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Loving My Neighbor Copyrighted Š 2015 C.M. Steele All rights reserved. This book or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the express written permission of the publisher except for the use of brief quotations in a book review.

Chapter 1 It’s Monday morning and the town streets are full of people taking their kids to school or heading to work. Even in a small town like Lake Oswego, morning traffic can be heavy. I’m in a hurry to get to the office before the snow accumulates, so I’m impatiently tapping on the steering wheel. The light changes and we start to move. I’m only five cars back, but before I can cross the intersection the light changes. In frustration, I clench my fists around the wheel and shake the shit out of it. Hoping no one sees my road rage, I look around. To my right, I spot a beautiful blonde woman crossing the street and entering a white Lincoln MKX. My eyes turn to her, following her movements. The snow is coming down heavily, but I can still take in her appearance. She’s bundled up in a white, puffy coat and a matching white hat that covers the top of her head, but it doesn’t hide her long blonde locks that fall all down her back and shoulders in waves. They look so silky. I’m itching to run my fingers through it while I pull her into my arms and kiss her. My dick takes notice of her as well, which it hasn’t done in more than six years for any woman. Hell, I don’t think I’ve been this hard from seeing a woman since I was thirteen. I stop in the middle of the intersection to try to get a better look at her. I move my eyes up and down her form taking in the sexy curves that her coat’s not hiding. What I want to do to her; I groan to myself and bite my lip, thinking about having those thick thighs wrapped around me while I fuck her. She closes the door of her SUV but doesn’t look my way. I want to cut her off and steal her away back to my house and fuck her all day, but someone starts beeping behind me, shaking me out of my thoughts of kidnapping and I drive away from the beauty. I get to my office on time, as usual, but I really don’t remember how I got here. My mind is lost back at River Road, where I saw my vision in white. I want to drive back over there, but what would be the point. She was getting ready to drive away when I spotted her. My visual of her plays in my head as I close my eyes and I’ll just have to relive my memory of her. She reminds me of

a snow bunny in her all-white. The woman getting into her SUV wasn’t tall, probably only up to my chest. It makes me want to hold her close and take care of her. I can picture her with her head resting on my abs, curling against me after a good fucking. I’m so consumed by my snow bunny that I hardly acknowledge my assistant on my way to my office. I barely make it through my workday; probably fucked up a few deals and cost myself a couple million with my lack of concentration. My deal making and organizational skills are as shitty as they were when my uncle first brought me on. I better get my shit together or go searching for the lady in white. Either way, something’s gotta give before I drive my company into the gutter. With a grunt, I get the shit I need for my next meeting. I’m just about to walk out of my office and into my last meeting for the day when I get a call from my housekeeper. “What’s up, Ernie?” I ask with a smile. She hates when I call her that, but I love fucking with her. Truthfully, it’s the only fun I really have. “Nothing, Bert,” she says with a hiss. That’s her usual reply. She’s a forty-year-old wench who enjoys working for me no matter how much she bitches about it. “Then why are you calling me at work?” I ask impatiently because I have somewhere to be at the moment and all I can think about is my bunny. My thoughts of her are making me so hard my temper’s short. So I want to know why she’s calling. It’s not like her to call unless something’s wrong. Instantly, my mind goes to something breaking or leaking in the house. I’m not in the mood for anything going wrong at home today. Ever since I bought the place, I’ve had one issue after another; something I don’t really have time for. I make most of my repairs by myself because I don’t like strangers in my home. It’s one of the many quirks I have. I think it stems from all the strangers that constantly came in and out of our home when I was a kid. “Someone’s got a stick up their ass today. You know you really need to get a woman.” She has no idea. Mentally, I’m thinking about Bunny’s thighs and round ass, and my dick is so hard I’m leaking onto my boxers. I want one

particular woman so badly it’s quickly destroying my well-built life. “Don’t I know it,” I grumble. Fuck, my cock is pressing against my zipper so painfully that I probably have the imprint of the zipper on my shaft. I hear her let out of huff, and then her shit-talking continues. “Yeah, but you act like a sixty-five-year-old geezer instead of a twenty-nine-year-old man. Anyways, the new neighbors moved in and Mr. Mason came over to make an introduction.” Damn, I forgot they sold the house that’s been empty since I moved in. One of the many things I hate is other people. Just like Ernestine says, I’m an old geezer. I bought the house because it was out of the way and no one lived within a mile. This newly purchased house is just outside that radius. Why they felt the need to say hi is a mystery to me. Haven’t they heard the rumors in town? I’m known as the recluse up in my creepy, old mansion. Many haven’t seen me or, at least, know me personally, so they all think I keep to myself because I’m hideous. I laugh because I can give any of those chumps in Hollywood a run for their money in the looks department. I’m tall, muscular, and my face is considered hot by every woman I’ve ever met. “So, did you send them packing?” I don’t want them to think coming to the house is an open invitation to visit or that I plan to return the gesture. “I just told him that you’re at work. That you get home at six and they are welcome to come to dinner tonight.” “What?!” I yell over the phone while she cracks up on the other end. She’s cackling like a hyena, and I’m not sure if it’s because she really did tell them that or if she’s yanking my chain. It better be the latter because I’ll slam the door on them if they show up. “Just fucking with you, you old bastard.” She continues to laugh on the other end, and I want to kick her ass. One of these days, I plan on firing her for real. “I guess you want to be out of a job,” I threaten. A threat she never takes seriously. “Whatever. You’re not going to fire me so get over it.” She’s right. I need someone to help with all the grocery shopping and cleaning. Not that she works

every day for me. Ernestine only comes by twice a week to make sure I’ve got everything I need. I don’t mind doing it myself, but normally I work until ten at night, making it difficult to get to the store and do my laundry. “So, what happened then?” My patience is shrinking by the moment. Thoughts of people invading my personal space frustrate me. “He just wanted to stop by and let you know that they’ll be moving in throughout the next few days and that the gas and electric companies may be working in the area to get them set up.” “Okay. Well, thankfully, I’ll be at work. Now excuse me, but I’ve got a meeting in two minutes.” I’m glad they didn’t invite me to dinner. Unless I’m working on a deal, I don’t go to dinner with strangers. It could be that I’ve never had a real friend or someone I could count on until I met my uncle. I do have a poker night on a regular basis with some of the guys my uncle introduced me to when I moved into town, but even then, I don’t hang out with them more than once a week for our game night. I go into my meeting ready to leave before I even take my seat. I zone out several times before my lead researcher finishes his presentation. “Thanks, Wilcox. I’ll go over the information and get back to you on Friday,” I say before getting up, ending the meeting and walking into my office. I have no interest in small talk, but my staff knows that about me so no one gets offended anymore. They consider me an eccentric loner, but I don’t give a shit. I keep them well paid and I don’t work them to death, so no one has quit in years. I attempt work for the next few hours, trying hard not to think of the blonde in all white, but it seems impossible so I pack it up and head home. Damn, the legs on her, they had me ready to run my hands all over them. She wasn’t tall by any stretch of the imagination, but her legs were thick and sexy as hell in those tight white leggings. Jealously, I think about someone else admiring her legs. Does she have a boyfriend? I rush to my house angrily thinking of her with other men. I pass my new neighbors without even giving them a glance. I don’t want to chance that they see me looking; I want them to move away already. The moment I get home, I hit my personal gym. My need to forget her, and the way she makes me feel has me lifting more than my usual. After

working my muscles to the bone, I climb up my stairs and take a cold shower, hoping to ease my thoughts of her. It doesn’t work and my dick revolts. I haven’t stroked my cock in over a month because I’ve been too busy or too damn tired, but I know I won’t get any sleep until I do. ~~~~ The next two days are no better than the first. I drive through town hoping to see her, but she’s nowhere to be found. I’m at my wits end. I even call my friend Duke at MDM Secure to see if he can locate all female owners of a white MKX. He tells me that the list is going to take him awhile, so I’ll try to be patient, but it’s not likely that I can. I’m on my way home when I call Duke again. I know that I only called him this morning, but I need answers. “Call Duke,” I say to my car’s voice-activated system. “Hey, Duke. It’s me, Trent.” “What’s up, man? Did you find her on your own?” “Nope. I’m being a pain in the ass. Do you have a list?” “Hey, man, take it easy. I’m running a report, but it takes time, give it to me.” I’m sure he has more important shit to do than deal my nutty chase on some pussy, but I can’t shake her from my system. “I know, but the longer I wait, the more I feel like I’m going insane.” Jealousy consumes me all day just thinking about her being with someone else while I take forever to find her. “I don’t mean to shit on your parade, but what if this woman you’re searching for has a man and the SUV is in his name.” If he were standing in front of me, I’d deck his ass. “Duke, seriously, don’t be a dick. If she has someone, she won’t for long.” I hear him chuckle. But he doesn’t know what it’s like to let the woman you can’t stop thinking about— get away. “Okay, I’ll rush it through and get back to you as soon as I get a list for your area and fifty miles out.”

“Thanks.” I breathe a sigh of relief and pull up to my house. Again, I drive home without even looking toward the neighbor’s place. I guess it’s because I’m so used to having no one there, or maybe I just couldn’t care less about them. Either way, I’m home and about to do another rigorous workout. I hope Duke finds that info for me soon or I’m going to look like a body builder. My workout was grueling, but it was what I needed. Turning on the shower, I give up on a cold one because I’ve learned it doesn’t work where my dick is concerned. The water’s nice and hot; it eases my muscles and relaxes my body. Just as I’m rinsing off, I feel the water turn fucking ice cold. “Fucking son of a bitch!” I shout and jump out of my state of the art shower freezing my balls off, wondering what the fuck just happened. The one thing I had remodeled right away, and not by myself, was my bathroom. Snatching a towel off the rack, I wrap it around me. Grabbing another one off the shelf, I dry my feet so I don’t bust my shit as I go traipsing through my house to figure out how my mansion managed to run out of hot water. Having been a carpenter before— though, I made my millions in stock — I know what to look for. In the basement, I examine the brand-new water heater and there is nothing wrong except there’s no damn pilot light. I walk my ass to the storage area of the basement and grab my tool box. I may have made my income in the white collar world, but I came from humble beginnings— and I never forget it. So any maintenance I can do on my own, I still do. Using a flint meant for the heater itself, I try but can’t seem to get it lit. “Fuck me.” It seems like the gas is out. There’s a fireplace in the living room, so I guess I’m going to be sleeping in there until I can figure out the fucking problem. I walk up the stairs and start to feel the chill creep in through the old mansion. I should’ve known that I wouldn’t get to all the renovations I needed to make before the weather worsened. Opening the grate, I set up the fire and thankfully, I don’t have any trouble getting it lit. Closing it back up, I’m shocked when I hear someone knocking at my door. “Who the fuck could be at my door right now?” I grumble to myself and look down. It’s probably the neighbor. Good, maybe me in my towel will scare him away. I hustle to the door, almost losing my covering in the process. Tightening it back around my hips, I open the door and grin from ear to ear. In front of me stands the sexiest little five-foot-nothing beauty with wide eyes and

blonde curls— my snow bunny from the intersection. The woman I’ve been searching for. “How can I help you?” I ask even though I know how she can help me. If she looks down, she’ll know the instant effect she’s having on my cock and what she can do for me. “Um...I came to apologize, but the gas company is working on a pipe to our house,” she responds in a murmur, barely making eye contact, but she’s making sure not to look down. “Yeah, I just figured that out.” I don’t mean for it to sound so shitty, but I’m so hard and she’s here. “Come in for a minute while I get some clothes on.” My words trigger a reminder that I’m not dressed and she looks down and gets a clear look at my cock outline under my towel. Hurrying to look away from my beast, she moves her gaze back up at me and blushes with wide eyes. “Um…actually, I have to go.” Before I can stop her, she rushes back to her white MKX. Fuck me, my bunny is my new neighbor. Now I regret not looking at their place every time I passed it by. I would chase after her, but it’s a little more than a few weeks before Christmas and about three feet of snow fell two days ago. At least, I know where to find her. I’d go to bed early, but I’m too excited to sleep, like a kid anxious for Christmas morning. I’m almost jumping up and down with excitement, but before I head to the sofa, I need to call Ernie. I want all the details she can give me on the family living down the hill and who the fuck the man is that came here the other day. “Ernie, my dear,” I say charmingly into the phone. “This is John.” My eyes open wide. My Uncle John’s answering my housekeeper’s phone. “Well, well, well. So that’s how it is?” A big-ass grin and laugh coat my question. “Yes, it is Junior. You know damn well she hates when you call her that.” Secretly, I think she loves it.

“How long has this been going on?” I ask. They met when I first moved in, but they were at each other’s throats. “None of your business, boy. Just know that you’re going to have to find another housekeeper or a maid.” “Congrats, Uncle. Just so you know I might not have a need for a maid, but a wife is a different story,” I remark, feeling overly cheerful. “Well, have at it, man!” He laughed happily on the other end. “I would if you’d pass the phone to Ernestine.” “If that’s what it takes then…fine.” He hands the phone over to Ernie who asks, “So what do you want, Bert?” “Who lives with my new neighbor?” “His wife and kids.” Her words hit me like a ton of bricks. That bastard has what should be mine. “Thank you, Ernestine.” I hit the end button because I can’t believe that she’s married. Collapsing on the sofa, I lay there lost in thought. Jealousy and pain enter into my heart. “I can’t believe that this is happening,” I moan out to myself and the empty house. My feelings are a waste. I get up and grab a bottle of Vodka, pop it open and drink straight. Drinking isn’t something I do. I usually keep liquor around for poker night, but I just can’t deal with the news that she belongs to someone else. I don’t understand the emotions I am having for a stranger. I call my assistant and tell her that I won’t be in tomorrow morning and will be working from home. It’s a first for me, but I won’t be able to handle the massive hangover I intend to have and work all day with people when I feel like shit, especially my assistant.

Chapter 2 I lost a day, and I know it’s because I drank enough to kill a horse. It didn’t help get her out of my head, but I have to move on. I forgot to tell Duke to cancel the search, but I’ll get on that later in the office. I’m driving on the same stretch of road on the way to work, and unfortunately, I’m stuck in traffic that happens to be right before the intersection where I saw her for the first time. Every time I see a white SUV, I have to look. It’s never her, but even though I know it’s a lost cause I still look, and to my right, across the street is a white MKX. There she is. She’s carrying groceries in both hands. Suddenly, I’m glad that her SUV doesn’t come with a foot-activated liftgate. Just as I’m about to jump out of my truck, Bobby Cole goes to assist her. He’s the local deputy sheriff, but that’s all I really know about him because I don’t know shit about most of the townspeople. I snarl to myself, jealousy filling me up as he opens the hatch. It’s an emotion that has become the norm the last few days and I’m not happy or comfortable with it. She’s married, and I’ve got more feelings for her than I had for my parents or my uncle. It’s beyond nuts, so I’m going to ignore it. Lowering my window, I don’t stop staring at her. If anyone else is around and sees me, I probably look like a stalker, but fuck it, I can’t tear my eyes away. She smiles up at Bobby, and I want to go over there and beat his ass. Her smile immediately catches my dick’s attention, and he needs to make an introduction. He hasn’t shown interest in pussy for so long I can’t even remember. Knowing it’s wrong doesn’t seem to dissuade me. I know if I stop at the store I’ll be late, something I haven’t been in almost six years, but I’m willing to do it just to meet her. She’s perfect and I hate the man that she’s married to, for no other reason than she belongs to him. Even thinking those thoughts infuriates me. I want her to be mine and that scares me. Am I willing to break up a family just to possess her? What kind of man have I become?

I step out of my truck just as she moves back so Bobby can close the hatch of the SUV for her. I get close enough to hear her say, “Thanks, Bobby.” Her voice travels from my ears straight to my groin. If it weren't for my coat and suit, everyone would know that the cold had shit on the sexy blonde in front of me. My face is probably expressing the intense rage I’m feeling at his attention to her. “Hello, Mr. Davenport,” says Bobby. He gives me a subtle smirk as he glances at my unavailable woman. Yes, I’ve claimed her as mine in my head, but I understand that’s all it will be. My face changes as I turn to her, her eyes are an icy blue and I’m owned. “This is your new neighbor, Lily Mason.” Lily, I say to myself, letting her name wash over me. Fuck, it is zero degrees out, and I’m about to come just from hearing her name. What kind of shit is that? She looks like a little cherub with her wavy blonde hair that is up in a sloppy ponytail and her cold-flushed, round face with her bright smile. My eyes trail down her body, taking inventory. She may be short, but what she lacks in height she makes up everywhere else. Even with a big coat that goes just to her ass, I can still make out her round breasts that press against its opening— ready to break free. I can feel my mouth start to salivate. I pull myself together and make sure she knows my name. I want her to be thinking about me and calling my name out in her dreams or when she’s satisfying herself. “Lily, it’s a pleasure. I’m Trent.” Taking off my gloves, I stick out my hand to shake hers. Of course, I remove them because I want a reason to touch her bare skin. I immediately notice that she isn’t wearing a wedding ring and hope fills me. Maybe Ernie was wrong. She steps forward, tentatively; I don’t know if it’s because of the heavy snow on the ground or that I make her nervous. There isn’t much distance to cross, but it seems like forever before she’s inches from me. Just as she’s about to put her hand out to meet mine, she slips on the icy snow and lands hard against me. Her breast hits my stiff erection that’s being held back by my belt buckle. My body is racked with pleasure and pain as my dick demands satisfaction. I right her quickly, only because I’m a step from coming and even with many layers between us, she sets my body burning. Her cheeks are rosy from the cold, but I can still see that she blushed with embarrassment. It may have been a long time, but I still know when a woman’s attracted to me, and my bunny is attracted. I try to think about the cold

ravaging my body. Then maybe, I’ll feel the frigid air and it could relate it to my dick before I have to go home and change my clothes, making me even later for my morning meeting. I can see that the longer I look at her, the more unsettled she becomes, and I enjoy it. She’s doing a number on me and hasn’t even said a word. “Excuse me. I’m sorry,” she says as she tries to regain her dignity. Fuck. Her voice is going to get her nailed soon. After I get home from work, I have every intention of getting a formal introduction. Then I remind myself that it’s all just a fantasy; she’s married. “You can fall on me anytime.” The words blurt out before I can stop myself. She smiles but tucks her head into the collar of her coat. I unjustly glare at the garment that obstructs my view of this gorgeous creature. She’s a tiny, perfect package that I plan on unwrapping later. Damn it, I’ve got to remember she’s married, but without a ring, I wonder if she likes to play with other boys. “I have to go. My father is waiting for me to get back home.” She gives me a sheepish half-smile and walks right passed me and into her SUV. I let her go because I am at a loss for words. She’s not married. Ernestine said that he lives there with his wife and kids. I didn’t expect her to be one of the kids. I have no idea how old she is, but I am going to find out. She lives with her father. Relief is flooding my body. Fuck, I hope she’s legal. I’ll wait for her if she isn’t because I know she can’t be that young. I’ll give her a year under legal at the most. Bobby, the young fuck chuckles. I turn and give him a look that should have him running, but he just says with a laugh, “She’s twenty-one. Good luck, man. She’s caught the attention of every available man that has seen her today. Her father is some hotshot from Phoenix and that’s why I lent her a hand. She was approached by Devin, Colt, Joe, and Elijah.” “She’s mine,” I growl. Staking my claim was inevitable. Showing my hand too soon is never the way I do business so I can’t believe I’ve given away my position. It doesn’t matter anyway; those guys need to know Lily is off limits. “Understood, Mr. Davenport.” He continues to chuckle to himself as he walks back to his squad car and I head back to my truck. She’s gone, so there’s no reason for me to go in there. The road has been cleared since we were talking,

