stupid, find some hottie to stick my dick in, and hopefully wake up in the morning with an idea of how to apologize to her. I walk into the bar and grab the closest stool. “Whatever you have on draft and keep it coming,” I say to the bartender, not bothering to look up from my phone. “You got it, but you’re not from around here, are you?” The sexy female voice and unexpected question shake me from my moping. I look up and see the half-naked bartender covered in leather from head to toe. Her hair pulled back into a high ponytail, golden curls rioting around her shoulders, creamy skin gleaming in the bright lights. The brown vest leaves her arms bare and hugging her tits, pushing them up for my viewing pleasure in the deep V, ties down the front securing her in the warm leather. Smooth, supple leather cupping her ass, thighs, making them shine “Do you want this beer or are you just gonna stare at my tits?” The sassy bartender says with a hand on her hip. “Why can’t I do both,” I give her a wink before taking a swig of my beer. After a few rounds I’m starting to feel those beers, I suddenly feel a tap on my shoulder. “Yea?” I look up and see one sexy bartender looking at me with desire in her eyes. “After you finish that beer, I'll be on my break. Maybe we can go somewhere and have a little fun?” The bartender leans across the bar and pulls my ear into her mouth. It takes every ounce of the control I still have not to fall off my stool. She moans like a wanton whore as she slowly releases it. “So, what do you say? Wanna get out of here?” She asks. I drop back onto my stool, shake my head to clear the fog and slur, “Heeeellllll yeah! I’ll go…*burp*… with you as long as my dick goes down your…urm…throat.”

Maybe, I can fuck the image of Annabelle’s tears out of my brain. She hops over the bar and yells down to her partner. “Let’s go handsome.” She grabs my hand, and I stumble as my foot gets stuck in the rung of the stool. She wraps her arm around my waist, and we walk toward the door. We don’t even make it outside before she has me pushed up against the door, my arms reach out to try to catch myself as the door opens before my feet are steady, and her hand is in my jeans rubbing my dick. Fuck that feels good. I push my way through the door and come face to face with someone’s fist. Fuck that hurt! I have pain radiating from my jaw, and it’s helping to clear some of the alcohol from my brain. When I reach up to touch my lip, I pull my hand back covered in blood. “How dare you touch my woman!” The mountain with iron fists shouts at me with a finger in my face, at least I think it’s just one finger. After a moment he turns to the girl who still has a hold on my dick. “What the fuck Erin, we have a fight, and then I catch you sucking face with this prep school reject? What, did you think he could be your sugar daddy or something?” She finally removes her hand from my pants, and the movement causes a moan to leave my mouth. “I wasn’t…doing…the touching…She was doing the...uh...touching!” This dude is pissed. He charges at me, I try to move out of the way but fall instead. Luckily, it trips him up, so he lands on his face. I scramble to my feet, and the world isn’t spinning as fast anymore. I stand over him and kick him directly in the kneecap. He howls in pain and crumples to the grown. I stomp on his leg. *CRACK*. I hear the sirens before I feel a sharp pain, across the back of my head. I turn around to see Erin holding a shipping crate. “You bitch…” before everything goes black.


The sun shining happily through my window wakes me early. I slept like the dead after everything that happened yesterday. I’m not surprised. I stretch and hiss as my legs move. It looks like more meds are needed. Maybe an Epsom salt bath will help too. Heading to the bathroom, slowly and carefully, I pop some more meds and

start the bath. Adding oils to calm my torn soul and soothe my angry skin, and salts to relax the muscles. When I get out of the bath, I feel better. I need coffee and my warm snuggly robe to keep me comfortable today. While the coffee pot is percolating, I search for my phone since it’s not plugged into the charger on the counter. It’s probably dead from Elliot blowing it up. I find it in my purse which I dropped right inside the door last night, along with my coat and shoes. I plug it in, the screen turns on, and the notifications start going crazy. All I can do is stare at it in shock as the missed calls, voicemails, and text messages add up. Thirty-one missed calls, twelve voicemails, and fifty-seven text messages. I haven’t had enough caffeine to deal with this mess yet, not enough fucks to give. I know I have to talk to Elliot, but I don’t know what to say. I’m sure I hurt his feelings yesterday and embarrassed him by screaming my rejection while in the middle of the office. In my defense, I was in a lot of pain, confused, so when he asked me out, I snapped. It was the straw the broke the camel's back. Half an hour later, I’m tits deep in voicemails. All of them are from Elliot. Some are begging me to talk to him, some are him apologizing, some of them are telling me it was just a joke, and then yelling, some are telling me not to be a bitch, and finally, from the county jail. What the hell did he do?


I have no idea where the fuck I am or what the fuck happened, but it smells like piss. The last thing I remember is baiting the shit out of that dude in front of the bar and that bitch Erin hitting me over the head with a damn shipping crate. Feeling around to make sure all my parts are still connected, I make sure that the blood on my clothes is not mine. Good. Now, figure out where you are, dumbass. I sit up and look around. Ain’t this peachy? It looks like I have landed myself in lock up. Since I have no idea how I got here, I should still be entitled to my one God damn phone call. I get up off the bench I have been laying on and fall directly on my ass. Ouch. “Hey...Hey! Anyone out there?” I wait a little while to see if anyone answers me before I start over again. It seems like hours before someone even comes to see if I am dead or not.

“Lookie here fellas, drunkie is finally awake,” the officer says. “Officer, can you tell me what the hell happened? I am sure since I was unconscious when I was brought in, I didn’t get my phone call. I need to call someone to come pick me up.” I tell him. “Yup you sure were. You got your ass kicked by a chick. Very manly of you. You came to while the paramedics were checking you out, but were too drunk to let. You couldn’t even walk straight, so into the drunk tank you went. I would stay away from that bar if I were you, just a word of advice.” He can barely contain his laughter. Well, no shit! “Thanks for the advice. I can guarantee I won’t be drinking like that again in the future. I’m sure you have heard the sob stories before, they always go back to a damn girl.” “Oh, that would explain all the damn blubbering on the phone every time we let you make a call to some chick named Annabelle. That must be some damn good pussy for you to be begging like that.” “Yea, she's important to me. Is it possible for me to give her one more call, officer?” I plead with the officer. “Well, your sorry ass is in luck! Not only are you getting out of here, but she must really love your ass because she just spent hours filling out paperwork to get your ass out. You have a lot of pussy to eat to make up for that shit.” Oh, this motherfucker has no idea. No idea at all. I am in so much trouble.


