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by Nikky Yu Montesclaros & KyungIl Hong



Assuming our research involves the target of women from 19-35 years old, and with all considerations of Mango’s postioning as a high fashion brand origianlly from Spain at a cheaper price, we’ve come up with our own insights.

SUMMARY -Mango is already a known brand but we want to develop better marketing for their identity -The advantage of mango is that it has really good design and use of material; stylish and has more of a proffessional/luxurious vibe. -We want to develop “love branding” for mango. not necessarily buying mango as a brand but to give out a specialty and exclusivity with the products. -We want the consumers to feel like they can only get the quality and style of products in mango and nowhere else.



APPLE (FRUIT) the temptation of Adam and Eve from the Bible APPLE (BRAND) think different. the pioneers of creative innovation MANGO (FRUIT) exotic fruit, delicious,imported, expensive MANGO (BRAND) elegant, classic, sexy, style, glamour, high-fashion

When people shop for clothes, they don’t just think of wanting a sweater or a tee shirt, they think of which brand they want to buy with regards to price, style and recognition. If they think mango, they WANT MANGO! What kind of Mango? THE BRAND, not the fruit.



POSTERS click on the images to view the video

Given the brand values, we aim to bring that sexy look in women. We want not mango. The next page proposes the final poster. That anyone can be the face of Mango.



MANGO RUNWAY SHOW in LA BOQUERIA It will be a one time event that aims to surprise the market in most unexpected place ever as its never done before.

art directors: Nikky Yu Monteclaros and Kyugil Hong

A surprising show of Mango’s new spring collection has launched in La Bouqueria yesterday afternoon. Who would have thought about a runway in a market place? Well, this guerilla adversitising comes with a brilliant marketing behind the concept of “I WANT MANGO”--aiming to label Mango as a brand rather than the fruit we all know of.

It definitely got people’s attention as the back of the models top says I want Mango, flattening the logo that reflects the values known from this high-fashion brand--elegant and classic.


Mango Campaign  

A project from Consumer Touch Point subject. Includes research and proposed campaign for the brand Mango.

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