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Review by Nicholas Sacks The Big Bang Theory starts off putting two of the main characters in a sperm bank for high intelligence individuals and go through debating if their genes will result in an intelligent child or not and eventually end up leaving. Along the way, the characters Sheldon and Leonard display their personalities of being very intelligent yet lacking confidence and social skills, classifying them as "nerds". Various stereotypes are depicted throughout the first two episodes. Sheldon is the epitome of a "nerd" with very poor social skills but intelligent comebacks and comments that cause silences and awkward situations in conversation. Leonard, a roommate of Sheldon is torn between his naturally nerdy personality and attempting to be "cool" and sociable around Penny, the attractive blonde neighbor who moved in in the first episode. Project Proposal


In the first episode, Penny asks Leonard to retrieve her television set from her exboyfriends apartment and Leonard, who is instantly shown as being head over heels in love with Penny agrees to it. He brings Sheldon along, who bickers the entire car ride about how neither of them can even carry a tv. When they arrive to the apartment, Sheldon instantly accepts defeat and tries to go home while Leonard forces him to stay and try to get the TV. When they get to the room, the show portrays a more stereotypically "masculine" man who is muscular and the show quickly shows them walking out in their underwear, beat up and embarrassed. A lot of the stereotypes can be taken as offensive, but the way the jokes are dished out to the audience makes the offensive stereotypes more laughing with the actors than laughing at them. The script is written intelligently and with clever jokes that make the show feel fresh and new, though many of the scenarios are predictable in a good way. Personally, I find the first few episodes of television shows boring and uninteresting because the unfamiliarity and the actors not being completely settled in on who their characters are as if they were real people. The Big Bang Theory instantly jumps in with the feeling of the actors being able to play their characters well enough to deliver jokes properly and confidently. The shows first two episodes overall were successful in establishing characters and jump starting the show to what it's become.

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