Two hours of paperwork later, I’m standing out front of the jail in my comfy clothes, a maxi skirt, and hoodie, waiting for Elliot’s dumbass to be released. After some time in the drunk tank maybe he chilled the hell out, probably not, but here’s hoping. Elliot stalks out of jail, wearing the clothes he had on at work yesterday, but now with what I assume is blood. He was arrested for assault after getting into a bar fight, what he was doing at a biker bar is beyond me. Fists clenched, head down like he’s stalking prey, he comes straight at me. “Why didn’t you answer your damn phone?” He damn near shouts at me. I gawk up at him. “Are you kidding me? I come all the way down here when I’m feeling like shit, bail you out, and that’s the first thing you say to me?” I say incredulously. “What do you mean you feel like shit? What’s wrong?” He straightens up and looks me over, head to toe.

“I just...I...I just don’t feel well Elliot!” Throwing my hands up in the air in exasperation, I am not about to try to explain my ass bruises to him. Elliot reaches out and holds my cheeks in his hands, studying me intently. I close my eyes, trying to hide the turmoil that’s going on inside of me. I can’t explain it to myself, much less to anyone else. “Talk to me AB, what’s going on with you lately?” he says, concern was written all over his face. I take his hands off my face, wrap my arms around myself and look atmy feet. “Look, Elliot, I don’t want to talk about it. I’m not sure what’s going on with me right now anyway. I’m just all jumbled up. What’s wrong with me is not the point. I believe you owe me an apology for being a dick.” He takes a very deliberate breath in and releases it. He then reaches out and wraps me in a hug. “I’m sorry. I was worried about you. Thank you for coming and bailing me out.” “If you were that worried about me, why didn’t you just come to my apartment? It’s not like you don’t have a key.” I can’t help to lean into him and pressing my cheek against his chest taking the comfort he is offering, my best friend in the entire world. He kisses my forehead then puts his forehead on my shoulder. “I didn’t think you wanted to see me. I made an ass out of myself. I’m sorry for embarrassing you in front of everyone at work. Twice.” He takes a deep breath and lets it out, warming me up. I sigh and look up at him, “Oh, Elliot. I’m sorry too. I’m sorry I shrieked at you like that. I…uh...I wasn’t in my right frame of mind, and you caught me off guard.” I wrap my arms around his waist and press my cheek to his chest again. Even after being in the jail all night, he still smells like him, sandalwood, and musk. Elliot steps back, “I think greasy Chinese food and Netflix is the plan for today. What do you say?” I laugh, “That sounds great, but your sister's engagement party is tonight, and YOU are going.” Elliot groans, “Will you at least be my date? You know I can’t stand being around my family.” “I suppose,” I sigh. I’ve always had to be the peacekeeper between him and the rest of his




At five-thirty Elliot is banging on my bedroom door. “Come on Annabelle, you know if I’m late my mother will lecture me on proper etiquette. If I have to hear it one more time, I’m going to punch someone!” “Yeah, yeah, calm your tits, Einstein. I’m just trying to get my stockings on.” I holler back through my closed door. I barely finish the sentence when he’s barging through the door and making a beeline straight for me. “What do you think you’re doing? Get out!” I shout at him. “We don’t have time for this!” he says, frustrated. He kneels in front of me and takes the top of the thigh high stocking from me, pulling it up my leg and under my dress. His knuckles graze across my thigh, making my center clench and my breathing hitch. He starts to pick up my skirt to attach the garters when I snap out of my daze. “Get out Elliot, or I’m not going.” He clears his throat and leaves the room without looking at me.

***** I had such a good time at the dinner party, even though I had to stand the entire time since all the chairs were metal. Laughing while Elliot was getting worked up over nothing always makes for a fun evening for me. His mother always has to ask if he has taken me “off the market yet,” and it always gets a rise out of him. I was even able to drag him out on the dance floor, convince him to spin me around a few times. The food was as terrible as we expected it would be, tiny little creations of weirdness that we couldn’t identify, but the wine was delicious. I may have had one or four glasses too many, but frankly, I needed it. I needed to let loose, and I knew Elliot would make sure I got home safely.

***** I wake up around midnight in only my bra, garters, and stockings (I didn’t wear underwear on account of the bruises) face down on top of my blankets. But he’s here. I can feel his eyes on my skin. I don’t know whether to be angry or excited or both. My ass still hurts, it’s still bruised, and I don’t want to be one of

those freaks who enjoy getting spanked. I’m not like that! “I know you’re awake, Kitten.” His voice comes from directly behind me. “I’m not your Kitten. My name is Annabelle.” I say harshly. Angry it is I guess. “That’s where you’re wrong, Kitten. You are mine, and when you are like this, spread out before me like a banquet, you are my Kitten. You are mine to do what I want, mine to control, mine to pleasure.” I tense when I feel his hand touch the back of my thigh above my knee, slowly making its way upward. “Pleasure? You mean beat with a ruler?” My voice shakes, I’m angry, but I’m also trying not to cry. I’m just so overwhelmed with everything he has done in the last few days. “Punish. That was a punishment that I’m betting you learned quite a lesson from. You won’t be pleasuring yourself without my permission again, will you?” “It’s my body. I will do with it what I want!” My voice is rising while I try to hold onto my anger instead of becoming a puddle of lust at his feet. I’m still lying on my stomach, refusing to look at him. “I own your body, Annabelle. It is my fuck toy to use and play with, for both of our benefits. You need a controlling hand to blossom, to find your pleasure. You like pain, having someone control you, submitting to someone and there is nothing wrong with that. I like to dominate, to inflict pleasure and pain when the need arises. I like to be in control.” “I’m not a freak. I’m not what you think I am.” He chuckles at me, “Shall we put that to the test? I’m betting you’re wet right now, and I’ve barely touched you.” He takes his hand off my thigh and touches my outer lips, a light touch, but enough to force a moan from me. A sob chokes from my throat, and I curl into myself, “Why did you leave me?” I whisper. His hand stills against my lips. “Leave you? What are you talking about?” Now I’m crying, almost sobbing, “In the bathroom! You beat me, fucked me, then left me there all alone like I was a cheap whore covered in your cum!” I scream at him.