now I have to hustle my ass to make it to work on time. Lily is on my mind the entire drive in. Pulling into my parking space, I see my assistant with her eyes wide, staring at me like she was afraid I wasn’t going to come in. After taking off yesterday, I’m sure if I didn’t show up today, she’d be at my door with chicken noodle soup or some shit. “Calm down, Dana. I’m human. I can be late.” I walk past her because she’s staring at me like she always does; hungry and thirsty for my dick. I’ve been tempted to fire her over the past year, but she does work hard for me. I know it’s because she thinks I’m going to fall for her, but it isn’t going to happen. She’s a cute woman about my age, but I’ve no patience for her constant platitudes. Especially now that I’ve found my snow bunny. I sit at my desk as my employees start rambling off ideas and potential opportunities, but all I can think about is my little white Lily. Her face was flushed from the cold, but I can’t wait to make her flush after I fuck her. I’m not paying any attention to the men in front of me as I trail off into a fantasy about her showing up at my front door in the cold winter night needing to borrow something. As any good neighbor would do, I invite her in to stay warm while I get what she needs. Then I keep her in my house like Beast does to Belle. I’ve even got a library for her enjoyment should she be anything like the tale. I will have her. Before I can delve into my fantasy of having her at my disposal, Kenneth interrupts, “So do you think that’ll work?” “Listen, leave me your report and I’ll look into it later. I’ve got a damn headache ripping through me and it’s throwing my concentration off. I’m calling it a day.” They all look at me in shock, but I raise my brows letting them know not to even question me at all. I’d never taken a day off in the past since I inherited the company from my distance uncle five years ago, so I understand their concern. Come hell or high water, I was there, working through colds and everything. Focusing on work has kept me from becoming like my parents— junkies. I know I’m turning into my uncle, an old curmudgeon. I’ve spent the past decade worrying about not being able to balance my life. I had just turned twenty-one when I went out for my birthday and got so smashed that I was arrested for public intoxication. After that, I promised myself that I wouldn’t drink like that

again. So all partying stopped. Temptation can ruin a man, and I know that Lily may be my ruin. Yet I’m ready to take that chance. My uncle seems more alive now than he did when I met him. We hadn’t been introduced until I was twenty-two. I was a carpenter by trade when I was asked to come to this mansion and fix some leaky pipes. Living in the next town over, it had been no big deal. The first time I met John Davenport, I didn’t know who he was. My parents never mentioned him because they’d had a fallout well before I was born, and they died before it could be fixed. Likewise, he hadn’t known about me. It was then that we realized we were related. He couldn’t believe that my parents had refused to tell him about me. He’s really a great guy. He worked hard before he decided to take an early retirement. Once the shock that I had an uncle and he had a nephew wore off, things just fell into place. He’d spent his life working, so he never had kids and didn’t find a woman he wanted to marry. Even though I’m a grown man, he treats me like I’m his son. Opening his home and giving me an opportunity in his company was just the start of a new life for all of us. It’s because of him that I am who I am today. “I hope you feel better, boss,” Dana purrs. My head aches alright, just not the one on my shoulders. I don’t stand while they file out of my office because my dick is making a massive bulge in my dress pants. I know Dana wouldn’t mind seeing it, but this shit isn’t for her. It’s all for my Lily, who’s going to get all of it as soon as I can get her alone in my house. It’s been a long time, but I still know how to fuck. Lily and I are going to be fucking amazing together. I just know it. ~~~~ It’s only ten in the morning, yet I’m calling it a day. I can’t concentrate on anything, and as an investor, concentration is essential. Maybe after I dick her out of my system, I’ll be able to get back on track. Somehow, though, I feel like it may not be possible. I’ve never wanted pussy this bad, not even when I was a teenager and my hormones were off the charts. Since I keep to myself, I’m certain my reaction will be the talk of the town. Although I haven’t had neighbors the entire time since moving in three years ago, I can’t wait to be neighborly. I know that I’m going to have to pass her place before getting to mine, so I decide to stop. Seeing her is now my

mission. We didn’t really get to speak to each other last time, but it is going to happen today. I drive up to their property just as another vehicle leaves the residence and passes me by. In the car, it looks like a man, woman, and some kids in the back. Maybe my bunny has siblings; she didn’t divulge that much before she ran off on me. I park my truck behind a large Spruce. Wanting to stop in, but trying not to look like a stalker, I sit there thinking of a legitimate excuse for my sudden arrival, but I’ve got nothing. I’m about to drive off when she comes out of the house and goes to her SUV. She doesn’t notice my truck, so she grabs what she needs and starts to walk back to the house. She’s not five feet from her front door when a large boom rips through the house and it explodes, sending my bunny flying. I jump out of my truck and run to her. ~~~~ I can’t believe my dad sent me out here to knock on our supposedly rude neighbor’s door. I don’t want to deal with the old bastard and his attitude. If it weren't for an opportunity to get away from my wicked stepmother, I wouldn’t have come. Pulling up to the home on the hill and into his driveway, my nerves suddenly make an appearance. The snow is plowed from the drive, but everywhere else is covered. I’m forced to knock on the door because even though this place is a mansion, I can’t find the dang doorbell. The place reminds me of the Beast’s home in Beauty and the Beast. It’s large, dark and very uninviting, yet I must be here. It’s freaking freezing out here. I’m about to walk away, but I know that it’s important to my father. Just as I attempt to knock again, the door opens. I’m expecting the furniture to be at the entrance, but I nearly faint at the sight before me. He is most definitely not furniture, but more a wall of a man who happens to be standing in the doorway with no clothes on. Well, if you consider the towel he has around his waist, I suppose he’s covered. My eyes avoid looking down because I’m already blushing. All of the sudden, I don’t feel cold. I look him in the eyes, my body heating up to my melting point and I’m almost a puddle at his bare feet. His face is perfection; chiseled, clean-shaven, and a true work of art. The scent emanating from him hits me full force. I watch the way he stares at me, and it’s exhilarating. I want to run into his arms and stay. Something about him makes me feel at home, and I haven’t felt that since I lost my mother.

Shaking off the insane need, I let him know why I’ve stopped by. He doesn’t seem like he wants me to go, but I know if I stay, I’m going to do something really stupid. I don’t mean to look down, but his smile has me all hot and bothered. When I lower my head, I immediately notice that he’s not affected by the cold at all. His cock, which looks ridiculously huge under the towel, is starting to point outward, moving the towel to the side. Needing to make my exit before he keeps me locked away, I barely manage to say bye before I rush to my SUV. I don’t give him a chance to chase after me, which he seems ready to do. I drive down his long driveway, but I have to pull over the moment I’m out of sight. My heart is pumping like I’ve just gone on a run, and my pussy is throbbing like never before. I need to get it together before I show up back at the house. I don’t want my father or his wife to notice something’s off with me. My stepmother, Dora, is a real bitch and would do anything to make me feel shitty. Even if it wasn’t her objective to make me angry, my hatred for her is longstanding. I despise her for breaking up our family and for being the ultimate cause of my mother’s death, even if she isn’t the one who killed her. It was because of her and my father that my mother was on her way to meet with her lawyer when she died. Her death is something I don’t think I’ll ever get over. Dora hates me as well. I’m the leftovers from my father’s first marriage; the one she wormed her way into. She’d be happy if I were dead. There’s something about her that scares me. I wonder if I push her too far one day, will I end up missing. It’s the reason I stayed away so long. Shaking my head in frustration, I start driving again. Once I pull up to the house, I see the gas guy about to leave in his truck. I wave him off and walk into the house. “What took so long?” “Took so long, Dora? I’ve been gone fifteen minutes. You act like it’s been hours.” “Don’t talk to me like that, you little brat. You’re lucky we let you come stay with us.” “Little brat? I’m an adult, and as soon as I find a place, I’m out of here. If it weren’t for Nick and Aiden, I wouldn’t have come here at all. I had my own place in the works before you two asked me to stay. I’d say I’m rather unlucky to be stuck in your slutty presence.”

“You better watch your mouth,” she says, giving me a dirty look. “Whatever. I have some job opportunities which are more pleasing to look at than your face.” I walk out of the room and up to my temporary bedroom, sporting a satisfied grin. ~~~~ I wake up early with the insane urge to see him. I know that he’ll have to pass this way on his way to work, so I wait. I don’t know what time he leaves which means I’m crazy to stand by the window for the next three hours. I’d been waiting for about two hours when my father knocks on my door. Since I locked it, I actually have to move away from my post. “Lily, did you meet Mr. Davenport?” I want to tell him that he’s making me miss him right now. “Yes, I did. Why? Was there someone else you expected to be there?” I hoped there wasn’t a Mrs. Davenport or his girlfriend. “Well, his maid was there when I visited.” The words out of his mouth instantly take the wind out of my sails. I hide the overly intense urge to scream out my jealousy. “I’m sorry, but I didn’t see her. I did tell him about the gas, but I’m afraid he already knew.” “He did?” “Yep, he got caught in a freezing shower he said.” “Damn, that’s not a good way to start our relationship with him.” “He’s farther from us than our other neighbors. Is it that important to be friendly neighbors?” “He’s extremely wealthy and a bit of a recluse. I thought a good bond with a beautiful woman would make him a little more apt to listen to my business proposal.” “Do you mean me?”

“Duh, you. I wouldn’t send my wife. She’s older, and he’s already got a forty-something fuck doll in his home. He could use a newer model, and I could use a larger client.” He admits his plan as though I’m nothing but a bargaining chip. I stand there with my mouth open, trying to understand the shit coming out of his mouth. “Oh please, stop giving me that look. You’re old enough to know what men want. If you were a good daughter, you’d go over there and make it right with him.” “I can’t believe you’d say something like that. Where’s the father that used to love me?” “He left the moment Dora came into my life.” He’s just confirmed what I’ve felt for a long time, and I’m not even affected by his admission. “I see. I’ll be leaving in two days. You can bend over and deal with Mr. Davenport yourself.” He comes at me like he’s going to hit me, something he hasn’t done in years, and I flinch. The bastard then smiles at me like I’m afraid of him, but he’s a fool if he believes it. Anybody would protect themselves so they don’t get hit. He backs off and leaves me alone. The rest of the day I spend in my room seething and planning my departure. I don’t want to see any of them, and I’m not hungry either. I obviously missed him passing by while I was dealing with my dipshit father. What does it matter anyway? The man has a maid. I had hoped that when my father asked me to move in with them that he’d missed me, but he just wanted to use me to sweeten a deal with the neighbor. I hate myself for this unhealthy obsession with Mr. Davenport. Tomorrow, I’ll be going into town to find an apartment or a hotel to stay at until I can figure out what I’m going to do. ~~~~ I wake up and decide to let my father know about my plans. He isn’t happy but doesn’t stop me. Driving into town, I find it busy, but I like it. If my father weren’t such a fucking piece of shit and Mr. Davenport didn’t live nearby, I’d like to live here. It’s so cozy and has that sweet hometown feel. I head to the store because I refuse to use anything they have in their

home. Gosh, I need everything. So I pick up some food and personal cleaning products. The moment I walk in the store I’m surrounded by helpful men. The same as always for me. I brush off their need to assist me and manage to make my purchases like a normal person. I walk out and, of course, there’s another man who’s ready to lend me a hand. Inwardly, I’m fuming, but I give him a genuine smile. “Hi there, Miss.” I look at his badge and reply, “Hello, Officer Cole.” My tone isn’t as sweet as it should be, but I’ve had it with these men. Is pussy that hard to find here? “It’s Bobby. Can I help you?” he asks so sweetly, and I can’t help but roll my eyes. “I’ve got this. Don’t worry. I’ve been managing on my own for several years now.” “Miss…” He gives me the expectant look and if he weren't law enforcement, I would tell him to fuck himself, but instead I respond, “Lily Mason.” “Miss Mason. I get that the men in the store were being overly flirtatious. That’s why I’m lending a hand. I already have a pretty girl that owns my heart. I promise they’re not like that all the time. They get competitive and act like fools.” “Thanks. I could use a hand putting the groceries in the trunk.” “Okay. You’ve moved into the house just outside town, right?” “Yeah, my family, and I just moved in the other day.” He opens the back hatch door for me and I’m able to set down the bags without having to put them in the snow. “Thanks, Bobby.” As soon as the words are out of my mouth, I feel him near me. The officer makes the introduction to my haunting Beast like he’s known

me forever instead of meeting two minutes before. Trent is his name. It fits him so well; he’s in a well-tailored suit and coat looking hot as hell. Yet no less dangerous than when I saw him with a skimpy towel that revealed his strong thighs. For some unexplained reason, I’ve become a complete flake around this man. I cussed out my parents yesterday, but this man approaches and I feel like a weak little girl in need of his tender loving care. He sticks his hand out for me to shake and I notice he takes off his gloves. I tremble at the thought of our skin touching. He sees my sensual discomfort but only gives me a grin. Slipping like a goof on some ice, I land against his body. Damn, does he feel amazing. It’s so overwhelming; I’ve got to run. I make my excuses and again, he doesn’t give chase. With the way he got all territorial about me in front of the officer, I thought he’d have me pinned to my SUV unwilling to let me go until I succumb to his will. I’m in a daze as I head back to the house. The ride takes longer because I have to stop before I have a wreck. All I can think about is how much I want to be in Trent’s arms. I get to the house and my father starts with me the instant he hears the door. “Where the fuck did you go?” he shouts and gets in my face. “I went shopping; just like I said I would.” I’m not in the mood for his outrage, but I knew when leaving this morning that I’d have to deal with his pent-up rage when I got back. He’s standing in front of me so I can’t pass by him. Feeling more irritated by the moment, I take a step to the right and so does he. I swear the man is on drugs. “Bullshit. You went to look for a place to stay. Where are your bags if your ass went shopping?” “No, I didn’t. I left the bags in the car.” My attitude is snotty because he’s got no reason to act like a prick. I haven’t done anything to him, but then again, my existence is a problem. He stabs his finger in my chest. “Whatever. I don’t give a shit what you did unless it was getting into Trent’s bed.” “Do you hear yourself?” I snap. My mind is reeling with his lack of

respect or protection of his only daughter. “Do you hear me? Are you going to seduce Trent Davenport?” His eyes are almost completely dilated as he yells at me. “No.” This time, I manage to move around him and head toward the stairs. “I’m going to give you until the end of today to change your mind,” he warns like it matters. By the end of the day, I’ll be gone. I turn to face him, my eyes narrow in anger. “Get this— time isn’t going to change my mind. I won’t fuck Trent Davenport for your benefit.” I rush up the stairs before he can do anything to me because from the geeked out look on his face, I wouldn’t put it past him to hit me. Once I close my door, I take a deep breath. I only brought the things I had in college with me. Most were clothes and mementos of my mother. For the next two hours, I pack everything up. The moment I can, I’m leaving the house and not coming back. “Lily!” he shouts up the stairs just as I’m researching the nearby hotels. I open my door and reply, “Yes?” “We’re going to get something to eat. We’ll be back in a few hours.” “Okay,” I mutter. I really couldn’t care less what they did. They leave and I get ready to shower so I can split before they get back. I go into the bathroom and remember I have my favorite soap in the SUV. Putting some slippers on, I rush out of the house in just my pajama pants and tank top. I’m in and out of the back before I can freeze to death. Turning back to the house, I get a strange feeling I’m being watched. I move in a hurry because I’m freezing. Taking a few steps, I’m off my feet with the sound of a large boom. I can’t catch my breath, but then I see Trent calling out to me. ~~~~ Fear engulfs me when I see her lying still. She lets out a moan and starts to sit up on her elbows. I give thanks as I reach her.

“Lily!” I’m at her side looking her over for any injuries. I don’t feel anything that would be alarming, but I want her to be examined by a doctor— a female doctor. Then it hits me, she’s only wearing a light tee shirt and some pajama pants; she’s got to be freezing. I take off my coat and wrap it around her. “Trent,” she sighs with confusion, shivering from the cold or the shock. Trying to soothe her, I rub her back. It works and she leans into my arms, but it gets my dick hard again. I feel like a bastard. She’s in pain and my dick still wants to own her pussy. “Bunny, we need to get you to the doctor.” She only lightly nods. “Is there anyone else in the house?” I ask. I don’t want to leave her, but I can’t let someone in her family to burn to death— if there’s anyone alive after that blast. I’ve only seen things like that in movies. She shakes her head at me and stutters, “No, they just left…” She shudders again, fear shining through her eyes as she looks at the burning home. “Does anything hurt?” I ask while my eyes look over her again. She is my responsibility now. That’s it. I’m not letting her go back to her family. They can’t take care of her properly. “Not too much. I feel everything. So I don’t think I’m paralyzed.” She moves her legs to show me she’s okay. God, I don’t want to think about if she hadn’t needed to go to her SUV. “Okay, I’m going to pick you up and get you to the hospital.” I scoop her up in my arms and place a soft kiss against her hair. She may have made it out of her house, but now she’s mine, and I’m not letting her get away. Fate brought me here to her side, and I’m not leaving it. I set her down in the passenger seat and strap her in. Pausing, I stare at her, thanking the heavens that I didn’t lose her. I walk around to the driver’s side and as I open my door, I take one last look at the massive flames that have knocked out all the windows. Taking her hand in mine, I hold onto it tightly, afraid to let it go. The tension in her body lessens and she whispers, “I was about to go shower…when I realized I forgot my bag with the body soap.” Her sobs are soft, but they break my heart. I pull over to the side of the road and hear fire engines approaching. I

let them pass by, but wonder who called them because I haven’t made any calls. Perhaps it can be seen from the town or they have some security system. Something about the situation is giving me trepidation. It might just be that it was a close call. I could’ve lost her, and it sits heavy in my heart. We get into the ER and I tell the receptionist that there was an explosion up at the old Carmichael Estate. “She was just outside the house when the blast went off and needs to be seen.” They make quick work of getting her into an examination room and I wait with her because even though she doesn’t know me, she asks me to stay. “Make it a female doctor or nurse that comes in here.” I look directly at the male nurse that escorted us into the room. “Trent,” she says with a soft “don’t embarrass me” pout. It’s cute, but it’s not up for negotiation. “Don’t ‘Trent’ me. I’m a private person, Lily. I like to keep whatever belongs to me well protected and from now on you belong to me.” “Why were you there?” That’s a valid question, but I can’t give her the truth. If I tell her that I had a sudden urge to see her and decided to sit outside her house like a stalker, I’m sure she would call the cops on me. “I was on my way home because I forgot some documents when I thought I’d come meet your father and the rest of your family. I’d just pulled up when you were coming from your SUV.” “I can’t believe this happened. They were going to town to get some food while I took a shower.” “They who, Bunny?” I ask because she only mentioned a father earlier. “My father, step-mother, and two half-brothers. I wonder if they know and think I was in the house when it happened.” Something about the way she says it is off, almost as if she doubts they will care. “We’ll contact them,” I tell her to calm her down. She’s been through a lot today, and I don’t want to make it worse. The female doctor and a nurse I requested came in. “Hello, there Miss…”

