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33 OCTOBER 2015

Mophie H2pro

Moshi Urbana

Reserve Strap

Not all of us use our iPhones from the safety of dry land or an office. The Mophie H20PRO is 100 percent waterproof with military standard durability and the integrated 2750mAh rechargeable lithiumion polymer delivers an extra 100 percent of battery life to your iPhone so you can stay connected when you’re out and about.

Notebook bags used to be very boring and utilitarian. But that’s changed in recent years and Moshi is getting in on the act. The computer bags in its Urbana range are stylish and functional. Comprising two designs, the range includes the Urbana Mini for smaller devices and the Urbana Briefcase suited for notebooks up to 15in in size.

Mophie US$129.95

Moshi from $149.99

The Reserve Strap for Apple Watch looks chic and stylish, but contains a battery in the strap that gives an additional 30 hours of Apple Watch use. When it does need some extra juice, you can recharge it via a Micro USB. Plus, the thermoset elastomer silicone band has the same level of water resistance as the Apple Watch itself – consider it like a Sport band, but kicked up a notch. Reserve Strap US$250

Spire The wearables market is essentially made up of devices that count your steps, assess your activity or let you know when you’re not moving enough. All of these devices track movement, but they don’t track your breathing. Spire is a small device that you clip onto your belt or bra, and it detects your inhalations and exhalations. This data gets sent to your iOS device, which provides insights into how you inspire. Spire is a unique tool for monitoring one part of your health that other wearables ignore. By monitoring your breathing, Spire can help you better manage your stress levels. Spire US$149.95

Velvetwire Powerline Velvetwire was founded by a husband and wife team, who learned how crucial it was to have power adapters that didn’t drain the boat’s battery while on an around-the-world sailing trip. They make the Powerslayer line of chargers, as well as nautically inspired $30 Powerline Lightning cables. The cables are nice and thick and the braided jacketing makes them easy to coil. Velvetwire / from US$20 /

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