Seeing my Kitten like this breaks my heart. I was ready to rip into her for the lip she was giving me, but now all I want to do is make up for my grievous

oversight, and that is exactly what I intend to do. “Come here, Kitten,” I open my arms for her. She turns, sits propped on a pillow on her hip and scoops away from me. “NO! All you want to do is hurt me! I thought you loved me! I thought you wanted to protect me! All this time, I’ve been waiting for you.” She’s angry, confused, and I have no one to blame but myself for it. I will take her angry words because I deserve them. “Elliot keeps interfering with my love life, keeps men away, but I didn’t care because I knew you were there. It was all because of YOU!” She ends with her finger pointing straight at me. I have to fix this. I have to make her see that this is not how this is supposed to go. “Kitten, I am not asking. I am telling you to bring your sexy little ass over here right now. You’re right, it was my job to take care of you. I failed you in the worst way possible. Now, please let me make it up to you. If that is not your wish, tell me now, and I will leave, and never return.” I have no idea what has come over me, but I must ensure she forgives me. I cannot live without her trust. I sit on the bed and lean toward her huddled form in the center. “Please Kitten, come and let me care for you the way I should have.” I hold my hand out to her again, begging with my eyes and my heart for her to take my hand. “Please…” I will not cry. I will respect her if she says no. I love her enough to let her go. Slowly she reaches her tiny hand out to me and places it in my hand. “Thank you, Kitten, thank you,” I say as I breathe out a sigh of relief. Not all hope is lost. “Don’t ever do that to me again. I am not just some hole for you to stick your dick in. I want to be your Kitten, and you are my Psycho.” Her cheeks begin to flush after she finishes. Interesting, she has a pet name for me as well. I chuckle, “Psycho, huh? I like it. Come with me, Kitten.” I lift her tiny form up into my arms and carry her into the bathroom. No lights of course, but I have tried to make the bathroom as calming as possible. Her large soaker tub is full of Epsom salt and lavender oil, and what I hope is still warm water, from the bath I drew while she was still sleeping. Only one candle is lit, just enough light to not stub my toe on anything. I reach down to check the water, satisfied with the temperature, I remove my clothes, except my boxers, knowing if I take them off there will be no stopping me

from ravaging her all over again, but now is not the time. I then remove her lingerie and place both of our bodies into the warm water. My back is against the tub with her straddling me, her head on my chest. I love seeing my marks on her, but I should never have left her like that. I knew she was inexperienced with this type of relationship and wouldn't know how to care for herself properly afterward. If I wasn’t so hot-headed and reckless…I will do better next time. Show her with actions how much she truly means to me. I never want to see that doubt in her eyes again...Suddenly, I feel her palm against my cheek. “Oh, you have facial hair? I did not feel that before.” She says more to herself than to me. “Am I ever going to be able to see you?” “You need to know me before you see me, Kitten. The feelings I have for you go beyond anything your eyes will be able to tell you. To answer your question, I haven’t shaved in a day or two. Normally I’m cleanly shaven. You have been asleep for quite some time. I wanted to ensure you were alright after your ‘friend’ dropped you off.” “Ooooh, is someone jealous?” she says with a little smirk. The only thing I’m jealous of is not being able to touch her in the daylight. “How can I be jealous of a man who has had all this time to claim you, but you still think of no one but me? As you said, I have claimed all your thoughts for some time now, as you have mine. I am yours. I am just waiting for the time for you to be mine.” Leaning towards me, she captures my lips. It’s a soft kiss, just a touching of lips, but my cock still flexes between her thighs just the same as if it was a ravaging kiss. “I am yours. You are my Psycho, and I am your Kitten,” she whispers against my lips. “Your body may belong to me now, Kitten, but I want something even more precious. I want your heart.”


“My heart?” I whisper, “You’ve had my heart since the first time I felt you watching me.” Reaching in between us, I search for the opening in his boxers, so I can feel the skin of his dick that’s been teasing me against my hand. “Annabelle, stop.” He says in a firm voice, holding my wrist in his hand to stop my movements. “We are not having sex right now. This is about me showing you

how much you mean to me. This is about me taking care of you.” “I want to show you how much you mean to me too,” I whisper to his chest, afraid of him getting angry at for me arguing. A heavy sigh escapes him, “You can show me that by submitting to me. Let me care for you the way I should have and once you’re healed up, allow me to pleasure you how I see fit. That is how a submissive shows her Dominate how much they care.” “Will you teach me?” I ask hesitantly, I’ve never done anything like this before and I’m afraid. “I’m scared.” “Of course, I will. I want nothing more than for us to succeed. I will train you to the best of my ability, but you must be open to learning and following my directions.” He runs his hand through my hair, and brings my head down towards him and kisses my forehead. I curl into him, my face in the crook of his neck and the rest of my body relaxes against him. “That’s my good girl,” he says quietly against my hair. I don’t understand why but it makes me happy, hearing his praise. I must have fallen asleep because I wake up to him putting me in my bed. “Please stay with me,” I say as I look toward his shadow. “I’ll be right over by the window, sitting in my favorite chair.” He says, reassuring me. He kisses my hair and takes a few steps back from the bed. I immediately reach for him. “Wait! I want you to stay here, in bed, with me. Please?” I say the last word in a whisper, afraid I sound clingy. “Let me find my pants, and I’ll be right back. If we are both get into bed naked, I will be unable to control myself. You are too tempting for your own good. Stay right there, and I will get in on the other side.” I close my eyes and hear him searching for his clothes, they won’t be comfortable to sleep in, but that’s not my problem. As I start to drift off to sleep again, I feel the blankets lift and the bed dip as he climbs in. I’m lying on my side facing him; he rolls to his side, so he is facing me and pulls me against his chest. My top leg hooks over his hip, his top leg goes between mine, we wrap our arms around each other, and I snuggle my cheek under his chin. Perfect.