She gives them a small smile and says, “Lily Mason.” “Lily, can you tell me if anything hurts?” the doc asks. “Well…everything aches. Other than my head which is pounding, the rest feels tender.” “We’re going to monitor you for the next two hours. We called the fire department and alerted them that you made it out and were seeking treatment. They’ll be here to speak with you as soon as they arrive.” The doctor begins her examination and after five minutes, she is done. “I’d say you are extremely fortunate that you weren’t hurt worse than you are.” “I think it was all the snow,” she says. There’s a knock at the door and it’s the fire chief. “Hello there, Miss Mason. I’m Donald Rigging, Fire Chief. I want to ask you a few questions about the blast if you’re feeling up to it that is.” “Sure, what do you want to know?” “Walk me through the few minutes before the blast.” “Okay…” She pauses, so I squeeze her hand to reassure her that I’m here if she needs me. “My dad told me they were going to go get food while I took a shower. They had just left when I realized I’d forgotten the body wash I bought in my SUV. Not all our things have been sent yet because of some issue with the moving company. I only brought my clothes and mementos with me in my SUV. So I bought some stuff in town this morning, one of them was the body wash. I ran to my SUV grabbed the bag and started back to the house. I couldn’t have been that far from the entrance when it exploded. I was blown back and then Mr. Davenport came to my aid.” “Mr. Davenport, what were you doing there?” he asks me with a suspicious undertone. “I was on my way home when I stopped to meet my new neighbors. I was about to get out of my truck when it happened and I rushed to help her.” “Mr. Davenport, may I have a word with you out in the hallway for a

moment?” I look into her glossy eyes and ask, “Are you going to be okay by yourself?” “Yes, Trent.” I give her hand a squeeze before we walk out into the hall and down to a private waiting room that’s empty. I have known the chief for the past five years because, on occasion, we’ve gotten together with a few other guys and played poker or watched Oregon State kick some ass. My tendency for being anti-social is known all around. I have trust issues stemming from my childhood and my teen years in foster homes, so I don’t let people in, especially women. “I know you don’t talk to most people here, but I’m just curious why you didn’t call the police when it happened, Trent?” “Don, I would’ve called if I didn’t already hear sirens as I was starting to drive her to the hospital. She told me there was no one else in the house, so I figured it could wait until I got her safely away from the blast zone.” “Are you certain you heard the sirens?” he asks like I’m confused. I roll my eyes at him because that’s a fucking stupid question, but I see the puzzled look in his eyes. “I’m not a kid or some senile old man like you. I know a siren when I hear it. Besides, they passed by us when I pulled to the side of the road about a hundred feet away from the house.” “I ask because someone made a call about the explosion and it took our responders five minutes to get to the scene.” “I didn’t make the call, and I don’t know who did, but it doesn’t make sense. If they knew where the fire was, then they had to be really close and nobody but the Mason’s and I live in that direction.” “My thoughts as well. The explosion was massive and yes, we were able to see it from about two miles out, but the smoke would have taken a minute or two to reach high enough for anyone to notice from the road. How long was it before you got in your truck?” “Not more than five minutes.” I’m pacing the small room. I had a bad feeling about it when I placed her in the truck. I’m uneasy, and I know that’s

because I need to get back to my fragile Lily and protect her. “I’m not liking this one bit, Don.” “It’s a big explosion. It will take investigators a while to figure out what caused it.” He’s not really talking to me. It’s like he’s working it out in his mind. Running through scenarios off the top of his head, he says, “A gas leak could have, but it would have to have been a massive amount of fluid and something would’ve had to set it off.” “Listen, I need to get back to check on Lily.” “Thanks for your help, Trent. By the way, since when do you care to meet the neighbors?” With a chuckle and a wink, he adds, “Also, Bobby Cole mentioned that you met Miss Mason earlier today.” “Damn, small towns. Well, now you know why I was going to meet them.” I beam because I’m not concerned what anyone thinks about me. When I get to the door, he says, “I haven’t heard from her parents yet, but we don’t know where they went to get food, so it may take them a while to find out if she hasn’t called them.” “I told her we’d call them as soon as she’s examined. Let me get back to her. I’m taking her back to my home. So call me if you have any questions,” I say as I wave him off and return to my bunny. I walk back into the small triage area she’s been put in. Her examination room is only covered by one of those ugly-ass sliding curtains. I can see her from the side without opening it, so I just take in the beauty before me. She’s playing with her fingers nervously. As she sits on the bed in one of the hospital gowns, she looks so small and sad. I know then and there that I would give my last breath to keep her safe and loved. She must feel my stare because she lifts her gaze and looks directly at me from my stalking perch by the edge of the curtain. “I’m back, did you miss me?” I ask playfully as I step fully into the room and replace the curtain. “Painfully so.” I know she’s being sarcastic as she throws her hand to her head and pretends to swoon, but I can’t stop the feeling of satisfaction at the idea

that she’s missed me. I move to stand directly in front of her. I want to see what she’ll do if I get this close, and she doesn’t disappoint me. Her lips part as she looks up at me. I’m so close now that I’ve stepped in between her thighs and can feel her warm breath hit my chin. Our eyes lock and our breathing seem to be in unison. I place my hands on the side of her and lean down. I want to hold her in my arms when I kiss her for the first time, but I don’t know how badly she’s hurt. Being a big man, I could accidentally hurt her, so I slowly test her lips with mine. She tentatively meets me but lets me control our kiss. They’re as soft as they look. I tease them with my tongue, letting it slide across them before I crush her lips with mine. The sensation is overpowering, explosive, and my dick takes note. He’s pressing hard against my dress pants, fighting to be unleashed. I feel my pulse in my cock as the blood goes straight to it. As we kiss, she slowly rocks her barely covered mound against my ridge. She lets out a slight moan, and I feel my cum give a little squirt. I’m on edge from a bit of kissing and touching. Somehow, she’s now got her thighs wrapped around my waist. It’s only when I hear someone in the next curtain over that I stop us. Pulling back enough to look into her eyes, I cup her cheek and run my thumb down it. “I promise we’ll finish this later. These rooms aren’t private enough, and I won’t share you. Your cries of pleasure are for my ears only.” She tucks her head again like an ostrich in the sand. It’s her embarrassed pose, and I can’t say I care for it. I want to see her eyes and her blush that graces her flawless face. I lift her chin so that I stare into those eyes. “Fuck, you’re so damn beautiful. Even when you hide that pretty face from me. I hope they give you a clean bill of health or I’ll have to hold off on fucking you tonight.” She shakes her head as to argue the point, but when she peers up at me, I know it’s not because she doesn’t want me, but she’s shocked at my words. I don’t want to scare her off, so I change the subject. “Lily, do you want to call your parents?” “Please. I can’t believe I forgot. They must be worried by now.” I hear her words, but I’m not sure I believe them. I hand her my phone and watch as she presses the screen with her small, slender fingers. I picture her splaying those fingers across my chest as she rides my cock while looking me in the eyes. Shit, I need to get it together before I have another hard-on that won’t go away.

She dials the number, but it goes to voicemail. I see the upset in her face, but I can’t tell why. “Hi, Dad. There was an explosion at the house today. I made it out okay, but the house was destroyed. Please call me at this number for the next hour.” “You do know you’re going home with me, right?” We didn’t discuss it before, but that’s what it is. We’re going back to my place so I can nurse her back to health, then fuck my kid into her. “I am?” “Yes, you are. I told you before, but I’m guessing you don’t remember because you’ve been through a lot.” “You don’t even know me, Trent.” She’s right about that, but I don’t give a shit. I’m a very decisive man; when I make a decision it’s final. She’s mine now, and that’s all I need to know. “I will get to know you,” I pause and give her a dirty smirk, “in every sense of the word.” She blushes innocently and I wonder if maybe she isn’t like most women her age. I’m not going to ask because the thought of her having past lovers may drive me off the deep end. It’s only noon and the day has been filled with enough emotion for a long time. “I lost everything in the fire.” “I thought you said there was an issue with the movers and your things weren’t all there.” “Well, I wasn’t living with them when they invited me to stay with them at the new house. It was only supposed to be until I decided what I was going to do with my life. I had everything that meant anything with me when I moved in.” An irrational jealousy takes over and I want to know who she’s been living with. “Where were you before that?” “I was in college, but I graduated three days ago— a semester early. The next day, I packed up my SUV with my belongings and headed up here to meet

them for the Christmas holiday.” “I’m sorry, Bunny. I’ll get you anything you need.” I caress her cheek only because I don’t trust myself where she’s concerned. “You don’t have to. By the way…why do you call me Bunny?” “Because when I saw you standing there by your SUV the other day, you reminded me of a snow bunny; tiny, cute, and fluffy.” I caress her cheek as she blushes. “Are you calling me short and fat, but cute?” she asks with a smile that says she’s half teasing, but her eyes tell me she’s afraid I feel that way. “Honey, you are far from fat. Short, yes. As to the cute part, well hell, you’re way past that. You’re sexy as fuck.” I let out a little growl of hunger for her. I need to kiss her again to take the edge off but kissing her doesn’t help. I’m hard and my body’s pulsing. “You’re trouble,” I groan out, adjusting myself. She just giggles like this shit is funny. She takes a look down at the problem and the giggles disappear. “You’re not laughing now, baby.” Her eyes widen as she stares at the thick bulge in the front of my suit pants. The next hour we spend getting an MRI and after the doctor gives the all clear, she’s released. I take her straight back to my house.

Chapter 3 It’s been a hell of a day, and it’s only three o’clock. Trent takes me to his home and it’s freaking amazing. It’s an old three-story mansion that’s clearly been renovated and sets up the hill from what used to be my father’s home. Since I’m only wearing what I left with and his coat, he refuses to let me walk into the house; instead, he carries me into his palace. I protest, but my words aren’t vehement— not that he would listen anyway. I have a feeling Trent steamrolls people all the time. I’ve made no decisions since he has rescued me, but the crazy thing is that I don’t mind. His controlling, protective tendencies are endearing. It brings about emotions that have been missing since my mother died. Besides, I like the feel of being in his strong, thick arms. He carries me through his mini castle and up the stairs to a bedroom. I don’t look at the room because I’m curled into his chest, breathing in his scent. It’s intoxicating, and I let out a soft sigh which gets me busted. “Bunny, you like the way I smell?” “Yes,” I admit. Hell, I might as well; I’ve been caught red-handed sniffing my handsome knight. He smiles like he’s won some victory over me. I expect him to put me down on my feet, but he doesn’t. He carries me all the way to his king-sized bed and lays me down on the pillows. This must be his room. The realization is scary and thrilling at the same time. Climbing up with me, he parts my thighs and I think he’s going to take it to the next level, but he doesn’t. Looking down at me, he growls, “Just like I imagined. You look perfect against our pillows.” I don’t miss the “our” and I absorb it in my bones. Could this guy be serious? He takes my mouth again, and just like the first time, it’s intense. I would say it’s a panty scorching kiss, but I’m not wearing any because I’d left the house for what I thought would be only a moment. Even with the lack of clothing, I don’t feel embarrassed or uncomfortable. I’m just glad they’re not a hindrance to my pussy. He lifts his face from mine then lets out a sigh before getting up. If I didn’t see that massive bulge practically splitting his seems, I would’ve thought he was disappointed with my kissing. “I’ll be right back. Don’t move,” he commands with his deep timber

before exiting the room, and I’m juicing even more than I was a moment ago. Seeing his hard-on, I am reminded of what happened in the hospital. My virgin pussy never felt anything remotely close to the pleasure he gave me. I moan as I relive his touch. “You’re supposed to be resting, not thinking about what I’m going to do to you tomorrow.” “Tomorrow?” I don’t mean to sound needy, but he left my pussy throbbing and wet. His look tells me he’s happy with my response. “Yes, tomorrow. You heard the doctor’s instructions. She said to take it easy for the next twenty-four hours. So that’s what we’re going to do, but once that’s up, you best be prepared for the best orgasms of your life. I’m fucking you until neither of us can stand.” I moan and rub my thighs together because his words only serve to turn me on even more. He groans and grips his cock as he watches me squirm. “Fucking shit. You need to get some rest. I’ve got some things to take care of for tomorrow, so I’ll be working in the room down the hall. If you need anything, just shout and I’ll be here.” I want to tell him what I need is between his legs, but he’s right, and I don’t wish to push the poor man. He keeps staring at my pussy, and I know he wants it as much as I want to give it to him. He turns to walk out of the room but doubles back, bends over my pussy, takes a deep, greedy sniff then bites my cunt and growls, “Mine.” Then he walks out the door. I throw my head back on the pillow and instantly regret it. The headache that seems non-existent when Trent’s in the room hits me full force. I’m aching all over and I know I can’t find any sort of relief for another two hours when I’m able to take my ibuprofen. They offered me stronger medication, but the pain wasn’t that bad at the time. They told me my adrenaline was high making the pain disappear, but I still didn’t accept that I was really hurt, so I dismissed their offer for Vicodin. I must’ve been more exhausted than I thought because I fell asleep, waking up to Trent sitting beside me with a laptop in his lap and the sexiest pair of glasses I’ve ever seen on his face. The man was spectacular before the

glasses, but this—fuck— it screams take me hard, sir. His face is in full concentration mode as he looks at whatever it is he’s working on. His strong jaw is tightened as his teeth hold tight to his lip. I just want to go up and bite it for him. He must have showered and changed because his hair is wet and he’s shirtless. My heart is pounding and my pussy is palpitating. His muscles are bigger than I thought they were, and his chest is rock solid. His skin is not baby smooth. No, it’s covered with a thin layer of light brown hair to match the hair on his head. He must’ve felt me looking at him, or maybe, it’s the panting sigh I let out because he turns to me with a smile that further heats my flesh. “You’re up, Bunny,” he says with a soft, welcoming smile. He takes his laptop and places it on the bedside table, then pushes my body back down onto the pillow and leans over me. “Fuck, Bunny. You know you talk in your sleep.” “I do?” “Yeah, you do.” He nods; his eyes look so promising. “What did I say?” I know that it can’t be something too bad because he’s smiling. “I heard you moan and cry out so I rushed into the room thinking you were having a nightmare, but it wasn’t a bad dream you were having. Just know, you’re damn lucky it was my name I heard you calling out to please you because I would’ve had to come into your dreams and drag the fucker out, beating him to death. You’re mine.” His words only make my body melt and I’m on the verge of coming. I shouldn’t want to be his. He’s just my hot neighbor who is rumored to be a mean, solitary man. “Are you aching, my bunny?” I only nod because it’s all my body can do when he looks at me. “If you be a good girl, I’ll take the ache away. Are you going to be a good girl?” I nod again, but he demands a verbal response. “Yes, I’ll be good,” I pant. He smirks before moving down the bed, pulling the covers from my body. I gasp when I feel the cooler air hit my bare pussy. “I’m naked.” “I know, I couldn’t resist. It was fucking nice to stroke my cock while I thought about how badly I wanted to be in your pussy.” His eyes narrow on the wetness he can see on my thighs. Trent climbs onto the bed and gently moves his

hands up my legs, his eyes focus on mine, but he doesn’t stop teasing me. His hands massage my calves and then he begins the journey back up. When he reaches my thighs, he parts them roughly, forgetting I’m still recovering until I let out a rough howl of pain. “Bunny, I’m sorry. I forgot.” “It’s okay, Trent. I did, too.” I give him a saucy grin, letting him know I still want him. In contrition, he bends to kiss each thigh. His lips feel strong yet soft as they press against my flesh. Every part of my body is pulsing, and the pain in my head is magically gone. Fuck pills, I need Trent to ease my pain. Moving up my thigh with his tongue, he makes his way to my clit, licking it slowly. I can’t contain my cry. “Ah!” He lifts his head slightly, making eye contact and gives me a wicked smile. “That’s right, Bunny. Shout as loud as you need to. No one’s gonna hear.” I push my thighs together as I ride the feeling that’s taking over my body. He gruffly parts my thighs and lifts my ass off the bed bringing my heat to his mouth, eating me out like he’s starving. His animalistic sounds go straight to my core and bring out the first real orgasm I’ve ever had. I’m panting and arching my back as stars explode behind my closed eyes. As my body comes down from my high, I open them and see that he’s staring at me, his dick in his hand and eyes lust-filled. I look at the massive appendage he’s holding, and in a moment of virginal panic, wonder if it’s going to fit or is he going to break me in half. He sees my fear and tucks his cock back in his boxers. “Lily, I’m not going to fuck you tonight. I told you that. Don’t look so scared.” “It’s not that, it’s just it’s so damn big, and I’m a... well, I’m inexperienced.” He just stares like he’s trying to process what I said. Confusion lights his eyes. “Wait…are you telling me you’re a virgin?” I nod because I’m embarrassed. As the truth that I’ve never been touched by another man hits him, his face lights up. “Bunny, just so you know, you’re going to get used to my dick because it’s the only one you’re ever going to know. I promise to take it slow tomorrow, but the need to make you mine has grown.” He leans down and kisses me. This time the kiss is deep, hard, and full of intent, and I know he’s staking his claim. He fucks with my equilibrium and my pussy

is back to the hungry state it was in before he devoured me, then he pulls away and off the bed. “Bunny, are you hungry?” I know he’s talking about food, but all I want is his magic mouth back on any part of my body he wants. “Don’t look at me like that. I’m so tempted to ignore the doctor’s orders.” He leans over and his hand grips my pussy then gives it a spank. “Later, Bunny.” He leaves me in the lurch, and I want to bite him. Sticking his head back through the doorway, he growls, “I saw that look, Bunny.” “What are you going to do about it?” I tease him, hoping that he’ll change his mind. “I’m going to fuck that look off your face tomorrow. So calm down, my dick is aching too.” I giggle when he grabs his cock and leaves again with a frustrated look on his face.

Chapter 4 Fuck me, she’s going to be the death of me. I’m sporting a three-hour hard-on that’s almost to the point of needing medical attention. Tomorrow can’t come soon enough. I’ve thought about saying screw it all and claiming her pussy, but I can’t be a selfish prick. It’s dinner time when my cell rings. I look at the caller ID and don’t recognize the number, but it says that I last spoke to that number a few hours ago. I assume this is her father’s number. “Hello,” I say, bracing myself for having to deal with someone who’s first concern isn’t his daughter. “Hello, this is Ted Mason. I am calling about my daughter.” No shit, fuckoff, I think to myself. “Hello, Mr. Mason, I’m Trent Davenport and unfortunately, Lily’s in the shower.” She’s not in there yet, but I’m busy finishing our dinner and don’t want her stressing. At the hospital, it was clear that she wasn’t certain that he’d even care. She might not have said it, but it was written all over her face. “So…she’s okay?” Again, his tone isn’t really heartfelt. I remember getting hurt at school and even my hopped up parents were worried about me. They were at the hospital, tripping on drugs, but they were still there. I regret that they let the drugs take over their lives. So I answer him with a negative tone, letting him know I’m not enjoying this conversation. “As best as can be expected considering what happened.” “We only heard about it on the way back from lunch and the movie we took in. I had no idea. I hope she’s doing okay. Can you have her call me once she’s out of the shower? I need to know Lily’s going to be fine.” He’s defensive, but his bullshit act of worry is faker than a stripper’s name.

“I’ll let her call you after dinner. Where are you all staying?” I’m done with this conversation. I don’t want Lily to walk into the room while I’m on the phone with this man. “We’re going to check into the local Marriot.” “Okay, I’ll let her know of your concern.” I hang up the phone and dread telling her he called. I won’t lie to her, so I’m not looking forward to this talk. His concern sounded fake as hell, and I know that sound so well. I’ve heard it so often over the years. Mason doesn’t care about her the way he should. It makes me wonder all the more about how that explosion happened. She comes into the room two minutes later with a curious look on her face. I think I’m busted. “Who were you talking too?” she asks suspiciously. “I thought you were going to take a shower?” My reaction gives me away. She arches her brow and gives me a look like I need to fess up or I’m in deep shit. How the fuck has this happened so fast? I’m a slave to my woman. She’s got me wrapped so tight around her finger it’s pathetic. “Babe, your dad just called. He was checking on you.” “Okay, but you didn’t tell him we were intimate, did you?” I’m trying to keep cool, but I’m a bit offended. “No, I didn’t. It’s not something you tell a girl’s father. ‘Hey Sir, I’m fucking your daughter.’” “I’m going to shower.” I look at her longingly and that turns that grumpy frown into a smiling blush. “Good, dinner will be done in a few minutes. So hurry your ass up. By the way, just grab some clothes out of the drawers to put on. I don’t think I can take it if you come to dinner in just a towel.” The moment I hear the shower, I make a call. I know Duke can get any information I need, and I want everything on Mason. Duke answers before I can say anything, “I was just about to email you a list.”

“Don’t bother. I found her. She’s my new neighbor or was, rather. Now she’s mine. But she’s the reason I’m calling.” “What’s up? Background check?” “No, not for her. It’s her father that’s got me thinking some shit ain’t right. She was nearly killed in a home explosion today. I don’t know if it was just an accident or it was intentional.” I hear the gasp of surprise, then he says, “Damn, that’s fucked, man. After what I’ve seen with Jackson’s wife’s family, there’s nothing that I wouldn’t put past people. What’s his name?” “Ted Mason.” He pauses, then remarks, “Hey, there’s no Mason on this list. Is she from a different state?” “I think so; I didn’t ask where she came from,” I reply. It’s something I have to find out tonight. “Well, I’ll look into it and get back to you tomorrow at the earliest.” I finish making dinner just as she walks back into the kitchen wearing one of my t-shirts and a pair of my boxers. They mold to her skin, highlighting her ample curves. I’m looking at her like she’s the meal, and she blushes and her nipples peak. “Dinner’s ready. I know you’ve got to be hungry.” “Starving…” she says with a wicked grin. I don’t respond to her baiting because all the blood has left my brain again. Pulling out a chair for her, she goes to sit down and I slyly give her a little grope. I feel her body shiver and I saunter away with a smirk on my face. Payback’s a bitch. I bring the plates I premade into the kitchen, hoping she likes steak. The moment I put it down in front of her, I get my answer. “This looks delicious. I’m so hungry,” she says, licking her lips. We haven’t eaten all day. Well, I did…fuck she’s done it again. My dick is going to be sore as fuck before I actually use it.

