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Based off the books, A Song of Fire and Ice, written by George R.R. Martin, the Home Box Office ten episode seasons of Game of Thrones has rapidly become an insanely popular show. Boasting incredible computer generated images (CGI), rampant with gore and countless scenes of nudity that are always a topic for discussion when explaining the show to another. The books are planned to come out in seven, a popular number in the storyline, and the show has adjusted itself to be more understandable through a television viewers eyes with some minor changes to the events of the book, but regardless, the show remains true to the book in a

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better fashion than other television or movie interpretations of novels, so die hard fans would not be upset. One common theme with Home Box Office shows is that they spent an absurd amount of money and they always seem to go down as some of the best shows in television history such as The Sopranos. The budget for the first season of the show was sixty million USD, or six million per episode. And that number is only increasing each season. Each episode becomes a weekly event as each episode feels like it's own movie with it's own individual twists and hair pulling moments due to exceptional directors, actors and actresses. The show is recommended for fantasy fans due to the dragons, undead army in the north, magic, odd seasons and battling unique religions, but an aspect of nearly all types are included. But the story has more behind it. Based in the world of Westeros, rival ruling families control the seven kingdoms. Each "kingdom" is small branch of a connected Kingdom ruled by a single man in the main city of King's Landing. Power struggles and deception and "power behind the throne" runs throughout the show. The show begins revealing a seemingly impossible to kill, deathly looking creatures called "White Walkers" whose eyes glow blue. Nobody believes the man who comes back to tell everyone about what he saw because nobody has seen these creatures in years and life carries on. On the other side of the world are two young characters, male and female of the Targaryen family. The Targaryen's were banished from Westeros after their loss to the rebellion of many of the kingdoms due to the last king being a tyrant. The male plans to take back his promised kingdom and take

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over as the rightful king and their journey with the Dothraki tribe leader Khal Drogo. The story has an interesting approach. Even in the books, each character has his or her own complete story and all of the stories that all lead the same direction and connect along the way, including near misses that tease the viewer. The number of characters in the show with all their own personal qualities and importance make the show have no real "main characters". (see the Web of Thrones). A phrase that I believe explains the show in the best possible way is, "This isn't a show about heroes, it's a show about victims." George Martin likes to leave his show unpredictable and leaving nearly every character vulnerable to being killed off at any moment because "he thinks it's fun". George R.R. Martin stated in one of his interviews that a group of actors and actresses approached him begging him not to kill their characters because of how much they loved the show and the crew making it. Later in the conversation with them, he asked which characters they were and he said he was thinking in his head, "They're already all dead". Martin also says that he receives fan letters asking him not to kill some of their favorite characters. The show is vicious for favorite characters in the show. One of the events in the show left me driving home with my mind blown and upset because some of my personally favorite characters were killed off in such an unsatisfying way that I was generally pissed off at the author. If you're a fan of Lord of the Rings, you would most certainly enjoy this show. Though it may not be for everyone due to it's high amounts of nudity, sex and gore and from an outside perspective, it may seem like the show is completely revolved around those three aspects but it plays a Project Proposal


major role in the story. All of the scenes featuring these explicit acts are such a small percentage and not much of a big deal at all. Martin talked about how he could write an entire scene of a man with an axe decapitating someone and everyone would be okay with it, but if he wrote about sex, everyone freaks out about it. He then made a witty comment about he thinks sex has brought more joy to the world than an axe and blood ever did. If you're not a fan of fantasy, this may not be the kind of show for you. There has it's share of nerdy parts and the show is lengthy and even a little stressful at times. As both a book reader and a television viewer of A Song and Fire and Ice and Game of Thrones, there are a few lines and a handful of scenes I wish they included but they included some what of an sufficient amount of new scenes. It leaves the book and show unique in their own way but in the same spirit as each other, but this is a good example of why the book is always better than whats on the screen. If you choose to watch the show, all of the episodes are available through HBO if you have an account and the fourth season starts in April of 2014.

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