***** When I wake the next morning, I’m still wrapped in his arms. It takes me a minute, but the fog clears my brain, and I realize that he is still here. In the daylight. I can see him!

My eyes shoot open as my head pulls back, expecting to find Jared, but who I find is Elliot. I put both of my palms against his chest and shove him as hard as I can. “What the fuck Elliot? What are you doing here? He was here! He was holding me! What did you do?!? Did you run him off? Get the fuck out of here!” As I yell questions at him, I continue to shove at his chest, on the last question he falls off the bed, taking the blankets with him. Suddenly cold, and naked, I get off the bed and grab my robe, tie it around me as I stomp towards him. Elliot is standing next to my bed, hands on his hips looking pissed off, but I just don’t care. He’s ruined EVERYTHING! “Are you kidding me, Annabelle? It’s me! I am him!” Elliot shouts back at me, raising his arms in the air. “No, it’s not! It’s Jared! Get out! You’ve ruined everything!” I scream at him while pointing to the door. “I have to find him, apologize for you bursting in here and kicking him out! Go away!” “This is bullshit,” Elliot says as he storms out of my apartment, slamming the door behind him. I rush to get clothes on, not even looking to see what it is that I'm grabbing. If they’re clean, dirty, match, nothing matters except getting to Jared and making him forgive me for Elliot being an asshole. What day is it? Sunday? He'll be at church! The time on the dashboard of my Honda accord says 10:42 a.m., I have 17 minutes before mass let's out. I can make it there in time, barely. I'm running red lights and stop signs, hoping that I can catch him before he leaves the church. Finally, I'm squealing to a stop a block from the church. Cars line both sides of the street, and I know this is as close as I will get. 10:56 a.m., I made it, I run down the sidewalk yelling at people to get out of my way as I do. I make it to the front doors just as they open, my heart is racing, and my breathing is labored, but I don’t care. I'm standing on the sidewalk at the bottom of the stairs, directly in the way of everyone trying to leave. He'll have to walk past me. I'm hunched over trying to catch my breath when I feel a hand on my back. “Annabelle? What are you doing here? Are you okay?” Jared says to me as he squats down to look me in the eye. “JARED!” I shriek as my brain catches up, I throw myself at him knocking him off balance. “Woah AB, what's wrong babe?” Jared has his arms wrapped around me tightly since I have a death grip on

his neck with my arms. I start to sob, “Jared I'm so sorry! Elliot is such a jerk! I wanted you to stay last night, all night, and he ruined our perfect morning by kicking you out!” I'm crying, big ugly tears now and I can't get my breathing under control, but I continue to try to talk anyway. “Please….for……..I…….*sobs*…..back…..” is all I'm able to get out. “Slow down. Take a deep breath. What the hell are you talking about?” Jared manages to pull me back by my shoulders. The crease forming between his eyebrows shows how confused he is. “Hug,” is all I can say, so he pulls me back in for a tight hug and rubs my back as I calm down. After a while, I get control over myself again, and we stand, making our way away from the throng of people trying to exit the church. “Okay, what is going on? What about last night and Elliot being a jerk?” Jared’s face is full of confusion and concern that I'm a nutter and he's afraid I'm going to have to be committed. “Last night, you were at my apartment, and we fell asleep after the bath.” I start to tell him but realize he probably doesn't know that I figured out that he's my Psycho. “Jared, it's okay, I know who you are. You don't have to hide from me anymore. I'm your Kitten, and you’re my Psycho.” Jared rears his head back, “Wait. What? Annabelle, I wasn't at your apartment last night. Kitten? Psycho? Are you feeling okay?” He puts his hand on my forehead I assume to check for a fever. “I think you need to see a doctor.” Jared is holding my arms again and looking nervous for the first time in his entire life. I can’t keep the smile off my face. I’m just so relieved to have figured out who my Psycho is. “Jared, it's okay. You don't need to hide anymore. We can be together, just how you want. I know about your piercing, you must have gotten that after we broke up, but I can't wait to feel it again.” I can tell that I’m talking faster than normal, I’m excited and I can’t get control over it. Grabbing onto his shirt, I start to pull it out of his pants. “I want to see it. Please let me see it. Right here, right now.” I beg as I reach for his belt buckle. “Jesus Christ, Annabelle!” Jared grabs my arms to try to stop my over-eager hands. “What are you doing? I don't have any piercings. You know that! Stop that!”

Jared yells but I'm not listening, it has become my mission to see his dick and the steel hoop that pierces it. It’s called a Prince Albert piercing. I looked it up. Jared keeps trying to grab my hands but he's not fast enough, I shove my hand inside his pants and boxers until I get my hand on his dick. I let out a sigh as I find what I’m looking for. His cock starts to harden in my hand, and that excites me, as he lengthens and hardens more and more, but then I realize that there's no hoop. I look up at him, and I can see the struggle on his face, the concern for me, the pleasure of having my hand on him, and the fear of being caught in front of the church getting a hand job. “Where is it?” I say in a hollow voice. Am I wrong? Is it not Jared? Jared moans quietly, unaware that I am frantically searching his now hard cock for the beloved hoop. That hoop has brought me amazing pleasure, I'm sure he's my Psycho, so where is it. I wrack my brain for signs that I misread. My hand stills in Jared’s pants, suddenly a shrill voice from behind me says, “Jared, are you coming, Son?” and Jared pushes me away from him, hard. I lose my footing and fall back onto the cement, smacking my head when I land, and everything goes black.