“Thanks, babe. How are you feeling?” “Much better, actually. The hot shower was exactly what I needed.” Her lack of enthusiasm contradicts her words. “You look like something’s on your mind.” “I’m just thinking about how close I came to dying today.” The sadness etched on her face breaks my heart and freaks me out. I don’t want to consider what would’ve happened if she’d been too slow or too fast. It’s an alternate reality that I can’t deal with. “Awe, Bunny. Don’t think about it right now. Enjoy your dinner and hopefully my company.” “I will. You know when I knocked the other day, I was expecting a beastly, grumpy old man, but you’re nothing like that.” “That’s because it’s you. If anyone else had knocked on my door, that’s who they would’ve gotten. I’m not the social type.” “So the rumors are true…should I be scared?” She’s teasing me, but the actual thought of her being scared of me sounds terrible to me. “You’ll never have to be afraid of me.” “I know,” she whispers, looking deeply into my eyes with sincere conviction. My heart’s pounding fast; her words give me relief and hope that I’ve found someone who’ll fill that void in me. “So where did you grow up?” “Phoenix.” “I’ve never been there. Did you love it?” “Mostly. Did you grow up here?” she asks me. “I grew up in Portland.” It’s all I’m going to really admit because my past isn’t something I want her to be concerned about. “I bought this house after I made a name for myself.” She tries to help me clean up the mess after we eat, but I can’t let her yet. She’s still recovering and I’m still learning to let someone into my space. I

haven’t told her about my family, but I will. I want her to know why I’m the grumpy old man on the hill. “Do you want to watch a movie?” “Sure,” she replies, giving me a sweet smile. I grab her hand and lead her into the entertainment room down the hall from the kitchen. Watching movies is my favorite pastime. I like to relax and get lost in another world. I have shelves on each side of my eighty-inch Vizio full of Blu-rays. I also have a subscription to Netflix, but I still like to own my favorites. She picks out Jurassic World, a good movie. I bought it on the first day it came out. “I haven’t seen this yet.” “Have you seen the other three?” “Yes, I did. I love the original Jurassic Park.” “Me, too.” We sit down after I get everything set up and she cuddles into my chest, giving me the excuse to hold her close. She’s got my clothes on and it’s sexy as fuck. I feel her rubbing my chest and the sensation is incredible, but I look at her and she’s unashamedly eyeing my cock. “Damn it, Lily. Stop looking at it. It’s too hard as it is.” She’s giggling like this shit is funny, but my dick’s purple and I’m tempted to slide it into that laughing mouth of hers. I grab at my boxers and squeeze my cock, but relief is not coming. “Trent, is it really that bad?” she asks. I can see the concern in her pretty blue eyes as she tucks her feet behind her on the sofa. Being honest is the only thing I can manage. “Bunny, I haven’t been with a woman in six damn years, and I didn’t know I was missing anything until I met you.” I look down at my cock and add, “Neither did he.” “But you said you’re only twenty-nine?!” Her shock is almost hilarious if it wasn’t for that wide-open mouth. Just one glance at it, and my dick’s dripping

in my boxers. “Yeah, when my uncle took me under his wing, I did everything I could to be successful. I found that women were an unnecessary distraction. Wanting to earn my uncle’s approval, I worked hard. Once I’d made myself worthy of the position, I couldn’t stand the broads that just magically appeared out of the woodwork looking for a piece of my success.” Her mouth is still wide open as she takes in what I just said. With a saucy smile, she sits back onto her heels and says, “That’s amazing that you’ve been pussy free, Trent, but is there anything I can do to help you out?” “Truthfully, I would love to feel your lips wrapped around my cock, but you need to be resting.” “I don’t need rest.” She gives me a sultry smile as she grabs my waistband and pulls my cock out of my boxers. I grab her hair, moving it away from her face because it’s blocking my view. She gets me before I get a chance to react and prepare myself for the onslaught. Her tongue licks the ever dripping tip, making another release of pre-cum squirt out. She lets out a moan as she tastes my cum and it only sets me off some more. Gripping my base, she strokes it and takes my head into her mouth. I know I’m not going to last. I groan out, “Lily.” I’m so damn close to coming, and she’s barely at my tip. She slides her lips down my cock as deep as she can, taking me about half way down before bobbing up and down like a pro; or at least it feels that way. I can feel her swallow, sucking me deeper into her throat. “Fuck, Bunny, I’m going to come.” I grip her hair ready to pull her off, but she just latches onto my cock harder, sucking me with a moan. I shoot off down her throat and she swallows all of me, not wasting a drop. She sits up but refuses to look at me like she’s mortified. “Look at me, Lily.” She does what I tell her with a meek gaze. That look of submission gets a rise out of my semi-hard cock. “Don’t be embarrassed to suck me off like that. Fuck, Bunny, it was so damn good. I’m going to want more later.” “You liked it?” Her cheerfulness at her success cracks me up. That innocent thing does wonders for my dick. It’s never been harder.

“I just nutted in your mouth. I think it’s clear I enjoyed it very much and my dick is hard again.” I want her face back on my cock again, but she’s supposed to take it easy. She’s already made me lose control twice. “Must you say dirty things to me?” she pleaded. “Why, Bunny—don’t you like it?” She climbs up onto my lap after slipping off her boxers and straddles me with her thighs on either side of my legs. Lily begins to grind her pussy against my still hard crotch. She moans and brushes her plump titties on my bare chest. “I love it, but it gets me so horny.” I groan again because I’m back where I started— stiff and aching. Her hips rock, rubbing her pussy onto my cock which we didn’t tuck back in. My tip hits her clit and I feel her juice a little for me. She’s purring hard as I grip her hips and help her work her pussy against my cock. Damn, I want to take her, and I’m freaking torn between waiting or just calling it a day and fucking my kid into her snatch. “Trent.” My name on her lips does magic on my dick. It’s ready for spewing, but I’ve got to take her with me. I toss my head back against the sofa and let out a growl. “Kiss me,” she orders. I’m happy to oblige to her demands, and I slip my hands through her hair and tug her close. “You’re mine, Bunny.” My lips meet hers with a clash. This isn’t a soft kiss; this is an “I need to mark you as mine already” all dominating kiss. She needs to understand that I’ve made her mine, even though I haven’t fucked her cunt. She plays with my tongue as she grinds on me. I can tell she’s getting close because her movements are getting erratic, so I take off her top and toss in onto the floor. I let our chests rub together. I want the light hair on my mine to tease her peaked nipples. The skin to skin to contact is more than I can take and I start offloading my cum onto her clit and belly, just as a splash hits her she starts coming on me, crying out my name. She collapses onto my chest, and we sit in our sticky mess until I can catch my breath and the blood returns to my brain. She’s so damn pretty. I take in her afterglow, thankful that she became my neighbor. I need to kiss her again,

so even though I know we’re both drained, I kiss her mouth with passion because it’s essential I show her what I’m feeling. The movie we were going to watch is long forgotten. It’s dark out, so I look at the clock and it’s almost ten; time to hit the hay. I’ve got a big day tomorrow spending it out and about with my love and getting her some new clothes. There may be something in my closet that will fit her, but I can’t be sure. For now, though, she’ll just have to sleep in my clothes or nothing at all. The second option is very appealing. “Trent. What did my father say when he called? Didn’t he want to talk to me?” I can hear pain in her voice, but I won’t lie to her. “He asked if he could speak with you. I told him you were in the shower and that you’d call him later. Do you want to call him now or wait until the morning?” “No that’s okay. I’ll call him in the morning.” Her mood immediately becomes depressed. “Bunny, don’t look so sad. There’s got to be an explanation for what the fuck happened today. It could be from when the gas guy came or the frozen pipes could have broken. Let’s get you some ibuprofen and go to bed. You need to be resting instead of trying to catch a dick all day.” She pouts at me and it’s all I can do to keep from fucking her. I want to punch her father; he should be pounding on my door to make sure she’s okay. Not that I’d let his ass in, but she needs to feel like her life’s important. She’s important to me. Even though her supposed father won’t give her the love she needs, I know I’ll be giving her all of mine. I scoop her up and take her back to bed; fuck if we’re sticky. I don’t want her to be too exhausted tomorrow because I’m going to own her pussy. We’ll shower again in the morning. I get her the pills and she swallows them without giving me any shit. Earlier she told me she didn’t need them that the pain wasn’t that bad, but I know she was just trying to be strong. We snuggle with her back to my chest as I wait for her to fall asleep. I need to get on some shit done, but I don’t want her to hear. Once she falls asleep,

I can look into the possibilities of causes for that explosion. She’s knocked out after about ten minutes, but pulling away from her is difficult; her body feels so incredible. I don’t want to get up, but I need to find some answers. I stroll into my study and lock the door because I don’t want her to surprise me. My first call is to Don. I need to know what they found out so far about the explosion. “Hey Don, I know it’s late, but I was wondering if you’ve heard from her parents.” “Yes, I have.” He sounds thrown off by my question. “Did they even ask about her?” “Briefly, but only after I mentioned that she lived. Why— hasn’t she talked to them yet?” “They didn’t talk to her, but they called me back three hours ago.” “I spoke to them about eight hours ago.” My anger is growing by the second. That piece of shit lied to me. I knew he didn’t sound concerned, but I didn’t know he blatantly bullshitted me about knowing. “What the fuck took them so long to call? That fucker lied when I talked to them earlier. He told me that they didn’t learn about the fire until after they got out of the movies.” “I’m sorry, Trent. I don’t know what to say, but if that’s the way they treat her after an explosion that almost killed her, I would tell her to cut her losses and move on.” “Thanks, Don. She’s done with them. Hell, their lack of concern makes me think they wanted her to die in the fire.” “Once we find out the reason for the fire, we’ll know if they were involved.” I hang up with Don and call Ted Mason back. “Hello?” he answers nervously.

“Listen to me, Mason. Lily is done dealing with you. I just found out that you knew about the fire just after it happened, you lying piece of trash. I don’t know why you refused to call her, but it makes me think the fire wasn’t an accident.” “I wouldn’t try to kill my daughter. I didn’t want to call her right away because my wife was freaking out.” “So you put your wife before your child?” “Lily was going to be okay. She’s lived away from us for so long that I knew she would be fine with someone as upstanding as you, and my wife was having a panic attack.” “Okay, I don’t give a shit what your excuses are. You waited to tend to your daughter and I can’t let that happen. She’s mine now, and I’ll be the one taking care of her. If she wants to talk to you, I’ll let her, but you no longer get to be in her presence.” I don’t wait for him to respond before hanging up because my anger is at a new level. I feel like snapping, and if I shout, I could wake up my sweet snow bunny. I walk back to the room and, thankfully, she hasn’t moved. Pulling back the covers, I climb in behind her. She buries herself into me like we’ve been doing this forever, and I know that’s the way I want it to be. ~~~~ I look out the window and the winter storm has swept in full force. The snow that was starting to melt just yesterday has grown at least a foot overnight. I’m supposed to be spending the day taking her shopping and shit, but the weather has taken a turn for the worst and there is supposed to be three more feet to fall in the next several hours. All my employees were notified late last night that the office would be closed today when I woke up to my phone buzzing with a severe winter weather alert. I intend on working all day since we can’t go into town like we planned, but with Lily here, all I want to do is play with her pussy and make her cry out for me. I love hearing my name coming from her mouth as she’s coming. After working for about twenty minutes, I go in search of my woman. Lily’s sitting in the library wearing only one of my tee shirts and joggers

while staring out the window at the falling snow. I can’t take my eyes off her; she’s the image of perfection. I feel as though I’ve waited all these years for her. She’s got a book in her hand using her finger as a place marker and it’s resting against her thigh. I approach quietly because I want to milk the view for as long as I can, but she senses me and turns. Her smile is there, but it’s not whole. It doesn’t spread to her eyes, where I’d like it to be when she looks at me. It’s almost that time to make her mine, but I’m not sure she’s feeling it. I know that there’s a lot of shit weighing heavily on her mind. We stare at each other for a moment before I apologize for invading her privacy. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to interrupt you.” “It’s fine. I was just lost in my own little world.” Walking up to her, I don’t take my eyes off of her. Arching my brow, I ask, “What are you thinking about?” “Life…” She gives me a pathetically sad shrug. “Is there anything I can do to cheer you up?” I ask suggestively. That changes her mood and she begins to give me a genuine smile. “Lily,” I whisper as I run my thumb along her jaw and tip her chin. Closing the distance, I kiss her softly, at first, then move to lift her up from the seat and press her against the nearest wall with my body. Groaning, I grind up on her but don’t break my kiss because I need it as much as she does. Growling, I slip my hand in between us and into the joggers, touching her wet pussy. She jumps from the sensation but presses her mound into my hand. “Are you ready for me, Bunny? Because you feel like it.” Looking at her face, I can see how affected she is from my touch. Her bright blues darken to a piercing royal blue. Her cheeks are flush and she’s biting her lip. It’s too intoxicating for me, but I need her to tell me she wants this. “Lily, are you ready?” “I’m ready, Trent,” she moans and slips her hands into my hair. I want to take her right here as the dim sunlight breaking through the storm clouds illuminates her body, but she deserves to be loved for the first time in a soft bed. I make our way to the bedroom with her in my arms. I set her down on her feet because I want to take this as slow as I can.

After taking her mouth with mine again, I step back and look at her beautiful figure. Standing at the foot of the bed, I slowly lift her shirt off of her and let it fall to the side, revealing her spectacular breasts. They are bigger than handfuls with a dark center. My hands creep up from her waist to the sides of her tits, letting my thumbs trace her nipples. I give her a soft peck on her parted lips before I move down to her breasts. Taking one into my mouth I taste her swell, licking and sucking all around before I flick her nipple with my tongue. Her body twitches and I’m sure she’s new to this too. I look up at her and smile before I suck on her hardened flesh. She tugs at my hair, pulling me closer. I lower us down to the bed and make my way down her body, sliding off the joggers. My face immediately goes to her wet pussy. I take her clit into my mouth and nip at it. Lily bucks and I move away, to her dismay. “Don’t fear, my dear Lily. I’m getting naked for you.” I love that she doesn’t move her gaze away from me as I pull off my shirt and drop my boxers. What she’s learned in the past twenty-four hours is that I won’t hurt her. I’ve known from the start that she is something special to me and after our first insane day together, I will do anything to protect her. I can see that she’s nervous, but she’s trying to be sexy as she leans back on her elbows. She doesn’t have to try, to me she’s a walking billboard for fucking, and she’s all mine. My cock stands proudly, the tip leaking. I walk confidently to the bed because she deserves a man who’s going to give her the most pleasure possible. “Move to the middle of the bed and part those thighs for me.” She backs up into position but hesitates to open her thighs. I shake my head at her in disappointment. “Come now, Lily. Don’t make me do it for you.” “I’m nervous.” I see that in her eyes, but there isn’t much I can do to stop the desire to possess her. “I know, love. I’ve got you, Bunny. I’ll be as gentle as possible. If you want me to stop, just say so. I may want you as mine, but I also want you to be happy belonging to me.” “Okay,” she whispers with a nod before parting her thighs.

I smile at her and whisper, “Thank you, Lily.” I line my cock up with her entrance and let it just press against her clit. I need her with me before I breach her heat. It’s a struggle because my cock has been ready to come since I walked into the library. Leaning over her, I nudge my cock just inside her slick entrance. For the first time in my life I am going in raw, her flesh and mine meeting with no barriers. I want her to give me my children. Her heart is sweet and innocent; I couldn’t have chosen a more perfect woman. Not that I had a choice— the moment I saw her I was hers. “You’re mine, Lily. I promise to do whatever I can to keep you happy.” Pressing my lips to hers, I seal my oath with a deep and slow kiss. “Tell me you’re mine.” “I’m yours,” she declares vehemently, her words hitting me straight in the dick, I breach her virginity, claiming her. She cries out in pain, but I try to ease it with my words of devotion. “Be still my love. It’ll be over in a moment. I’m sorry. I promise this is the only time taking you will hurt like this.” Her tears cut straight to my heart. I lick each one from her face before I whisper, “I’m sorry, but, my bunny, you feel wonderful.” Kissing my way down her jaw to her neck, I leave my mark as I suck my way to her tits. I start to slowly fuck in and out of her tight sheath and with each stroke, she becomes more relaxed. “Ah, Trent, more please.” “As you wish.” I pull back and begin to pump deeper into her core, rocking both of us to bliss. Her nails dig into my back and my mouth comes down on hers, sending both of us into cries of ecstasy. “Trent,” she calls out as her orgasm hits her. I feel her pussy milking my cum out of me; it coats her walls. I come even harder as I think about my seed taking root and making our baby. It is the strongest orgasm I’ve ever had. I look down at my gorgeous Lily; she has her eyes closed and a satisfied smile painted across her face, and my heart goes crazy. I can’t fight the feelings she’s brought out in me, and I won’t. I’m in love with her. I should be afraid of the feelings and running as far as I can, but I let the emotion wash over me and embrace it. She’s

everything I want, and now that she’s in my house, I’m not letting her go.

Chapter 5 Trent is kissing me awake, and I smile without opening my eyes. I gave up my virginity to the man and fell straight to sleep. My whole body is relaxed, and I don’t want to move unless— it’s for a repeat. I never thought it could be like it was. He was amazing and the experience is addictive. “Lily, babe. You need to wake up. I’ve made us something to eat,” he whispers and peppers kisses on my shoulder. “Um…food…” I murmur. I’m hungry, but I want to lay here in bed with him for a little while longer. “Come on, Lily. Am I going to have to carry you?” he asks. I open my eyes and wink. “It doesn’t sound like a bad idea, but I’d prefer to lay here while you continue your light touches.” “No can do, Bunny. I made us some food and you need your energy.” “Well, then, since I need to save my energy, I believe you’re going to have to carry me.” I give him a grin. He shakes his head at me like he doesn’t mind his duty at all. “Okay, princess.” He pulls the covers off me, scoops me off the bed while I’m still completely ass-naked and marches us into the kitchen. I’m shocked because I forget I am naked. My embarrassment is written all over my face which only serves to make Trent smile at me. He sits me down on the kitchen breakfast nook; not on the chair, but on the actual cool granite. It immediately soothes the mild ache from losing my virginity, but it also sends my pulse racing through my pussy. I let out a soft moan that sends his eyes to mine, and they look hungry. He wants what I want. Yay, I say inwardly. I look into his sensual eyes and want him to fuck me right here on the counter. His legs are between mine, and I know he’s torn between feeding me food or his cock. I want both, but I’m just hungrier for him more than my belly is for actual food. We stare at each other and a message passes between us. Before either of us speak his mouth is on mine, kissing me lightly. His hand goes to his waistband pulling his cock out and lining it with my heat.

“This is going to be quick. I don’t want your food to get cold. I’m going to fuck you and you’re going to come. Okay?” His tone is commanding. He’s annoyed that he can’t control himself, but I don’t care. I want him to let the beast out. I nod because I am almost there. My body is vibrating and feeling shaky with need. Just looking at him nearly makes me go off. He grips my hips and thrusts forward, sending his cock deep into me. I feel my walls open up to receive him easily. It still feels like I’m being stretched beyond belief, but the sensation is so amazing. “Ah, Trent,” I moan, working him into a frenzy. He grips my hair and tugs it back, exposing my neck to him. Trent latches on, sucking my flesh between his teeth. I feel the sting of his marking, yet, I welcome the beast I’ve unleashed. His movements are rough and fast, completely different than our first time, but it feels just as good. I’m practically crawling up his body, enjoying the hard dicking he’s giving me. He has me on the edge of the counter, pumping into my soaked pussy. Gripping onto his head, I pull it to me and kiss him intensely as my orgasm shudders through my body and I collapse onto his heaving chest as he empties into me. “No getting sleepy, Bunny. You’ve got to eat. You need your strength.” “Why? What do you have planned for me?” I ask while he carries me to the table, this time sitting me in the seat and scooting it in. “I don’t have anything planned, but there’s a storm coming so we can’t head out anywhere like we planned. I’ve got to get some work done today, but you can sit in my office while I do it if you’d like.” He looks like he’s worried I’m going to be disappointed. “I need to call my father back.” “You don’t have to if you don’t want to,” he suggests. I find his comment strange, but maybe my lack of enthusiasm is a giveaway to my real feelings. It’s not as if my sentiments toward him and his brood have ever been hidden. I know my brothers aren’t to blame, but I can’t get past my hatred for her. “What makes you say that?”

