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A number of features have disappeared, too. The Help mentions only one of these: you can no longer save a presentation as a movie (you can work around this by using screen-recording software such as ScreenFlow; In addition, you can no longer save your presentation as a series of images, broadcast your slides live using the PowerPoint Broadcast Service, compare two versions of a presentation or use the Scrapbook to store and reuse text and graphics snippets. Macworld’s review of PowerPoint 2011 ( lamented the absence of features found in the Windows version, such as the capability to adjust the starting and ending points of movies, sounds that play in the background across slides, and an advanced timeline for editing a slide’s animations in a graphical format. Those features are still absent in PowerPoint 2016 for Mac. Other

Windows-only features are embedding YouTube videos; trimming, bookmarking and fading audio; customisable keyboard shortcuts; animation triggers (animating an object when you click it); inserting online pictures from within PowerPoint; and embedding fonts in your presentation (for proper display on computers without the same fonts). Bottom line. For Mac users, the more apt question is how PowerPoint stacks up against Apple’s free Keynote app. When I reviewed Keynote 6.0, I complained about features that had been lost in its most recent overhaul. Since then (it’s now up to version 6.5.3), some of those features have been restored, and its reliability has improved. I now consider the two apps equivalent in usability, overall power and likability. However, each has features the other lacks, so your choice will depend on which features are most important to you (and which ecosystem – OneDrive/Office

365 or iCloud/iWork – you feel most comfortable in). For example, PowerPoint has nothing like Keynote’s signature Magic Move transition, its tables lack Keynote’s extensive spreadsheet capabilities, and Keynote (still) lets you trim audio and video and save your presentation as a movie or series of graphics. On the other hand, PowerPoint offers easier and more flexible path animation, the fabulously useful Arrange Reorder Overlapping Objects command (for a 3D view of all the objects on a slide) and the option to play presentations in a separate window (which is especially useful when giving remote presentations using an app such as Skype). PowerPoint 2016 for Mac is, as I say, pleasant to use, not to mention powerful. If it had feature parity with the Windows version, support for Dropbox and iCloud, and a Magic Move-like transition, it would be nearly perfect – and I’d love to see that happen. C




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