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coconut grove

Cultural Arts Center In an attempt to merge the two communities, I becameinspired by the idea of a “helping hand.� The design resembles a hand reaching out from each end joining forces at the site. The bond serves likea hook to anchor them together & creates a balance like that of the ancient chinese daoist ying yang symbol. The design also captures the concept of a binuclear system, two spheres interacting within one space.

This design transcends the message of community involvement and unity, a critical aspect of the program for the cultural arts center. The design consists of a radial approach with a curved facade and a rectilinear backside. the idea of engaging the corner instead of leaving it as a static cross activates the site. inspiration was derived from frank gehry’s dance house in praguE. to further develop the initial idea, geometry was incorporated by means of the golden ratio. the proportions were applied to produce various design proposals.

Miami Dade Honors College Undergraduate Work  

This composite of work consists of the projects I completed within Design 1 through 4.

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