The echo of the door slamming behind me is the only thing I can hear over the roar of my pounding heart. I storm to my car and almost rip the door off its hinges as I climb in and slam it shut. I pull my shirt over my head and grip the steering wheel for dear life, hoping that maybe it will help me figure out what the fuck just happened. This was not the plan. “Breathe Elliot, breathe,” I say out loud to no one. Like that deep breathing shit is going to work, asshole. If you weren't such a pussy, you would not have had to hide behind me. Now my Kitten is out there chasing that useless mother fucker for what… Shut up! It's your fucking fault we are in this mess in the first place. If you had thought with the head on your shoulders and not the head of your damn dick, she would never have figured it out. Man up, motherfucker! Stop being a sissy bitch and show the girl you have two balls and big dick. She doesn't want flowers and candlelight. She wants you to turn her ass red, and then rub it all better. I can't believe that I am fucking fighting with myself when I should be fucking the shit out of AB. If I had my dick in that sweet pussy of hers, there would be no way for her to deny that we were one in the same. Suddenly, I hear my phone ring. Reaching over to grab it out of my jacket pocket, I answer without even checking to see who it is. “Hello,” I growl into the phone. I do not have patience at the moment to be speaking to people. “Hello, is this Elliot Rodgers?” Okay, now I am worried. “Speaking. Who is this?” “My name is Mary Sanders. I’m an RN at St. Mary’s Hospital calling in reference to Ms. Annabelle Kingston…” I didn't even let her finish her sentence. I hang up and immediately head to the emergency room. I know AB, she was freaking out about Jared so badly she went looking for him. Since it is Sunday that asshole is playing the good little Catholic boy and headed to Mass with his momma so there are only two places she could be. Let's hope I pick the right one first.

***** I skid to a stop in the closest parking spot and hop out of my car. I race

through the emergency room doors and grab the first person I see, and luckily it happens to be a nurse. “I received a call from RN Mary Sanders about Annabelle Kingston. What happened? Did he hurt her? Is he still here? Have the police been called?” I’m so close to just shaking this woman. I need all the answers right fucking now! “Sir, if you will take a breath for a minute and calm down I will try to answer your questions.” I take a deep breath and try to calm myself down, but it was not working. Can she not understand my reason for living could be dying or hurt at the hands of some asshole, and she wants me to calm down? “Elliot, I presume?” “Yes, ma'am that’s me. Is she alright?” “She is fine. She took a minor spill and hit her head. Now as for the police, I am not sure if the young man is planning to press charges or not. His mother seems to be quite insistent, but they have not been called yet. Unfortunately, you are unable to see Ms. Kingston as of yet. She is getting a few stitches in the back of her head and is still in with the doctor.” “Wait for a second. Does the man happen to be named Jared Winston?” I tentatively ask her, my entire body tensing, because there is no way he did not have anything to do with AB hitting her head “Yes, do you know him? I can take you to the waiting area, and you all can wait together.” Oh, little Nurse Sanders does not know the present she has just given me. This is better than waking up on Christmas morning. “Here you are, sir. I will have a nurse get you when you can see Ms. Kingston. Is there anything else I can do for you?” “No, thank you very much for the help, Nurse Sanders. Have a great rest of your day.” I say on autopilot. I’m entirely focused on getting my hands on Jared. As the nurse turns the corner, I walk into the room and hear the hushed tones of Jared and his mother arguing in the corner. I clear my throat not to appear rude, but mostly because I want to get Jared’s attention. Once Jared looks up and sees me, his face immediately loses all color. I can't help but chuckle as I step closer to the pair. “Good afternoon, Mrs. Winston. I wish I were seeing you again under better circumstances. Do you mind if Jared and I talk outside?” I say as polite as possible. Mrs. Winston has always been one of my least favorite people just like her son, but my mother would have my balls if I disrespected the old bat.

“Of course, Elliot, maybe you can talk some sense into my boy and that friend of yours. She was never good enough for him and now this.” As we walked out of the waiting room, Jared, of course, had to start running his damn mouth, “What the hell did you do to AB, Elliot?” His hands are on his hips, obviously frustrated but he has a cocky smile on his face. “She comes at me and basically molests me in front of the cathedral spewing some bullshit about running me away last night and waking up next to you in bed.” Jared changes his stance, it’s a subtle change, but all of a sudden, he’s mocking me, cocky because AB ran to him. “Were you that bad in bed that she had to picture me and my cock to cum? Fuck, the bitch missed me so much she was begging for it. She tried to whip it out right there on the street! I think she would have sucked me off right there if my mother wouldn’t have walked by.” “Shut up,” I growl through clenched teeth. My hands are clenched into fists at my sides. It’s taking all my self-control not to rearrange his face. Jared is now standing directly in front of me, almost toe to toe. “Awww is little Elliot‘s feelings getting hurt? News flash looser, AB is too good for you. She always has been and always will be. Even though she saw me balls deep in another bitch's pussy, she still comes running back for more. AB is mine, the quicker you learn that the better off you will be my friend. Now run along, and do whatever it is you do when you aren't sniffing around after my sloppy seconds like a lost puppy.” He says with a smug smile on his face. Be a man Elliot. Show AB that you can take care of her inside and outside the bedroom. You can dominate in and outside the bedroom. She is YOUR Kitten. He cannot take our Kitten. FUCK. HIM. UP. In a slow, calm, firm voice I say, “You will go back into the waiting room, collect your cunt of a mother, and never speak to AB again. You will not be calling the police. Do I make myself clear?” I stand to my full height to ensure that Jared understands that he is talking to both Elliot and AB’s Psycho. We are one in the same. We have always been one in the same. It’s time for us both to put this motherfucker in his place and claim our woman. “Oh, you want to have a backbone now Elliot? Well, at least when I kick