“Babe, you don’t sound happy about talking to him.” So my feelings are visible. I don’t want to tell Trent about my father’s intentions for him and me. If I do, I’m afraid he’ll think I’m playing him, but I need to do it. “Trent, do you think this would’ve happened between us if my place didn’t blow up?” “I don’t think, Bunny; I know.” “But…” “No buts. The only thing that could have changed what’s happening with us was if you hadn’t gone outside yesterday, and that’s something I don’t even want to consider. I wanted you from the first moment I saw you in the street. There wasn’t anything I wasn’t willing to do to make you mine.” “I’m just so confused right now, Trent.” “Look, Lily, I get that your whole damn world has been upended in the last day, but so has mine. I’ve been living a life of solitude and loving every minute of it. The moment I met you made that life seem empty and lonely. I finally understand my uncle.” “What do you mean?” “He told me I was wasting my life. It took him forty-five years to find the love of his life. Had he been looking, he may have found her sooner, but once he met her, everything else didn’t matter. Work felt less important. Making her happy became his mission.” He takes a bite of his eggs while I just sit there looking at how his mouth moves. Thoughts of it moving in other places has me hot and bothered. Losing myself to my dirty thoughts, I almost miss what he’s saying. “I want you like that. Before I first noticed you, I worked six days even on occasion seven and never less than ten hours. I left, for the first time, after two hours because of my little snow bunny.” “Thank you, Trent.” “No, thank you, Lily.” “There’s something I need to tell you. I don’t want you to be mad at me, but I need to get this out.” His face changes and instead of anger, I see hurt and

fear.” “Go on,” he urges. “The night I came over, I was doing it on my father’s behalf. I thought it was to being friendly but when I came back so soon, he was angry with me.” “Why?” Suddenly his hurt face changes into a scowl. “Because he hoped that you’d be interested in me and maybe he could get you to do business with him if I was a bonus.” “What? Are you telling me that he sent you to seduce me?” She shook her head. “But I didn’t know that when I came here…” His fury is scaring me and I scoot my chair back. “Don’t you dare get up. I’m not mad at you. It’s him I’d like to deck. He sent his daughter over like a prostitute for a business deal. His behavior sickens me. Now I’m glad I didn’t drag you in here that night. I’d hate to have any doubt that you gave yourself to me for business.” “I wouldn’t do something like that and I told him so. He threatened me. When they left me yesterday, I had just told him unequivocally that I wouldn’t sleep with you for him.” “That’s good to know, Bunny. I’ve been a target for greedy people.” “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to upset you.” “I’m pissed, but not at you. I’d be angry at you if you’d kept that from me. When I spoke to him earlier, I didn’t like him, but I would’ve been civil for you. Not anymore. I can’t believe he sent you just to land a business deal. Did he have something he needed backing on?” “I don’t know; I can’t tell you what he even does for a living. I don’t know what you do either.” “I own an investment company. I spend all day crunching numbers and overseeing my several managers. I’ve only been doing this since my uncle

brought me in six years ago.” “What were you doing before this? Going to college?” “Ha. No. I was lucky to find a job. I finished high school then started working as a carpenter. I didn’t always have money. Bunny, tell me more about you.” “More? All you know about me is how I like to come.” He has a shiteating grin and gives me a shrug, so I just shake my head at him. “I grew up with money. For the first twelve years of my life, I was treated like a princess. Then my father changed everything. He’d been having an affair with our maid. My mother found out and was heartbroken. The last time I saw her, she had dropped me off at school and was on her way to meet her lawyer. They were getting a divorce. She never made it to pick me up that day. My father was called to come get me up when she didn’t come. Then we learned that she’d been robbed and killed on her way to meet with her lawyer. They never found the man who did it.” My tears begin to fall. Trent’s up on his feet and around the table before I know it and pulls me up and into his arms. “I’m sorry, Lily.” As he consoles me, a bit of the pain that’s been haunting me starts easing. Something about him makes me feel loved. It may be wishful thinking because we hardly know each other, but I think he loves me. I shake off that crazy notion and lightly push it away because I don’t want to think about the fact that my feelings for him are stronger than his for me. “Thanks, Trent. I’m okay. Just talking about it gets to me, but you listening helps.” “It’s fine. I don’t like to see you cry, but if it makes you feel better, I’ll hold you when you do.” His words only solidify that crazy notion again. “Do you go to see her grave?” “I go on her birthday and mine,” I admit. “Your birthday?” I see his confusion in his eyes because birthdays are supposed to be happy days. “Yes, that’s the day she died.” ~~~~

Fuck. I didn’t mean to upset her. The moment she said her mom died on her way to her lawyer, I knew her bastard father had something to do with it. I’m going to look into it because I want to give my woman some closure. I tip her chin and kiss her lightly. “I’m sorry, Bunny. We’ll make your birthday special.” “You already did,” she whispers. Is her birthday today? What a coincidence. “Is your birthday today?” I’m grinning like a fool. I get to spend the day loving and worshipping her. “No, it was yesterday.” Her words strike me and, immediately, hatred fills me up. He had to be involved. I don’t want to upset her so I just hug her; meanwhile, my mind is sorting out the details. Duke and I are going to have a talk. I think I may have to fly up to Seattle. “Happy belated birthday, Lily. I wish you would’ve told me yesterday, though. We’re going to have to celebrate.” “I don’t like to bring it up. I haven’t celebrated it since that day.” “Well, that’s changing. I get that you’re sad about her death, but we can celebrate your life and hers.” “Trent, what do you have in mind?” she asks with a sincere smile. “I don’t really know. For today, I’m going to make you a wonderful dinner. My maid just stocked up the fridge the other day. Then tomorrow, we can go out and make a day of it. There’s a movie that we can go see after shopping.” Her attitude and expression changed abruptly. Then she drolly says, “That sounds nice. I still have money in my bank accounts. I just need to get…” I put my hand to her mouth. There’s no need for her to spend a dime on herself. That’s my job, but I’m curious what changed her smile to a look of sadness. “I ought to spank your ass for having any of those ideas. As of yesterday, you belong to me which means, I take care of you. I buy your clothes, your food, anything your heart desires and I’m the one who gives you your orgasms. Understood, Lily?” “Whatever.” I don’t like her tone and I want answers.

“Whatever? What kind of shit is that? Two seconds before I made a suggestion you were happy. I throw out an idea and you look gutted. Explain.” “You have a maid,” she answers. Then it hits me; her father fucked the maid then married her. “Lily, I told you I haven’t been with anyone in over six years. My maid has been working for me since I bought this house two years ago. If I didn’t fuck her before, what reason would I have to bother now when I finally meet the one.” I don’t care that I threw my feelings out there because she needs to understand she’s so damn special to me. “Come on, Bunny.” I drag her to the bedroom then wrap her up in the sheet because I can’t have a serious conversation when my dick wants back in and she’s naked. I sit her on the bed and grab my cell phone. I dial Ernestine’s number and put it on speaker. “Hey, Bert. What’s up?” “Nothing, Ernie.” “Bullshit, gramps. You don’t call unless you need something. Please tell me you’re okay.” “I’m fine.” “Then what gives. Did you want to talk to your uncle?” Ernie asks. “I just wanted to tell you two that once the storm clears, I want to have a family get-together.” “That’s nice. Did you find that wife you were looking for?” she asks teasingly. I did alright, but I’ve got a bone to pick with her. “I found her, even though your information was faulty.” “Faulty? All I told you was that your neighbor was living there with his wife and kids.” “You didn’t tell me he was an older man,” I counter.

“What difference does that have to do with the woman you were looking for?” “I thought she was married to him. Instead, she’s his daughter.” She gasps, then replies in an attempt to explain. “Oh shit. Oops. He didn’t say he had a daughter. Just two sons.” “It’s not your fault, but fuck, it was a rough two days.” “I’m sorry, but you sound happy, anyway.” “That’s because she’s sitting right next to me in only a sheet.” “About damn time, boy!” My uncle shouts from a distance. I look at Bunny and she’s scowling but is blushing as well. “Well, excuse me.” I hang up and turn to her. “My maid is a bitchy woman who has worked for me two days a week. I just found out that my uncle and Ernestine are a thing now, and I couldn’t be happier for them. I get that your father has left a terrible taste in your mouth when it comes to men and women, but I’m never letting you go. And trust me…if he had something to do with the explosion, there will be hell to pay.”

Chapter 6 Trent eased my mind about the maid, but I don’t know if I’ll ever be comfortable with a maid or nanny. “I’m sorry I got all nutty about it.” “Lily, I get it. I’m not going to ruin this between us, ever. When I say you’re mine, I mean it. Once the weather clears up, I’m going to a jeweler and getting you the fattest rock I can find. Then we’re going to Vegas with Uncle John and Ernie.” “Really?” “Yes, really. I’ve waited a lifetime for someone who could make me feel alive, and you do that for me.” “You do that for me, too,” I whisper and duck my head. He tilts my head with his thumb and looks me in the eyes, melting the panties I’m not wearing. “Love, I promise that you’ll never have to hide your feelings from me.” He bends down and kisses me softly. The kiss turns from sweet to passionate in a second. He has me on my back on the bed and the sheet off of me before I can catch my breath. I’m heaving and smiling up at him. Before I know it, he’s sliding into me. We moan together with the feel of his possession. “You belong to me,” he growls. “You belong to me,” I challenge back at him with an arched brow. “Damn right, I do.” He slams into me harder, reminding me that we’re one now. “Lily,” he sighs my name before kissing me. Just that little whisper of benediction sends me over and I’m coming hard. ~~~~ “Come on, Bunny. Let’s go shower.” “Okay,” she sighs, getting up slowly. I watch her and notice she’s tender. Cooling my need to fuck her in the shower, I say, “Babe, take a shower in here,

and I’ll take one in the guest bedroom down the hall.” “You don’t want to take one with me?” she asks in a pout. “Lily, you winced a moment ago. I’m not going to cause you any more pain. I’m going to worship your body tonight.” “I’m only a little sore.” I give her a smirk and nod. “I know, but I want you feeling good before I tear it up again.” “Fine.” She waddles into the bathroom. Despite the fact that my dick is hard as hell again, I walk away and get my clothes ready. After my shower, I head into the bedroom and she’s slipping on another one of my shirts. “Fuck, I walked in here too soon,” I groan out, biting my lip. She blushes. “Oops. I think I’m going to have to do some laundry.” “Do you know how?” I’m curious because she grew up rich. “I may have grown up wealthy, but my wicked step-mother didn’t want another maid to replace her, so I was forced to do everyone’s laundry and cook. Then when I went to school, I did it for myself.” “Cool. I do some laundry when I have time, which is few and far between, so Ernie has done it for me.” “She’s still your maid and dating your uncle?” “No, he told me she was done here. I don’t know how long they’ve been dating, but when I called to ask about your father, that’s when I found out about their relationship.” I look at her with wicked intentions, and she’s shaking her head at me. “I’m just playing, Lily. I have a few calls to make, but I thought I’d ask if you wanted to call your Dad first?”

“Sure. It’s probably best to get it over with.” I know she doesn’t really care to talk to him, but I think she’s trying to be a good daughter, even though she despises him. “You really don’t have to talk to him.” “Okay. I’ve got no problem doing that. I’ve been wanting to tell him to go to hell, but he’s the devil so I know he wouldn’t care about going home. Besides, ignoring his existence pisses him off more.” I believe her. She’s not afraid of them, but like me, she’s done giving a fuck about pandering to others. That’s my girl. “Good, so what do you want to do? Do you want to watch me work or something?” I offer. “I’m going to read in the library if that’s okay.” “Of course, it is. I’ll be in my office if you need me. Just give me a kiss before you go in there.” I pull her into my arms and bend her backwards to kiss her. I lock my office door because I have to make a call to Duke, who sent me a text while I was in the shower. “Hey, Duke. Do you have anything for me?” “Yeah, I do. It’s not good, man. Ted Mason is in debt, big time.” “How bad?” “Around five hundred thousand. It gets worse than that. Do you know that his first wife was gunned down in a prominent area of town in Phoenix?” “Lily told me something like that. Do you think he’s involved?” “Without a doubt. There’s a paper trail to a hitman named Jerry Kroll. He’s actually under investigation for another murder and I’m betting if we get him a deal with the DA in Arizona, he’ll roll on Mason.” “But if there’s a paper trail, then how come Mason and Kroll haven’t been arrested yet?”

“That’s because the cops don’t have shit on my skills. There’s a hidden paper trail.” I know that Duke can hack into files and bank information that cops can’t legally dig into.” “Okay, so what’s your game plan?” “I’ll go down there and talk to the DA. See if I can bring up the investigation. With my PI license, I can imply that I’m investigating the death of Veronica Mason.” “Thanks, Duke. Just send me the bill for any of the expenses. When can you leave?” “After the holidays I can take some time.” “Great. Really, it means a lot to me, Duke.” After I hang up with him, I call my assistant. “Dana, I’ve gone over the presentation that Wilcox gave. I want to go ahead with the project. When you get in the office tomorrow, gather the paperwork together for me.” “Will do, boss.” She pauses, then adds, “Sir, I’m wondering if you plan on doing anything for the holidays.” “Yes, I am. My fiancée and I will be spending time with my uncle and his fiancée.” “You’re engaged?” “Yes, I just got engaged today.” “Um…well…congratulations,” she mutters. Her sincerity is as deep as Lily’s father. “Okay. Are you coming into the office tomorrow?” “Yes, but I’ll only be there in the afternoon. In fact, I’m going to send an email out that allows everyone to take the morning off and come in when the roads clear a little more.” “Is that everything you need?” she asks.

“Yes, it is. Have a good day.” Dana hangs up with me. I want to feel bad for her, but I know she’s not in love with me. She’s after my money. I overheard her on the phone with someone else once, telling them that she hoped to score a ring from me. After that conversation, she amped up her ass-kissing. Opening my laptop, I send out the email to my staff. Then I start to look for rings. I want to pick something unique for her. I see what I like and ask for it to be sent to the local Zales by tomorrow for sizing the following day. Next, it’s time to look into possible causes for massive explosions. The web is not as friendly as it used to be. I’m guessing it’s because of all the nut jobs looking to make bombs. What I do know is that it had to be something that was well contained before exploding that caused her home to go up like that. Maybe Don will have some answers tomorrow. With all the snow, I doubt they’ll find out the cause. Going back to my work, I’m typing away when Bunny knocks on my door. “Coming.” “You locked the door on me. I thought you said I could watch you work?” she asks as she walks into my office, giving me a suspicious glare. “I’m sorry, but I was working on a surprise for you.” “You don’t need to do anything more for me. I just need some clothes. That’s about it.” “Yeah, you do. Although I do like seeing you in my clothes, I can’t have you looking sexy like that in front of others.” “Unless you plan to keep me locked away in your mansion.” “That’s a possibility, but I do host a poker game once a month. Although, I think I’ll have to lock you away in the library on those nights.” “Really, are you embarrassed to be with me?” “Are you nuts? I don’t want to have to murder the chief and some of the other guys for looking at you.”

“Well, then, I guess you’re going to have to get me some clothes.” “But not tonight,” I chuckle. Rushing her, I wrap an arm around her waist and one behind her head as I pin her to the door and slam my mouth onto hers. I pull back, only because I promised to give her pussy some time to heal a bit, but it’s difficult. Her lips are tender and her taste is sweet. I want more. Looking into her eyes, I whisper “mine” before I kiss her softly. Even though our kiss is slow, my heart is pounding out of my chest. This is the feeling I want for a lifetime. This time, she grips my hair and tugs me away before looking in my eyes and moaning, “mine”, then takes a nibble out of my lower lip before kissing me deeply. I’m the one lost in the kiss and forgetting what I’ve promised, pressing my hard-on against her. By the time I remember, I already have her legs wrapped around my waist with her on her back. She’s grinding her hips up into my cock and I push her shirt up because if I can’t fuck her pussy, I’m going to play with her sexy tits. I reveal the creamy flesh of her flat belly and lift the shirt slowly up letting the plain cotton fabric lightly graze her skin. Her peaks are hardened and a dusky pink, looking eager for my touch. Taking her nipple between my teeth, I bite down causing her to arch her back. Her hands move into my scalp and she presses my head down, demanding to be satisfied. Letting out a low growl I pull away from her breasts, undoing her thighs from their death grip around me. Roughly, I tug off the boxers and bend down to rub my nose in her mound, filling my nostrils with her honeyed heat. Parting her thighs, I lift them onto my shoulders and look at her glistening lips. I lick them, loving her taste on my tongue. She’s panting hard, pressing my face into her pussy, begging and moaning for more. Her sighs only serve to heighten my need. My dick is hard as nails and leaking in my jeans. I didn’t bother with any underwear, but I’m not going to sit in my leather desk chair bare-ass naked. Now I regret it because it’s blocking me from her. I focus on her, trying to forget my own search for release. I lick, kiss and suck on her core while slipping both thumbs to the bottom of her entrance and pressing down. It sends a jolt of sensation through her and she cries out, immediately coming for me. Pussy

pulses against my mouth, making me off-load a bit of my pre-cum in my pants. Once she’s done riding my face, I slam her ass onto the sofa, making her smile eagerly wondering what’s next, but I don’t have anything left in my mind to tell her. As quickly as I can, I undo my jeans, whipping out my cock and growl, “Bunny, I need your mouth right now.” Without missing a beat, she pushes back and sits against the arm of the sofa, gives me a wink and wags her finger, summoning me. I look at that desirous gaze, closing my eyes as I absorb the feeling that I get to keep her forever. I crawl up her, my cock inches from her mouth and rub the wet tip against her breasts. She lifts her hand and I think it’s to grab my dick, but she takes her fingers and wipes away my juice, then sucks them off. “Don’t tease me, woman.” “Says the man who plays with my food and refuses to feed it to me. I guess I’ll have to serve myself,” she snarls with an affected pout, then swats my arm out of the way as she takes my dick out of my hand and gives it a stroke before sucking it deep between her lips. I push my hips forward, pumping my cock into her willing mouth. She hums around me and I know it won’t be long. Leaning over, I place my hands on the armrest and look down at her as she lays her head back and starts teasing the tip. Her eyes meet mine and I see that she’s enjoying this almost as much as I am. She slips it back into her mouth, sucking hard. “Fuck, Lily, I’m going to come,” I gruntingly say. Pulling out, I paint her breasts and come on her chest. Using her hands, she smears it all over, almost like branding herself with my seed. Her eyes never leave mine as she raises her fingers to her mouth and slowly sucks and licks them clean.

Chapter 7 “Babe, come on, wake up and get your sweet ass in the shower.” I slap her ass. It jiggles and I groan because it’s fucking sexy as hell. “You know we haven’t taken a shower together yet,” she says suggestively. She has no idea how tempting the idea is to me, but I know we won’t be making it to the office on time if we do. I explain that to her, hoping she’ll get into the shower before I change my mind. “I know, but I have to go to work today and we need to get you some clothes.” “Oh, okay,” she remarks and jumps out of the bed in a rush. Her naked body bouncing as she moves. Suddenly, I have the urge to say fuck it and stay home again. “You don’t have to hurry, Bunny.” “I know, but I don’t want to keep you waiting. It’s already seven-thirty.” “We have time. I’m going to make us some breakfast.” I’m just about to walk out of the room when she says, “Man, seriously. You know how to spoil a woman.” I walk back up to her, grab her chin and state the absolute truth. “You’re the only woman I’ll ever spoil.” “What if we have a daughter one day? You’re not going to spoil her?” “She’ll never be a woman to me. She’s going to be my little girl— always.” I lean forward and snatch a quick kiss and a nice grope of her round ass. Then flee the room before I’m tempted to forget work. Breakfast is scrambled egg wraps, so cooking and cleanup are easy. She’s dressed in a pair of joggers, her tank that she had on that day and a hoodie of mine. Grabbing one of my coats, I wrap her up in it and give her a pair of Ernie’s rain boots that stay in the mud room in the back of the house. They’re a little big on her, but it’s better than them being small.

“I’m sorry, Bunny, but that’s all we have in the house. We’re hitting up whatever clothing and shoe stores that are open.” “It’s gonna have to do. I can’t go outside without shoes.” We get into town but there’s nothing open. So we drive toward the expressway and the area of malls. A bargain basement store is the only place open. I feel like an ass because she comes from money, which means she’s not accustomed to wearing cheaper clothes and shoes. I hope that she’s okay with it. “Stop giving me that look. I’m not upset about buying clothes from a discount clothing store. Do you see what I’m wearing? I look like a hobo. By the way, I’ve shopped at bargain department stores more often than you can imagine. I grew up with money but once I left for college, I was forced to live off my mother’s life insurance that was given to me when I reached seventeen.” “I’m not knocking the place, but I’m a millionaire and buying my fiancée clothes at a store known for the lowest prices.” “It’s cool. I just want something that will look good on me.” “I think you look great in my clothes.” “We’ve been over this, though. I can’t walk around in public in your clothes.” “Let’s hurry then and get you some clothes.” An hour later and we’re leaving the store with twenty bags of clothes, shoes, and coats. She looks so cute, and now I don’t want to take her into the office. “Why are you frowning? Do I look too plain?” “Bunny, you look so damn hot.” “Then why do you look miserable?” “Because not only do I have to go to work, but I have to take your sexy ass with me.” “I could always find something else to do while you work.”

