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Introduction The seminar will discuss technology in the field of nursing and how it presently affects and will affect patient care that nurses provide to clients.

Description of the concept of the seminar

“Innovating care: Technology in nursing practice” as the indicated title suggests, aims to discuss the role of technology at the present and future standards of nursing care. Technology is, at present, a very successful industry that leads people’s lives in many ways. Relating it to how busy people in their careers, businesses and institutions utilize the most up-to-date technology with its increasing and vastly improving invented devices and applications. The current trends of nursing care within the hospital and other medical facilities are still making use of the traditional methods. Through technology, more convenient and easily accessible methods are to be introduced to the public and this will become a critical factor of identifying how technology can innovate care especially in the nursing profession. This seminar, therefore, seeks to introduce the great possibilities related to nursing care with the use of technology.

Significance of the concept in the nursing profession

The nursing profession has been a continuing, dynamic and flexible field of providing, collaborating and managing patient care. Nursing profession is flexible to health care changes especially with regards to modern technology. From meaningful use to accountable care, health care trends are transforming nurses’ roles, responsibilities and career trajectories. Significantly, the key to being part of this change is Nursing Informatics (Troseth, 2012). The concept of the seminar offers various momentous, highly technological ways in providing quality and efficient care to the clients in health care facilities. In addition, this is also of great importance to the nurses’ needs to develop the know-how to use information and communication technologies in the collection and transferring of data, use of information and generation of knowledge to support nursing practice in various health care facilities.



he general objective of the seminar is to be able to inculcate knowledge regarding the current trends in technologically advanced nursing care to the CNU-College of Nursing graduating students who will be joining the nursing profession in the near future. More specifically, the seminar aims to promote awareness regarding the healthcare technologies and advancements in the Philippine setting, to help future nurses prepare and adapt to the revolution of patient care with regards to improvements in technology and to be able to develop positive recognition of the technological developments in the clinical field.

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