your ass it won't be far for you to go to get cleaned up.” He’s laughing at me, but he will quickly learn the error of that. He takes a sloppy swing at me that I easily dodge. Instead of dragging this out, I reach out and grab Jared by his shirt collar, and throw him into the adjacent wall, knocking him slightly off balance. Before he can right himself, I slam him three more times into the wall by his shirt collar, and give him a nice right hook to the jaw, knocking him to the ground. “Maybe this time you will listen. Get your mother, and get the fuck out of here. I do not want to see you anywhere near AB again.” I tell him. Apparently, this motherfucker cannot take the hit. As I turn to head back toward the waiting room, he runs towards me and wraps his arms around my waist, knocking me to the floor. We both scramble around on the floor for a few minutes, before getting back on our feet. “Alright asshole, bring it on. I have watched you leering at AB since we got together. May the best man get the girl,” Jared says. I chuckle, “Okay man, you asked for it.” I wish I had a tape recorder for when I have to explain to AB why I kicked his ass. She is going to be so pissed. You would think that this went down like something in the movies. That we fought for the girl's honor and all that nonsense. Nope, in reality, I knocked him out with one good punch. I wasn't dumb mind you. I let him get a few licks in, so once he was knocked out, I called security and told them he assaulted me, which he did, and I defended myself, which I also did. So, he came too in the back of a police car with his mother praying Hail Mary's for his cursed soul. All in all, it’s a win-win if you ask me. So now that that’s all taken care of, it is time to talk some sense into my Kitten. If she doesn’t listen, it may be time for another spanking.


After having a CAT scan, I'm being wheeled back to my bed in the ER when I see Elliot. “Elliot, how did you know I was here?” I ask him, as the orderly helps me back into bed. “I'm your emergency contact, remember? One of the nurses called me to let me know they brought you in.” Elliot tells me as he walks towards me, leans over, and wraps me in his arms. I rest my cheek on his chest, and I embrace the warmth and comfort that is

my best friend. “Thank you,” I say into his shirt. “For what?” he asks, obviously confused. “For coming for me.” “Haven't you figured it out yet? I'll always come for you, Kitten.” Surprised, I look up into his eyes, searching for my Psycho. “You're really him? You're my Psycho?” “I always have been. Come on, you need to relax and wait for the doctor to release you. The nurse said something about stitches,” he says as he backs away from me. Elliot pulls the curtain closed before he climbs into the bed next to me, and then wraps his arm around me again. I can’t help but snuggle deep into his chest. “How did you make your voice different? He never sounded like you.” I ask, confusion clear in my voice. “I did that on purpose, at first I didn’t want you to know it was me, so I was careful to lower my voice, make it rougher.” He says with a shrug. “And you’re smell? He never smelled like you. You smell like sandalwood and leather. He always smelled crisp like the smell of a first rain.” He chuckles, “I’m very careful to only get my cologne on my shirt, so I would change my shirt and cologne before I would come see you.” “You went out of your way to hide it from me. I always felt safe knowing he was watching me. But all this time, it was you.” My voice is low, almost a whisper as I pull my head back from his chest and look at his face. “Kiss me. Please.” “Normally, I would not give in to your demands, but since these are extenuating circumstances, I'll let it slide this time.” Elliot tilts my chin up slightly with his hand under my jaw to keep me in place, and so he can maintain control of my face. When I'm looking directly at him, he drops his head, so his lips are a hair’s breadth away from mine and whispers, “Let's see if you can follow directions. Don't move anything except your mouth. Understand?” “Yes,” barely leaves my lips when he brushes his lips against mine. Our kiss is soft at first but grows more and more demanding by the second. He nips my lower lip with his teeth then slides the tip of his tongue over it to soothe away the sting. When he licks my lip, I open up for him, and he takes full advantage. Stroking my tongue with his, tickling the roof of my mouth, and basically fucking my mouth with his tongue, I've never been so turned on by a kiss in my life. I can imagine putting his tongue to better use on my lower lips, and that thought has me soaking through my panties. I moan helplessly into his

mouth. I don't know how much more I can take without moving, without touching him. My pussy is throbbing, and my thighs are clenched tight trying to relieve some of the pressure. My fingers twitch, and my entire body is tense with the force of trying not to move from the fire that he has lit in my bloodstream. He pulls back with a smirk on his face. “You have no idea how long I've wanted to do that. One day very soon, I'm going to fuck your mouth and put your gag reflex to the test.” I don't know how to respond to that, Elliot has never spoken to me that way. I'm embarrassed, so I look away from him. However, I'm so turned on it hurts so I do the only thing that I can do, I giggle as my face turns bright red. I lean my forehead against his chest, and I laugh until my entire body shakes, then I laugh some more. Using one finger under my chin, Elliot pushes my head up, so I'm looking at him again. “Did I say something amusing?” “No. God, no. didn’t you just tell me, you ass?” My face is still beet red, it feels hot, but I smack his chest with my hand anyway. “I promise that you will get used to it. But right now, you need to rest,” he ignores my sass-filled retort and tucks my head back under his chin. “Will you stay with me?” I don't understand why I'm shy, I've never been shy a day in my life, but this new relationship with Elliott is different than anything I’ve ever done before, and I don't want to ruin it, I want to explore it. “Of course, Kitten.” I roll to my other side, and Elliot snuggles up behind me and pulls me tight against him. I use his arm as a pillow as he wraps it around my chest and I relax against him. I'm starting to drift off when a thought pops into my head. “Elliot?” “Yes, Belle?” “Can I see it?” I can feel the heat on my cheeks again. Damn red hair makes it impossible to hide my embarrassment. I don't have to see his face to know he's smiling, he knows exactly what I mean. “See what?” “You know what I'm talking about.” He leans his head in, so his lips are against my ear and whispers, “Do you