“No, you can’t. I’m not ready to let you go anywhere without me.” “I’m not worried.” “Listen, I’ll be worried, so just give it some time before you run off on me.” “I’ll be fine.” “Woman. I’m trying to be polite, but what I’m telling you is, you aren’t going anywhere without me.” “You can’t keep me locked away.” “Try me, Lily.” “You shouldn’t challenge me, Trent. I’ve been known to defy.” “I’ve been considered the evil beast that lives on the hill. Don’t make it true.” “You’re already validating the name.” “Get in the damn truck, Lily.” “No.” “I don’t have all day. Get your ass in the truck.” “You’re an asshole.” I don’t even know why we’re fighting. I’m looking out for her and she’s being a spoiled, damn brat. Once we’re in the truck, I turn it on but don’t put it into drive. I turn to her and see she’s focusing on the window. I grip her chin lightly to get her to look at me. “Lily, I’m not going to lock you away. Not that the idea doesn’t sound really exciting, but that’s not what I’m trying to do. I’m trying to keep you safe. I don’t want anything to happen to you; you mean so much to me. I’m sorry if you feel smothered by my feelings.” “I’m not smothered by them. They scare me.”

“I promise I’ll never do anything to hurt you. I’ve never raised my hand to a woman before.” “I’m not afraid of you beating my ass. I’m scared that you could take all this away from me at any time. You make me feel special and wanted, and I haven’t felt that way in forever. I’ve always longed to be important to someone. These past few days have been amazing with you, and if you decide you don’t want me anymore, well, it will break me.” “Fuck, Bunny. Don’t ever think like that. I’m not letting you go. Ever. I’m more likely to lock your ass up with our kids in our home before I’d let you leave me.” ~~~~ I hear his words and absorb them. He’s too good to be true. I’ve been living alone with just a few friends and I’ve come to enjoy that. But ever since I knocked on his door, I have felt a longing for love that I didn’t know I needed. His eyes stare at me so intently and I feel the pull. Our faces move closer in slow motion; our lips connect, his strong mouth softens for me and he kisses me with all his heart. Because I need reassurance, I undo two of his buttons while we kiss and slide my hand to his chest to feel the pounding of his heart. It’s racing just as fast as mine. He moves his head back to get a look at me. I don’t know what he’s looking for, but I know I’ve found what I need in him. Keeping my hand on his chest, I whisper, “I love you.” The look in his eyes change. It intensifies and I can see that he’s ready to say it back, but just as he’s about to, there’s a pounding on my window. Both of us jump. I turn around to see the cop that was at the hospital. Trent lowers the window and asks, “What’s up, Don?” “Nothing. I just happened to be at the Dunkin right there and saw your truck. Are you going to be in your office today?” “Yeah, we’re about to head over there.” “Can I meet with you later— privately?” I see the message that passes between them, but I don’t know what it’s about.

“Sure thing. What time works for you?” “I have to go check in at the station, then I can stop by.” “Okay.” “Hello, Miss Mason. I hope you’re feeling better. I see Trent seems different.” The chief’s tone is almost flirtatious, then he winks at me. I get what he’s up to. He’s teasing and tormenting Trent. I giggle and reply with a friendly smile. “I am. Thank you, Chief.” I’m not flirting because I don’t want Trent to do that to me, but it doesn’t seem to matter him. “You’ve got a beautiful smile,” Don remarks. I hear a low growl come from Trent before he tells the chief in an extremely gruff tone, “I’ll see you later.” We drive away and the moment we had before is gone. He grabs my hand and holds it the whole way to the office. The touch is simple, but pleasure shoots through my body. “We’re here.” I feel sad because I thought he would say that he loved me, too. Everything about him says he loves me, but he just dropped the subject. I’m starting to think I’ve made a mistake. It’s only eleven in the morning and he tells me the staff will be here at noon. We walk through a quiet building and into an elevator. The entire time he’s holding my hand but doesn’t say a word. Once the doors open, a woman is sitting at the front desk. She looks up at us then at our hands and is immediately annoyed. “Dana, I didn’t know that you were coming in this early. I told everyone to come in around twelve-thirty.” “You wanted those documents typed up for Wilcox’s presentation.” “Yeah, but you didn’t need to come in early for it. Well, since you’re here, I’d like to introduce you to my fiancée. Dana, this is Lily.” Turning to me

he says, “Bunny, this is my assistant, Dana Brown.” “It’s nice to meet you,” I say, even though I don’t mean it. “Excuse us,” he says, dragging me to his office. Remembering something, he stops and turns back. “Dana, Don will be stopping by to talk to me. When he comes, make sure he’s not kept waiting.” Once we’re in his office, he locks the door and pins me to it. “Don’t think I forgot about what happened in the truck.” I think he’s about to go off about my profession of love to him. “Lily... I’ve been in love with you since I drove by you two days before you knocked on my door.” I’m shocked to hear that and he reads my expression. “Yes, I saw you before you saw me that day. You have no idea how bad I wanted to drag you into the house that night and keep you tied to my bed.” “I knew it. I felt it the moment I pulled up to your house. I needed to run before I caved to whatever you had in mind.” “I wish you hadn’t.” “Me, too.” “Kiss me, my love.” I submit to his demand and brush my lips against his. I kiss him gently because I suddenly feel serene. We don’t change from that soft, tender display to our usual hungry and frenzied passion. Instead, we stop to look at each other between repeating our declarations. “I love you, Lily. Marry me.” I’m just about to give him my answer when there’s a knock at the door behind me. Trent lets out a low growl then asks, “Who is it?” “Chief Riggings.” “Impeccable timing,” Trent snarls, moving us so that he can open the door. “Oh, was I interrupting something?” he teases. “Lily, can you do me a favor and take a seat out there by Dana? There

should be coffee and snacks. I won’t be long.” “Don’t worry, Trent. It’s only the reception area. I’ll be fine.” “Here, take my phone. It’ll keep you busy.” “Sure.” He kisses me one more time before patting me on the ass and scooting me out the door. “Bye, Chief.” I catch Trent giving the Chief a stern glare as he closes the door behind me. I turn to the reception area to receive my own glare. Dana…hmm. I wonder what interest she has in Trent. It’s clear she’s not happy with me, but I know they’re not a couple. I believe him when he says he hasn’t been with anyone in six-plus years. Though, was she here six years ago? Jealousy courses through my body just at the possibility, but I have to remember he’s mine now. “I see you’re not allowed to know private information.” “Excuse me?” I give her my own attitude. I get what she’s insinuating, and I don’t appreciate it. “I know all the private information I need to know. Not that it’s any of your business anyway.” “It used to be my business.” “When?” “Before you showed up. Where did he find you? Working at the local Target?” “Bitch, I’m about one second from jumping over that desk and whooping your ass. The only thing stopping me is the fact that he loves me, and you can’t compete with me.” “That’s because you’re a gold digger.” “Look who’s calling the kettle black, bitch. I come from money, honey. I don’t need Trent to buy me anything. He does it because he’s my man. Something he’ll never be for you.”

“That’s not what he was saying last week when we were working late in his office and on this desk.” I know she’s goading me, but I’m ready to throat punch this bitch for putting that image in my head. “I love that birthmark on his upper thigh.” That’s it. I’m over the desk with that skank’s hair in my hands. I slam her head against the desk. I grasp that I just smashed her face in and guilt hits me. That is until she kicks me with her stiletto then hits me across the face with the stapler. Stunned, I stagger, but I punch her right in the tit. “You fucking whore!” she shouts and lunges at me. We both fall to the ground, knocking the objects on her desk to the floor. I hear the door open and the pounding of feet as they rush to us. She’s still trying to attack me, pulling my hair, when Trent pulls her off me. I get up and see him with his arms around her and it’s too much for me to take. Doubt clouds my mind. “Trent, no. I can’t marry you.” I run away as fast as I can and make it to the elevator before he can stop me. I watch him as the doors close and I see the resignation in his eyes. ~~~~~ “So thanks for interrupting another important moment today.” “Sorry, Trent. Besides, these doors aren’t sound proof. Would you have preferred I waited and listened for the two of you to finish fucking before I knocked?” “We weren’t going to have sex. I had just asked her to marry me.” “Oops. My bad, but I’m sure that would have led to a little desk loving. I’ve been married a long time, my friend, and my wife’s a lawyer with a beautiful, shiny oak desk. If you know what I mean?” “Well, it wasn’t going to happen this afternoon because I knew you were coming, but maybe when I got home. I, too, have a very beautiful, shiny oak desk in my study.” We both laugh, then all of the sudden hear Dana shout, “You fucking whore!” We rush to the door just as we hear a loud thud and crash.

I open the door to see Dana on top of my woman. Protecting her is the only thing I can think of at the moment. Anger is coursing through me and I pull Dana away from Lily. She jumps to her feet and I see the bruising on her face. My hands that are wrapped around Dana’s arms and chest squeeze in anger. I want to crush this woman in my arms. Then it dawns on me what I’m doing, but it’s too late. “Trent, no. I can’t marry you.” I feel her words immediately, and suddenly, I’m numb. I stare at her, letting go of Dana, but Bunny takes off. I move in slow motion as I try to stop my heart from breaking. I need answers. I can’t let her leave me. No, I just can’t let her. She hits the close doors button quickly over and over again. I don’t get there in time but I stare into her eyes, my hopes crumbling as she disappears from my life. I don’t move until I hear Don ask, “What the hell happened here?” “She’s a jealous nut. She accused me of having sex with Trent, then attacked me. I turn back and know that I’m not above hitting a woman. I don’t care what Bunny did; I know that it’s all Dana’s fault. I told Lily I hadn’t been with anyone in years, so the only way she could have gotten that idea of Dana and I hooking up in her head was because Dana put it there. “What did you say to her?” “Nothing. She said she wasn’t going to let anyone come between her and your money.” “Dana, you’re fired.” “Why… because your crazy fiancée attacked me?” “I know you’re lying about Lily. She has her own money and knows about my past relationship.” “I didn’t do anything to her. She attacked me. I want her arrested.” “Over my dead body.” I’m out the door without another word. I need to find my Lily before something happens to her.

Chapter 8 “She’s gone.” I call my uncle because I don’t know what else to do. She left me, and I’ve been on the hunt all day. No one in the town would tell me anything. I kept getting strange looks like I’m nuts. But I really can’t blame them when I look like a whack job. “What do you mean she’s gone?” I spend the next ten minutes filling him in about our entire relationship from my first encounter up to the moment she walked out on me. “I don’t know what my assistant told her, but she ran off telling me that she can’t marry me.” “Did you check the local hotels?” he asks. I know he’s trying to be helpful, but I’m so stressed that I want to bite his head off. “Yes, and no one seems to have seen her. I’m hoping her father hasn’t found her or anything.” “I don’t know, son. We’ll be on our way. I’m at a loss for where she could’ve gone considering she doesn’t own anything but the clothes on her back.” “That’s what scares me.” “Don’t worry, we’ll be there in a few hours.” “Okay, thanks.” It’s day two of my search and no luck. The weather is harsh again and another foot falls on the already high snow. So we can’t get shit done for the next four days. I’m losing my mind. I finally get into town, but there aren’t many people about and most of the day is a bust. I’m walking down Main Street looking for any sign of her when I bump into her bastard father. “So it’s Mister high and mighty. Where’s my little princess? You ran her off already?”

“Where is she?” “So you did lose your plaything, or did someone else steal her away?” “You’re about to get knocked the fuck out. Where is Lily? What did you do to her?” “I haven’t seen her since we left that morning of the blast.” “You’re lying.” “You need to get your ass out in society some more, then maybe you can tell who is lying.” He starts to walk away from me cheerfully. Then I remind him about the explosion. “Mason, don’t think I forgot about the fire. If you had anything to do with it, you’re a dead man.” In fury, he turns back toward me and sneers, “Is she a dead woman? Did you kill her? Are you trying to look like a sympathetic lover? Well, if you did, I’m glad the little bitch is dead.” I lunge at him, but before I can knock him out, my uncle grips my shoulders. “He’s not worth it. We’ll find her.” “Remember what I said, Mason. I’ll kill you if you’ve hurt her.” Day four is no better. With the shitty weather, most people aren’t going out and Ernie has gone out of her way to fill my house with Christmas decorations. “What the fuck is this, Ernie? I haven’t celebrated the holidays since I was a boy, and without Lily, I sure as hell don’t want to now. Take this shit down.” “No. You need to have a little faith. She didn’t come into your life for nothing. You don’t live. She gave you a reason to exist outside of work. Maybe you can get over her one day and learn to live.” “I’m never getting over her. I want her back, and I will find her.” She still doesn’t take the shit down for the next three days and I just don’t

give a shit anymore. I’m sitting in front of the fireplace staring at the Christmas tree, thinking about the first time I saw her. She was getting in her white SUV. Then it hits me. I can’t believe I didn’t think of this sooner. “FUCK!” I shout, slamming my vodka glass into the fire. My uncle comes rushing into the room, worrying about my state of mind. “What’s up, Trent?” he asks, looking me directly in the eyes. “I can’t believe I didn’t think of this before, but her SUV. Where is her SUV? It wasn’t caught in the fire that I remember. I need to call Don.” “It’s two in the morning, son. Wait until the sun comes up at least.” “I need answers now.” I ignore his stare because if it were Ernie, he’d be doing the same thing. Don picks up after a few rings. His voice is groggy and I know I woke him up. “Hey, Trent. What’s up?” “Her SUV. Where is it?” “It’s at the impound lot. It was looked over for evidence after the fire then released, but she didn’t pick it up since she was with you. I can check in the morning when they open and get back to you.” “Fuck, I have to wait until morning?” I know I’m acting crazy, but I need to know she’s okay. “Yes. But so you know, if it’s gone, it could be a good thing.” “Yes, it could be.” That means she left and could be somewhere safe. ~~~~ “Hey, Trent. It’s Don. Call me when you get this.” I listen to the message and I’m frustrated. I missed the call because I was in the shower thinking about Lily. Once I find her, I’m going to keep my promise about taking the shower together. I call him back. “Don, what do you got for me?”

“Her car was picked up by her that same day she left. She had an ID and wasn’t alone. Ricky said there was a man with her, but he wasn’t sure who it was because the sun was beaming into the office. He did notice it was a pickup truck, but around here almost every other man owns one. I’m sorry Trent, but that’s all I got.” “Thanks, Don. Let me know if you find anything else out. I’m going to call Sheriff Tanner or his deputy, Bobby.” “Oh, Bobby’s out of town visiting his family, but the Sheriff should be in the station. I was just there an hour ago.” “Thanks again, Don.” I call Sheriff Tanner,nn but he doesn’t have anything to add. He was on vacation when she left. Bobby Cole would be the one to ask, but he won’t be back for a week. At least, he knows who she is. Half the town didn’t know me and most didn’t know who I was looking for, so it had been a lost cause. Duke had just left for Maine, then he was going down to Phoenix to deal with that situation. I told him about what happened and he assured me that he’d look into it for me. ~~~~ The day Bobby Cole gets back into town, I’m at his apartment. Don comes with me because I’ve been a little nutty and my patience is long gone. I can’t find any man that she was supposedly with that day. “What the fuck do you want, Davenport?” Bobby sneers when he answers the door. “Cole, what’s up your ass?” Don asks him. “I don’t like him.” Panic hits me. Did he have something to do with her disappearance? He was all smiles for her when he made the introductions that day in the street. “Where is she?” “Who?” He’s playing dumb and it’s starting to piss me off.

“Lily, damn it. That’s who.” Don has a hand on my shoulder, and it’s then that I realize I’m in Cole’s face. “I don’t know where she’s at?” “You’re lying,” Don remarks. “Why?” “How you are friends with this piece of shit is beyond me, Don. He hides away then goes after his neighbor and beats her ass. Hell, he’s probably the one who caused the house to explode. Davenport, I should have you arrested.” “What the fuck do you mean ‘beat her ass’?” I ask in shock. “I didn’t do anything to her. Please, God… tell me she didn’t say something like that.” “She didn’t have to. Lily was running out in the street when I saw her. Her face bruised and looking back at the building. I damn near hit her with my squad car. She was crying, then I heard your name from her lips. I put two and two together.” “He didn’t hit her. His assistant and Lily got into a catfight.” “What?” “Dana must have said something to Lily about her and me, but when I asked Dana she said she didn’t know why Lily assumed we were sleeping together.” “You’re diddling your assistant? Man, that’s cliché and not cool when it comes to either woman.” “I’m not fucking her and never have. Why this happened in the first place is a mystery to me.” “How do I know you’re not lying?” “Because I was there. We were having a private meeting about the explosion when we heard the brawl out in the lobby,” Don informed the deputy. “Shit. I didn’t know. But last I heard she was safe; sad, but safe.” “Where is she?”

“Phoenix. She’s gone back to her hometown.” “Do you know anything else?” “Not really. She called me when she got a phone and let me know she had reached Phoenix safely. I haven’t talked to her in two weeks, though.” “Just so you know, I would never do anything to hurt her.” I walk out the door after snatching her number. I’m about to call her when my phone rings, it’s Duke. “What’s up, man?” “I’ve got something for you.” “Well, what is it?” “You know how I arrived in Phoenix yesterday? Well, as luck would have it, I ran into your woman, today. She was coming out of the DA’s office. I hurried up and followed her to the store then to an apartment complex.” “I’ll be down there today. Pick me up at the airport. I’m going to get my woman.” I call my uncle and ask for a massive favor. Three hours later, I’m on my way to Arizona. ~~~~ My heart breaks as I think about his lies. I let myself fall for a man I don’t even know, and no matter how much I want to forget that feeling, it keeps coming back. Bobby Cole helped me get out of town without saying a word to anyone except to verify my identity at the DMV. Then he was kind enough to take me to my truck which was at an impound lot out of town. After going to the Chase Bank, I was able to get access to my money. They reissued my cards on the spot which was really nice. Then I was gone. It’s been three weeks since I fled. At first, I didn’t know what I was going to do, but then the choice was easy. I needed to go see my mother’s grave. Driving back to Phoenix wasn’t a hard task, just painful. Thoughts of Trent and

Dana circled in my mind; however, his words of love tricked me every time I tried to push him out of my head. It’s almost Christmas and I’m alone. I drive to the cemetery again. I’ve been visiting my mother every day since I’ve been back because it’s the only solace I can find. Something is different today, though. I’m at my mother’s grave when I see this massive man in the distance. He’s in a suit, but too far away to make out his features. Still, for some reason, I think it’s Trent. I know it can’t be him because he doesn’t know where I am or probably doesn’t even care, but part of me wants it to be him. My eyes keep moving back to the man. He looks like he’s getting closer every time I look up, but I’m probably going crazy. I think I watch too many movies. I used to watch romance movies, but since my heart’s been shredded, I can’t so I’ve switched to horror. I feel him; I swear I do. I stand up but refuse to turn around. I can’t deal with the ache engulfing my soul. But he whispers my name, “Lily”, and I’m done. ~~~~ “I got a lead on her. She’s on her way to the cemetery. Apparently, it’s something she does every day,” Duke says as I get in his rental car. “How do you know that?” “I asked the young man that she lives with.” “What?!” “Yeah, she has a male roommate.” My blood is boiling. I’m suffering every minute for her and she’s with someone else. Not if I can help it. She’s mine. The entire drive I’m seething. I worry that I’m going to snap when I see her, but Duke and I have a plan in motion. She isn’t going back to the apartment, and that man may have to disappear if he’s touched what’s mine. Duke waits for me in the rental car while I walk to find my bunny. It

doesn’t take long to spot her; even from a distance, I’d know her anywhere. She looks up at me several times. Every time she does, my heart races. Lily is perfect. The moment I’m behind her she stands, but she doesn’t turn around. I don’t know why she left me, but I know whatever it is, I have to fix it. I need her. I call out for her and she turns. The tears are falling down her face, but I don’t know if those are because of me or her mother. My chance to ask disappears because she faints dead away. ~~~~ I wake up and know exactly where I am. I try to sit up, but my head spins. Trent is right by my side with a washcloth against my head. Then I realize that I’ve got the chills. “Lily, it looks like you’ve got the flu. The doctor said he’ll be here in a little while with the test results.” “How did I get here?” “I took you home on the plane, then in my truck.” “I want to go back.” I try to get up, but it’s useless because he pushes me down against the pillow. With his face just inches from me, he informs me, “You’re never going back there. You belong here, end of story. I don’t know why you ran from me in the first place.” “You’re a liar. How could you keep your lover around and sleep with me?” “For the record, I’ve never lied to you, not once. I told you I haven’t had sex in over six years. That’s the truth, and just in case you think Dana and I had something going on, she started working for me a little over a year ago.” “Then how does she know about the birthmark on your inner thigh?” I snip back at him. He pauses for a moment like he’s got a confession to make, but all he

does is shake his head. “Look, I don’t know how you can believe someone else over me, especially a stranger, but I don’t know how she knows that.” “Get some rest. Just so you know, I’m not letting you leave again. You believed I would keep you here when we first met. Well, guess what, sweetheart, your premonition has come to fruition.” He bends down and kisses my lips. I forget how angry and hurt I am the moment his lips hit mine. My heart’s dancing in my chest. I think about the last image I have of him that day. He had pulled Dana off me. His eyes never left mine and they were angry, but when I think about where his hands were on her, I picture him squeezing her in rage. His words hit me and I realize he wasn’t mad at me at the time. He was angry about what happened. I stop our kiss because I feel his love. He’s never given me a reason to doubt him, and everything he’s done has been all about making me happy. I look into his eyes and my tears start flowing. “Shit, Bunny. I didn’t mean to make you cry.” Even when he should be mad at me, he’s worried about my tears. “I’m sorry, Trent.” “Don’t apologize for crying. I’m sorry that I made you cry.” “It’s not that. It’s just you were holding onto her that day, and after what she said, everything felt like a lie.” “Bunny, I didn’t hold her because I wanted to touch her. I pulled her off of you. I swear I didn’t mean to keep touching her. I was looking at your beautiful but bruised face and I accidentally squeezed her too hard; I was so pissed. There was a moment when, I swear, I wanted to choke her for her lies.” “What did she say happened?” “She said you attacked her because you were jealous. Claiming you were crazy and had accused her of having an affair with me.” “I accused her!” I shout. “I didn’t believe it. I told her you knew about my past so there wasn’t any reason to believe her lies.”