want to see my cock, Kitten? Perhaps inspect it for jewelry?” Goosebumps have erupted over my entire body from his warm breath against my ear. When he nips my earlobe, my nipples harden to sharp points, and a moan escapes my lips before I can stop it. “Yes. That is what I want.” I say while I grind my ass into the crotch of his jeans. “Tell me what you want. Say ‘I want to see your cock.’” I know he has that damn smirk on his face, but I just don’t care. “I want to see your cock, Elliot, please let me see it,” I say a little louder than I should have considering where we are, but I don't care who hears me. “Turn around and face me. I'm not going to pull it out, but I'll let you feel the piercing.” I scramble to turn around as fast as I can, almost falling off the bed in the process. Elliot chuckles at my eagerness. “Calm down. I'm not going anywhere.” Once I'm turned around, Elliot wraps his hand around my knee and pulls my leg over his hip then unbuckles his jeans. “Go ahead, but you have to keep your eyes on mine. Don’t look away.” I take a deep breath and look up at him while my hand moves to the opening in his jeans. Since his dick is hard, finding it is easy. I wrap my hand around it and find the hoop. I release a breath I didn't realize I was holding. “Thank God. I'm tired of fondling random guys’ dicks today.” Elliot and I both laugh a good soul cleansing laugh.



It took some getting use too but having Elliot dominate me is the best thing that has ever happened to me. He’s deliciously depraved, and it does amazing things to me. Since his apartment is close to mine and neither of our leases are up, we flop back and forth between the two, depending on just how kinky we want to be. The tamer items live in my apartment while the really fun stuff stays at his. And it gives him a place to sleep when he's pissed me off, and I kick him out. I’m standing in his kitchen cooking his favorite dinner: lasagna and garlic bread; all from scratch, even the bread. I'm hoping to earn myself some time with the riding crop. He hasn't used it on me yet, and I am dying to feel it against my skin. Just the thought sends tingles down my spine, hardens my nipples, and wets my panties. I hear the door unlock and hold my breath while he puts everything in its proper place and follows his nose to the kitchen. After five excruciatingly long minutes, he rounds the corner and stops in his tracks. From where he's standing in the doorway, he can see me from head to toe. He takes in the frilly red apron that stops at the top of my thighs, my black lace panties, and four-inch-high black fuck me pumps. I can see the outline of his cock in his pants. His dick print is my absolute favorite thing to stare at. I'm standing at the sink, washing the dishes I’ve used while making dinner. Elliot raises one eyebrow as he walks towards me, “Does your husband approve of this behavior, Kitten?” Elliot stops behind me, pins my hips to the counter with his. One of his hands slides under my apron so he can pick and pull on my nipple while the other hand wraps my braid around his hand and pulls my head back against his shoulder, forcing me to arch my back. I let out a throaty, needy moan, “Maybe you should ask him, Psycho.” The hand on my hair loosens, and he wraps his fingers around my throat, squeezing just enough to make me slightly wheeze. “Is that sass, Mrs. Rodgers? I'm certain your husband will tan your sexy ass for sassing him.” His fingers latch onto my nipple hard, and I hiss in pain, tensing against it.

The atmosphere is instantly less charged, Elliot let's go of me, steps back, and turns me around to face him. “What's going on with you? I know that wasn't any harder than normal.” He's looking at me with concern, and it takes every ounce of self-control not to let the tears well up in my eyes. That fucking hurt! “Nothing, please continue, Mr. Rodgers.” Dropping my head to look at the floor, I show him the most respect I can as a submissive. The timer goes off on the oven, signaling that the lasagna is done. I start to reach for it when he says, “I'll get it. You take off the apron. Get on the bed, on your knees, chest, and cheek to the mattress, arms outstretched towards the corners. I hope you aren't particularly fond of those panties. They aren't going to last the night.” The clicking of my heels on the tile is the only response he gets as I move towards the bedroom to do as he has instructed. The anticipation that he has set fire to in my body is already dripping from my pussy. I'm in position, ready and waiting for him, my Psycho. I know he's taking his damn time just to make me wait, to stew in the ideas of what he has in store for me. Devious bastard. I hear the click of the door closing and his feet moving on the plush carpet. He moves around the room, changing out of his work clothes as if I'm not there, ass in the air, begging to be fucked. “Knees apart, wider. I want to see that pussy glisten through the lace.” The closet door opens and closes, drawers open and close, and I'm waiting with baited breath as he selects his instruments of pleasure. I feel his hand on my wrist, then the fur of the lined cuff he has attached under the bed, securing me in place. He moves around to the end of the bed, smacks my ass once, hard enough to leave a handprint. The unexpected smack makes me jump and moan as the tingles it has left behind make their way to my clit. Elliot rounds the bed and secures my other wrist. This time I can see him, all he's wearing is black boxer briefs. The sight has me licking my lips. Elliot smirks, “I'm sorry to disappoint you, Kitten, but you will not be sucking my cock tonight. I have other plans for you.” From below my field of vision, he lifts the riding crop, and I can't help but bite my lip in anticipation. “Thank you.”

“Open your mouth and stick your tongue out,” Elliot commands, his voice leaving no room for argument. I do as he asks, and he rubs the tip of the crop against my tongue. The smell of fresh leather fills my nose and makes my ass clench. Taking his time, Elliot works my body over with the riding crop. Down my back, over my ass, and down the back of my thighs, my skin is now pink, sensitive, and warm. Suddenly, he rips the panties from my hips and inserts two fingers into my sopping wet pussy. I cry out from the unexpected intrusion and the pleasure. In and out, over and over, he's fucking my pussy with his fingers but hasn't touched my clit. He knows I can't cum without touching my clit. He's working me into a frenzy with no foreseeable orgasm in my future. Once he's got me writhing and begging for release, he slows and spreads my wetness to my ass. He continues to spread my juices toward my ass, slowly working one then two fingers inside me. “Tonight, is the night, Kitten, that I fuck your ass.” The thought makes my pussy and ass clench. The toys we've played with to get me use to the sensation have been amazing, always leading me to explosive orgasms. Knowing that I will finally take his cock makes me want to purr like the kitten he refers to me as. “I don't care as long as I get to cum,” I say between moans. “Orgasms I can promise you, my love.” Elliot comes up onto the bed behind me and drags the tip of his cock through my folds. “Where's your ring?” I can’t believe it’s not there. I’ve grown very attached to that glorious ring of pleasure. Elliot chuckles, “I switched it out for my curved barbell. I don't want it to cause any issues the first time I take your ass.” He lines his cock up with the tight ring of muscle, “Take a deep breath and relax. I'm going to go slow, let you get used to the feeling of me.” I take a deep breath and let it go. I can feel him push against me, his thick head trying to demand entrance. I try to relax, but I'm scared and tense up instead. Elliot reaches around my hip and rubs my clit. He knows exactly how to play my clit to get an orgasm out of me. In no time at all, I'm on the verge of a massive orgasm. I'm riding his fingers like the dirty slut that I am for him, moaning and begging him to fuck my ass and to let me cum. Just as I'm about to cum, the head of his dick enters me, flinging me into a

euphoria I've never experienced before. When I come back down from my earth-shattering orgasm, Elliot is slowly working his dick into my ass. “Fuck yes, more please,” I moan to him. “You're so tight baby, just be patient. I'll give you all of it.” He says in a strained voice. As much as I'm able too, I push back against him, taking another inch. “Fuck. Annabelle, hold still, or I'm going to hurt you.” His voice isn't as commanding as he would like it to be and sometimes I'm a bad submissive, so I don't listen and push back harder. Elliot moans and slaps my ass hard, “I said stop it! I am in control here, not you. Move again, and I'll stop everything.” “Please Psycho, fuck me. I can take it.” I'm begging, and I don't care, I need him to fuck me hard. He finally relents and slams into me. He gives me approximately five seconds to adjust before he's pulling back then thrusting forward again, setting a brutal pace, but I love every second of it. “Oh, God. Oh, God. Please make me cum. I need to cum.” Elliot continues to pound away at my ass, ignoring my begging, and keeping up his rhythm. After a few minutes his rhythm starts to falter, “Please, Psycho, please let me cum. Please!” I'm begging him with everything I have. I feel his arm reach around me, and his finger circle my clit, three swipes over my clit and I'm coming hard, squirting, and screaming as I do. Elliot collapses on top of me, my knees give out, and we just lay there, my heels falling off my feet. Our breathing heavy and our sweat-slicked skin making us stick to each other. “Umm, Elliot?” I say uneasily. “Give me a second, Baby. I'll get you cleaned up and start your aftercare.” He's still panting, which makes me smile. I love that I can bring this man to his knees. “That's not it. I just need you to get off me. You're squishing the baby.” I bite my lips to keep from laughing, waiting for him to catch what I just said. Elliot rolls to the side and flips over onto his back. I turn my head to look at him, I know he's going to catch up real quick and unfortunately, I'm still secured to the bed. Confusion crosses his face before he whips his face toward me.

“Baby? Did you just say, baby? Are you pregnant?!?” He's all but yelling at me, and I can't help but laugh. “Annabelle, are you fucking pregnant?” I open my eyes, a huge smile on my face, “Yes Elliot, I'm pregnant. Will you please untie me now?” “Untie you? I should turn your ass red! What the hell were you thinking? If I had known you were pregnant, I never would have been that rough with you! I could have hurt you and the baby!” He's yelling now, pacing the floor behind me, waving his arms around as he yells. “That's exactly why I didn't tell you! I wanted one more hard fuck before you started treating me like I'm made of spun glass. Now, will you please untie me?” I'm getting irritated because I'm getting uncomfortable, my wrists are sore from the cuffs, my shoulders are tight from being held in position for so long, and I need to pee. He stops pacing and stands directly behind me. I can feel his thighs between my calves as they hang over the edge of the bed. Suddenly he spanks me twice, hard. I know he's left marks this time. I yell out at the surprise, “God damn it!” “Now I'll untie you.” He says with that damn smirk in his voice. He helps me up, and I run to the bathroom to pee. Leaning against the doorframe with his arms crossed over his chest, he looks delicious. If I weren’t so exhausted, I would try to convince him to fuck me again. This kid is already screwing up my sex life. As I enter the shower, he steps in behind me, “How far along are you?” He asks with his hand on my lower stomach. “About ten weeks, I have an ultrasound picture to show you,” I say as I put my hand over his and look up at him. He kisses me softly, lingering but sweet. “We'll finish this discussion after the shower. I want to see my baby,” Elliot tells me as he reaches for the body wash and loofah. He lathers me up, head to toe, trailing his fingers behind the loofah. He’s checking my skin for abrasions, welts, or bruises that will need his attention afterward and it makes me smile. He washes and conditions my hair, massaging my scalp as he goes. Once I'm clean and sated, he washes himself quickly and turns the water off. The bathroom is filled with steam as he wraps a fluffy towel around my body and starts to dry my hair with another while a towel hangs around his hips. Once my hair is dry enough for him, he dries my body, lotions my skin and

makes sure I am dressed before he takes care of himself. “Let's eat, baby, it smells delicious.” Once we've eaten, I get the ultrasound pictures from my bedside table and snuggle into Elliot on the couch. He stares at the black and white pictures in my hand for a moment, “Here.” Hesitantly he takes the pictures, “This is our baby?” He asks me, awe making his voice quiet. “Yes. We won't find out if it's a boy or girl for a while still, but my due date is March 24th.” Elliot smiles and looks down at me, “If it's a boy, I want to name him Owen in honor of the dumbass that brought us together on that same day, so many years ago.” “You remember the day you first talked to me?” I ask him, completely taken aback. “I remember all the significant dates of my life, meeting you was the best day of my life, Belle. It's lead to all this.”


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