“I didn’t believe her until she mentioned the birthmark.” “I don’t know how she knows about it. Really. I don’t think I’ve ever changed in my office for any reason. I think I need to check the stalls.” He pauses. “Oh shit, I remember. Hold on, love.” He stands up, runs to the door, opens it and shouts downstairs. “Ernie! Can you come here for a minute?” “Hold your horses, boy.” I hear her shout back, but I can hear the footsteps approaching. This beautiful, older woman walks in the room. She was his maid? The woman was hot. “Ernie, this is my Lily. Lily, this is my future aunt, Ernestine.” “Hello. You rushed me up here for an introduction?” “No, but before I ask you a damn question, I figure you two should meet.” “So, what’s so damn important? I was in the middle of baking some cookies.” “Do you remember what bathroom you caught Dana leaving that one day she showed up to pick up the file I asked you to get?” “The one right next to your study.” “Shit, I think there’s a camera in there.” He turns back to me in a panic and asks, “Did you use that bathroom at all?” “No. I didn’t.” “Thank God.” “I clean that bathroom once a week. She was here two months ago, but I didn’t see anything unless it’s hidden inside something in the room.” “I’ll be right back. Ernie, can you keep an eye on her?” “I’m not going anywhere, Trent.”

“Babe, before you left me, we damn near had the same conversation. Don’t test me because I’ll chase your running ass anywhere around the world.” “Okay.” He kisses me once and heads out the door. Ernestine and I look at each other and immediately, I’m nervous. “It’s so good to meet you, Lily. We’re going to be related soon, but I need to tell you something.” She gets really close and sits on the bed. “If you ever hurt him again, I won’t be so pleasant next time.” “I didn’t mean to hurt him. I really thought he was sleeping with his assistant.” “I know and that’s the reason you’re still breathing. I may argue and tease him, but I respect him and his character. He’s a good man, and he’s been searching like a mad man for you the past three weeks. He’s had more to drink since he first saw you than he’s ever done in the past.” “He’s been drinking?” “Yes, he’s been running around town looking for you but everyone has refused to give him answers, so he’s been drinking heavily at night. If you knew his family’s past, you’d understand why he doesn’t drink.” “He hasn’t really mentioned much of his past.” “Ask him about it. I’ve worked for him for many years and it took for his uncle to tell me many of the details, but you need to understand the reason he is the way he is.” “I will. Thank you, Ernestine.” She places her hand against my forehead like she’s checking my temperature. “Get some rest. I don’t know why you had a fever, but it seems to be gone now. Would you like some soup?” “I haven’t eaten at all today. That would be great.” “That could explain why you fainted.”

We can hear several people rushing up the stairs. In a panic, I almost jump off the bed, but it’s only Trent and two other men. He introduces me to a slightly older version of himself and to the doctor. It’s a male doctor, which is shocking because he was crazy serious about having a female doc look me over when I was at the hospital. “Miss Mason, I’m Dr. Cline. Mr. Davenport had me run some tests as soon as you arrived. It seems that you just have a mild illness that will clear itself up with rest and food. There’s another issue that I must discuss with you.” He turns to the others in the room and says, “If everyone can leave the room, please. It’s something I need to discuss with her alone.” Uncle John and Ernestine leave the room, but Trent stays put. The doctor gives him a look. “What?! I’m not going anywhere. Her health is everything to me.” Then the doctor looks back at me and asks for permission with a slight tilt of his head. I just nod my acceptance. “Lily, the test results reveal that you’re pregnant.” I don’t know what to say. I’ve thought about it since I left quite often but didn’t think it was possible. “But doctor, I don’t understand, I had my period two weeks ago.” Trent looks at me with a confused expression on his face. Does he think I’m pregnant from someone else? Does he know about Dane? “Was it heavy? How long did it last?” I know that answer easily because I was heartbroken when it came. I wanted to keep a part of Trent with me even if we couldn’t be together. “No. It was short and light.” “That can happen with some women. It’s not a cause for concern.” “What about the fainting?” Trent asks, looking nervously at the doctor. “That’s normal, too, especially if you skip meals.” “Do you have any questions?” the doctor asks. I’m sure I’ll have a billion of them, but right now my mind is blank. “Did you sleep with him?” I gasp at his words. They’re angry, cold and

painful to hear. I stare without saying anything because I don’t want to snap in front of the doctor. “Doctor, can you leave us for a moment?” “If you don’t need me, I have to get back to the hospital.” “That’s fine. Have a good day.” I wait until he walks out the door and closes it behind him before I look at Trent. I’m livid, but when I see his face the anger fades. He looks devastated. He doesn’t seem furious. Instead, he appears broken. “I want to punch you in the head right now.” “You want to punch me? I didn’t have sex with anyone else, but you gave yourself to another man.” “I’m trying not to get upset. Trent, I need some time alone.” “I need an answer.” “There’s been no one else. Now please leave me alone for a bit.” He pauses but does as I ask and leaves the room, closing the door behind him. My tears start immediately. He doubted his baby because I left. If I had stayed, we would be celebrating the news. Instead, I’m laying here miserable. I hate that he doubted me like I was some whore. ~~~~ I catch a hand to the back of my head. “Uncle John, what the fuck was that for?” I rub my head where he hit me and give him a dirty-ass look. “You essentially asked the woman you love if she’s having another man’s baby. Do you even understand how insulted she must feel?” “He’s right, Bert. That was a dumb move at a very wrong time.” “I didn’t mean to ask, but it just came out. I wanted to kick myself for it, but she paused and looked at me with guilt. My world just fell apart. Then I wanted to rip his head off.”

“Son, I get that you wanted to know, but don’t you think she’d tell you if she had?” “Like I said, I didn’t mean to ask, but I’ve thought about her going to bed with someone else in retaliation or just for comfort. She left me because she thought I was sleeping with my assistant. Now I know why she believed it. I have a birthmark that can only be seen when I’m naked so that bitch tried to prove she slept with me.” “Did you find the camera?” “I did. I didn’t remove it, though. I don’t want her to catch on, but from now on that bathroom isn’t to be used. I have to make some calls. Will you come get me if she asks for me before I finish my call?” “Yes. It’s going to be okay, Trent. She seems like a sweet girl who’s been broken by the family life that was ripped from her.” Ernie hugs me and I hope that I’ll be able to get things back to the way they were three weeks ago. “Thanks, Ernie.” I sit down in my study to call Duke, but the reality of her words hit me harder than my uncle. “There’s been no one else.” I’m going to be a father. My hopes, dreams, and fears are a giant ball in my gut right now. Panic and fear fill me up. I can’t even take care of my woman; how am I supposed to care for a baby. I don’t want to be my parents. I never want to fall into that trap. I turn to the restocked bar in my study and decide it’s getting tossed later. I’m determined to be the best father and husband I can be. Lily is going to be my wife and the mother of my children. I’ll call Duke later. I need to make things right with my bunny. Rushing out of my office, I almost collide right into her. My hands grip her waist to stop her fall and it feels incredible to hold my woman in my arms again. “I’m sorry, Lily.” “It’s my fault. I wasn’t looking where I was going.” “I was the one not looking where I was going, but that’s not why I said I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have asked you that. It was an asshole thing to do. I’m really sorry.”

“Let me ask you this. If I hadn’t left, would you have asked if I slept with someone else?” “Come in, Lily.” I pull her into the office and to the couch where I place her on my lap. “Love, I thought because you felt hurt by me that either you’d find someone else in revenge or to stop the pain. I’ve never doubted your love for me, even when you left. Hell, I felt it even more so then. Her words hurt you so much that you ran without waiting to hear what you thought would be the truth.” “I’m sorry I didn’t wait for you to explain. It was too painful to watch you touching her, believing you two had been much closer and according to her, it was on her desk.” “She’s going to pay big time for what she’s done. People like her are the reason I stayed away from others for so long. When I first met my uncle, I’d been swindled in the initial opportunity he gave to me by someone who claimed to be my friend. I felt like a dupe and ever since then, I’ve kept to myself.” “So that’s why you are the way you are? Was it a woman?” “No. I never let a woman close because I didn’t want to be my father.” “Why is that?” “Because…my father was an amazing, respectable, and wealthy young man who fell in love with a cleaning lady at his company.” I pause because I don’t like how they turned out, but I still love my parents. “She had been a recreational user of drugs. I didn’t learn about their meeting and the beginning of their life because they never spoke of it. He married her after he found out she was pregnant, but given that she used, she lost the baby. They stayed together because he loved her. She didn’t feel the same, but she cared for him. Ultimately, her drug use was more important to her and she slowly turned him into a user too. He lost everything due to his drug habit. They ended up having a falling out with my uncle because of it and never spoke to each other again.” I place my head on her chest because I have a hard time talking about my past. She slips her hands through my hair, caressing my scalp. I look up at her and the warmth in her eyes eases the past hurt. “By the time I was born, they were poor and living in a shitty part of

Portland. We moved all over the place because they couldn’t keep a job. Then one day, I was taken away from them; I was about six at the time. They had sobered up and found jobs so I was given back to them. That was when the continuous line of visitors started coming in and out of our apartment. All of a sudden I had nice clothes, food in my belly, and my parents’ love so I didn’t mind the strangers at first. It took several years for me to notice that they weren’t always the best of people. It wasn’t the scummy people that bothered me so much as the suits that randomly came to visit. I learned later that they were part of a drug ring. My parents were drug dealers and still using. This continued for four more years, then one day things changed. My parents were using hard again. They were using more than they were selling and there was hell to pay. They were killed while I was in school.” “Oh, Trent. I…oh my…it’s so awful.” “The funeral was paid for by some supposed friends, but I knew it was their drug suppliers. The thing was I didn’t know who had done it. Was it one of the many that came strolling through our house, sitting at our table having dinner with us and bringing me toys? It’s the reason I don’t deal with people if I don’t have to.” “Damn, I’m sorry, Trent. I thought my childhood sucked.” She grabs my face in her hands, and looks me deep in the eyes before, declaring, “We’re going to give our baby a great childhood. I won’t accept anything less. Will you?” “I won’t either.” “Which means you’re going to have to let people in.” “Yes, I guess so. As long as you’re by my side, I can tolerate strangers.” “Are you happy about the baby?” “Of course, I’m happy about our baby. I’m sorry I didn’t act that way upstairs. I just jumped straight to the guy you lived with.” “How do you know about Dane?” “One of my friends, who happens to work for a security company, was in Phoenix and he spotted you. He called me just after I had talked to Bobby Cole and kept an eye on you until I got there. On my way to the cemetery, he told me

about the roommate. Something we need to talk about. Am I going to have to kill him for putting his hands on you at all?” “He didn’t touch me. Dane is a good man and definitely not interested in me. He’s into guys.” “Oh…” “Yes, but I really should call him. He’s going to freak when I don’t come back. We grew up together, and he’s one of my oldest friends.” “Do you want to call him now?” “Please. I don’t want him to worry.” “He’s close to you?” “Yes, his family disowned him when he came out.” We go up to the bedroom so she can grab her phone. Sitting together on the bed, I wrap my arms around her while she makes the call and puts it on speaker; I guess trying to prove their relationship to me. I appreciate it, but it’s not necessary. I shake my head, and in a gesture of trust, I take it off speakerphone. I stare and listen as she talks to her friend. She’s emotional, but it’s a positive emotional. I realize that they were planning to spend Christmas together. I can hear she’s feeling guilty about leaving him all alone, so I make a suggestion. They hang up after getting the plans together, and now, he’s coming to my home in two days for Christmas.

Chapter 9 It’s Christmas Eve and my house is going to be full tonight. On my fiancée’s behalf, I agreed to have a small Christmas Party with some of the men I already know and their family friends. Duke is coming and he said he is bringing a guest. “Bunny, how are you feeling?” “I’m feeling wonderful. Thanks for making me go out with Ernestine and John to get a dress. I feel pretty.” She spins saucily in a circle, giving me a show of her luscious thighs. She’s smiling at me and I’m so fucking happy. I think it’s time. I want to present her as my fiancée with a ring on her finger. “You look sexy, and I’m going to pop someone in the mouth if they hit on you.” “They’re your friends!” she replies in surprise with a giggle. “They’re men, and they already flirted with you according to Cole.” “OMG. You invited those idiots from the grocery store?” “Those happen to be the ones who join Don and me for poker.” “Oh, well. Bobby told me that they were only playing and are beyond competitive.” “They are. Whatever there is to compete about, they do it.” “It’s funny, there was one that wasn’t really flirting with me. He seemed uninterested.” “Which one?” “Beats me, I don’t really remember much about him other than he was the blonde one in the bunch.” “Oh, you mean, Devin. He’s always been very quiet during poker. Enough talking about other men. I think you look fabulous, but you’re missing one thing,” I say softly before I drop down to one knee. Her eyes open wide and

her smile is so big that any nerves I have fade away. “Lily, my beautiful snow bunny. You’ve given me your heart and you have mine. I love you so much; you’re all I think about. Will you marry me?” There was a knock at the door. Fate hated me. “Go away!” we both shout out. “Okay, okay. I just wanted to let you know Duke is on his way with the others.” “Fine. Now, go away,” I shout. I need an answer and no more interruptions. “Before we get interrupted again, yes. Yes, I love you and I want to be your wife.” I slip the custom-made ring I picked up a week after she left me onto her finger. Then I’m up on my feet, sliding my arms around her waist and picking her up. My mouth is on her before I carry her to our bed. I plan on leaving my mark on her in other ways. I want everyone to understand she’s mine. Like a territorial animal, I’m going to leave my scent all over and my seed inside her. She squeals and protests. “They’re going to be here soon.” “Bunny, they have to come from the airport in Portland first. That’s a drive, baby. We’ve got time,” I growl in her ear. “You’re mine.” “But I won’t have time to shower before they all arrive.” I give her a wicked smirk. “That’s the plan. I want me all over you tonight. I want everyone to know you belong to me.” “I think the ring and the fiancée title might prove that, but if you feel the need to satisfy me, I’m more than willing,” she purrs, sliding her leg along my hard cock. I let out an animalistic howl before I go to work tasting her neck. Nibbling and sucking, I mark her beating pulse with my teeth. Lily moans out, “Let me take off my dress. I don’t want it wrinkled.” I let her up, but only enough for me to lift her dress off her and toss it

onto the chair. “Skills,” she cheers at my perfect landing. “I’ve got other skills I want to practice on you.” “Please do. I think your oral skills can use a refresher course.” “You’ve read my mind, Bunny.” I part her thighs and move in between them. I’m glad she has her lacy panties on, but I tear them off because I’m not waiting. Before she can protest, my mouth is latched onto her sweet pussy. I’ve got her clit throbbing as my tongue presses hard against it. She moans and her juices pump out of her slit. I need more. Her scent is as intoxicating as ever. I feel like I can’t get enough of her, so my hands join the assault on her pussy. I’m so close to coming. Fuck…I’m already getting pre-cum on my boxers. I press my thumb against her protruding pleasure center, sending shivers through her. I groan because I don’t think I can hold on. Thoughts of my scent all over her in front of other men is too tempting. My aching cock is begging for release. I slip two fingers into her overly stimulated pussy and it sends her over. She cries out, “Trent,” over and over again. I stand up, letting her ride it out while I undo my pants. Slipping my dick out, I sink into home in one motion. I don’t give a fuck that I still have my clothes on; I’m way past giving a shit. I need to come inside her. When I enter her, she’s still as hungry as she was and she cries out for more. “Trent, harder. I’m going to come again.” “Fuck, Lily. Make it quick. I’m going to come, too.” I reach down between her body, thrusting up at an angle and press my hand on her mound with my thumb teasing her clit. Fuck. I feel my balls tighten; sweat is dripping down my spine. I lean over and take her nipple and suck hard. I feel her pussy contract and pull my seed into her. I’m coming hard, letting out a low roar of satisfaction. I collapse on top of her, forgetting about my little man in there. It hits me and I try to get up, but she doesn’t let me. “Don’t get up yet. It feels so good to have your strength wrapped around me.”

“What about the baby?” I ask in a panic. “Says the man that was just pounding into my pussy, trying to break shit.” “Damn, I didn’t think of it.” “Calm down. As long as I’m fine, the baby will be too. It’s probably only a dot at this point. It’s safe inside me.” “You’re having my baby.” I feel like I can conquer anything right now; I’m so damn happy. “Fuck. I love you, Bunny.” “I love you, Trent. But you’ve got to get off me now.” “I’m hurting you?” I question, rolling off her and onto my back. “No, I’ve got to pee.” I try not to laugh, but the serious look on her face is hysterical. “Keep laughing. Soon I’ll be having to pee every two minutes and be puking my guts out.” “Oh no, no throwing up.” I’m seriously not cool with the vomiting. It’s a trigger of mine. I don’t know how I’m going to handle it. “I don’t think there’s much I can do to stop it. I’ll try to rush out as soon as I feel sick. Hopefully, it’ll be when you’re at work.” “No, that won’t be good. Who’s going to be here to take care of you?” “It’s not that big of a deal.” “It is to me.” “Why?” she asks before getting out of bed. I get out of bed and start taking off my ruined clothes. Although I want her to smell like me, I don’t want to smell like her. I don’t want them to know how incredible her scent is. Slipping on a clean dress shirt, green V-neck sweater, and clean pair of

jeans, I join her in the bathroom. She’s washing her face. I stand there and watch. I don’t think she knows how beautiful she is to me. The thought of her being sick brings painful memories to the surface. I lean against the counter to look at her. She dries her face, then returns my gaze. “When I was ten my mother almost died in front of me. She’d been spending a special Sunday afternoon with me. It was one of the best days of my life. She was so affectionate; everything that a mother should be. Then my father came home with one of the men that was always at our house and they all walked into the kitchen. It was taking longer than I was patient enough to wait for, so I went to the door and heard the tell-tale signs of snorting coke. Once she stood up, she lost control of her body. My mom started vomiting everywhere, then practically foaming at the mouth. I rushed through the door because I didn’t care if they saw me; she needed me. I grabbed the towel that hung on the stove handle and wiped her face, but she was still being sick, and I begged my dad to make it better. He couldn’t because he was so fucked up too. He was panicking, but the other guy called someone. Then he took my mother in a car with my dad.” She moves in between my legs and presses her hand to my chest, comforting and calming me. Her touch has that effect every time. “It was the last good day I had with her. She got home later that night and was back to normal the next morning. Two days later, I came home from school and my parents were dead.” “I’m not going to leave you. What’s going to happen is from our love and will go away in time. Kiss me, Trent.” I kiss her like my life depends on it. She’s my world and I never want to lose her. She slides her hands into to my hair, tugging and pulling, hungrily demanding more. I lift her up so her ass is on the counter and her thighs are wrapped around my waist. “Lily, you keep kissing me like that and you’re going to get fucked again.” “I really could use a shower,” she hints. I remember that we’ve never showered together like we had planned. I set her back down while I run the

water for her. “Tonight we’ll share this together, but right now, I know it’ll take longer than we have. I’m going to fuck you until the hot water runs out, and just so you know, I have a tank big enough to heat the water for the five showers in this house. So go and freshen up for now.” “That sounds like a challenge, Mr. Davenport. A challenge I eagerly accept. Tonight.” She enters the stall with a sway to her hips. I take in her sexy, round, pink bottom and know she’s going to get it for trying to torment me.

Chapter 10 I have my talk with Duke about the camera and the information I need from him after he gets settled in. I’m still in shock that Duke has brought a woman with him. She’s a wannabe lawyer in college, I think. He met Melody at the DA’s office, but if he has his way she won’t be in school for long. He’s more than interested in her but claims that they’re not together, yet. The way he looked at her when he introduced her to me was as bad as me introducing Bunny to anyone—the look is pure territorial. “So, please, tell me you got a chance to talk to Jerry Kroll,” I plead, dropping down on my office sofa. He nods. “I did and the DA is working to find a legal way to get the evidence I gathered. It shouldn’t be long because Kroll has agreed to a plea deal if they can nail Mason as well.” “Did Kroll tell you what happened with her mother?” “Yeah. He gave a sworn statement and as an agent for the victim’s family, I was able to listen in. He claimed that the former maid, now Mason’s wife, was the one to make the initial contact. She wanted Mrs. Mason out of their lives. After several meetings with her and once with Mason, he made the final deal. For the hit, he would receive shares in the company, along with a hefty signing bonus. The thing is, he never worked for the company. It was all on paper, but no one was any bit the wiser because Kroll supposedly worked in a small satellite office. It was all bullshit, but no one caught on because he quit after a year, and with all the commotion about the horrific death, his leaving wasn’t a big deal.” “What a fucking prick. Do you know why they did it that day?” “Yeah, after looking at your woman’s ID when you were looking for her, I noticed the date. It’s insane, so I asked. He said that Ted Mason wanted to cause his daughter as much grief as he could. That way she’d never want to celebrate a birthday again. According to Kroll, it gets worse. Mason didn’t just want his wife dead.” “Don’t tell me what I think you’re going to say because I’m already ready to murder that man.”

“It’s true. He wanted her to be with her mother and to meet the same fate, but Kroll refused. He didn’t kill kids so that was out of the question. Then after the wife’s death, there was too much heat on him to have his daughter killed.” ~~~~ I run straight from the room out into the hallway and try to absorb what Duke just revealed. I toss my head back against the door to our bedroom. I want to cry, but then Trent will freak out and our other guests will be arriving soon. I wipe the few tears that have fallen without my permission and sneak into our room to wash my face. After refreshing my makeup, I go out to see what Dane is up to. Since Trent is busy, I might as well catch up with Dane. He arrived while I was in the shower so I haven’t had a chance to see him yet. I walk up to his room and knock on the door. Dane opens it with a goofy ass grin on his face. “Hey, beautiful, come in. I love your man’s pimp old castle.” “It’s not a castle.” I roll my eyes. “It’s freaking huge, old, and dark. It’s cool, and damn is that man goodlooking. Why don’t you have any of them like that, that swing my way? I can definitely use a big, powerful beast-man like either your man or his beefy right hand man, Duke.” “Maybe they have a friend.” “Let’s hope they do.” “Come on, I hear someone knocking.” “Crazy how the sound echoes. He doesn’t need a doorbell at all.” We go downstairs and I see Trent answering the door for the four jackasses that flirted with me at the store. He welcomes them by name which is good because I don’t remember if they told me their names that day. They say what’s up to Trent, but spot us on the steps. All of them stare at me, well, almost all. Colt, the biggest man of them all, has a look about him. It’s a lost in love look I get from Trent and it’s aimed at my dear friend standing next to me. I turn

back to Dane and he too is struck dumb by Colt. I look back at Colt, but he’s looking back at Trent, who’s growling at the men. “Hey, jackasses. That’s my woman. Go find your own.” “Not Devin, we need to find him a man.” “Fuck off, asshole,” Devin hisses, giving Joe a shove. From what Trent’s told me, Joe and Devin are brothers and Colt and Elijah are cousins. They’re all handsome men, but none of them compare to my Trent. “Oh, there she is. Lovely Lily, how did you capture this beast,” Colt asks, reaching me before everyone else. Trent is looking pissed and pulls me from his arms. I get why Colt approached; he wants to get to know Dane. “Hi. Colt, right?” “Yes, pretty lady.” “This is my longtime friend, Dane.” “Dane, this is Colt and the rest of Trent’s friends: Devin, Joe, and Elijah.” “Hey, fellas.” Dane may be gay, but you wouldn’t know right away. He doesn’t have that effeminate quality that a lot of men do and he likes doing “guy” things. I don’t know if any of Trent’s friends are homophobic or not, but I don’t want any tension today. I need Trent to see people can be good to have around. Ernie and I invited several people that Trent knows and some of their family. Bobby Cole is coming with his girlfriend, along with Elijah’s two sisters. All of them are best friends so it won’t be so awkward with a bunch of people that don’t know each other. “Damn, it smells good in here. Trent, did Ernestine cook?” “Yes, but my bunny did too. That’s the freaking juicy ham you smell.” I know he snuck some while I was in the shower. I smell it on his breath, the sneaky man. “Is it juicy, Trent?” I ask him, calling him out for eating it.

He tightens his hold on me and whispers in my ear, “Not as sweet and juicy as you.” Instantly, my panties are soaked. I whisper a dirty reply, “Especially right now.” His eyes open wide before he lets out a growl. “So lovebirds, is there anything to drink or eat in this place?” “Sure, boys. Let’s go into the living room.” Just as we’re pouring drinks, there’s a knock and Ernie brings the rest of the party in. Cole, his woman, and Elijah’s sisters come in. The party gets louder, but it’s more fun. Trent never leaves my side, always holding on to me at all times. After a while, I realize it’s his coping mechanism and he’s not caring for this at all. “Trent, love. How are you doing?” “I’m great.” “Don’t lie to me, Trent. You’ve got a super grip on me.” “Am I bothering you?” “Not at all. It’s just I want you to socialize.” “I am. I just don’t like these bastards flirting with you.” He kisses me in a show of male dominance to all those around, then moves off to talk to Elijah, who is looking pissed off. I follow his eyes and they’re on Joe and his younger sister, Melody. There’s something brewing between those two. I walk up to Colt and catch Trent eyeing me. He thinks Colt wants me. He’s so damn blind, the poor man. “Colt, you’ve got yourself in trouble.” “What did I do?” I can see he’s panicking. “Trent thinks you want me.” “I was only fucking with him.”

“I know that, but he’s really territorial when it comes to me.” “I won’t do it anymore. Uh-oh, here he comes now.” I turn around and Trent is coming our way, looking angry. “Colt, I’m going to tell you only one time. Don’t flirt with my woman— ever.” “Trent, relax. He’s only messing with you.” “I don’t give a shit. I’ll knock anyone out for trying to take you away from me.” “Trent, may I have a word with you?” I don’t wait for him to answer. I drag him into his study. Once I close the door, I give him a piece of my mind. “Damn it, Trent. No one is going to take me away from you.” “Good to know. So I’m not going to get to kick Colt’s ass?” “No, you’re not.” “Fine, but if he keeps it up, I’m going to drop kick his ass.” “I love you, Trent, but you’re a possessive beast.” “Get used to it, love. It’s never going away.” “I can live with that.” We enter the room and everyone is smiling and happy. Joining the conversation, I watch Trent come to life, laughing heartily and it makes me grin. We all sit down to a chaotic dinner. The sensual tension between Colt and Dane is building, but I’m the only one to pick it up. Two hours later, the party is over and everyone but Ernie, John, Duke, Melody, and Dane go home. As we say goodbye to the last of the guests, Trent looks over to me and says, “Thanks for making me do this. It’s been a wonderful night.” “No problem. Despite the constant competition, your friends are very entertaining. Now, what do you say we go to bed and you spend the night entertaining me.”

“Lily, that sounds like a fantastic end to our night.” He carries me up the stairs because he’s feeling very beastly tonight and instead of taking me to the bed, we head to the shower. Setting me on my feet, he fixes the temperature and demands, “Strip.” I raise my brow but do as he requests—very slowly. Sliding the straps down my arm, I watch his eyes follow my movement while he licks his lips. I’m taking too long because he’s already naked with his cock pointing proudly at me. “Lily, now, or I’m going to do it for you and the clothes won’t survive.” ~~~~ She thinks she’s fucking funny, but she’s going to pay for taking her sweet time and then trying to get away from me like I’m not going to get her in the shower. I ought to spank her ass for running in a wet shower; she could’ve fallen. Going in after her quickly scares her sexy ass, and she lets out a squeal. I pin her to the wall because I need to feel the touch of her skin on mine. She lets out a moan as my cock presses in between her ass cheeks. The pleasure feels intense. The water’s hitting us from all angles and I go for her neck. Pushing her hair to the side, I lick her pulse, suck some of the water off before I darken the mark I made the other day. I tug on her hair, turning her head so I’ve got access to her soft, parted lips. She lets out a sigh then licks enticingly, asking for me to take them. I kiss her roughly because I want her so damn much. Turning her around, I push her back against the wall and part her thighs. I’m too horny for any more foreplay and my bunny is on the same page. Her hips are grinding her mound on my hard shaft. Lifting her, I line my cock up with her entrance and impale her sweet, hot pussy. We both cry out and I’m so close, but my Lily’s got me beat. She’s coming and coming hard. “Trent! Trent! Trent!” she cries out my name. It’s the only catalyst I need. Giving her two long strokes, I’m emptying my load.

Chapter 11 Christmas day is a quiet one. We all spend the day together cooking, eating, watching the requisite Christmas movies— It’s a Wonderful Life and Scrooged. We tease Trent saying that he’s Scrooge, but he just laughs us off. “Yep, and I didn’t need the Christmas Spirits to change my ways; I just needed my bunny.” I melt at his words because as corny as they sound, I know that he truly means them. I can’t wait to marry him. He says he wants to marry on New Year’s Eve. I like the idea, but I don’t know how we’re going to pull it off. There’s so much to do and businesses are working on holiday hours. Of course, he reassures me that it is going to happen, giving me that hard, stern look of determination, but I still have doubts. I don’t tell him that I ran into my evil stepmother on Christmas Eve. She was cruel as usual, but I dismissed her. Finding Trent has made me stronger than I’ve ever been. Our meeting was brief, but she left me with a veiled threat. I didn’t care what she had to say so I walked away like I had something to threaten her with myself— because now I have. I’m glad I found out about my mother’s murder after I saw her because I might have beaten that scandalous, evil whore to death. I want revenge for my mother. She didn’t do anything but fall in love with the wrong man. He destroyed her to marry his pregnant mistress. I knock on the study door, knowing he’s talking with Duke and I want them to tell me what’s going on. He walks to the door and instead of letting me in, he holds the door partially open. “Bunny, can’t this wait?” he asks anxiously. “No, it can’t,” I respond, pushing my way into the room. I look back and forth between the two. “Listen, I overheard you on Christmas Eve. I know about my mother’s death. What I want to know is what you’re going to do about it?” “At the moment, we’re working on nailing them on the explosion.” “So you know it wasn’t an accident then?” I take a deep breath and absorb what I have been silently thinking. His threats about Trent had been serious. If I wasn’t going to be useful for him, I was a waste of space.

“Yes. I contacted the gas company and they had been out the week prior. It wasn’t the day you knocked on my door.” “But I saw the guy and his credentials!” I’m dumbfounded. They planned it all out. I was destined to be their next victim. “They hired that man to come in and supposedly inspect the line and the gas hookups in the kitchen. He was fired from the gas company six months ago, but he stole the credentials of another employee. With the help of Mason, his wife, and some acquaintances they pulled off the explosion.” “I want him to pay. Can I kill him myself? “No, you can’t. I won’t lose you to prison for that scum.” “I hate him.” There’s a knock at the door. Trent opens it to Duke’s lady friend, Miranda. “What’s the matter, doll?” “I told you not to call me that,” she hisses at Duke. I love the tension between them. It’s so obvious they’re attracted to each other. Hell, she came here with him. They make such a cute couple. “I heard ya, but I don’t care.” “Whatever. I came in here to tell you that the DA just called me.” She looks at Trent asking for permission to say what she has learned. He gives her a nod. I’m feeling real fucking jealous at the simple but familiar gesture they share. I snarl which Trent notices and gives me a cocky grin. He slides his hands around my waist and moves us to the sofa, refusing to let me sit beside him. Instead, I’m on his lap. He gives my tummy a rub then whispers in my ear, “I don’t want anyone else. Your jealousy is cute but unnecessary. I’m never going to mess with another person again. You’re mine and I’m yours.” He seals his words with a kiss. I moan, forgetting that we aren’t alone. “Are you two done?” Duke asks with a chuckle. Flushed with embarrassment I nod, but I still wiggle on Trent’s stiff bulge.

“The DA told me that your father will be arrested tomorrow morning along with his wife. They are being charged with the murder of your mother and conspiracy to commit murder.” “They found a way to get the evidence?” Duke asks. “Yes. Kroll wants his deal, so he called Ted and Dora Mason. He told them that a private detective knows all about the fake employment and hit. He gave up all the evidence they needed to open his books and incriminate all of them.” “What will happen to my brothers?” I ask out of curiosity. I don’t want anyone interrupting my happiness and as much as I care for my brothers, I don’t want to raise my mother’s reason for being killed. It sounds selfish, but I don’t give a shit. “They’ll be put in foster care until a family member takes them in.” “Oh, okay.” Trent gives me a squeeze, then asks, “Why babe? Do you want us to take them in?” “No, they love their parents. Once they find out how this all went down, they’re going to hate me. We got along, but their mother would always blame me for her drinking so we had a strained relationship.” “Okay, Bunny. If that’s what you want, I’m more than fine with it.” I know he is. He’s just opening up to acquaintances; I know he doesn’t want kids who have a reason to hate us being here. He’d be panicking for my safety. ~~~~ I get a call the next morning after the arrest is made and I do a happy dance. Now it’s time to tell my lovely Lily the news. I run into our bedroom and she’s not in our bed. Then I hear a sound of vomiting. Shit. No. Panic sets in and I’m afraid she’s going to die. I rush to the door, throw it open and see her washing her face. The look of fear is so strong that she knows what I’m thinking and rushes up to me, hugging me tight. “Trent, I’m okay. I told you I would be. The reasons for me vomiting and

your mother are two different things. I’m having your baby. She was using drugs. I’m sorry it scares you, but it’s going to be over soon.” “Not soon enough,” I snarl, hugging her back tightly. “Promise me you’re going to be alright.” “Trent, love of my life, father of my baby and keeper of my soul, I’m going to be alright.” We stay like this for a few minutes because I need to feel my heartbeat go back into place and calm the fuck down. “Trent…” she mutters. I pull back and look down at her. “Are you alright? You came rushing up here. Did something happen or was I that loud?” “Oh, I came up here before I left for the office because they’ve arrested them.” She jumps out of my arms practically dancing. “Yay!! Oops. I shouldn’t say that. It’s not nice.” She covers her mouth in embarrassment. “Bunny, are you nuts? It’s perfectly fine to dance around the house and shout out in happiness about it.” “Well, now that we got those pieces of shit, what about that bitch you worked with.” “I don’t know yet. Duke got the information and we can nail her about the spying, but we want to get her on more. I want to stay with you, but I have to go into the office to work today. Are you okay to stick around here?” “Yeah, we have a houseful of guests.” “Don’t do too much. Just focus on feeling better and taking care of my baby.” I grab my woman in my arms. “I’ll be good. Trust me. I’m planning on being lazy and letting everyone cater to me…” she sighs. I laugh, but I’m going to check with the guests before I leave because I know she’s going to try and be the perfect hostess she’s been since our first guests arrived.

~~~~ When I arrive at my office, Bobby Cole’s waiting for me along with Sheriff Tanner. “Hello, gentlemen. Come into the conference room. My security liaison is examining my office for any listening or video devices.” With a tilt of his head, the sheriff asks, “Do you think that someone planted them in there?” “I don’t know, Sheriff, but I’d rather be safe than sorry.” I walk them into the conference room. Thankfully, one of my other female employees came and made coffee. I’m glad Sharon stepped up. She’s a married mother of two, and like good mothers, she knows how to get shit done. “Thanks for your help, Sharon,” I say before she walks out the door. Turning she gives me a genuine smile. “No problem. I make coffee in the lunchroom every day. I added some treats. Happy holidays!” She leaves the room and closes the door for us. “So, what’s the reason you called us over?” Sheriff Tanner asks. “Bobby, you remember why Lily ran from me?” “Yeah, because your old assistant told her you two were having an affair.” “Yep. Lily didn’t believe her until she mentioned a birthmark I have near my cock. I didn’t know how she knew about it because I’ve never done anything with her, and I don’t change in my office so it’s not like she could’ve walked in on me. Well, my former maid told me that she used the bathroom by my study when she came to pick up a file I needed. We checked out the bathroom and found a camera. We didn’t remove it because I don’t want her to find out and remove it from her computer. According to my security liaison, she’s still viewing the feed.” The Sheriff’s thinking about what I revealed. Then he mentions, “But if no one’s using it then she may stop viewing it before we nail her for it.” I chuckle. “Oh, Duke’s used it. He made sure to hide his dick from the camera’s view and all she got was a view of his abs, but he worked it so well she

will continue to watch.” Both give a silent nod of approval. “Good. Since the camera’s in your home, we can access the feed with your permission. We’ll get her.” “Thanks. I don’t want that crazy bitch anywhere near my fiancée.” “Is your security guy the same one who got her parents?” Tanner asks. “Yep. He’s great at what he does.” Duke is a beast. He’s an integral part of MDM Secure and leaving me tomorrow to get back to Seattle. “Seriously, he solved two cases in the same week. We need someone like that working for us.” I shake my head because there’s no way they could use evidence the way Duke gets it. “No, you’re limited to your resources and official restrictions.” “I think I might have to change careers,” Bobby replies, Tanner giving him a raised brow and glare. I laugh because he’s going to get in trouble when he leaves. I can’t wait to finish my day so I can go home and worship my Lily and whisper my love to our baby.

Epilogue Life is good. I can’t believe how fast a year’s gone by. It’s almost Christmas and my wife is holding our son in her arms while I add the final touches to the tree. This year’s celebration is going to be much bigger than last years because several of our friends had babies. I’m about to have a cousin after all these years. It seems Ernestine wasn’t as infertile as she thought and my uncle couldn’t be more ecstatic. They’re getting a late start on a family, but we’re all happy about it. Although, little Trent will be older than my cousin. I climb down from the ladder in time for my snow bunny in all white to hand me my little man and rush from the room. “I’ll be right back.” I hear her go into the bathroom down the hall and then the tell-tale signs of vomiting. I hurry over to her because my fear of losing her will always be with me, but I’ve calmed down. It took until she was almost done with the morning sickness for me to learn to handle it. I walk back to the living room and set my son in his bouncer, strap him in, and head over to help my wife. “Bunny, are you okay?” “I think I ate something that wasn’t right. It could’ve been the mozzarella cheese sticks. They didn’t taste good to me.” “I thought they tasted freaking delicious. Maybe, I managed to fuck another baby into you?” Her eyes open wide. “I haven’t gotten my period yet, but since I’m breastfeeding, I thought it was possible.” “Wow, if we are, it’s awfully soon. Maybe I should have taken some precautions.” “If you put a condom on again, I’ll throat punch your ass. I hate the smell of the latex. I told you that.” “Well then, it’s your fault if you’re knocked up again.” “It’s your fault, anyway.”

“Do you care to explain your rationale, wife?” “Yes, well…if you hadn’t been so sexy and refused to let me leave the house during all this bad weather, I wouldn’t have been aching for your return home every day. I wouldn’t have been ready to strip you bare the moment you walked in the door. You’ve turned me into a lust-crazed woman.” “I don’t see that as being a problem. I love keeping you trapped inside, lust-crazed and ready to assault me when I get home. So, no need to make any changes on that front. Besides, I love watching you grow with my baby. My baby. Damn. I hope you are.” “You can’t stop smiling, can you?” “Of course not. I have my wife by my side, and a handsome son, and hopefully, another one on the way. Life’s perfect. Well, almost perfect.” “What would make it perfect?” “If Trent takes a nap so I can seduce you into riding my cock until we both can’t stand.” “I think he’s due for a nap.” She winks and leaves the bathroom to check on our son. The little man is passed out in his bouncer. I chuckle, which startles him a little in his sleep. “Shit,” I groan. I thought he was going to wake up, but he doesn’t. So I grab my wife’s hand and drag her into my study. “Wait, where’s the monitor?” I’m usually the paranoid one, but right now, I couldn’t give a shit. I know he’s safe. Pulling her to my chest, I press my dick against her heat. “No need for a monitor. We can hear him from here. Now let’s get you naked and celebrate.” The End…for now…

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